Houyhnhnm Press (Mousehole: 2010) IV§2

Edited by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon (details)

Of Kevin, of Increateº God the servant, of the Lord Creatorº a filial fearer, who,º given to the growing grass,º took to the tall timber, slippery dick the springy heeler, as we have seen, so we have heard, what we have received, that we have transmitted, thus we shall hope, this we shall pray till, in the search for love of knowledge through the comprehension of the unity in altruism through stupefaction, it may beº again how it may beº again, shearing aside the four wethers and passing over the dainty daily dairy and dropping by the way the lapful of live coals and smoothing out Nelly Nettle and her lad of mettle, full of stings, fond of stones, friend of gnewgnawn sbones,º and leaving all thatº messy messy to look after our douche douche, the miracles, death and life are these.

Yad. Procreated on the ultimate ysland of Yreland in the encyclical Yrishº archipelago, come their feast of precreated holy whiteclad angels, whomamong the christener of his, voluntarily poor Kevin, having been graunted the praviloge of a priest's postcreated portable altare cum balneo whenº espousing the one true cross, invented and exalted, in celibate matrimony at matin chime arose and westfrom went and came in alb of cloth of gold to our own midmost Glendalough-le-Vertº by archangelicalº guidance where amiddle of meeting waters of river Yssia and Essiaº river on this one of eithers lone navigable lake piously Kevin, laudingº the Triune Trishagion,º amidships of his conducible altar superº bathº rafted centripetally, diaconal servent of orders Hibernian,º midway across the subject lake surface to its supreem epicentric lake ysleº, Inis Kevin,º whereof its lake is the centrifugalº principality, whereon by prime,º powerful in knowledge,º Kevin came to where its centre is among the circumfluent watercourses of Yshgafiena and Yshgafiuna,º an enysled lakelet yslanding a lacustrine yslet,º whereupon with beached raft subdiaconal bath propter altar, with oil extremely anointed,º accompanied by prayer, holyº Kevin bided till the third morn hour but to build a rubric penitential honeybeehivehut inº whose enclosure to live in fortitude, acolyte of cardinalº virtues, whereof the arenary floorº most holy Kevin excavated as deep as to aº depth of a seventh part of one full fathom, which excavated,º venerable Kevin,º anchorite, taking counsel, proceededº towards the lakeside of the ysletshore whereat seven several times heº eastward genuflectingº in entire ubbidienceº at sextnoon collected Gregorian water sevenfold
{f10, 473}
and with Ambrosianº eucharistic joy of heart as many times recededº carrying the lustral domination contained within his most portableº previligedº altar unacumque bath,º which severally seven times into the cavity excavated, a lector of water levels, most venerable Kevinº then effused,º thereby letting there be water where was theretofore dry land,º by him so concreated,º who now, confirmed a strong andº perfect Christianº, blessed Kevin, exorcised his holy sister water, perpetually chaste, so that, well understanding, she should fill to midheight his tubbathaltar, which handbathtubº most blessed Kevinº ninthly enthronedº in the interconcentricº centreº of the translated waterº whereamid, when violet vesper vailed, Saintº Kevinº Hydrophilos, having girded his sable cappa magna as high as to his cherubical loins, at solemn compline sat in his sate of wisdom, that hipbathtub,º whereverafter, recreated doctor insularis of the universal church, keeper of the door of meditation, memory extempore proposing and intellect formally considering, recluse, he meditated continuously with seraphic ardour the primal sacrament of baptism or the regeneration of all man by affusion of water. Yed.º

Bisships, bevel to rock's rite! Sarver buoy, extinguish!º

Nuotabeneº. The rare view from the three Benns under the bald heaven is on the other end, askan your blixom on dimmen and blastun, something to right hume about. They were erected in a purvious century asº a hen fine coops and,º if you know your Bristol and have trudged the trolly ways and elventurns of that old cobbold city,º you will sortofficially scribble a mental Peny-Knox-Gore. Whether they were franklings by name also has not been fully probed. Their design is a whosold word and the charming details of light in dark are freshed from the feminiairity which breathes content. O ferax cupla!º Ah, fairypair! The first exploder to make his ablations in these parks was indeed that lucky mortal which the monster trial showed on its first day out. What will not arky paper,º anticidingly inked with Penmark,º push, per sample prof, kuvertly falted, when style, stink and stigmataphoron are of one sum in the same person? He comes out of the soil very well after all just where Old Toffler is to come shuffling alongsoons Panniquanniº starts showing of her peequuliar talonts. A waywrongº wandler siukingº to a rightrare rute for his plain utterrock sukes,º appelled to by her fancy claddaghs. You plied that pokar, gamesy, swell as aye did, while there were flickars to the flores. He may be humpy, nay, he may be dumpy,º but there is always something racey about, say, a sailor on a horse. As soon as we sale him, gee,º we gates a sprise! He brings up tufatufaº and that is how we get to Missas in Massas. Theeº old Marino tale. We veriterseº verity notafewº demmed lustres priorly magistrite maximollient in ludubility
{f10, 474}
learned.º Facst. Teak off that wise head! Great sinner, good sonner, is in effect the motto of the MacCowell family. The gloved fist (skrimmhandsker) was intraduced into their socerdatal tree before the fourth of the twelfth and it is even a little odd all four horolodgeries still gonging restage Jakob van der Bethel,º smolking behindº his pipe,º with Esavº of Messagepostumia,º lentling out his borrowed chafingdish,º before cymbaloosing the apostles at every hours of changeover. The first and last rittlerattle of the anniverse:º when is a nam nought a nam whenas it is a. Watch! Heroes' Highway where our fleshers leave their bonings and every bob and joan to fill the bumper fair. It is their segnall for old Champelysied to seek the shades of his retirement and for young Chappielassies to tear a round and tease their partners lovesoftfun at Finnegan's Wake.

And it's high tigh tigh. Titley,º hi ti ti. That my dig pressed in your dag si.º Gnug of old Gnig.º Ni, gnid mig brawly! I bag your burden!º Mees is thees knees. Thi is Mi. We have caught oneselves, Sveasmeas, in somes incontigruity coumplegs of heoponhurrish marrage from whose I most sublumbunate. A polog, my engl! Excutes. Om still so sovvy. Whyle om till ti ti.