1st draft, November 1923, I.3§2 draft level 0

MS British Library 47471b 4-5, 10 Draft details

{ms, 010v}

Can it be that so diversified outrages were planned and partly carried out against |ahim |bthe ab| staunch covenantera| if it is true that those recorded took place |afor many are recorded by some who handle the truth carelessly & we ought to be sorry for them for thata|? The city of refuge whither he had fled to forget & expiate manslaughter, the land in which by the commandment |aof witha| promise his days |aapostolica| were to be long, murmured, wd rise against him, |awith all that as it were |bwith all good thingsb|a|, do him hurt |aghostly & bodily, poor jink,a| as were he made a curse for them, |athe corruptiblea| lay quick, the saints |aof incorruptiona| of an |aunholy holya| nation, the cast away in resurrection of damnation to convince him of their proper sins. Business bred |ato the stiff upper lipa|, Humphrey took |ano only good fightinga| chances. Yet he was subjected to terror. |aWhen A tall man |bcarrying a suspicious parcelb|a| returning late to the old spot |aa revolver was had a barking revolvera| put to his face |aby an unknown assailant |b|c(masked)c| not a Lucalizoditeb| against whom he had been jealous? Yes and when the |bwaylayer aggravated assaulter|c, mentioning that he had a loaded pistol, |dthere being just 2 alternatives |+++as either he would shoot him or, failing that, bash in his face beyond recognition,+++|d| pointedlyc|b| asked him where he got the fender he was answered |bby the aggravated assaultedb| in a disguised voice that that was for him to find out?a| |xBut how |aevidentlya| untrue. Six feet is not tall.x| Was it to explode or to force entrance that the man |ain a butcher blue blouse |bfrom a men's wear store,b|a| with a bottle of stout in his possession
{ms, 005v}
seized by the town guard in his very gateway was in the gateway. How true at first |atime ofa| hearing his statement that he had had a lot too much to drink and was falling against the gate yet how lame proceeds his then excuse that he was merely trying to open the bottle of stout by hammering it against the gate for the boots, Maurice Behan, who threw on a pair of pants and came down in his socks without a coat attracted by noise of gunplay was in bed wakened up |aout of the land of byeloa| in bed by |aloud hearinga| hammering |aat emanating froma| the gate. This |abattering all over the door & sidepanelsa| was not in the least remotest like a bottle of stout which wd not rouse him out of sleep but much more like the overture to the last day if anything. Notice a fellow who who calls on his skirt. |aNote his slick hair so elegant, tableau vivant.a| He |acalls her vows her a to be aa| honeylamb, swears they will be pals, by Sam, and share good times in a happy lovenest when May moon shines but that guy is not so |atippy dippya| (not on your life |anot in these trousersa|) for somewhere he has |agirl a girl so that is |ba kinkyb|a| number two and he would like to canoodle her |atwo tooa| |asome of the timea| for he is downright fond of number one
{ms, 004v}
and he is |afaira| mashed on |apeachya| number two if he cd only canoodle the two and all three would be genuinely happy, the two numbers, namely, and their mutual chappy (for he is simply shamming dippy) if they were afloat in a dreamboat, his tippy canoe, his tippy, up and down dippy, tiptoptippy |acanoe. canoodle canyou?!a| So in the present |acase which bears cases which beara| all the earmarks of a plot. |a|bThere is in fact no use putting a tooth on |cit a thing of that sortc| and the amount of that sort of thing which was going on was simply stupendous.b| Next morning postman handed him a letter superscribed to Humphry Pot and Gallows King.a| The fender coffin, mistaken for a fender, had been removed from hardware premises |aa noted house of the easta| which |aas an ordinary everyday transactiona| supply funeral requisites of all descriptions. (Here Caracciolo & Nelson). The conscientious guard in the other case |aLaddy Cumina| swore, a scripture reader |a|btoo to bootb|a|, swore that Laddy Cumine, the butcher in the blouse, after having delivered some carcases went & kicked at the door and when challenged |abefore the functionarya| on his oath by the imputed, said simply:

I am on my oath, you did, as I stressed before.

You are deeply mistaken, sir, let me |athena| tell you, denied McPartland |a(the |bman's meatman'sb| name)a|.