Comparison of 1939 and 2010 texts III.2§B

Emendations by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

Key:  (f391939 text 2010 textf10)

— MEN! Juan responded fullchantedly to her sororal sonority, imitating himself capitally(f39,ºf10) with his bubbleblown in his patapet and his chalished drink now well in hand. (A spilt, see, for a split, see see!) Ever gloriously kind! And I truly am
{f39, 462}
eucherised to yous. Also sacré père and maître d'autel. Well, ladies upon gentlermen and toastmaster general, let us(f39,ºf10) brindising brandisong, woo and win womenlong(f39,ºf10) with health to rich vineyards(f39, ofºf10) Erin go (f39Dry dryºf10)! Amingst the living waters of, the living in giving waters of. Tight! Loose! A stiff one for Staffetta mullified with creams of (f39hourmony hormonyºf10), the coupe that's chill for jackless jill and a filiform dhouche on Doris(f39.!ºf10) Esterelles, be not on your weeping what though Shaunathaun is in his fail! To stir up love's young fizz I tilt with this bridle's cup champagne, dimming douce from her peepair of hideseeks, tightsqueezed on my (f39snowybrusted snowybreasted,ºf10) and while my pearlies in their sparkling (f39wisdom wiseheightºf10) are nippling her bubblets I swear (and let you swear!) by the bumper round of my poor old snaggletooth's solidbowel I ne'er will prove I'm untrue to your liking (theare!) so long as my hole looks. Down.

So gullaby, me poor Isley! But I'm not for forgetting me innerman monophone for I'm leaving my darling proxy behind for your consolering, lost Dave the Dancekerl, a squamous runaway and a dear old man pal of mine too. He will arrive incessantly in the fraction of a crust(f39,.ºf10) (f39who, could Couldºf10) he quit doubling and stop (f39tippling tripplingf10), he would be the unicorn of his kind. He's the mightiest penumbrella I ever flourished on behond the shadow of a post!
{f10, 359}
Be sure and link him, me O treasauro, as often as you learn(f39,ºf10) provided there's nothing between you but a plain deal table (f39only. Onlyºf10) don't encourage him to cry lessontimes over Leperstown. But soft! Can't be? Do mailstanes mumble? Lumtum lumtum! Now! The froubadour! I fremble! Talk of wolf in a stomach(f39,ºf10) by all that's verminous! Eccolo me! The return of th'athlate! Who can secede to his success! Isn't Jaunstown, Ousterrike, the small place after all? I knew I smelt the garlic leek! Why, bless me swits, here he its, darling Dave, like the catoninelives just in time as if he fell out of space, all draped in mufti, coming home to mourn mountains from his old continence(f39.ºf10) (f39and Andºf10) not on one foot either or on two feet aether but on quinquisecular cycles after his French evolution and a blindfold passage by the 4.32 with the pork's pate in his suicide paw and the gulls laughing lime on his natural skunk,
{f39, 463}
blushing like Pat's pig, begob(f39.!ºf10) He's not too timtom well ashamed to carry out onaglibtograbakelly in his showman's sinister the testymonicals he gave his twenty annis (f39orf forºf10), showing the three white feathers, as a home cured emigrant in Paddyouare far below on our sealevel. Bearer may leave the church, signed, Figura Porca, Lictor Magnaffica. He's the sneaking likeness of us, faith, me altar's ego in miniature and every Auxonian aimer's ace as nasal a Romeo as I am, for ever cracking quips on himself, that merry, the jeenjakes, he'd soon arise mother's roses mid bedewing tears under those wild wet lashes onto anny living girl's laftercheeks. That's his little veiniality. And his (f39unpeppeppediment. impeppeppediment.ºf10) He has novel ideas(f39,f10) I know(f39,ºf10) and he's a jarry queer fish betimes, I grant you, and cantanberous, the poisoner of his word, but(f39,ºf10) lice and all and semicoloured stainedglasses, I'm enormously full of that foreigner, I'll say I am! Got by the one goat, suckled by the same nanna, one twitch, one nature makes us oldworld kin. We're as thick and thin now as two tubular jawballs. I hate him about his patent henesy, (f39plasfh blasphºf10) it, yet am I amorist. I love him. I love his old portugal's nose. There's the nasturtium for ye now that saved manny a poor sinker from water on the grave. The diasporation of all pirates and quinconcentrum of a fake like Basilius O'Cormacan MacArty? To camiflag he turned his shirt. Isn't he after borrowing all before him, making friends with (f39everybody everybooby,ºf10) red in Rossya, white in Alba(f39,f10) and touching every distinguished Ourishman he could ever distinguish before or behind from a Yourishman for the customary halp of a crown and peace? He is looking aged with his pebbled eyes, and johnnythin too(f39,ºf10) from livicking on pidgins' ifs with puffins' ands(f39,.ºf10) (f39he's He'sºf10) been slanderising himself, but I pass no remark. Hope he hasn't the cholera. Give him an eyot in the farout. Moseses and Noasies, how are you? He'd be as snug as Columbsisle Jonas wrocked in the belly of the whaves, as quotad before. (f39Bravo Brayvoºf10), senior chief! Famose! Sure there's nobody else in
{f10, 360}
touch anysides to hold a chef's cankle to the darling at all for sheer dare with that prisonpotstill of (f39spanish Spanishºf10) breans on him like the knave of trifles! A jollytan fine demented brick and the prince of goodfilips! Dave
{f39, 464}
knows I have the highest of respect of annyone in my oweand smooth way for that intellectual debtor ((f39Obbligado! obbligato!f10)) Mushure David R. Crozier. And we're the closest of chems. Mark my use of you, cog! Take notice how I yemploy, crib! Be ware as you(f39,ºf10) I foil, coppy! It's a pity he can't see it for I'm terribly nice about him. Canwyll y Cymry, the marmade's flamme! A leal of the O'Looniys, a Brazel aboo! The most omportent man! Shervos! Ho, be the holy(f39,ºf10) snakes, someone has shaved his rough diamond skull for him as clean as Nuntius' piedish! The burnt out mesh and the matting and all! Thunderweather, khyber schinker(f39,ºf10) escapa sansa pagar(f39.!ºf10) He's the spatton spit, so he is, scaly skin and all, with his blackguarded eye(f39,ºf10) and the goatsbeard in his buttinghole(f39,ºf10) of Shemuel Tulliver, me grandsourd, the old cruxader, when he off with his paudeen! That was to let the crowd of (f39thef10) Flu Flux Fans behind him see me proper. Ah, he's very thoughtful and sympatrico that way(f39,f10) is Brother Intelligentius, when he's not absintheminded, with his Paris (f39addresse adresseºf10)! He is, really. (f39Holdhard Hold hardºf10) till you'll ear him clicking his bull's bones! Some toad klakkin! You're welcome back(f39.,f10) Wilkins(f39,ºf10) to red berries in the frost! And here's the butter exchange to pfeife and dramn ye with a bawlful of the Moulsaybaysse and yunker doodler wanked to wall awriting off his phoney. I'm tired hairing of you. Hat yourself! Give us your dyed dextremity here, frother, the Claddagh clasp! I met with dapper dandy and he shocked me big the hamd. Where's your (f39watch keeper watchkeeperf10)? You've seen all sorts in shapes and sizes, marauding about the (f39moppamound mappamoundºf10). How's the cock and the bullfight? And old Auster and Hungrig? And the Beer and Belly and the Boot and Ball? Not forgetting the oils of (f39greas greaseºf10) under that turkey in julep and Father Freeshots Feilbogen in his rockery garden with the (f39costard costardsºf10)? And did you meet with Peadhar the Grab at all? And did you call on Tower Geesyhus? Was Mona, my own love, no bigger than she should be, making up to you in her bestbehaved manor when you made your breastlaw and made her, tell me? And did you like the landskip from Lambay? I'm better pleased than ten guidneys! You rejoice me! Faith, I'm proud of you, french davit!
{f39, 465}
You've surpassed yourself! Be introduced to yes! This is me aunt Julia Bride, your honour, dying to have you languish to scandal in her bosky old delltangle. You don't reckoneyes him? He's Jackot the Horner who boxed in his corner, jilting no fewer than three female bribes. That's his penals. Shervorum! You haven't seen her since she stepped into her drawoffs. (f39Come on, spinister, do your stuff!ºf10) Don't be shoy, (f39husbandmanvir! husbandman!ºf10) Weih, what's on you, (f39wip wifewomanºf10)? Up the (f39shamewaugh shamewauchf10)! She has plenty of woom in the smallclothes for the
{f10, 361}
bothsforus, nephews push! Hatch yourself well! (f39Come on, spinister, do your stuff!f10) (f39Enjombyourselves thurily!ºf10) Would you wait biss she buds till you bite on her? Embrace her bashfully by (f39almeans all meansºf10) at my frank incensive and tell her in your semiological agglutinative yez(f39,º like boyrun to sibsterºf10) how Idos be asking after her. Let us be holy and evil and let her be peace on the bough. Sure, she fell in line with our tripertight photos as the lyonised mails when we were stablelads together like the (f39corks again corksagainºf10) brothers, hungry and angry, cavileer grace by roundhered force, (f39or like boyrun to sibster,f10) me and you, shinners true(f39,ºf10) and pinchme, our tertius quiddus, that never talked or listened. Always raving how we had the wrinkles of a snailcharmer(f39,ºf10) and the slits and sniffers of a fellow that fell foul of the county de Loona and the meattrap of the first vegetarian. To be had for the asking. Have a hug! Take her out of poor (f39tuppeny tuppennyºf10) luck before she goes off in pure treple licquidance. I'd give three shillings a pullet to the canon for the conjugation to shadow you kissing her from me (f39leberally liberallyºf10) all over as if she was a crucifix. (f39Enjombyourselves thurily.ºf10) It's good for her bilabials, you understand. There's nothing like the mistletouch for finding a queen's earring false. Chink chink. As the curly bard said after kitchin the womn in his hym to the hum of her garments. You try a little tich to the tissle of his tail. The racist to the racy, rossy. The soil is for the self alone. Be ownkind. Be kithkinish. Be bloodysibby. Be irish. Be inish. Be offalia. Be hamlet. Be the property plot. Be Yorick and Lankystare. Be cool. Be mackinamucks of yourselves. Be finish. No martyr where the preature is there's no plagues like rome. It gives up the gripes. Watch the swansway. Take your tiger over it. The leady on the lake and the convict of the forest.
{f39, 466}
Why, they might be Babau and Momie! Yipyip! To pan! To pan! To tinpinnypan. All folly me yap to Curlew(f39.!ºf10) Give us a pin for her and we'll call it a tossup. Can you reverse positions(f39.?ºf10) (f39Lets Let'sºf10) have a fuchu all round, courting cousins! Quuck, the duck of a woman(f39,ºf10) for quack, the drake of a man, her little live apples for Leas and love potients for Leos, the next beast king. Put me down for all ringside seats. I can feel you being corrupted. Recoil. I can see you sprouting scruples. Get back. And as he's boiling with water I'll light your pyre. Turn about, skeezy Sammy, out of metaphor, till we feel are you still tropeful of popetry. Told you so. If you doubt of his love of (f39darearing dare airingºf10) his feelings you'll very much hurt(f39,ºf10) for (f39mishmash Mischmaschºf10) mastufractured on europe you can read off the tail of his. Rip ripper rippest and jac jac jac. Dwell on that, my hero and lander! That's the side that appeals to em, the wring wrong way to wright woman. Shuck her! Let him! What he's good for. Shuck her more! Let him again! All she wants! Could you wheedle a staveling encore out of your imitationer's jubalharp, hey, Mr Jinglejoys? Congregational singing. Rota rota ran the pagoda con dio in capo ed il diavolo in coda.
{f10, 362}
Many a diva (f39devoucha devoutchkaºf10) saw her Dauber Dan at the priesty pagoda Rota ran. Uck! He's so sedulous to singe always if prumpted, the mirthprovoker(f39.!ºf10) Grunt unto us, I pray, your foreboden article in our own (f39deas dearºf10) dockandoilish introducing the death of Nelson with coloraturas! Coraio, fra! And I'll string (f39second secondsºf10) to (f39harmanize hermaniseºf10). My loaf and pottage neaheaheahear Rochelle. With your dumpsey (f39diddely diddeleyºf10) dumpsey die, fiddeley fa. Diavoloh! Or come on, schoolcolours, and we'll scrap, rug and mat(f39,ºf10) and then be as chummy as two bashed spuds. Bitrial bay holmgang or betrayal buy jury. Attaboy! Fee gate has Heenan hoity, mind uncle Hare? What, sir? Poss, myster? (f39Acheve! Achieve!f10) (f39Thou, thou! Thou thou?ºf10) What say ye? Taurus periculosus, morbus (f39pedeiculosus pediculosusf10). Miserere mei in miseribilibus! There's uval (f39lavguage lunguageºf10) for you! The tower is precluded, the mob's in her petticoats(f39;,ºf10) Mr R. E. Meehan is in misery with his billyboots. Begob, there's not so much green in his Ireland's eye! Sweet fellow ovocal, he stones out of stune. But he could be near a colonel with a voice like that. The
{f39, 467}
bark is still there but the molars are gone. The misery billyboots I used to lend him before we split(f39!ºf10) (f39and, be Beºf10) the hole in the year, they were laking like heaven's reflexes. But I told him make your will be done and go to a general and I'd pray confessions for him. Areesh! Areesh! And I'll be your intrepider. Ambras! Ruffle her! Bussing was before the blood and bissing will behind the curtain. Triss! Did you note that worrid expressionism on his megalogue? A full octavium below me! And did you hear his (f39threeºf10) browrings rattlemaking when he was preaching to himself? And(f39, whoa! (whoa!)ºf10) do you twig the schamlooking leaf greeping ghastly down his blousyfrock? Our national umbloom! Areesh! He won't. He's shoy. Those worthies, my old faher's onkel that was garotted, Caius Cocoa Codinhand, that I lost in a crowd, used to chop that tongue of his, japlatin, with my (f39yuonkle's younkle'sºf10) owlseller, Woowoolfe Woodenbeard, that went (f39stomebathred stonebatheredºf10), in the Tower of Balbus, as brisk, man, as I'd scoff up muttan chepps and lobscouse. But it's all deafman's duff to me, begob. Sam knows miles bettern me how to work the miracle. And I see by his diarrhio he's dropping the stammer out of his silenced bladder since I bonded him off more as a friend and as a brother to try and grow a muff and canonise his dead feet down on the river airy by thinking himself into the fourth dimension and place the ocean between his and ours, the churchyard in the cloister of the depths, after he was capped out of beurlads scoel for the sin against the past participle and earned the (f39factitation jactitationºf10) (f39of forºf10) codding (f39chaplan chaplainºf10) and (f39ofºf10) being as homely gauche as swift(f39,ºf10) B.A.A. Who gets twickly fullgets twice as allemanden huskers. But the whacker his word the weaker our ears for auracles who parles parses orileys (f39oreillºf10). Illstarred punster, lipstering cowknucks. 'Twas the quadra sent him and (f39Trinity trinityºf10) too. And he can cantab as chipper as any
{f10, 363}
oxon ever I mood with(f39,.f10) (f39a Aºf10) tiptoe singer! He'll prisckly soon (f39hand tune handtuneºf10) your Erin's ear for you(f39.,f10) p.p. a mimograph at a time, numan bitter, with his (f39ancomartins ancomartinnsºf10) to read the road roman with false steps ad Pernicious from rhearsilvar ormolus to torquinions superbers while I'm far away from wherever thou art(f39,ºf10) serving my tallyhos and tullying
{f39, 468}
my hostilious(f39,ºf10) by going in by the most holy recitatandas (f39ffff for fffforºf10) my varsatile examinations in the ologies, to be a coach on the Fukien mission. (f39ꟼ!ºf10) P? F? (f39F!ºf10) How used you learn me, brather (f39soboostins soboostiusf10), in my augustan days? With cesarella looking on. (f39Ahehihohyoum!ºf10) In the beginning was the (f39gest geste,ºf10) he jousstly says, for the end is with woman, flesh-without-word, while the man to be is in a worse case after than before since she on the supine satisfies the (f39verg verbºf10) to him(f39!.ºf10) Toughtough, tootoological. Thou(f39,ºf10) the first person shingeller. Art, an imperfect subjunctive. Paltry, flappent, (f39had haudºf10) serious. Miss Smith(f39,ºf10) onamatterpoetic. (f39Hammisandivis Hamnisandwisºf10) axes colles waxes warmas like sodullas. So pick your stops with (f39fondnes fondnessf10) (f39snow nowºf10). And mind you twine the twos noods of your nicenames. And pull up your furbelovs as farabove as you're farthingales. That'll hint him how to click the trigger. Show you shall and (f39won't wontºf10) he will! His hearing is indoubting just as my seeing is onbelieving. So dactylise him up to blankpoint and let him blink for himself where you speak the best ticklish. You'll feel what I mean. Fond namer, let me never see thee blame a kiss for shame a knee!