Comparison of 1939 and 2010 texts

Emendations by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

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Chest Cee! 'Sdense! Corpo di (f39barragio baraggioºf10)! (f39you Youºf10) spoof of visibility in a freakfog, of mixed sex cases among goats, hill cat and plain mousey, Bigamy Bob and his old Shanvocht! The Blackfriars treacle plaster outrage be liddled! Therewith was released in that kingsrick of Humidia a poisoning volume of cloud barrage indeed(f39.!ºf10) Yet all they who heard or redelivered are now with that family of bards and Vergobretas himself and the crowd of Caraculacticors as much no more as be they not yet now or had they then notever been. Canbe in some future we shall presently here amid those zouave players of Inkermann the mime mumming the mick and his nick miming their maggies, Hilton St Just (Mr Frank Smith), Ivanne Ste Austelle (Mr J. F. Jones), Coleman of Lucan taking four parts, a choir of the O'Daley O'Doyles doublesixing the chorus in Fenn (f39Mac Call MacCallf10) and the Serven Feeries of Loch Neach, Galloper (f39Troppler Tropplesf10) (f39and andf10) Hurleyquinn(f39, andºf10) the zitherer of the past with his merrymen all, zimzim(f39,ºf10) zimzim. Of the persins sin this Eyrawyggla saga (which, thorough readable to int from and, is from tubb to buttom all falsetissues, antilibellous and nonactionable and this applies to its whole wholume) (f39ofºf10) poor Osti-Fosti(f39,ºf10) described as quite a musical genius in a small way and the owner of an exceedingly niced ear, with tenorist voice to match, not alone, but a very major poet of the poorly meritary order (he began Tuonisonian but worked his passage up as far as the we-all-hang-together Animandovites)(f39,ºf10) no one end is known. If they
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whistled him before he had curtains up they are whistling him still after his curtain's doom's doom. Ei (f39fu ºf10). His husband, poor old A'Hara (Okaroff?)(f39,ºf10) crestfallen by things and down at heels at the time, they squeak, accepted the (Zassnoch!) ardree's shilling at the conclusion of the Crimean (f39war Warºf10) and, having flown his wild geese, alohned in crowds to warnder on like Shuley Luney, enlisted in Tyrone's horse, the Irish whites, and soldiered a bit with Wolsey under the assumed name of Blanco Fusilovna Bucklovitch (spurious) after which the cawer and the marble halls of Pump Court Columbarium, the home of
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the old seakings, looked upon each other and queth their haven evermore for it transpires that on the other side of the water it came about that on the field of Vasileff's Cornix inauspiciously with his unit he perished, (f39suying sayingf10), (f39this Thisºf10) papal leafless to old chap give, rawl chawclates for mouther-in-louth. Booil. Poor old dear Paul Horan, to satisfy his literary as well as his criminal aspirations, at the suggestion thrown out by the doomster in loquacity (f39lunacyºf10), so says the Dublin Intelligence, was thrown into a Ridley's for inmates in the northern counties. Under the name of Orani he may have been the utility man of the troupe capable of sustaining long parts at short notice. (f39He was. He was.ºf10) Sordid Sam, a dour decent (f39deblancer, the unwashed deblaneerºf10), haunted always by his ham, (f39the unwished,ºf10) at a word from Israfel the Summoner(f39,ºf10) passed away painlessly after life's upsomdowns one hallowe'en night, ebbrous and in the state of nature, propelled from (f39the unwashedºf10) Behind into the (f39great unwishedºf10) Beyond by footblows coulinclouted upon his oyster and atlas on behanged and behooved and behicked and behulked of his last fishandblood bedscrappers, a Northwegian and his mate of the (f39Sheawolving sheawolvingºf10) class. Though the last straw glimt his baring this stage thunkhard is said (the pitfallen gagged him as (f39‘Promptboxer’ “Promptboxer”ºf10)) to have (f39solemnly solemenlyºf10) said — as had the brief thot but fell in till his head like a bass dropt neck fust in till a bung crate (cogged!): Me drames, (f39O'Loughlins O Loughlinsºf10), has come through! Now let the centuple celves of my egourge(f39,f10) as Micholas de Cusack calls them, (f39 andºf10) of all of whose I in my hereinafter of course by recourse demission me (f39,ºf10) by the coincidance of their contraries reamalgamerge in that (f39indentity identityf10)
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of undiscernibles where the Baxters and the Fleshmans may they cease to bidivil uns and (but at this poingt though the iron thrust of his cockspurt start might have prepared us we are wellnigh stinkpotthered by the mustardpunge in the tailend) this outandin brown candlestock melt Nolan's into peese! Han var. (f39Disliken Dislikerºf10) as he was to druriodrama, her wife Langley, the prophet, and the decentest dozendest short of a frusker whoever stuck his spickle through his spoke, disappeared(f39,ºf10) (in which toodooing he has taken all the French leaves unveilable out of Calomnequiller's Pravities) from the sourface of this earth, that austral plain he had transmaried himself to, so entirely spoorlessly (the mother of the book with a dustwhisk tabularasing his (f39obliteration obliteratureºf10) done upon her involucrum) as to tickle the speculative to all but opine (since the Levey who might have been Langley may have really been a redivivus of paganinism or a volunteer Vousden) that the hobo (who possessed a large amount of the humoresque) had transtuled his funster's (f39latitat habitatºf10) to its finsterest interrimost. Bhi she. Again, if Father (f39San Danºf10) Browne, tea and toaster to that (f39quaintesttest quaintestestºf10) of yarnspinners(f39,ºf10) is Padre Don Bruno, (f39tren treuºf10) and troster to the queen of Iar-Spain, was the reverend, the sodality director, that eupeptic viceflayer, a
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barefaced carmelite(f39,ºf10) to whose palpitating pulpit (which of us but remembers the rarevalent and hornerable Fratomistor Nawlanmore and Brawne(f39.?ºf10)) sinning society sirens (see the (f39[Roman Catholic] Roman Catholicºf10) presspassim) fortunately became so enthusiastically attached and was an objectionable ass who very occasionally cockaded a raffles ticket on his hat which he wore all to one side like the hangle of his pan (if Her Elegance saw him she'd have the canary!) and was semiprivately convicted of malpractices with his hotwashed tableknife (glossing over the cark in his pocket) that same snob of the dunhill, fully several yearschaums riper, encountered by the General on that redletter morning or maynoon jovesday(f39?ºf10) (f39and were Wereºf10) they? Fuitfuit.

When Phishlin Phil wants throws his lip 'tis pholly to be (f39fortune flonting fortunefloutingºf10) and whoever's gone to (f39mix Mixºf10) Hotel by the salt say water there's nix to nothing we can do for he's never again to sea. It is nebuless an autodidact fact of the (f39commonest most commonfaced experienceºf10) that the shape of
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the average human cloudyphiz, whereas sallow has long daze faded, frequently altered its ego with the possing of the showers(f39.f10) (Not original!)(f39.ºf10) Whence it is a (f39slopperish slipperishºf10) matter, given the wet and low visibility (since in this scherzarade of one's thousand one nightinesses that sword of certainty which would indentifide the body never falls)(f39,ºf10) to idendifine the individuone in scratch wig, squarecuts, stock(f39,ºf10) lavaleer, regattable oxeter, baggy pants and shufflers (he is often alluded to as Slypatrick, the llad in the llane) with already an incipience (lust!) in the direction of area baldness (one is continually firstmeeting with odd sorts of others at all sorts of ages!) who was asked by free boardschool shirkers in drenched coats overawall, Will, Conn and Otto, to tell them overagait, Vol, Pov and Dev, that fishabed ghoatstory of the haardly creditable edventyres of the Haberdasher, the two Curchies and the three Enkelchums in their Bearskin ghoats! Girles and jongers(f39,ºf10) but he has changed alok syne Thorkill's time! Ya, da, tra, gathery, pimp, shesses, shossafat, okodeboko, nine! Those many warts, those slummy patches, halfsinster wrinkles(f39,f10) (what has come over the face on wholebroader (f39E xf10)?)(f39,f10) and (shrine of Mount Mu save us!) the large fungopark he has grown! Drink!

Sport's a common thing. It was the Lord's own day for damp (to wait for a postponed regatta's eventualising is not of Battlecock Shettledore-Juxta-Mare only) and the request for a fully armed explanation was put (in Loo of Pat) to the porty (a native of the sisterisle — Meathman or Meccan? — by his brogue, ex-race eyes, lokil calour and lucal odour which are said to have been average clownturkish (f39( f10) though the capelist's voiced nasal liquids and the way he sneezed at zees haul us back to the craogs and bryns of the Silurian Ordovices(f39) ºf10) who, the lesser pilgrimage accomplished, had made(f39,f10) pats' and pigs' older inselt, the southeast bluffs of the stranger
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stepshore, a regifugium persecutorum, hence hindquarters) as he paused at evenchime for some or so minutes ((f39hit Hitºf10) the pipe, dannyboy! Time to won, barmon. I'll take ten to win.) amid the devil's one duldrum ((f39Apple Applesºf10) by her blossom window and (f39Charlotte Charlottesºf10) at her (f39toss panomancy tosspanomancyºf10) his sole admirers, his only tearts in store) for a fragrend (f39culubosh calabashºf10) during his weekend
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pastime of executing with Anny Oakley deadliness (the consummatory pairs of provocatives, of which remained provokingly but two, the ones he fell for, Lili and Tutu, cork em!) empties which had not very long before contained Reid's family (you ruad that before, soaky, but all the bottles in (f39sodemd soddemdºf10) histry will not soften your bloodathirst!) stout. Having reprimed his repeater and resiteroomed his timespiece His (f39Revenances Revenanceºf10), with still a life or two to spare for the space of his occupancy of a world at a time, rose to his feet and there, far from Tolkaheim, in a quiet English garden (commonplace!), since known as Whiddington Wild, (f39where the joyshots rang no moreºf10) his simple intensive curolent vocality, my dearbraithers, my most dearbrathairs, as he, so is a supper as is a sipper, spake of the One and told of the Compassionate, called up before the triad of precoxious scaremakers (scoretaking: Spegulo ne helpas al malbellulo, Mi (f39Kredas kredasºf10) ke vi estas prava, Via dote la vizago rispondas fraulino) the now to ushere mythical habiliments of Our Farfar and Arthor of our doyne.

Television kills telephony in brothers' broil. Our eyes demand their turn. Let (f39them thereºf10) be seen! And wolfbone balefires blaze the trailmost if only that Mary Nothing may burst her bibby buckshee. When they set fire then she's got to glow so we may stand some chances of warming to what every soorkabatcha, tum or hum, would like to know. The first Humphrey's latitudinous baver with puggaree behind(f39,f10) (calaboose belong bigboss belong Kang the Toll)(f39,ºf10) his fourinhand bow, his elbaroom surtout, the refaced unmansionables of gingerine hue, the (f39state vertebratedºf10) slate umbrella, his gruff woolselywellesly with the (f39finndrinn finndrinnyºf10) knopfs and the gauntlet upon the hand which in an hour not for him solely evil had struck down the (f39might he mightheºf10) mighthavebeen (f39d'Esterre D'Esterreºf10) of whom his nation seemed almost already to be about to have need. Then, stealing his thunder, but in the befitting legomena of the smaller country(f39,f10) (probable words, possibly said, of field family (f39gleaming gleaningf10))(f39,f10) a bit duskish and flavoured with a smile, seein as ow his thoughts consisted chiefly of the cheerio, he aptly sketched for our soontobe second parents (sukand see whybe!) the touching seene. The solence of that stilling! Here one might
{f39, 53}
a fin fell. Boomster rombombonant! It scenes like a landescape from Wildu Picturescu or some seem (f39on omºf10) some dimb Arras, dumb as Mum's mutyness, this mimage of the seventyseventh kusin of (f39kristansen Kristansenºf10) is odable to
{f10, 43}
os across the wineless Ere no (f39œdor oedorºf10) nor mere eerie nor liss potent of suggestion than in the tales of the tingmount. (Prigged!)

And there oftafter, jauntyjogging, on an Irish visavis, insteadily with shoulder to shoulder Jehu will tell to Christianier, saint to sage, the humphriad of that fall and rise while daisy winks at her pinker sister among the tussocks and the copoll between the shafts mocks the couple on the car. And as your who may look like how on the owther side of his big (f39belttry belt tryºf10) your tyrs and cloes your noes and paradigm maymay rererise in eren. Follow we up his whip vindicative. Thurston's! Lo bebold! (f39La arboro, La arboro,ºf10) lo petrusu. The augustan peacebetothem oaks, the monolith rising stark from the moonlit pinebarren(f39. In inf10) all fortitudinous ajaxious rowdinoisy tenuacity(f39. The, theºf10) angelus hour with ditchers bent upon their farm usetensiles, the soft belling of the fallow deers (doerehmoose genuane!) advertising their milky approach as midnight was striking the hours (letate!), and how brightly the great tribune outed the sharkskin smokewallet (imitation!) from his frock, kippers, and(f39,ºf10) by Joshua, he tips un a topping swank cheroot, none of your swellish soide, quoit the reverse, and how manfally he says, pluk to pluk and lekan for lukan, he was to just pluggy well suck that brown boyo, my son, and spend a whole half hour in Havana. Sorer of the kreeksmen, would not thore be old high gothsprogue(f39!?ºf10) Wherefore he met Master, he mean to say, he do, sire, bester of redpublicans, at Eagle Cock Hostel on Lorenzo Tooley (f39street Streetºf10) and how he wished his Honour the bannocks of Gort and Morya and Bri Head and Puddyrick, yore Loudship, and a (f39starchboxsitting starchbox sittingºf10) in the pit of his St Tomach's(f39,ºf10) — a strange wish for you, my friend, and it would poleaxe your (f39sonsons sonson'sf10) grandson utterly though your own old sweatandswear floruerunts heaved it hoch many as the times(f39,f10) when they were turrified (f39by beºf10) the hitz.

Chee chee cheers for Upkingbilly and crow cru cramwells
{f39, 54}
Downaboo! Hup, boys, and hat him! See! Oilbeam they're lost we've found rerembrandtsers(f39,:ºf10) their hours to date link these heirs to (f39here morraºf10) but wowhere are those yours of (f39Yestersdays Yesthersdaysºf10)? Farseeingetherich and Poolaulwoman(f39,ºf10) Charachthercuss and his Ann van Vogt. D.e.e.d(f39!?ºf10) Edned, ended or sleeping soundlessly? Favour with your tongues! Intendite!

Any dog's life you list you may still hear them at it, like sixes and seventies(f39,ºf10) as eversure as Halley's comet, ulemamen, sobranjewomen, storthingboys and dumagirls, as they pass its bleak and bronze portal of your Casaconcordia: Huru more Nee, minny frickans? Hwoorledes har Dee det? Losdoor onleft(f39,ºf10) mladies, cue(f39.!f10) Millecientotrigintadue scudi(f39.!ºf10) Tippoty, kyrie, tippoty(f39.!ºf10) Cha kai rotty kai makkar, sahib? Despenseme Usted, senhor, en son succo, sabez(f39.!ºf10) O thaw bron orm, A'Cothraige, thinkinthou gaily?
{f10, 44}
Lick-Pa-flai-hai-pa-Pa-li-si-lang-lang(f39.!ºf10) Epi alo, (f39ecou écouºf10), Batiste, tuvavnr dans (f39Lptit lptitºf10) boing (f39going. coing!ºf10) (f39Ismeme Ismeneºf10) de bumbac e meias de (f39portocallie. portocalliu!ºf10) (f39O. O. O! O!ºf10) Os pipos mios es demasiada gruarso por O piccolo pocchino(f39.!f10) Wee fee? Ung duro(f39.!ºf10) Kocshis, szabad? Mercy, and you? Gomagh, thak(f39.!ºf10)

And, Cod, says he with mugger's (f39tears: ears in his eyes (f10) Would you care to know the prise of a liard? Maggis, nick your nightynovel! Mass Taverner's at the mike again! And that (f39bag belly bagbellyºf10) is the buck to goat it!(f39):f10) Meggeg, m'gay chapjappy (f39fellowºf10), I call our univalse to witness, as sicker as moyliffey eggs is known by our good househalters from yorehunderts of mamooth to be which they commercially are in ahoy high British quarters (conventional!) my guesthouse and cowhaendel credits will immediately stand ohoh open as straight as that neighbouring monument's fabrication before the hygienic gllll (this was where the reverent sabboth and bottlebreaker with firbalk forthstretched touched upon his tricoloured boater(f39,f10) which he uplifted by its pickledhoopy (he gave Stetson one and a penny for it) whileas oleaginosity of ancestralolosis sgocciolated down the both pendencies of his mutsohito liptails (Sencapetulo, a more modestuous conciliabulite never curled a torn pocketmouth), cordially (f39inwiting inwitinºf10) the adullescence who he was wising up to do in like manner what all did
{f39, 55}
so as he was able to add) lobe before the Great Schoolmaster's. (I tell you no story.) Smile!

The house of Atreox is fallen indeedust (Ilyam, Ilyum! Maeromor Mournomates!)(f39,f10) averging on blight like the (f39mundibanks mundinbanksºf10) of Fennyana, but deeds bounds going arise again. Life, he himself said once(f39,f10) (his biografiend, in fact, kills him verysoon, if yet not, after)(f39,f10) is a wake, livit or krikit, and on the bunk of our breadwinning lies the cropse of our seedfather(f39, f10) a phrase which the establisher of the world by law might pretinately write across the chestfront of all manorwombanborn. The scene, refreshed, reroused, was never to be forgotten, the hen and crusader (f39everintermutuomergent ever intermutuomergentºf10), for later in the century one of that puisne band of factferreters(f39,ºf10) (then an (f39excivily excivilºf10) (out of the custom huts) (retired), (hurt), (f39(f10) under the sixtyfives act(f39)ºf10) in a dressy black modern style and wewere shiny tan burlingtons, (f39(f10) tam, homd and dicky, quopriquos and peajagd) rehearsed it, pippa pointing, with a dignified (f39(copied)f10) bow (f39(copied!)ºf10) to a namecousin of the late archdeacon F. X. Preserved Coppinger (a hot fellow in his night, may the mouther of guard have mastic on him!) in a pullwoman of our first transhibernian (f39overgroundºf10) with one still sadder circumstance which is a (f39dirkandurk dirkanddurkºf10) heartskewerer if ever to bring (f39bouncing bounceyeºf10) brimmers from marbled eyes. Cycloptically through the windowdisks and with eddying awes the round eyes of the (f39rundeisers rundreisersºf10), back to back, buck to bucker, on their airish chaunting car, beheld with intouristing anterestedness the clad pursue the bare, the bare the green, the
{f10, 45}
green the frore, the frore the cladagain, as their convoy wheeled encirculingly abound the gigantig's lifetree, our fireleaved loverlucky blomsterbohm, phoenix in our woodlessness, haughty, cacuminal, erubescent (repetition!)(f39,ºf10) whose roots they be asches with lustres of peins. For as often as the Archicadenus, pleacing aside his Irish Field and craving their auriculars to (f39recepticle receptacleºf10) particulars before they got the bump at Castlebar (mat and far!)(f39,ºf10) spoke of it by request(f39,f10) all, hearing in this new reading of the part(f39,ºf10) whereby, because of Dyas in his machina, the new garrickson's grimacing grimaldism hypostasised by substintuation the axiomatic orerotundity of that once grand old elrington
{f39, 56}
bawl, the copycus's description of that fellowcommuter's play upon countenants, could simply imagine themselves(f39,ºf10) in their bosom's inmost core, as pro tem (f39locums locumºf10) timesported acorss the yawning (abyss), as once they were(f39,f10) seasiders(f39,ºf10) listening to the cockshyshooter's evensong evocation of the doomed but always ventriloquent Agitator(f39,f10) ((f39nonot no notºf10) more plangorpound the billows o'er Thounawahallya Reef!)(f39,ºf10) silkhouatted, a (f39whallrhosmightiadd whalrhosmightiaddºf10), aginsst the dusk of skumring(f39,f10) (would that fane be Saint Muezzin's calling — holy places! — and this fez brimless as brow of faithful(f39,ºf10) toucher of the ground, did wish it were — blessed be the bones! — the ghazi, power of his sword(f39.!f10))(f39,ºf10) his manslayer's gunwielder protended towards that overgrown leadpencil which was soon, (f39monumentally monomentallyºf10) at least, to rise as Molyvdokondylon to, to be, to be his mausoleum (O'dan stod (f39tillsteyne til steyneºf10) at meisies aye skould show pon)(f39,ºf10) while (f39olover olloverºf10) his exculpatory features, as Roland rung, a wee dropeen of grief about to sillonise his jouejous, the ghost of resignation diffused a spectral appealingness, as a young man's (f39drown drowmºf10) o'er the fate of his waters may gloat, similar in origin and akkurat in (f39effective effectºf10) to a beam of sunshine upon a (f39coffin plate coffinplatef10).

Not olderwise Inn the days of the Bygning would our Traveller(f39,f10) remote, unfriended, from van Demon's Land, some lazy skald or maundering pote, lift wearywilly his slowcut snobsic eyes to the semisigns of his zooteac and(f39,ºf10) lengthily lingering along flaskneck, (f39cracket cup cracketcupºf10), downtrodden brogue, turfsod, wildbroom, cabbageblad, stockfisch, longingly learn that there at the Angel were herberged for him poteen and tea and praties and baccy and wine width woman wordth warbling: and informally (f39quasi-begin quasibeginºf10) to presquesm'ile to queasithin' (f39ºf10) (Nonsense! There was not very much windy Nous blowing at the given moment through the hat of Mr Melancholy Slow!)

But in the pragma (f39and by laws of casualityºf10) what formal cause made a smile of that tothink? Who(f39,º under the ye great bow of 's heaven,ºf10) was he to whom? (f39(f10) O'Breen's not his name nor the brown one his maid.(f39)ºf10) Whose (f39in thunder and weddin and soddin and orderºf10) are the placewheres? (f39Kiwasti Kiswastiºf10), kisker, kither, kitnabudja? Tal the tem of the tumulum. Giv the gav of the grube.
{f10, 46}
Be it cudgelplayers' country (f39orfishfellows' or fishfellows'ºf10) town or leeklickers' land or (f39panbpanungopovengreskey paubpanungopovengreskeyºf10). What regnans
{f39, 57}
raised the rains have levelled but we hear the pointers and can gauge their compass for the melos yields the mode and the mode the manners(f39,ºf10) plicyman, (f39plansiman plausimanºf10), plousiman, plab. Tsin tsin tsin tsin! The forefarther folkers for a prize of two peaches with Ming, Ching and Shunny on the lie low lea. We'll sit down on the hope of the ghouly ghost for the titheman troubleth but his hantitat hies not here. They answer from their (f39Zoans; zoans.ºf10) Hear the four of them! Hark(f39,ºf10) torroar of them! I, says Armagh, and a'm proud (f39o'it o' itºf10). I, says Clonakilty, God help us! I, says Deansgrange, and say nothing. I, says Barna, and (f39whatabout what aboutºf10) it? Hee haw! Before he fell hill he filled heaven: a (f39stream sdreamºf10), alplapping streamlet, coyly coiled um, cool of her curls(f39:.ºf10) We were but thermites then, wee, wee. Our antheap we sensed as (f39a anºf10) Hill of Allen, the Barrow for an People, one Jotnursfjaell: and it was a grummelung amung the porktroop that wonderstruck us as (f39aºf10) thunder(f39,ºf10) yunder.

Thus the unfacts, did we possess them, are too imprecisely few to warrant our certitude, the evidencegivers by legpoll too untrustworthily irreperible where his (f39adjugers adjudgersºf10) are (f39semmingly seeminglyºf10) freak threes but his judicandees plainly minus twos. Nevertheless Madam's Toshowus waxes largely more lifeliked (entrance, one kudos; exits, free) and our notional gullery is now completely complacent, an exegious monument, aerily perennious. Oblige with your blackthorns; gamps, degrace! And there many have paused before that exposure of him by old Tom Quad, a flashback in which he sits sated, gowndabout, in clericalease habit, watching bland (f39sol Solºf10) slithe dodgsomely into the nethermore, a globule of maugdleness about to corrugitate his mild dewed cheek and the tata of a tiny victorienne, Alys, pressed by his limper looser.

Yet certes one is. Eher the following winter had overed the pages of nature's book and till Ceadurbar-atta-Cleath became Dablena Tertia, the shadow of the huge outlander, maladik, multvult, magnoperous, had bulked at the bar of a rota of tribunals(f39,ºf10) in manor hall as in thieves' kitchen, mid pillow talk and chithouse chat, on Marlborough Green as through Molesworth Fields, here sentenced pro tried with Jedburgh justice, there acquitted (f39conf10) (f39contestimony testimonyºf10)
{f39, 58}
with benefit of clergy.

(f39ºf10) His Thing Mod have undone him: and his madthing has done him man. His beneficiaries are legion (f39in the part he createdf10): they number up his years. Greatwheel Dunlop was the name was on him (f39in the part he createdºf10): behung, all we are his bisaacles. As hollyday in his house so was he priest and king to that: ulvy came, envy saw, ivy conquered. Lou! (f39Lou! lou!ºf10) They have waved his green boughs o'er him as they have torn him limb from lamb. For his muertification and uxpiration and dumnation and annuhulation.
{f10, 47}

(f39ºf10) With schreis and grida, deprofound souspirs. Steady, sullivans! Mannequins(f39,f10) pause! Longtong's breach is fallen down but Graunya's spreed's abroad. Ahdostay, feedailyones, and feel the Flucher's bawls (f39for! Forºf10) the total of your (f39flouts floutºf10) is not fit to fan his fettle, (f39o! O!ºf10) Have a ring and sing wohl! Chin, chin! Chin, chin! And of (f39course chorusºf10) all chimed din width the eatmost boviality. Swiping rums and beaunes and sherries and ciders and negus and citronnades too. The strongers(f39.:ºf10) Oho, oho, Mester Begge, you're about to be bagged in the bog again. Bugge. But softsies seufsighed: Eheu, for gassies! But, lo! lo! by the threnning gods, human, erring and condonable, what the statues of our kuo, who is the messchef be our kuang, ashu ashure there, the unforgettable treeshade looms up behind the jostling (f39judgements judgmentsºf10) of those, as all should owe, malrecapturable days.

Tap and pat and tapatagain(f39,f10) (fire firstshot, Missiers the Refuseleers! Peingpeong! For saxonlootie!)(f39,f10) three tommix, soldiers free, cockaleak and cappapee, of the Coldstream(f39.f10) Guards were walking(f39,ºf10) in (f39(pardonnez-leur, je vous en prie, (pardonnez-leur, je vous en prie,ºf10) eh?) Montgomery Street. One voiced an opinion in which on either (f39wide sideºf10) (pardonnez!), nodding, all the Finner Camps concurred (f39(je vous en prie, (je vous en prie,ºf10) eh?). It was the first woman, they said, souped him(f39,f10) that fatal wellesday, Lili Coninghams, by suggesting him they go in a field. Wroth mod eldfar, ruth redd (f39stilstand stillstandºf10), wrath wrackt wroth, confessed private Pat Marchison retro. (Terse!) Thus contenters with santoys play. One of our coming Vauxhall ontheboards who is resting for the moment (she has been callit by a noted stagey elecutioner a wastepacket Sittons) was interfeud in a waistend pewty parlour. Looking perhaps even more pewtyflushed in her cherryderry
{f39, 59}
padouasoys, girdle and braces by the Halfmoon and Seven Stars, russets from the Blackamoor's Head, amongst the climbing boys at his Eagle and Child and over the corn and hay emptors at their Black and All Black, Mrs (f39F... A... F— A—ºf10) saidaside, half in stage of whisper to her confidante glass, while recoopering her cartwheel chapot (ahat! (f39— andºf10) we now know what thimbles (f39a baquets a'baquetsf10) on lallance (f39a talls o'tallsºf10) mean), she hoped Sid Arthar would git a Chrissman's portrout of orange and lemonsized orchids with (f39hollegs holleggsºf10) and ether, from the feeatre of the Innocident, as the worryld had been uncained. Then, while it is odrous comparisoning to the sprangflowers of his burstday which was a viridable goddinpotty for the reinworms and the charlattinas and all branches of climatitis, it has been such a wanderful noyth untirely, added she, with many regards to Maha's pranjapansies. (Tart!) Prehistoric, obitered to his dictaphone an entychologist(f39:,f10) his propenomen is a properismenon. A dustman nocknamed Sevenchurches in the employ of Messrs (f39Achburn Ashburnºf10), Soulpetre and Ashreborn, prairmakers, Glintalook, was asked by the sisterhood the vexed question during his (f39midday middagºf10) collation of leaver and
{f10, 48}
buckrom alternatively with stenk and kitteney phie in a hashhoush and, thankeaven, responsed impulsively: We have just been propogandering his nullity suit (f39andwhat and whatºf10) they took out of his ear among my own crush. All our fellows at O'Dea's sages with Aratar Calaman he is a cemented brick, buck it all! A more nor usually sober cardriver, who was jauntingly hosing his runabout, Ginger Jane, took a strong view. Lorry hosed her as he talked and this is what he told rewritemen: Irewaker is just a plain pink joint reformee in private life but folks all have it by brehemons laws he has parliamentary honours. Eiskaffier said (Louigi's, you know that man's, brillant (f39Savourain savourainºf10)): Mon foie, you wish to ave some homelette, yes, lady(f39!?f10) Good(f39,ºf10) mein leber! Your hegg he must break himself. See(f39,ºf10) I crack, so, he sit in the poele, umbedimbt! A perspirer (over sixty) who was keeping up his tennises panted he kne ho har twa to clect infamatios but a diffpair flannels climb wall and trespassing on doorbell. After fullblown Braddon hear this fresky troterella! A railways barmaid's view (they call her
{f39, 60}
Spilltears Rue) was thus expressed(f39:f10) to sympathisers of the Dole Line, Death Avenue(f39,ºf10) anent those objects of her (f39pity-prompted pitypromptedºf10) ministrance, to wet, man and his syphon(f39.:ºf10) Ehim! It is ever too late to whissle when Phyllis floods her stable. It would be skarlot shame to jailahim in lockup, as was proposed to him by the Seddoms creature(f39,ºf10) what matter what merrytricks went off with his revulverher in connections with ehim being a norphan and enjoining such wicked illth, ehim! Well done, Drumcollakill(f39!,f10) Kitty Tyrrel is proud of you(f39,!ºf10) was the reply of a B.O.T. official (O blame (f39gnot notºf10) the board!) while the Daughters Benkletter murmured in uniswoon: Golforgilhisjurylegs! Brian (f39Lynsky Lynskeyºf10), the cub curser, was questioned at his shouting box, Bawlonabraggat, and gave a snappy comeback, when saying: Paw! Once more I'll (f39hellbowl hellhowlºf10)! I am for caveman chase and sahara sex, burk you! Them two bitches ought to be leashed, canem! Up hog and hoar hunt! Paw! A wouldbe martyr(f39, (f10) who is attending on (f39sanit Saintºf10) Asitas where he is being taught to wear bracelets(f39)ºf10), when grilled on the point, revealed the undoubted fact that the consequence would be that so long as Sankya Moondy played his mango tricks under the (f39mysttetry mystletryºf10), with shady apsaras sheltering in his leaves' licence and his shadowers torrifried by the potent bolts of indradiction, there would be fights all over Cuxhaven. (Tosh!) Missioner Ida Wombwell, the seventeenyearold revivalist, said concerning the coincident of interfizzing with grenadines and other respectable and disgusted peersons using the park: That perpendicular person is a brut! But a (f39magnificent mignificentºf10) brut! (f39‘Caligula’ “Caligula”ºf10) (Mr Danl Magrath, bookmaker, wellknown to Eastrailian poorusers of the (f39Sydney Parade Ballotin Sydney Parade Ballotinºf10)) was, as usual, antipodal with his: (f39striving Strivingºf10) todie, hopening tomellow(f39,.ºf10) Ware Splash. Cobbler. We have meat two hourly, sang out El Caplan (f39Buycout Buycoatºf10), with the famous padre's
{f10, 49}
turridur's capecast, meet too ourly, matadear! Dan Meiklejohn, precentor, of S.S. Smack and Olley's was probiverbal with his upsiduxit: (f39mutatus Mutatusºf10) mutandus. Dauran's lord ((f39‘Sniffpox’ “Sniffpox”f10)) and Moirgan's lady ((f39‘Flatterfun’ “Flatterfun”f10)) took sides and crossed and bowed to each other's views and recrossed themselves. The dirty dubs upin their flies, went too free, echoed the (f39dainly daintyºf10) drabs downin their
{f39, 61}
scenities, una mona. Sylvia Silence, the girl detective (Meminerva, but by now one hears turtlings all over Doveland!)(f39,ºf10) when supplied with informations as to the several facets of the case in her cozydozy bachelure's flat, quite (f39overlooking o'erlookingºf10) John a'Dream's mews, leaned back in her really truly (f39easy chair easychairºf10) to query restfully through her vowelthreaded syllabelles: Have you evew thought, wepowtew, that sheew gweatness was his (f39twadgedy twagedyºf10)? Nevewtheless accowding to my considewed attitudes fow this act he should pay the full penalty, pending puwsuance, as pew Subsec. 32, (f39section Sectionºf10) 11, of the C.L.A. (f39act Actºf10) 1885, anything in this (f39act Actºf10) to the contwawy notwithstanding. Jarley Jilke began to silke for he couldn't get home to Jelsey but ended with: He's got the sack that helped him moult instench of his gladsome rags. Meagher, a naval rating, seated on one of the granite cromlech setts of our new fishshambles for the usual aireating after the ever popular act, with whom were Questa and Puella, piquante and quoite(f39,f10) (this had a cold in her brain while that felt a sink in her summock, wit's wat, wot's wet)(f39,ºf10) was encouraged, although nearvanashed himself, by one of his co-affianced to get your breath, Walt, and gobbit(f39,ºf10) and(f39,f10) when (f39ther thenºf10) chidden by her fastra sastra to saddle up your pance, Naville, thus (f39cor replied co-repliedºf10) to her other's thankskissing: I lay my two fingerbuttons, (f39fiancee fianseeºf10) Meagher(f39,f10) (he speaks!)(f39,f10) he was to blame about your two velvetthighs up Horniman's Hill — as hook and eye blame him or any other piscman? — but I also think, Puellywally, by the siege of his trousers there was someone else behind it — you bet your boughtem blarneys(f39!ºf10) — about their three drummers down Keysars Lane. (Trite!)(f39.ºf10)

Be these meer marchant (f39taylor's taylors'ºf10) fablings of a race referend with oddman rex? Is now all seenheard then forgotten? Can it was, one is fain in this leaden age of letters now to wit, that so diversified outrages (they have still to come!) were planned and partly carried out against so staunch a covenanter if it be true (f39than thatºf10) any of those recorded ever took place for many, we trow, beyessed to and denayed of, are given to us by some who use the truth but sparingly and we(f39,ºf10) on this side ought to sorrow for their pricking pens on that account(f39.?ºf10) The seventh city, Urovivla,
{f39, 62}
his citadear of refuge, whither (would we believe the laimen and their counts), beyond the (f39outraved outbravedºf10) gales of Atreeatic, changing clues with a baggermalster, the hejirite had fled, (f39silentioussuemeant silentiousissuemeantºf10) under night's altosonority, shipalone, a raven of the
{f10, 50}
wave(f39,f10) (be mercy, Mara! A he whence Rahoulas!)(f39,f10) from the ostmen's dirtby on the old vic, to forget in expiating manslaughter and, reberthing in remarriment out of dead seekness to devine previdence(f39,f10) (if you are looking for the bilder deep your ear on the movietone!)(f39,ºf10) to league his (f39paganºf10) lot, palm and patte, with a papishee(f39. For (forºf10) mine qvinne I thee giftake and bind my hosenband I thee (f39halter. haltar),f10) (f39The theºf10) wastobe land, a (f39lottuse lottuceºf10) land, a luctuous land, (f39Emeraldilluim Emeraldilliumºf10), the peasant pastured, in which by the fourth commandment with promise his days apostolic were to be long by the abundant mercy of Him Which Thundereth From On High, murmured, would rise against him with all which in them were, franchisables and inhabitands, astea as agora, helotsphilots, do him hurt, poor jink, ghostly following bodily, as were he made a curse for them, the corruptible lay quick, all saints of incorruption of an holy nation, the common or ere-in-garden castaway, in red resurrection to condemn so they might convince him, first pharoah, Humpheres Cheops Exarchas, of their proper sins. (f39Business bred Businessbredºf10) to speak with a stiff upper lip to all men and most occasions(f39,ºf10) the Man we wot of took little short of fighting chances but for all that he or his or his care were subjected to the horrors of the premier terror of Errorland. ((f39perorhaps! Perorhaps!f10))

We seem to us (the real Us!) to be reading our Amenti in the sixth sealed chapter of the going forth by black. It was after the show at Wednesbury that one tall man, humping a suspicious parcel, when returning late amid a dense particular on his home way from the second house of the Boore and Burgess Christy Menestrels by the old spot, Roy's Corner, had a barkiss revolver placed to his faced with the words(f39: you're you'ref10) (f39shot, major, shot, major!ºf10) by an unknowable assailant (masked) against whom he had been jealous over Lotta Crabtree or Pomona Evlyn(f39?.ºf10) More than that(f39,ºf10) Whenn the Waylayer (not a Lucalizod diocesan or even of the Glendalough see(f39,ºf10) but hailing fro' the prow of Little Britain), mentioning
{f39, 63}
in a bytheway that he, the crawsopper, had, in edition to Reade's cutless centiblade, a loaded Hobson's which left only twin alternatives as, viceversa, either he would surely shoot her, the aunt, by pistol(f39,ºf10) (she could be okaysure of that!) or, failing of such, bash in Patch's blank face beyond recognition, pointedly asked with (f39gaeilish gaelishºf10) gall wodkar blizzard's business Thornton had with that Kane's fender(f39,ºf10) only to be answered by the aggravated assaulted that that (f39thatºf10) was the snaps for him, Midweeks, to sultry well go and find out if he was showery well able.

(f39ºf10) But how transparingly nontrue, (f39gentlewriter gentle writerºf10)! His feet one is not a tall man, not at all(f39,f10) man. No such parson(f39.!f10) (f39No nof10) such fender(f39.!f10) (f39No nof10) such lumber(f39.!f10) (f39No nof10) such race(f39.!ºf10) Was it supposedly in connection with a (f39girls girlf10), Myramy Huey or Colores Archer, under Flaggy Bridge (for ann there is but one liv and (f39hir herºf10) newbridge is her old) or to explode his twelvechamber and force a shrievalty
{f10, 51}
entrance that the heavybuilt Abelbody in a butcherblue blouse from One Life One Suit (a men's wear store), with a most decisive bottle of single in his possession, seized after dark by the town guard at Haveyou-caught-emerod's temperance gateway(f39,ºf10) was there in (f39a theºf10) gate's way.

Fifthly, how (f39parasoliloquisinglyºf10) truetoned on his first time of hearing the wretch's statement that, muttering Irish, he had had had o'gloriously a'lot too much hanguest or hoshoe fine to drink in the House of Blazes, the Parrot in Hell, the Orange Tree, the Glibt, the Sun, the Holy Lamb and, lapse not leashed, in Ramitdown's ship hotel since the morning moment he could dixtinguish a white thread from a black till the engine of the laws declosed unto Murray and was only falling fillthefluthered up against the gatestone pier which, with the cow's bonnet a'top o'it, he (f39parasoliloquisinglyºf10) falsetook for a cattlepillar with purest peaceablest intentions. Yet how lamely hobbles the hoy of his then pseudojocax (f39axplanation explanationºf10) how, according to his own story, he was a process server and was merely trying to open zozimus a (f39bottlop bottlofºf10) stoub by mortially hammering his magnum bonum (the curter the club the sorer the savage) against the bludgey gate for the boots about the swan(f39,ºf10) Maurice Behan, who hastily (f39threw on a pair of old Sirº Bunchamon's pants, steppedºf10) into his shoes(f39,f10) with nothing (f39inºf10) his hald barra tinnteack(f39,ºf10) and came down with homp,
{f39, 64}
shtemp and jumphet to the tiltyard from the wastes (f39a'sleep u'sleepºf10) in his obi ohny overclothes or choker, attracted by the norse of (f39guns gunplay,ºf10) (f39playing Delandy is cartager on the raglar rock to Dulyn,f10) said (f39heºf10) (f39war' prised war 'prisedºf10) safe in bed as he dreamed that he'd wealthes in mormon halls when wokenp by (f39af10) a fourth loud snore out of his land of byelo while hickstrey's (f39maws mewsºf10) was grazing in the moonlight by hearing (f39hammering hammerangºf10) on the pandywhank scale emanating from the blind pig and anything like (f39itf10) (oonagh! oonagh!) (f39itºf10) in the whole history of (f39the thatºf10) Mullingcan Inn he never. This battering babel (f39allower alloverºf10) the door and sideposts, he always said, was not in the very (f39remotest loutestºf10) like the (f39belzey babble belzeybabbleºf10) of a bottle of boose which would not rouse him out o' slumber deep but reminded him loads more of the martiallawsey marses of foreign musikants' instrumongs (f39playing Delandy is Cartagerº on the ragnarº rock to Dulynf10) or the overthrewer to the third last days of (f39Pompery pomperyºf10), if anything. And that after this most (f39nooningless mooninglessºf10) knockturn the young reine came down desperate and the old liffopotamus (f39herselfºf10) started ploring all over the (f39plains plainf10), as mud as she cud be, ruinating all the bouchers' schurts and the backers' wischandtugs so that(f39,f10) be the chandeleure of the Rejaneyjailey(f39,ºf10) they were all (f39night nighºf10) wasching the walters (f39of offºf10), the weltering walters off. Whyte(f39.?ºf10)

Just one moment. A pinch in time of the ideal, musketeers! Alphos, Burkos and Caramis, leave Astrelea for the astrollajerries and for the love of the saunces and the honour of (f39Keavens keavensf10) pike (f39puddywhackback paddywhackbackºf10) to
{f10, 52}
Pamintul. And roll away the reel world, the reel world, the reel world! And call all your smokeblushes, Snowwhite and Rosered, if you will have the real cream! Now for a strawberry frolic! Filons(f39,f10) filoosh! Cherchons la flamme! Fammfamm! Fammfamm!

Come on, ordinary man(f39,º Maschinsky, Scapolopolos, Duzinascu or Other,ºf10) with that large big nonobli head(f39,f10) and that blanko berbecked fischial ekksprezzion (f39Machinsky Scapolopolos, Duzinascu or otherf10). Your machelar's mutton leg's getting musclebound from being too pulled. Noah Beery weighed stone thousand one when Hazel was a hen. Now (f39her hisºf10) fat's falling fast. Therefore, chatbags, why not yours? There are (f3929 twentynineºf10) sweet reasons why (f39blossomtime's Blossomtime'sºf10) the best. Elders fall for green almonds when
{f39, 65}
they're raised on bruised stone root ginger though it winters on their heads as if auctumned round their waistbands. If you'd had pains in your hairs you wouldn't look so orgibald. You'd have Colley Macaires on your lump of lead. Now listen, Mr Leer! And stow that sweatyfunnyadams (f39Simper simperºf10)!

(f39ºf10) Take an old geeser who calls on his skirt. Note his sleek hair, so elegant, tableau vivant. He vows her to be his own honeylamb, swears they will be papa pals, by Sam, and share good times way down west in a guaranteed happy lovenest when May moon she shines and they twit twinkle all the night, combing the comet's tail (f39up right uprightºf10) and shooting popguns at the stars. Creampuffs all to (f39dime timeºf10)! Every nice, missymackenzies! For dear old grumpapar(f39,ºf10) he's gone on the razzledar, through gazing and crazing and blazing at the stars. Compree(f39!?ºf10) She wants her wardrobe to hear from above by return with cash so as she can buy her Peter Robinson trousseau and cut a dash with Arty, Bert or possibly Charley Chance (who knows?) so tolloll(f39,f10) Mr Hunker(f39,ºf10) you're too dada for me to dance (so off she goes!) and that's how half the gels in town has got their bottom drars while grumpapar he's trying to hitch his braces on to his trars. But old grum he's not so clean dippy between sweet you and yum (not on your life, boy! not in those trousers! not by a large jugful!) for someplace on the sly(f39,f10) where Furphy he isn't by(f39,ºf10) old grum has his gel number two (bravevow, our Grum!) and he would like to canoodle her too some part of the time for he is downright fond of his (f39ownºf10) number one but O he's fair mashed on peaches number two so that if he could only canoodle the two, chivee chivoo, all three would feel genuinely happy, it's as simple as A.B.C., the two mixers, we mean, with their cherrybum chappy (for he is simply shamming dippy) if they all were afloat in a dreamlifeboat, hugging two by two in his zoo-doo-you-doo, (f39af10) tofftoff for thee, missymissy for me and (f39howcameyou-e'enso how-cameyou-e'ensoºf10) for Farber, in his tippy, upindown dippy, tiptoptippy canoodle, can you? Finny(f39.!ºf10)

Ack, ack, ack. With which clap, trap and soddenment, three to a loaf, our mutual friends the fender and the bottle at the gate seem to be implicitly
{f10, 53}
in the same (f39bateau bateauºf10), so to singen, bearing also
{f39, 66}
several of the earmarks of design, for there is in fact no use in putting a tooth in a snipery of that sort and the amount of all those sort of things which has been going on onceaday in and twiceaday out every other nachtistag among all kinds of (f39promiscious promiscuousºf10) individuals at all ages in private homes and reeboos publikiss and (f39allover all alloverallºf10) and elsewhere throughout secular sequence the country over and overabroad has been particularly stupendous. To be continued. Federals' Uniteds' Transports' Unions' for (f39Exultations' Exultationsºf10) of Triumphants' Ecstasies.

But resuming inquiries. Will it ever be next morning the postal unionist's (officially called carrier's, Letters Scotch, Limited) strange fate ((f39Fierceendgiddyex Fierceendgiddyrexºf10) he's hight, d.e., the losel that hucks around missivemaids' gummibacks) to hand in a huge chain envelope, written in seven divers stages of ink(f39,f10) from blanchessance to lavandaiette, every pothook and pancrook bespaking the wisherwife, superscribed (f39to Hyde and Cheek, Edenberry, Dubbllennº, WC,ºf10) and subpencilled by yours A Laughable Party, with afterwite, S.A.G.(f39, to Hyde and Cheek, Edenberry, Dubblenn, WCºf10)? Will whatever will be written in lappish language with inbursts of (f39Maggyer maggyerºf10) always seem semposed, black looking white and white guarding black, in that siamixed twoatalk used (f39twist twixtºf10) stern swift and jolly roger? Will it bright upon us, nightle, and we plunging to our plight? Well, it might now, mircle, so it light. Always and ever till Cox's wife, twice Mrs Hahn, pokes her beak into the matter with Owen K. after her, to see whawa smutter after, will this kiribis pouch filled with litterish fragments lurk dormant in the paunch of that halpbrother of a herm, a pillarbox?

(f39ºf10) The coffin, a triumph of the illusionist's art, at first blench naturally taken for a handharp (it is (f39handwarp hardwarpºf10) to tristinguish jubabe from jabule or either from tubote when all three have just been invened)(f39,ºf10) had been removed from the hardware premises of Oetzmann and Nephew, a noted house of the gonemost west(f39,ºf10) which in the natural course of all things continues to supply funeral requisites of every needed description. Why needed, though? Indeed needed (wouldn't you feel like rattanfowl if you hadn't the oscar(f39!?f10)) because the flash brides or bride in their lily boleros one games with at the Nivynubies' finery ball
{f39, 67}
and your upright grooms that always come right up with you (and by jingo when they do!)(f39,ºf10) what else in this mortal world, now ours, when meet there night, mid their nackt, me there naket, made their nought(f39,ºf10) the hour strikes, would bring them (f39rightcame back rightcamebackºf10) in the flesh, thumbs down, to their orses and their hashes.

To proceed. We might leave that nitrience of oxagiants to take its free of the air and just analectralyse that very (f39chymerical chymiricalºf10) combination, the gasbag where the (f39warderworks warder worksºf10). And try to pour somour (f39heiterscene heiteroscenef10) up (f39thealmostfere the almostfereºf10). In the bottled heliose case continuing, Long Lally Tobkids,
{f10, 54}
the special, sporting a fine breast of medals, and a conscientious scripturereader to boot in the brick and tin choorch round the (f39coroner cornerf10), swore like a Norewheezian tailliur on the stand before the proper functionary that he was up against a right querrshnorrt of a mand in the butcher of the blues who, he guntinued, on last epening after delivering some carcasses(f39,f10) (f39mattonchepps muttancheppsºf10) and meatjutes on behalf of Messrs Otto Sands and Eastman, Limericked, (f39Victuallers victuallersºf10), went and, with his unmitigated astonissment, hickicked at the dun and (f39dorass doorassºf10) against all the runes and, when challenged about the pretended hick (it was kickup and down with him) on his solemn by the imputant imputed, said simply: I appop pie oath, Phillyps Captain. You did, as I sostressed before. You are deepknee in error, sir, Madam (f39Tomkins Tomkimsºf10), let me then tell you, replied with a gentlewomanly salaam MackPartland(f39,f10) (the (f39meatman's meatmam'sºf10) family, and the oldest in the world except nick, name(f39.)).ºf10) And Phelps was flayful with his peeler. But his phizz fell.

Now to the obverse. From velveteens to dimities is barely a fivefinger span and hence these camelback excesses are thought to have been instigated by one or either of the causing causes of all, those rushy hollow heroines in their skirtsleeves, be she (f39thef10) (f39magretta margrettaºf10) be she the posque. Oh! Oh! Because it is a horrible thing to have to say to say to day but one dilalah, Lupita Lorette, shortly after in a fit of the unexpectednesses drank carbolic with all her dear placid life before her and paled off while the other soiled dove that's her sister-in-love, Luperca Latouche, finding
{f39, 68}
one day while dodging chores that she stripped teasily for binocular man and that her jambs were jimpjoyed to see each other, the nautchy girly soon found her fruitful hat too small for her and rapidly taking time(f39,f10) look(f39,ºf10) she rapidly took to necking, partying and selling her spare favours in the haymow or in lumber closets or in the greenawn ad huck (there are certain intimacies in all ladies' lavastories we just lease to imagination) or in the sweet churchyard close itself for a bit of soft coal or an array of thin trunks, serving whom in fine that same hot coney (f39a àºf10) la (f39Zingara zingaraf10) which our own little Graunya of the chilired cheeks dished up to the greatsire of Oscar, that son of a Coole. Houri of the coast of emerald, arrah of the lacessive poghue, Aslim-all-Muslim, the resigned to her surrender, did not she, come leinster's (f39even eveºf10), true dotter of a dearmud(f39,f10) (her pitch was Forty Steps and his perch old Cromwell's Quarters)(f39,ºf10) with so valkirry a licence as sent many a poor pucker packing to perdition, again and again, ay, and again sfidare him, tease fido, eh tease fido, eh eh tease fido, toos topples topple, stop, (f39yeºf10) dug of a dog of a dgiaour, ye! Angealousmei! And did not he, like Arcoforty, farfar off (f39Bissavolo Bisavoloºf10), missbrand her behaveyous with iridescent huecry of down right
{f10, 55}
mean false sop lap sick dope? Tawfulsdreck! A reine of the shee, a shebeen quean, a queen of pranks. A kingly man, of royal mien, regally robed, exalted be his glory! (f39x!ºf10) So gave(f39,ºf10) so take(f39:.ºf10) Now not, not now(f39!.ºf10) He would just a min. Suffering trumpet! He thought he want. Whath? Hear, O hear, living of the land! Hungreb, dead era, hark! He hea, eyes ravenous on her lippling lills. He hear her voi of day gon by. He hears! Zay, zay, zay! But, by the beer of his profit, he cannot answer. Upterputty till rise and shine! Nor needs none shaft ne stele from Phenicia or Little Asia to obelise on the spout, neither pobalclock neither (f39folksstone folkstoneºf10), nor sunkenness in Tomar's Wood to bewray how erpressgangs score off the rued. The mouth that tells not will ever attract the unthinking tongue and so long as the obseen draws theirs which hear not so long till allearth's dumbnation shall the blind lead the deaf. Tatcho, tawney yeeklings! The column of lumps (f39lends leadsºf10) the pattrin of the leaves behind us. If violence to life, limb and chattels, often as
{f39, 69}
not, has been the expression, direct or through an agent male, of womanhid offended(f39,f10) (ah! ah!)(f39,ºf10) has not levy of (f39black mail blackmailºf10) from the times the fairies were in it(f39,ºf10) and fain for wilde erthe blothoms followed an impressive private reputation for whispered sins?

Now(f39,f10) by memory inspired, turn wheel again to the whole of the wall. Where Gyant Blyant fronts Peannlueamoore(f39.ºf10) There was once upon a wall and a hooghoog wall a was and such a wallhole did exist. Ere ore or ire in Aaarlund. Or you Dair's Hair or you Diggin Mosses or your horde of orts and oriorts to garble a garthen of Odin and the lost paladays when all the eddams ended with aves. Armen(f39?.ºf10) The doun is theirs and still to see for menags if he strikes a lousaforitch and we'll come to those baregazed shoeshines if you just shoodov a second. And let oggs be good old (f39gaggles gogglesºf10) and Isther Estarr play Yesther Asterr. In the drema of Sorestost Areas, Diseased. A stonehinged gate (f39then thereºf10) was for another thing while the suroptimist had bought and enlarged that shack under fair rental of one yearlyng sheep(f39,f10) (prime)(f39,ºf10) value of sixpence, and one small yearlyng goat (cadet)(f39,ºf10) value of eightpence, to grow old and happy (f39inºf10) (hogg it and (f39kidd kidºf10) him) for the reminants of his years; and when everything was got up for the purpose he put an applegate on the place by no means as some (f39pretext pretendºf10) a bedstead in loo thereof to keep out donkeys (the pigdirt hanging from the jags to this hour makes that clear) and just thenabouts the iron gape, by old custom left open to prevent the (f39cats catf10) from getting at the gout, was triplepatlockt on him on purpose by his faithful poorters to keep him inside probably and possibly enaunter he felt like sticking out his chest too far and tempting gracious providence by a stroll on the peoplade's eggday, unused as he was (f39asºf10) yet to being freely clodded.
{f10, 56}

O, by the by, lets wee brag of praties, it ought to be always remembered in connection with what has gone before that there was a northroomer, Herr Betreffender, out for his zimmer holedigs, digging in number 32 at the Rum and Puncheon ((f39Branch branchºf10) of Dirty Dick's free house) in Laxlip (where the Sockeye Sammons were stopping at the time orange fasting) prior to that, a Kommerzial (Gorbotipacco, he was wreaking like Zentral Oylrubber)
{f39, 70}
from Osterich, the U.S.E.(f39,ºf10) paying (Gaul save the mark!) 11/- in the week (Gosh, these wholly romads!) (f39and he missed a soft felt and, take this in, six quid fifteenºf10) of conscience money in the first deal of Yuly wheil he was, swishing beesnest with blessure(f39,f10) and swobbing broguen eeriesh myth (f39brockendootsch brocken dootschºf10), making his reporterage on Der Fall Adams for the (f39Frankofurto Siding Frankofurto Sidingºf10), a Fastland payrodicule, and(f39,f10) er, (f39consstated constatedºf10) that one had on him the Lynn O'Brien, a meltoned lammswolle, disturbed(f39,f10) and wider he might (f39shouldºf10) the same zurichschicken other he would, with tosend and obertosend tonnowatters, one monkey's damages become. Now you must know, franksman, to make a heart of glass, that the game of gaze and bandstand butchery was merely a Patsy O'Strap tissue of threats and obuses such as roebucks raugh at pinnacle's peak and after this sort.

(f39ºf10) Humphrey's unsolicited (f39ad hockºf10) visitor, Davy or Titus, on a burgley's clan march from the middle west, a hikely excellent crude man about (f39road roadsºf10) who knew his Bullfoost Mountains like a starling bierd, after doing a long dance untidled to Cloudy Green, deposend his bockstump on the waityoumaywantme, after having blew some quaker's (for you(f39!,f10) Oates!) in through the houseking's keyhole to attract attention(f39,ºf10) bleated through the gale outside which the tairor of his clothes was hogcallering, first, be the hirsuiter, that he would break his bulsheywigger's head for him, next, be the heeltapper, that he would break the gage over his lankyduckling head the same way he would crack a nut with a monkeywrench and, last of all, be the stirabouter, that he would give him his (or (f39theumperom's the umperom'sºf10) or anybloody else's) thickerthanwater to drink and his bleday steppebrodhar's into the bucket. He demanded more wood alcohol to pitch in with, alleging that his (f39granfather's grandfather'sf10) was all taxis and that it was only after ten o'connell(f39,f10) and (f39this thatºf10) his isbar was a public oven for the sake of (f39irsk irskusky irsh irskhuskyºf10), and then, not easily discouraged, opened the wrathfloods of his atillarery and went on at a wicked rate, weathering against him in mooxed metaphores from eleven thirty to two in the afternoon without even a luncheonette interval for House, son of Clod, to come out, you jewbeggar, to be Executed(f39.ºf10) Amen.

(f39ºf10) Earwicker, that patternmind, that paradigmatic ear, receptoretentive as his (f39if ofºf10) Dionysius, longsuffering(f39,ºf10)
{f39, 71}
although whitening under restraint in the sititout corner of his conservatory(f39,ºf10) behind faminebuilt walls, his thermos
{f10, 57}
flask and (f39ripidian ripidionºf10) flabel by his side and a walrus whiskerbristle for a tuskpick, compiled, while he mourned the flight of his wild guineese, a long list (now feared in part lost) to be kept on file of all (f39theºf10) abusive names he was called (we have been compelled for the rejoicement of foinne loidies (f39ind andºf10) the humours of Milltown etcetera by Josephine Brewster in the collision known as Contrastations with Inkermann and so on and (f39sononward so onwardºf10), lacies in loo water, flee, celestials, one clean turv): (f39Firstnighter, Firstnighter,ºf10) Informer, Old Fruit (f39,,f10) (f39Yellow Whigger, Yellow Whigger,f10) (f39Wheatears, Wheatears,f10) Goldy (f39Geit, Geit,f10) (f39Bogside Beauty, Bogside Beauty,f10) Yass We've Had His Badannas, (f39York's Porker, York's Porker,f10) Funnyface, At Baggotty's Bend He (f39Bumped, Bumped His Bride,ºf10) (f39Grease with the Butter, Grease with the Butter,f10) Opendoor Ospices, (f39Cainandabler, Cainandabler,f10) (f39Ireland's Eighth Wonderful Wonder, Ireland's Eighth Wonderful Wonder,f10) Beat My Price (f39,,f10) (f39Godsoilman, Codsoilman,ºf10) (f39Moonface the Murderer, Moonface the Murderer,f10) (f39Hoary Hairy Hoax, Midnight Sunburst, Hoary Hairy Hoax, Midnight Sunburst,f10) (f39Remove that Bible, Hebdromadary Publocation, Remove that Bible, Hebdromadary Publocation,f10) Tummer the Lame the Tyrannous, (f39Blau Clay, Blau Clay,f10) Tight before Teatime, Read Your (f39Pantojoke, Pantojoke,f10) Acoustic Disturbance, Thinks He's Gobblasst the Good Dook of Ourguile, W.D.'s Grace, Gibbering Bayamouth of Dublin, His Farther was a Mundzucker and She (f39had him Had Himf10) in a Growler, Burnham and Bailey, Artist, Unworthy of the Homely Protestant Religion, Terry Cotter, (f39You're Welcome to Waterfood, You're Welcome to Waterfood,f10) (f39signed Signedºf10) the Ribbonmen, Lobsterpot Lardling, (f39All for Arthur of this Town, All for Arthur of this Town,f10) Hooshed the Cat from the Bacon, (f39Leathertogs Leatherbagsºf10) (f39Donald, Donald,f10) The Ace and Deuce of Paupering(f39.,f10) O'Reilly's(f39,ºf10) Delights to Kiss the Man behind the (f39Barrel Borrelºf10), (f39Magogagog, Magogagog,f10) Swad Puddlefoot, Gouty (f39Ghibeline Ghibellinof10) , Loose Luther, (f39Hatches Cocks' Eggs, Hatches Cocks' Eggs,f10) (f39Muddle the Plan, Luck before Wedlock, I Divorce Thee Husband, Muddle the Plan, Luck before Wedlock, I Divorce Thee Husband,f10) Tanner and a Make (f39,,f10) Go to Hellena or Come to Connies, Piobald Puffpuff (f39His Bridef10) , Purged out of Burke's, He's None of Me Causin, Barebarean, (f39Peculiar Person, Peculiar Person,f10) Grunt Owl's Facktotem, Twelve (f39Months Months'f10) (f39Aristocrat, Aristocrat,f10) (f39Lycanthrope, Lycanthrope,f10) Flunkey Beadle Vamps the Tune (f39Letting on He's Loney, Letting on He's Loney,f10) (f39Thunder and Turf Married into Clandorf, Thunder and Turf Married into Clandorf,f10) Left Boot Sent on Approval, (f39Cumberer Cucumbererºf10) of Lord's Holy Ground, Stodge Arschmann, Awnt Yuke, Tommy Furlong's Pet Plagues, Archdukon Cabbanger, Last Past the Post, Kennealey Won't Tell Thee (f39off Offf10) (f39Nancy's Gown, Nancy's Gown,f10)
{f39, 72}
(f39Scuttle to Cover, Scuttle to Cover,f10) (f39Salary Grab, Salary Grab,f10) Andy (f39Mac Noon MacNoonºf10) in Annie's Room (f39,,f10) Awl Out (f39,,ºf10) Twitchbratschballs, Bombard Street Bester, Sublime Porter (f39,,f10) A Ban for Le King of the Burgaans and a Bom for Ye Sur of all the Ruttledges, O'Phelim's Cutprice, And at Number Wan Wan Wan, What He Done to Castlecostello, Sleeps with Feathers (f39end andf10) Ropes, It is Known (f39who Whoºf10) (f39Sold Horace the Rattler, Sold Horace the Rattler,f10) (f39Enclosed find Enclosed Findºf10) the Sons of Fingal, Swayed in his Falling, Wants a Wife and Forty of Them, Let Him Do the Fair, Apeegeequanee Chimmuck, Plowp Goes his Whastle, (f39Ruin of the Small Trader, Ruin of the Small Trader,f10) He — —(f39,ºf10) Milkinghoneybeaverbrooker, Vee was a Vindner, Sower Rapes, Armenian Atrocity, Sickfish Bellyup, Edomite, — (f39—,ºf10) (f39'Man Manºf10) Devoyd of the Commoner Characteristics of an Irish Nature, (f39Bad Humborg, Bad Humborg, —,ºf10) (f39Hraabhraab, Hraabhraab,f10) Coocoohandler, Dirt, Miching Daddy, Born Burst Feet Foremost, Woolworth's Worst, (f39Easyathic Easyatticºf10) Phallusaphist, Guilteypig's Bastard, Fast in the Barrel, Boose in
{f10, 58}
the Bed
, Mister Fatmate, In Custody of the Polis, (f39Boawwll's alocutionist, deposed Boawwll's Alocutionist, Deposedºf10) (f39,:ºf10) but(f39,ºf10) anarchistically respectsful of the liberties of the noninvasive individual, did not respond a solitary wedgeword beyond such sedentarity, though it was as easy as kissanywhere for the passive resistant in the booth he was in to reach for the hello gripes and ring up Kimmage Outer 17.67(f39,ºf10) because, as the fundamentalist explained(f39,f10) when at last shocked into speech, touchin his woundid feelins in the fuchsiar(f39,ºf10) the dominican mission for the sowsealist potty was on at the time and he thought the rowmish devowtion known as the howly rowsary might reeform ihm, Gonn.

(f39ºf10) That more than considerably unpleasant bullocky before he rang off(f39, by way of final mocks for his grapes,ºf10) drunkishly pegged a few glatt stones, all of a size, (f39by way of final mocks for his grapes,f10) at the wicket in support of his words that he was not guilphy but, after he had so (f39slaunga vollayed slungavollayedºf10), reconnoitring through his semisubconscious the seriousness of what he might have done had he really polished off his terrible intentions finally caused him to change the bawling and leave downg the whole grumus of brookpebbles pangpung and, having sobered up a bit, paces his groundould diablen lionndub, the flay the flegm, the floedy fleshener(f39,f10) (purse, purse, pursyfurse, I'll splish the splume of them all!)(f39,ºf10) this (f39blackºf10) backblocks boor bruskly put out
{f39, 73}
his langwedge and quite quit the paleologic scene, telling how by his selfdenying ordnance he had left Hyland on the dissenting table, after exhorting Earwicker or, in slightly modified phraseology, Messrs or Missrs Earwicker, Seir, his feminisible name of multitude, to cocoa come outside to Mockerloo out of that for the honour of Crumlin(f39,ºf10) with his broody old flishguds, Gog's curse to thim, so as he could brianslog and burst him all dizzy, you go bail, like Potts Fracture did with Keddle Flatnose and nobodyatall with Wholyphamous and build rocks over him(f39,f10) or(f39,ºf10) if he didn't, for two and thirty straws, be Cacao Campbell(f39,ºf10) he didn't know what he wouldn't do for him nor nobody else nomore nor him(f39,ºf10) after which, batell martell, a brisha a milla a stroka a boola, so the rage of Malbruk, playing on the least change of his manjester's voice(f39,ºf10) the first heroic couplet from the fuguall tropical, Opus Elf, Thortytoe(f39:,ºf10)

(f39ºf10) My schemes into obeyance for
(f39f10) This time has had to fall (f39:,ºf10)

(f39f10) they bit goodbyte to their thumb and, his bandol eer his solgier, dripdropdrap on pool or poldier, wishing the (f39loff toffºf10) a falladelfian in the morning, proceeded with a Hubbleforth slouch in (f39his theirºf10) slips backwords (Et Cur Heli!) in the directions of the duff and demb institutions about ten or eleven hundred years lurch away in the (f39moonshiny cloudletlittenºf10) gorge of Patself on the Bach. Adyoe!
{f10, 59}

And thus, with this rochelly exetur of Bully Acre, came to close that last stage in the siegings round our archicitadel which we would like to recall, if old Nestor Alexis would wink the worth for us, as Bar-le-Duc and Dog-an-Doras and Bangen-op-Zoom.

Yed he med leave to many a door beside of Oxmanswold for so witness his chambered cairns (f39a cloudletlitterºf10) silent that are at browse up hill and down coombe and on eolithostroton, at Howth or at Coolock or even at Enniskerry(f39,:f10) a theory none too rectiline of the evoluation of human society (f39and a as theºf10) testament of the rocks from all the dead unto some the living. (f39Olivers Oliver'sºf10) lambs we do call them, skatterlings of a stone, and they (f39shall skallºf10) be gathered unto him, their herd and paladin, as nubilettes to cumule, in that day (f39of Greenman Rise Oº (|shlost leaders live! the heroes return!sh|)ºf10) hwen, same the lightning lancer of Azava Arthurhonoured
{f39, 74}
(some Finn, some Finn avant!), he skall wake from earthsleep(f39, haught crested elmer,ºf10) in his valle of briers (f39of Greenman's Rise Of10), (f39(|shlost leaders live! the heroes return!sh|) haught crested elmer,ºf10) and o'er dun and dale the (f39Wulverulverlord wulverulverlordºf10) (protect us!) his mighty horn skall roll, orland, roll.

For in those deyes his Deyus shall ask of Allprohome and call to himm: Allprohome! (f39Allprohome!ºf10) And he make answer: Add some(f39.!ºf10) Nor wink nor (f39wunk wankºf10). (f39Animadiabolum, mene credidisti mortuum? Animadiabolum, mene credidisti mortuum?ºf10) Silence was in thy faustive halls, O Truiga, when thy green woods went dry but there will be sounds of manymirth on the night's ear ringing when our pantriarch of Comestowntonobble gets the pullover on his boots.

Liverpoor? Sot a bit of it! His braynes coolt parritch, his pelt nassy, his heart's adrone, his bluidstreams acrawl, his puff but a piff, his (f39extremeties extremitiesºf10) extremely so: Fengless, Pawmbroke, Chilblaimend and Baldowl. Humph is in his doge. Words weigh (f39nof10) no more to him than raindrips to Rethfernhim. Which we all like. Rain. When we sleep. Drops. But wait until our sleeping. Drain. Sdops.