1st draft of FH VII, October 1923, draft level 0

MS NLI 41818 4v, 1r, 1v, British Library 47480 267v Draft details

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Isolde, her longfamous lashes butterflykissing his near and farfamous cheek, felt him sweeter than cherry or plum, than candykisses or Lipton's fruitcake, than the hawthorn valley in the |amonth 1st fortnighta| of May, than the finest |abanda| music goingº than lovely |athick with thea| sleep. She murmured |agoogooeyesa|:


My preciousº since last we parted it seems to me that I have been continually in your company, even when I close my eyes to s at night, |aI am continuallya| seeing you, hearing you, meeting you in different placesº so that |aI'm I ama| beginning to wonder whether my soul does not take leave of my body in sleep and go to seek you and what is more find you,º or |aperhaps perchancea| or perhaps this is only a phantasy. Tell me,º Daniel, my precious darling.

|aHe, her whitehaired |bboy doughboyb|,a| Heroº of tens of scrums, |acarrier of the ovum,a| kisser of hundreds, blocker of thousands, ejaculater of |amyriads jugfulsºa| aloudly |aspoke sniffledºa| his |anasala| voice falling in strange ineffectual dropkick, so; in the language of diplomacyº


|aMaisa| |aPourquoi Bourquoiºa| es-tu |aentrée andréea| dans my |avie fiea|, Henriette?º Je |acroyais groyaisa| mon âme déjà morteº
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She lifted her head, her eyes |acontent supremely satisfieda|. For now |afull wella| she |aknew rather gathereda| |afrom his persiflagea| |athat he was a loveslave for lifeºa| that she |aita| was |athe onea| and not that |aginger bitch mousy mopºa| |agolliwog curls,a| Kateagnes Halloranº

He, the gentleman, was sodavisaged. First |xa martyr to indigestionºx| he was rather liable to pa piles procured by sitting on stone walls |awhile revelling in the beauty of naturea| and over and above that |xwhen he contracted a stubborn coughx| by medical advice of Dr Codd he had been lowering daily |adraughts potionsa| of extract of willow bark to keep off the Hibernian flu. With feverish pallorº |aindicating the action of the high seas on a teetotal stomachºa| he beheld the holy ghosts of his undergradual loves, Henriette atop of the haycock, Nenette de |al'Eglise l'Abbayea| behind the taproom |adoorºa|, Marie Louise all fun and fleas, tipsy Suzanne catch as catch can, and, last but not least, the rawboned housekeeper of the local parish priest. Ghastlily, he pastloveyed her |awith a blackedged expressiona|.

— Smiling Johnny, pleaded she |agynelexicallya|, do you |acare keena| for |ame meemeea| just a |alittle |bweeny little weeny mosselb|a|?

|aOffsong &a| Partiallyº selfstrangled |ahe replied tried to reply hea|:

|xhe unread replied brightlyx| |xhe brightly winkily replied after after thinking it overx|

|aYes,a| Lady, I am not worthy. |aIf you but knew You little know a man's pasta|. Why were we born in two different places? Wherefore have we met?º yesterday so to speak? Why this strangulation, this yearning for a bonum arduum as distinguished from a bonum simpliciter? |aWill you accept a portion of my divided heart?a| Wellaway, alas, for death in, with, for and on account of my wellbeloved I mutely yearn.

— O, can that sobstuff, |alet youa| |aMyº |bownb| loveman must not spe talk like that,a| |aanswered Isolde the |bDublin boldb| puss answereda|
{ms, 001v}
impatiently after her waiting patiently all through the damned old dinner of burnt loinchops and ignoble potatoes with everybody talking |afrom soup to nuts alla| about loinchops and |apotatoes mashed murphiesa| and the pig's arse and cabbage of the day before and |athey saying it wasn't a patch ona| the silverside boiled cowbeef of the |astewsdaya| dayº before that again |a& the roast potroasta| with purpletop swedes and equally ignoble potatoes colieflower without a morsel of appetite |awhen a plain bottle of porter & a gooseberry tart would have done hera|. Love she wanted, the |abest biggesta| obtainable, true new blind bottomless |a|bhighspeedb| stunninga| staggerhumanity |acavemana| love at first sight |athe universal super jewelºa| for which reason she again kissed him and he, being |aa an inborna| gentleman |awith a gift of blushing as well as of backgammona|, counterkissed because it was his one maxim in |athisa| life that if a lady, for example, |awanted happened to have a libidoºa| a bite of a piece of Stilton cheese and he happened, for argument' sake, to have a quarter of a pound or so of |aStilton cheese feetygreen Gorgonzolaa| in his pocketº why he'd just simply put his hand in his pocket, don't you know, and well he'd just give her the cheese, don't you see, to take a bite off. Howeverº first & foremost, before testing her triangle to prove whether she was as the newspapers reported a virgo intacta, he asked her whether she had ever indulged in clandestine fornication |awith or without contraceptivesa|.

No, nein, never |ain God's worlda|, |ainnocent as the undriven snowa|, |ashe his almost aunta| swore |awhilst she adhered to |bhim that big left |xNeagh Yorkx| shoulder of hisb|a|. By the axecleft of my notch! By the hairs of my dearest parents! By the inviolable dew of Ben Bulben! By the freshwater pullan herring! |aNo |bmortal plunderer has ever wanderedºb| has ever beheld the hundred wonders of my underlanda|

Her mournful embracer pointed to the |astarry sidereala| host. By them he bade her swear, them that were and are and shall be, the silently
{ms, 267v}
strewingº, the strikingly shining, the twittingly twinkling, |aour true homea| and (as her he |atruly uranographicallya| remarked), the lamplights of lovers |ain the Beyond.a|

Up they gazed, skyward |ato stardoma|, while in |aher his girleen'sa| ear that loveless lover, |asinless sinner,a| breathed:
How gentle & kind I am, Issy. I never hurt the feelings of another. And, I say, what a lovely nature is mine!

It wasn't exactly anything he said or it wasn't anything he exactly did but all the same it was something about him like the way he was always sticking his finger into his trousers pocket and then sticking it into his eye like a |abornya| baby, |athe great big slob that she let let out a whistlea| |xor the once she dropped her ittle |ahanky hankyfussa| and the way so graceful he picked it up with his |afoot hoofa| and |ahanded footeda| it up |apolitefullya| to her ittle nibbleurs.x|

Go away from me instantly |ayou thinga| she |acried roareda|. |aCurse your stinking putrid soul & all belonged to you |byou scumb| |bDon't forget me! Forget me not!b|a|

Perfect |ayou bloody bitcha| he said.

He took leave of her and |awent circulated as biddena|. |aHearing his name called |bbefore many minutes had passedb| he most sagaciously ceased to walk about and turned|b, his look now charged with purposeb|.a|

No, come back, she cried. |aHow sweetly you responded to me.a| |aI can't live without you! I so want you!a|

— It's important, |ahe her nephew |bwho was very continentalb|a| said, stopped & circulated at walking pace in an opposite direction.