Editions of Ulysses

Prepared by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

The principal editions of Ulysses referred to in the James Joyce Digital Archive are described below. Links to the various publishing houses where copies may be obtained are supplied.

Ulysses by James Joyce, edited by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon (London: Quercus: riverrun editions, 2021).

Other than a very few further corrections (see below), the text of this handsome paperback edition is the same as that of the 2017 Folio Press edition. The pagination, however, is different. As the size of the riverrun page is smaller, it was decided to increase the number of pages in order to maintain the clear readability of the 2017 edition.

Some obvious errors are evident on collation with the manuscripts. Apart from these relatively few, the 2021/2017 text is based primarily on the typescripts, proofs, and lifetime corrections of the author, pursuant to a methodology once argued by Peter du Sautoy, late Trustee of the James Joyce Literary Estate: a proper edition should be the printing of what it was the author sent to his publishers to be published.

The 2021 edition is available at some earthly bookshops and at most internet booksellers (e.g. Amazon), or direct from the publishers. The price (£9.99) is quite cheap for such a substantial book and accordingly, unlike the case with the 2017 Folio edition, readers should not fuss over annotating it or marking it up in any way.

Ulysses by James Joyce, edited by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon (London: The Folio Society, 2017).

This edition is the second critically edited text of Ulysses, the first being that of Hans Walter Gabler and colleagues in 1984. Unlike the Gabler edition, which was based on the Rosenbach manuscript, it is grounded on the text as submitted by Joyce to his publishers: first, to the Little Review (New York) and second, to Shakespeare & Company (Paris). This is because, for most of the book, the manuscript is either out of the line of transmission or it comes before a missing draft level, thus making editorial decisions difficult and often moot.

At the present time, the 2017 edition is available only from The Folio Society. Though relatively expensive, the book is full-sized, well-bound, and readable. It includes some beautiful illustrations by John Vernon Lord and was awarded the 2018 Victoria and Albert Museum Book Illustration Award.
Note: Though the pagination has been retained, the 2017 text used in the JJDA has been corrected to match 2021: the emendationd are as follows:

  • (u17, p. 63, line 8) brillantined → brilliantined (see U21, p. 76 line 9)
  • (u17, p. 134, line 5) The Plums → the Plums (see U21, p. 167 line 9)
  • (u17, p. 153, line 14) musterred → mustered (see U21, p. 191 line 7)
  • (u17, p. 161, line 21) brillantined → brilliantined (see U21, p. 201 line 20)
  • (u17, p. 494, line 4 from end) Aurora → Amora (see U21, p. 602 line 9 from end)
  • (u17, p. 549, line 11 from end) Hugh C → Hugh C. (see U21, p. 661 line 17)
  • (u17, p. 573, line 9 from end) run-on text The jarvey → paragraph The jarvey (see U21, p. 690 line 17)

Ulysses by James Joyce, edited by Hans Walter Gabler, with Wolfhard Steppe and Claus Melchior, assisted by Harald Beck, Walter Hettche, John O'Hanlon, Danis Rose, Charity Scott Stokes, and Kinga Thomas, and advised by Richard Ellmann, Clive Hart, Philip Gaskell, Michael Groden and A. Walton Litz (New York and London: Garland Publishing, 1984).

This, the first critically edited edition of Ulysses, was published in 1984 by Garland Publishing. The scholarly edition, which included a full apparatus (with draft codes, emendations, notes etc) came in three volumes and is now out of print.

  • A trade edition (minus the scholarly apparatus) was published in 1986 by Penguin/Random House.
  • A hardback edition with two further corrections was published in 1993 by The Bodley Head. This, the most finished version of the 1984 reading text, is the one referred to in the annotated version of the 2017-1984 collation in the James Joyce Digital Archive.
  • A digital version of the left-hand pages of the 1984 Garland edition, Ulysses DCSE, was made available in 2017 by Ronan Crowley and Joshua Schäuble.

Ulysses by James Joyce, first edition (Paris: Shakespeare and Company, 2 February 1922).

The first edition of Ulysses was published by Sylvia Beach, an expatriate American who ran an English-language bookshop and lending library in Paris. She named her publishing company, which was created specifically for that purpose of bringing out Ulysses, after the name of her shop: Shakespeare & Company.

Despite containing numerous errors, the first edition is an attractive volume, letterpress-printed in Dijon by master-printer Maurice Darantiere. The book is large and is eminently readable.

Several facsimile editions of the first edition have been published. At least two of these are still in print:

  • Dover Publications: Ulysses, a reproduction of the 1922 first edition (New York: Dover, 2002);
  • Oxford University Press: Ulysses, edited with an introduction by Jeri Johnson (New York and London: Oxford University press, 1992). This edition, though it has additional useful scholarly information, comes in a much smaller format than the 1922 that, while easier to carry around, is less so to read.