fair copy, November 1923, I.3§1 draft level 1

MS British Library 47471b 6-12 Draft details

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|1A Under (rather a)1| cloud |1of witnesses1| indeed! Yet all of these are now as much no more as were they not yet now or had they then not ever been. Of Hosty, quite a musical genius in a small way, the end is unknown. |1O'Donnell O'Mara1|, somewhat depressed by things |1& short of cash1|, is said to have accepted the (Saxon) King's shilling on the outbreak of the Crimean war, enlisting under the name of Blanco Buckley. |1Peter Cloran Paul Horan1|, at the suggestion of the master in lunacy, became an inmate of an asylum. |1Treacle Tom Sordid Sam1| passed away painlessly one hallow e'en in a state of nature, propelled into the great beyond by footblows of his last bedfellows, three Norwegians of the seafaring class. Shorty disappeared from the surface of the earth so entirely |1spoorlessly1| as to lead the speculative to opine that it came to pass that |1he this hobo man1| (who possessed a large amount of the humorous) had removed his habitat to |1the its1| interior. Again, was the reverend, the sodality director that |1fashionable eupeptic1| vice |1preacher flayer1| to |1whom whose pulpit1| sinning society sirens (vide the daily press) at times became so enthusiastically attached and was an objectionable ass who occasionally wore a raffles ticket in his hat and was openly convicted of malpractices with his tableknife that same cad with a pipe encountered by Humphrey Chimpden?
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|1It is a well authenticated fact |aof the commonest knowledgea| that the |ashape of thea| average human face |achanges its shape frequently altersa| with the passing of years. Hence it is no easy matter to identify the individual |ain baggy pantsa| with already an inclination to baldness who was asked by some |abroadfaceda| boardschool children |aon a walla| to tell them |athe that bedtimea| story. It was the Lord's day and the request was put to the party |a(a native of Ireland, by his brogue |b(said to have been average Dublin)b|, who had made the South coast of |bEngland the sister isleb| his headquarters)a| as he sat smoking paused |afor ten or 15 minutesa| for a |asmoke in |bfragrantb| calabash duringa| his |aweekenda| pastime of executing empty bottles |awhich had |bformerly not |cso veryc| long beforeb| contained Reid's family stout,a| |aby cockshot |bwith deadly accuracyb|a|. One sad circumstance the narrator mentioned which goes at once to the heart of things. He rose to his feet |aand told of it to tell this group of |blittle precociousb| caremakers, in the simplest |bof intensiveb| language |bof the |cgreat nowc| mythical |chabilimentsc| figure in the widewinged hat, the four-in-hand cravat and the gauntlet upon the hand which |cfor everc| had struck down Destrelleb|a|.1|
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|1In |abefittinga| words a bit duskish |aflavoured with a smile |bseeing that his thoughts consisted of the cheery,b|a| he aptly described the scene, |aamong other items of passing interesta| the monolith rising stark from the twilit pinebarren, the |abellwether the angelus houra|, |athe ditchers bent upon their implements,a| the fallow doe belling softly her |amilkya| approach |aas the hour was quite latea| and how brightly he outed his wallet and gives him a topping |aswanka| cheroot and says he was to suck that |aone |bbrownb| boyoa| and spend a |awholea| half hour in Havana.1| |1And says he: As sure as eggs is |aknown to bea| what they |acommerciallya| are in high |aBritisha| quarters my business credit will |aimmediatelya| stand |aopena| as straight as that |a|bhygienicb|a| monument's fabrication before the hygienic globe |aof the Taskmaster's eye (and here the reverent sabbath and bottle breaker uncovered himself of his |btricolouredb| boater cordially inviting the adolescents whom he was wising up to do likewi in like manner) of the great Pastmaster's eyea|.1|
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|1The scene was never forgotten for later in the same century one of that little band of factferreters, then an ex civil servant retired under the sixtyfive act, rehearsed it to a cousin of the late archdeacon Coppinger in a pullman of the transhibernian with one still sadder circumstance which is a heartskewer if ever was. For |awhen |bwhenever as often asb|a| the archdeacon spoke of it by request all, hearing his cousin's description of that fellowtraveller's |afeatures play of countenancea|, could really see imagine themselves as listening to the cockshy shooter's evensong evocation of the doomed liberator, his hand |aextended protendeda| towards the monumental leadpencil which as the |amolyvdokondolin Molyvdokondylona| was to be his mausoleum, while over his exculpatory features the ghost of a resignation unveiled diffused a spectral appealingness similar in origin and effect to a beam of sunlight upon a coffinplate.1|
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The data, did we possess them, are too imprecisely few to warrant our certitude, the testifiers
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too untrustworthily irreperible but certain one thing is, that ere the following winter turned the leaves of the book of nature the shadow of the great outlander had stood at the bar of a hundred tribunals, |1in manor hall as in thieves' kitchen1| here sentenced before trial with Jedburgh Justice, there acquitted against evidence by benefit of clergy. Big, human, erring, forgivable the unforgettable shade looms up behind the varied judgments of those unrecapturable days.

|11| Three soldiers of the Coldstream guards were walking in Montgomery street. One gave an opinion in which all concurred. It was the first woman, they said. He showed himself a man afterwards. A coming actress (who has been called by one critic a vestpocket Siddons) was interviewed in a beauty parlour and said, while righting her cartwheel hat, she hoped he would get a Christmas pardon because the world had been unkind. Then he has been so truly wonderful, she added. A dustman named Sevenchurches in the employ of Bullwinkle and McTigue was asked the question |1during the midday repast1| in a hashhouse and replied: We have just been discussing the case. All our fellows say that he is a |1gamey one a thorough sport1|. A more than usually sober taxidriver |1who was hosing his car(?)1| took a strong view |1said1| |1He talked as he worked & this is what he told newspapermen1|: Earywigger is |1just1| a pink joint scoundrel in private life but folks say he has parliamentary privilege. A barmaid's view was |1thus expressed1|:
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It would be a crying shame to jail him |1no matter what wrongdoing went on1| in consequence of |1his |ahis bad him enjoying such weaka|1| health. Brian Linskey, the boy curser, was questioned and gave a snappy comeback when saying: I am for caveman sex, curse it! Them two women ought to get strangled., I say! |1Miss Missioner1| Ida Wombwell, the seventeen year old revivalist, said concerning the |1fusiliers incident incident of interference with fusiliers |aand others or other personsa| using the park1|: That man is a brute — but a magnificent brute. Sylvia Silence, the girl detective, when |1told of the different facts |atold of the different facts of the case suppliedº with information as to all the different features of the casea|1| in her cosy bachelor's flat, overlooking Anderson's mews, |1said quietly |aasked quietly leaned back in her |bChesterfield really truly easychairb| to |bquietly restfullyb| querya|1|: Have you thought|1, reporter,1| that sheer greatness was his tragedy? But |1in my view according to my attitude1| he should pay the full penalty. |1Section XI of C.L.A. Act 18851| A |1sailor naval rating1|, seated on the granite setts of the fishmarket, |1where he was silently |awatching contemplatinga| a kit of plaice1| was encouraged to |1talk speak1| by his fiancée and said: I lay |1a bob1| he was to blame about the two slaveys as he had his perfect right but I think there was someone else behind it about the three drummers.