N7 (V.A.2)

Print edition: Phillip F. Herring, ed., Joyce's Notes and Early Drafts for Ulysses (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia 1977), 55-118.

MS: Buffalo V.A.2 Notebook details
UN7 (V.A.2).001(a)


Note: Source:- Gibraltar Directory
UN7 (V.A.2).001(b)

undersea [passage] to Af. apes, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(c)

[furour] in Alameda

UN7 (V.A.2).001(d)

figtrees, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).001(e)

Gib. Algec 2 boats daily,

Note: That is, from Gibraltar to Algeciras across the bay in Spain.
UN7 (V.A.2).001(f)

[Sandy] terr neutral,

UN7 (V.A.2).001(g)

low, isle,

UN7 (V.A.2).001(h)

La Linea de la [Concepcion]

UN7 (V.A.2).001(i)

partridges ~

UN7 (V.A.2).001(j)

~ woodcocks, pigeons, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(k)

aloes, [ca[?]]

UN7 (V.A.2).001(l)

S. Michael's cave Red

Note: See UN7 (V.A.2):002(au) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).001(m)


UN7 (V.A.2).001(n)

3 graving [docks],

UN7 (V.A.2).001(o)

4 R.C. churches

UN7 (V.A.2).001(p)

free port -- alcohol

UN7 (V.A.2).001(q)

coaling station

UN7 (V.A.2).001(r)

Mann. Hist. of Gibr.

Note: Frederic G. Stephens, A history of Gibraltar and its sieges, with photographic illustrations by J.H. Mann (London: Provost, 1870).
UN7 (V.A.2).001(s)

Field. Gibralt

Note: Henry M. Field, Gibraltar (London: Chapman and Hall, 1889), also New York, Charles Scribner's Sons. Field was a visiting American doctor.
UN7 (V.A.2).001(t)

Boyle Gibr. (Br. Emp. [Serv] '02

Note: Cavendish Boyle, ed., Gibraltar Directory for 1902.
UN7 (V.A.2).001(u)

Lang. Gibr. & W. Indies,

Note: John Lang, Gibraltar and the West Indies or Outposts of Empire (New York: Frederick A. Stokes, n.d.)
UN7 (V.A.2).001(v)


Note: Waterport Street: the main thoroughfare in Gibraltar.
UN7 (V.A.2).001(aa)

Irish Street Red

Note: Irish Street, Gibraltar.
UN7 (V.A.2).001(ab)

MB explodes paperbag, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(ac)

its cant wont,

Note: Examples of absent apostrophes
UN7 (V.A.2).001(ad)

Gibr. bath, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).001(ae)

Aristotle's † too far back, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).001(af)

dips finger in liqueur, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(ag)

had apron like teacup, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(ah)

sees him as then, Green

Note: cf. 18.873
UN7 (V.A.2).001(ai)


UN7 (V.A.2).001(aj)


UN7 (V.A.2).001(ak)

alarmclock Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(al)

they're lovely I think, don't you, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(am)

1st menses near Algeciras [Buhl estates],

UN7 (V.A.2).001(an)


UN7 (V.A.2).001(ao)


UN7 (V.A.2).001(ap)

anything with a skirt on it, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(aq)

Gaurd Guardacoste 15in gun G.

UN7 (V.A.2).001(ar)

switch of hair inside, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(as)

springtime rut Green

UN7 (V.A.2).001(at)

plenty of food,

UN7 (V.A.2).001(au)

watches cats' eyes, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(av)

England home & beauty, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(ba)

big cup stretches mouth, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).001(bb)

LB sleeps naked, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).001(bc)

1875 drawers general, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).001(bd)

MB ring hand, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(be)

below there, cunt. Green

UN7 (V.A.2).001(bf)

between shoulders,

UN7 (V.A.2).001(bg)

MB decorates self young, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).001(bh)

veiled heads, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).001(bi)


Note: It. Spagnuole: Spanish
UN7 (V.A.2).001(bj)

el marchese magnifico, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).001(bk)

Helen's answer to Hecuba, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).001(bl)

I cd. see his face he not mine, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(bm)

name of person, place or thing, Not cancelled

UN7 (V.A.2).001(bn)

gas = lust, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).001(bo)

crossed my mind, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).001(bp)

[LB] embraces, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).001(bq)

to revision persons Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).001(br)

read dictionary |acona| cu[nt], Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(bs)

awfully put out Green

UN7 (V.A.2).001(bt)

how extremely pretty, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(bu)

it was imposs to be more respectful, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(bv)

which our vocal [organs have] ever been called upon to speak Red

Note: Copied to UN7 (V.A.2):011(cf) for UG 15.1809f.
UN7 (V.A.2).001(ca)

[??] [??] Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).001(cb)

very much pleased

Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).001(cc)


UN7 (V.A.2).001(cd)


UN7 (V.A.2).001(ce)

blowy Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(cf)


UN7 (V.A.2).001(cg)

whoever suggested that business Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(ch)

skulked Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(ci)

poor case Green

UN7 (V.A.2).001(cj)

Arab prick long thin

UN7 (V.A.2).001(ck)

our usual monthly auction Green

UN7 (V.A.2).001(cl)

MB under table

UN7 (V.A.2).001(cm)

he beseeched me Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(cn)

he said it sadly

UN7 (V.A.2).001(co)

recognised the face & everything Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(cp)

MB proposes to P.C.

UN7 (V.A.2).001(cq)

direct piss hold piss out virgin Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).001(cr)

[??] [??] [??]

Note: Top margin
UN7 (V.A.2).001(cs)

sir Garnet Wolseley Red

UN7 (V.A.2).001(ct)

LB brought home dog Green

UN7 (V.A.2).002(a)

treads on sofa cushion, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).002(b)

we [??] [??] stockings, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).002(c)

piss - [beeftea] or chickensoup ~ Red

UN7 (V.A.2).002(d)

[v] hysteria,

UN7 (V.A.2).002(e)

piss drunk or pissed fertilises

UN7 (V.A.2).002(f)

attracted by urinal go in there, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).002(g)

LB sent her music she never played, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).002(h)

I petted him, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).002(i)


UN7 (V.A.2).002(j)

LB enfant terrible,

UN7 (V.A.2).002(k)

Royal hotel, Waterport,

Field stayed at the Royal Hotel, Gibraltar, located on Waterport Street.

Note: for this page: Sources: Henry M. Field, Gibraltar (New York, 1888). ‘An Old Inhabitant’, The traveller's handbook for Gibraltar (London, 1844).
UN7 (V.A.2).002(l)

De Sauty, manager G. Tel. Co,

[At the time of Field's visit (1887), Anderson was General Manager of the Eastern Telegraph Company, and De Sauty, who had been the telegraph operator in Newfoundland during an earlier, failed attempt to lay an Atlantic cable in 1858, was the manager in Gibraltar.

UN7 (V.A.2).002(m)

sir James Anderson com. Great Eastern '66,

[Field was an acquaintance of long standing with Sir James Anderson, commander of the cable-laying ship, the Great Eastern, when it laid the Atlantic cable in 1866.]

UN7 (V.A.2).002(n)

in all creation, Blue

[Anderson had written a letter introducing Field to De Sauty, requesting that he be allowed full access to their cablegram service whenever he chose. Arriving in Gibraltar as a special guest of the establishment there, Field declares that he felt himself “at home in all creation”.]

UN7 (V.A.2).002(o)

1 Am in G ~ Green

Horatio J. Sprague, the Amercian consul in Gibraltar, since 1847, welcomed General Ulysses Grant on his visit there.

UN7 (V.A.2).002(p)

~ consul, Horatio J Sprague 40 yrs 1847 Green

[Sprague was consul in Gibraltar for 40 years, 1847-1887.]

UN7 (V.A.2).002(q)

general Ulysses Grant, Green

[Grant visited Gibraltar.]

Note: Repeated at Sheet 16.013(ah)
UN7 (V.A.2).002(r)

welcome 5½ 9½ guns, Green

[Field reports that the canons in the Gibraltar fortress were fired by tradition at 5.30 p.m. as a signal to shut the gates, and again at 9.30 p.m. to recall the troops to barracks.]

UN7 (V.A.2).002(s)

sentinel pacing rampart,

[In the evening, Field saw a sentinel pacing the ramparts, but he did not hear the cry of the Spanish watchman, “Ave Maria Santissima”.]

UN7 (V.A.2).002(t)

Ave Maria Santissima, Red

[In the evening, Field saw a sentinel pacing the ramparts, but he did not hear the cry of the Spanish watchman, “Ave Maria Santissima”.]

Note: ‘Ave’ not crossed through.
UN7 (V.A.2).002(u)

bugler morning call, Red

The bugles sounded the morning call, as they had sounded for the night's repose. Scarcely had we caught the last echoes, that, growing fainter and fainter, seemed to be wailing for the dying year, before a piercing blast announced his successor. The King is dead! Lons live the King! [31:} One morning I was taking a walk to Europa Point, and as the path leads upward I came upon several squads of buglers (I counted a dozen men in one of them) practising their “calls.” They were stationed at different points on the side of the Rock, so that when one company had given the signal, it was repeated by another from a distance, bugle answering to bugle, precisely like the echoes in the Alps, to which every traveller stops to listen.

UN7 (V.A.2).002(v)

fire insurance,

UN7 (V.A.2).002(aa)

excavations terminate at Willis's battery on Salto del Lobo (Wolfsleap)

The Galleries - But it is time that our traveller should quit the lower part of the town, and, while breathing the mountain air, visit the excavations or galleries - monuments of the art and industry of man. Permission is readily obtained, and entering the castle with a proper conductor, the stranger is led through ways, covered and uncovered, to the lower range of galleries, terminating, after a considerable ascent, at Willis's battery—a very formidable work on an elevated flat, formerly called the Salto del Lobo, (Wolf's Leap) and most efficacious in disturbing the enemy during the last siege.

UN7 (V.A.2).002(ab)

spacious space in upper galleries lord Cornwallis's & S. George's hall (400)


UN7 (V.A.2).002(ac)

lieut. Evoleth R E


UN7 (V.A.2).002(ad)

Ince's farm, Green


Note: Repeated at UN7 (V.A.2):003(c) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).002(ae)

tract to his sergeant


UN7 (V.A.2).002(af)

Rock Guns Red


UN7 (V.A.2).002(ag)

peak see Castellar & S. Roque, high Ronda, old tower of Marvella on clear day


UN7 (V.A.2).002(ah)

Sierra Nevada Green


UN7 (V.A.2).002(ai)

Signal house good road made by galleoti


Note: It. galeotti: convicts
UN7 (V.A.2).002(aj)

1748 (gov gen. Bland) Sp. Hacho


UN7 (V.A.2).002(ak)

Middle hill between over Catalan bay old guardhouse Green

UN7 (V.A.2).002(al)

~ range of Atlas Sth cov snow Ceuta at foot, Red

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):035(di), UN5 (NLI.5B):013(p) and Sheet 18.011(aj).
UN7 (V.A.2).002(am)

~ Ape's Hill Barbary coast


UN7 (V.A.2).002(an)

bay of Tangier white clear day, Red


UN7 (V.A.2).002(ao)

O'Hara's tower to overlook Cadiz bay see tableland Windmill hill barracks


UN7 (V.A.2).002(ap)

~ jews' burialground Europa Pt. Red


Note: ‘Pt.’ not crossed through. See also UN6 (NLI.4):023(bs), and UN7 (V.A.2):002(av) below for UG 18.834.
UN7 (V.A.2).002(aq)

Rosia Alameda,


UN7 (V.A.2).002(ar)

statue harpooning a fish Green


UN7 (V.A.2).002(as)

figurehead of S. Juan battleship Trafalgar,

UN7 (V.A.2).002(at)

statue lord Heathfield, bust bronze of Wellingt. on pillar from ruins of Lepida Latin inscript


UN7 (V.A.2).002(au)

S Michael's cave stalactites, rain percolates floor muddy, lower cave reached by ladders, Red

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):001(l) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).002(av)

jews' burial ground [PPO] Hebr. inscription Red


Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):002(ap) above and UN6 (NLI.4):023(bs).
UN7 (V.A.2).002(ba)

perragorda Not cancelled

Note: Left margin. Spanish, ‘fat bitch’ (a coin of a value of 10 centimos).
UN7 (V.A.2).002(bb)


Note: Sp. ‘little bitch’, coin of a value of 5 centimos
UN7 (V.A.2).002(bc)

[slenderer] body Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).002(bd)

aquamarine Green

UN7 (V.A.2).002(be)

gives left hand Green

UN7 (V.A.2).002(bf)

I'd have gone back to see him DBC Red

UN7 (V.A.2).002(bg)

|aAll the with the mass ofa| hair I had hairpins Red

UN7 (V.A.2).002(bh)

SD to write at LB's desk Green

UN7 (V.A.2).002(bi)

MB settled LB's hat he resettled it Green

UN7 (V.A.2).002(bj)

LB kept away afraid to fall in love [8] Green

UN7 (V.A.2).002(bk)

asked her to tell a lie Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(a)

Martin's cave, S side,


Note: ‘An Old Inhabitant’, The traveller's handbook for Gibraltar (London, 1844).
UN7 (V.A.2).003(b)

apes no tails, groups of 10 or 20, young ones on mothers' backs, throw stone large, habits life unknown, never find bones or skin or skeleton, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(c)

~ Ince's farm, figs poultry Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(d)

came [to W]

UN7 (V.A.2).003(e)

E wind,

UN7 (V.A.2).003(f)

in Alameda one [- hunt[?]] by 2 size of pointer let self be [??]

UN7 (V.A.2).003(g)

Zoo in L.

[These apes] are seen in groups of twelve or twenty, ... the young ones mounted on the backs of the mothers ... they have much dexterity in casting stones ... They grow to a large size, but their habits ... their modes of life, are alike unknown. Neither their bones, their skins, nor their skeletons, have ever been discovered; [they] are very unwelcome visitors at Ince's farm ... where the figs ... as well as poultry, are subject to their depredations. Their visits to the western side are made chiefly during an east wind ... About two years ago, the attention of the keepers of the Alameda gardens, was arrested by an unusual screaming of monkeys, and they presently saw one of very large size pursued most hastily by two or three others ... He was evidently aged, and of the size of a full grown pointer dog ... The gouvernor ordered the fugitive to be properly treated, and finally had him transported to the zoological gardens in the Regent's Park [London]

UN7 (V.A.2).003(h)

July & august gov in cott.


UN7 (V.A.2).003(i)

lighthouse, Marbella

UN7 (V.A.2).003(j)

excellent sweet water end of E 2000 AD.,

UN7 (V.A.2).003(k)

2 trams in station,


UN7 (V.A.2).003(l)

he commenced kissing, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(m)

every other time, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(n)

darken the door. Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(o)

MB admires ER [aside] jilted,

UN7 (V.A.2).003(p)

praises roi,

UN7 (V.A.2).003(q)

il se cache,

UN7 (V.A.2).003(r)

they want to go too quick men, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(s)

LB feast for Madame - for elle, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).003(t)

changes Benserade's letter to Louis XIV, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).003(u)

to run away, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(v)

love per [muror, fenestras,]

UN7 (V.A.2).003(aa)

take name of novel,

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ab)

Louis(e) asked to dance she can't,

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ac)

MB lady Hamilton,

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ad)

[when] MB spotted LB & [Misany],

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ae)

he put it into the wrong place, help him, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(af)

shy like a girl Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ag)

let him see my garters, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ah)

put my legs round him, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ai)

MB's watch = 0, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).003(aj)

Ince's farm Red

Note: see above
UN7 (V.A.2).003(ak)

& Marbella ?

UN7 (V.A.2).003(al)

highlander, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Use at 18.545 derives from UN6 (NLI.4):010(cj).
UN7 (V.A.2).003(am)

if you don't love him grateful for presents, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).003(an)

Fanny Hill,

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ao)

confess my child, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ap)

to put on clock, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(aq)

be alone with him, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ar)

conceal pain from hubby, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(as)

deflowerer conqueror,

UN7 (V.A.2).003(at)

down on's cheek, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(au)

cazzo hard yet soft, Green

Note: Italian cazzo: penis.
UN7 (V.A.2).003(av)

MB aborted,

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ba)

learn smthg to please SD, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(bb)

very nice of him, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).003(bc)

lowneck not attract otherwise, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(bd)

LB everytime he gets up dashed down again, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(be)

LB & French letter, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(bf)

pots & pans & kettles to mend, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(bg)


UN7 (V.A.2).003(bh)

china oranges (mandarines),

UN7 (V.A.2).003(bi)

mountain dew,

UN7 (V.A.2).003(bj)

Griggs does brig Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(bk)

LB [fiuse di ber] acqua, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).003(bl)


UN7 (V.A.2).003(bm)

MB let slavey know or she'd revenge, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).003(bn)

he ought to correct me Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(bo)

Mina Roche

Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).003(bp)

unearthly hour 2¼ a.m. Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(bq)

accompany SD Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(br)


UN7 (V.A.2).003(bs)

to meet a friend & they might see it

UN7 (V.A.2).003(bt)

not like text think of smthg else Green

Note: See also UN5 (NLI.5B):013(cd).
UN7 (V.A.2).003(bu)

I didn't want MP's at house

UN7 (V.A.2).003(bv)

Queen of Sp. in '86 Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ca)

it's me she'd tell not him Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(cb)

I know every turn in him Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(cc)

Milly broke before she left Red

UN7 (V.A.2).003(cd)

LB had clap

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ce)

adulteress Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(cf)

all his own fault serve him right Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(cg)

I was here before Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).003(ch)

MB hates man not recognise her Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ci)

cantankerous Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(cj)

milk pianokeys Green

UN7 (V.A.2).003(ck)

c[?] bea[?]

UN7 (V.A.2).004(a)

seduce a boy Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(b)

her arms round me slept with Hester Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(c)

his heart was beating counts Green

UN7 (V.A.2).004(d)

wallpaper Green

UN7 (V.A.2).004(e)

Ronda old latticed bays Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(f)

torrent for dead horses [& tons] Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(g)

El Motadhed drank out of gilded skulls

Note: See DIRECTORY, p. 116: [Al Motadhed, who built La Casa del Rey Moro in Ronda in 1042,] drank his wine out of jewel-studded goblets made of skulls of those whom he had beheaded.
UN7 (V.A.2).004(h)

Algeciras Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(i)

4 drunk tars red vest took G., Green

UN7 (V.A.2).004(j)

ticket to circulate

UN7 (V.A.2).004(k)

Arab fowl market Not cancelled

UN7 (V.A.2).004(l)

Algec. pier drill square

UN7 (V.A.2).004(m)

Flower in hair Andalusian Green

UN7 (V.A.2).004(n)

smthg white Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(o)

hat draped, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(p)

slipping asses Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(q)

man asleep on stairs in shadow Not cancelled

UN7 (V.A.2).004(r)

tennis & football, friend in court,

UN7 (V.A.2).004(s)

by hand, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).004(t)

Pisser present row City Arms, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(u)

am I getting to get too fond of it, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(v)

without being married Green

UN7 (V.A.2).004(aa)

raving about, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).004(ab)

great spoon, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).004(ac)

kissing comfits, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).004(ad)

intelligent nose, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).004(ae)

horsecollar priest, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(af)

leaving stinks after them, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(ag)

friend give yr. wife, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).004(ah)

LB for Josie my castoffs, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(ai)

like black windows,

UN7 (V.A.2).004(aj)

I liked looking down at them, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(ak)

LB scrutinises letter, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(al)

chooses horse, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(am)

LB in a bank, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(an)

Rabelais Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(ao)

her a-- everyone knew what it meant, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(ap)

of all things I hate, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(aq)

bursting with envy, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(ar)

what fun, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(as)

we'll see we'll see now Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(at)

like cousins MB & HS, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(au)

swear, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).004(av)

all ones at school, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).004(ba)

Miss Miss Miss, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(bb)

Inspec Mrs Rubio, MB mocks R.B german, Milly do sick,

UN7 (V.A.2).004(bc)

no favourite among children,

UN7 (V.A.2).004(bd)

tickled Mulvey, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(be)

don't understand you, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(bf)

MB tells bad episode upside down,

UN7 (V.A.2).004(bg)

lies in confession when I have already confessed to God, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(bh)

2 cracks, that for A & that for B, Red

Note: See also UN6 (NLI.4):017(d).
UN7 (V.A.2).004(bi)

thought child born out of a woman's side, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(bj)

sending me out of room, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(bk)

the liar, barefaced, Not cancelled

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):030(bg) for UG 16.730, and Sheet 16.005(q) for UG 16.1594.
UN7 (V.A.2).004(bl)

I didn't tell her everything, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(bm)

trying to make a fool of me, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(bn)

6d. for 2s/1d Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).004(bo)

MB's curiosity if LB circumsised, Not cancelled

UN7 (V.A.2).004(bp)

denied it up to my face, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(bq)

anyway, my own room Green

UN7 (V.A.2).004(br)

everyone give 1∕- invite some ~ Red

Note: continued on UN7 (V.A.2):005(a)
UN7 (V.A.2).004(bs)

owl frightened cries “cruz”

Note: Top margin
UN7 (V.A.2).004(bt)

black B.V.M. in silver robe Green

UN7 (V.A.2).004(bu)

Serpent [??] erect [??] J.C.

Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).004(bv)

Befana doll

Note: Befana: Feast of Epiphany in Italy
UN7 (V.A.2).004(ca)

sea red wine Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(cb)

evergreen gave shelter to Holy Family

UN7 (V.A.2).004(cc)

MB's photo Green

UN7 (V.A.2).004(cd)

LB fucked her before marriage. Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).004(ce)

b. 8.ix. m. 15.x

Note: Molly Bloom was born on 8 September 1870 and married on 15 October 1888.
UN7 (V.A.2).004(cf)

geese = watchdogs

UN7 (V.A.2).004(cg)

tarantula mocked Jesus

UN7 (V.A.2).004(ch)

[Sevile] doctor Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).004(ci)

black card white words Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: See also Sheet 18.001(bi) for 18.1053.
UN7 (V.A.2).004(cj)


Note: Sp. agua = water
UN7 (V.A.2).004(ck)

Moor makes you sit: Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(cl)

Beso los pies de usted, Señora Red

Note: See also UN6 (NLI.4):021(bf).
UN7 (V.A.2).004(cm)

[??] [??] bell Red

UN7 (V.A.2).004(cn)

Su Majestad Red

Note: Sp. Su Majestad = Your Majesty
UN7 (V.A.2).004(co)

[Blumenthal] Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).005(a)

~ other woman who Mrs Fleming, Red

Note: This is a continuation of UN7 (V.A.2):004(br)
UN7 (V.A.2).005(b)

light through a chink,

UN7 (V.A.2).005(c)

? houses were we in at all, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(d)

BB appetite after, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(e)


UN7 (V.A.2).005(f)

doesn't everybody, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(g)

embarazada, Red

Note: Sp. embarazada: pregnant woman
UN7 (V.A.2).005(h)

smoke through nose, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(i)

coming up to us & telling us, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(j)

trying to make a whore of me was he, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(k)

Gardner picked glove she him,

UN7 (V.A.2).005(l)

except for children, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(m)

LB putting on the indifferent, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(n)

hate to see LB crying, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).005(o)

didn't want to eat all on my plate, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(p)

had a good time, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(q)

I told her over & over again not to leave knives crossed, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(r)

BB asks MB re LB didn't believe him, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(s)

los dientes de la vieia,

Note: Sp. los dientes de la vieia: the hag's teeth.
UN7 (V.A.2).005(t)

smugglers of Ronda

UN7 (V.A.2).005(u)

the shore Robber Row,

UN7 (V.A.2).005(v)

summer residence

UN7 (V.A.2).005(aa)

S Roque grey brick houses, against ophthalmic

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ab)

Manuel Ximenes lodging ~

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ac)

~ & neat liquors Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Richard Ford, A handbook for travellers in Spain (1845) mentions (p.338) “Manuel Ximenes - lodgings and neat liquor”.
UN7 (V.A.2).005(ad)

wineshops half open, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ae)

fife & drum retreat after theatre getting so near,

UN7 (V.A.2).005(af)

fever, low tide stinks, protest. ch. mosque

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ag)

visit galleries on horseback with head bent,

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ah)

Vic salute all over, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ai)

O'Hara's tower struck by lightning, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(aj)

sentry spyglass, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ak)

Africa see them walking,

UN7 (V.A.2).005(al)


Note: Sp. Moros: Moors
UN7 (V.A.2).005(am)

respect if not roll down strong,

UN7 (V.A.2).005(an)

damned E wind,

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ao)

ships rocking, Red

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):034(ag).
UN7 (V.A.2).005(ap)

SD loose tie, why not invent shirt,

UN7 (V.A.2).005(aq)

washing day Green

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ar)

HMS Elizabeth, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(as)

MB & gipsy hand & lots [re] BB,

UN7 (V.A.2).005(at)

Alfonso XIII b. 17/5/86, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).005(au)

MB ~Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).005(av)

~ like men slightly taller Gardner, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ba)

MB operation, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bb)

egg woman, milk woman,

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bc)

[anger v Fatty's] victim,

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bd)

Sir Wm Robertson enl. 1859, enl 1877, lt 1888, col 1903 and he looked queer in bed,

Note: Sir William Robertson (1860-1933) enlisted in the army as a private in 1877, rising to field marshal in 1920. He served as chief of general staff 1915-1918, and was made a baronet in 1919.
UN7 (V.A.2).005(be)

She ate other cake, dararea

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bf)

MB sunburned, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bg)

1st death ~ Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bh)

~ = G. M'D & LD & MP & CC, Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Gerty MacDowell, Lydia Douce, Mina Purefoy, Cissy Caffrey
UN7 (V.A.2).005(bi)

LB to serve SD, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bj)

LB & MB in 3rd. cl. Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bk)

LB to cut up papers Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bl)

black & blue, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bm)

looked in mirror going out,

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bn)

[palm v eclair]

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bo)

watchman carnival

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bp)

[squeaky] voices

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bq)

Garnet & topaz fade

Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).005(br)

opal & pearl unlucky Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bs)

loin chops leg beef rib steak scrag (mutton) Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bt)

Saw priest cry Green

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bu)

throw back her hair Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(bv)

MB likes intellect Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ca)

I like my bed Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(cb)

chest pink in shirt Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(cc)

if you please Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(cd)

Doggerina pities sick dog Green

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ce)

always know who was in there last (WC) Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(cf)

not her

UN7 (V.A.2).005(cg)

bubbles on piss Lsd Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ch)

fit of giggles Red

UN7 (V.A.2).005(ci)

footlights Green

Note: Copied from Sheet 18.003(v)
UN7 (V.A.2).006(a)

O'Shea guidebook,

Henry G. O'Shea, Guide to Spain and Portugal, first published in 1869.

UN7 (V.A.2).006(b)

venta (pub) posada bad inn, Not cancelled

UN7 (V.A.2).006(c)

found a good inn,

UN7 (V.A.2).006(d)

white poplar Red

Note: Copied from Sheet 18.008(j)
UN7 (V.A.2).006(e)


Malaga … Altar del Trascoro.—It is of jasper. The image of the Virgin is by Adam, whose St. Michael at the Cathedral of Granada is better, and his masterpiece.

UN7 (V.A.2).006(f)

10,000 jews burned alive in Pamplona,

Pamplona … became the capital of the kingdom of Navarre. The kings of France long ruled over it in consequence of the marriage of Phillipe le Bel with Doña Juana. His granddaughter was married here to the Count de Champagne, and succeeded to the crown; here also their coronatons took place, and the event was celebrated with tournaments, bull-fights and dances. To complete the festivities, and offer a novel spectacle pleasant to the princes, no less than 10,000 Jews, it is said, were assembled and burnt alive in the square; the human bonfire (adds exultingly a chronicler of the time) could be seen for miles and miles distant.

UN7 (V.A.2).006(g)

Infant (infanta) Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(h)

MB 1881, [Wh. bit],

UN7 (V.A.2).006(i)

I lifted my skirts, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(j)

he annoyed me so much, I cdn't put him in a temper, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(k)

purse in kitchen, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(l)

Howth seedcake, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(m)

Sir Wm. Robertson b 1859, enl, 1877, lance corporal & corporal in '79, lance sergeant '81, serg '82 troop sergeant major 85, 2nd. lnt 88, lt 91, cap 95, major 1900,

UN7 (V.A.2).006(n)

Melampo, Lobina, Cubilon

UN7 (V.A.2).006(o)

J.C. & shepherd's dog, [mai mufti Ula] Allah,

UN7 (V.A.2).006(p)

martlet plucked thorns,

UN7 (V.A.2).006(q)

MB if I were ill, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(r)

MB's dresser Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(s)

decent not to wake me, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(t)

kiss the iron Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(u)

he'd kiss anythg, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(v)

hairdresser in house,

UN7 (V.A.2).006(aa)

grief card, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ab)

house of myself, Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).006(ac)

union with, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ad)

I liked that cross look Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ae)

always there where he's not wanted, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(af)

BB's flower, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ag)

big hole in his funeral trousers, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ah)

Estremadura ham, pigskins of wine,

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ai)

face turned to tail,

UN7 (V.A.2).006(aj)

men with sashes & 2 things in their hats, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ak)

pluck turkey, pelando el pavo,

Note: That is, to go courting, from the Spanish expression.
UN7 (V.A.2).006(al)

sereno watchman put out light to piss, Red

Note: Sp. sereno: watchman.
UN7 (V.A.2).006(am)

Ha! Red

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):030(aj) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).006(an)

Sp. & Ital, Red

Note: Repeated below.
UN7 (V.A.2).006(ao)

when she got present, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ap)

unhappy with father, aunt, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(aq)

jews sleep on floor after death, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ar)

old maid, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(as)


UN7 (V.A.2).006(at)

turn to look at niño,

Note: Sp. niño: child,
UN7 (V.A.2).006(au)


UN7 (V.A.2).006(av)


UN7 (V.A.2).006(ba)

Café Universal,

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bb)

Sp-Eng. dude,

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bc)

waiters smoke

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bd)

racecourse & polo

UN7 (V.A.2).006(be)

sereno's lamp at belt, Red

Note: Sp. sereno: watchman.
UN7 (V.A.2).006(bf)

gabby, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bg)

LB demanage chant, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).006(bh)

gets others to work for him, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bi)

cry [corona viro despair] or confidence,

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bj)

DWD, [married]

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bk)

wdn't suicide,

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bl)

wish he'd even smoke, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bm)

holy communion,

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bn)

helped Milly in coat, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bo)

MB perfumes pisspot, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bp)

tells secret so there you are, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bq)

MB if I had children 1 every year, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(br)

low bolster v snoring, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bs)

jew button on back of nightdress,

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bt)

hole itches if LB near, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bu)

MB forge cheques, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(bv)

ever see me running, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ca)


UN7 (V.A.2).006(cb)

in great singing voice, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(cc)

slow poison, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(cd)

whistles, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ce)

like a menstruating woman

UN7 (V.A.2).006(cf)

[threw] ashes on her dustbin

UN7 (V.A.2).006(cg)

come again Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ch)

Market Lane, Benoliel, Elmaleh, Abudarham

Note: The Jewish Encyclopedia (New York and London, 1903) [entry for Gibraltar] : British possession, south of Spain. Jews appear to have settled there shortly after the British took possession of the fortress in 1704, and the synagogue Etz Hayyim in Market Lane was founded in 1760, while that in Engineer Lane, entitled “Shaar ha-Shamayim” after the similar institutions in Amsterdam and London, was dedicated in 1768. A third synagogue, Nefuzot Yehuda, was founded in 1790, and a fourth, the Bet Joseph synagogue, in 1890. Gibraltar formed a city of refuge for the Maranos of the Peninsula; even as early as 1473 a proposal was made to hand it over to them (Grätz, “Gesch.” vii. 236). Thus Moses de Paz took ship there in 1777 on his way to England (Picciotto, “Sketches of Anglo-Jewish History,” p. 179). A community grew up there which contributed considerably to the growth of trade between Gibraltar and Morocco and between Gibraltar and England. At times Jews of Gibraltar venturing on Spanish soil were seized by the Inquisition and forced to “recant” (see Jacobs' “Sources of Spanish-Jewish History,” No. 97). After the famous siege of 1779-83 the community still further increased, and the third synagogue was built in Bombhouse Lane. In the early part of the nineteenth century the Jews of Gibraltar had often to ransom coreligionists who had fallen into the power of the Dey of Algiers. In 1878 there were 1,533 Jewish inhabitants in Gibraltar. More recently they have afforded shelter to many Russian and Rumanian Jews, and the total Jewish population of the neighborhood has been set down at as much as 9,400, of which 7,000 are native Sephardim and 2,40O Ashkenazic immigrants. The town proper shelters only about 3,000. The affairs of the community, which maintains 6 hebras, 2 day-schools, and 1 night-school with an attendance of 177 pupils, are administered by a managing board of five members with a chief rabbi at its head. The members enjoy a certain prosperity, the Sephardim forming a majority in the town council. The best-known families of Gibraltar are the Benoliels, Elmalehs, and Abudarhams. See also Don Aaron Cardoza. Joseph Elmaleh was the author of two works on ritual slaughter, one of which, “Dat Yehudit,” was translated into Spanish. Other authors were Abraham Benatar and Emanuel del Mar, who in 1843 produced a Ladino newspaper, “Cronica Israelitica.” (Source identified by Phillip F. Herring)
UN7 (V.A.2).006(ci)

Miss [Kennedy] reads books Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).006(cj)

LB's tongue too broad Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ck)

levite Green

Note: Levite: a kind of loose dress.
UN7 (V.A.2).006(cl)

LB's shirt Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(cm)

a flower that bloometh Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(cn)

he beats her Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(co)

bolt the door Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(cp)

cut of BB's suit Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(cq)

didn't sleep - badtempered Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(cr)

my sweetheart when a boy Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(cs)

LB always blacks boots Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(ct)


UN7 (V.A.2).006(cu)

nonsensical Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(cv)

swollen Red

UN7 (V.A.2).006(da)

MB [spurn] / melanzane

Note: It. melanzane: eggplants.
UN7 (V.A.2).006(db)

Feb. '9[3] Green

UN7 (V.A.2).006(dc)

1870-71 [coe] H.R.H. plants a tree Green

UN7 (V.A.2).006(dd)

God bless the prince of Wales 3 feathers

UN7 (V.A.2).007(a)


Note: underlined in red pencil.
UN7 (V.A.2).007(b)

Alma Mater, Green

Note: Copied from UN4 (NLI.5A):009(du); see also UN5 (NLI.5B):006(h)
UN7 (V.A.2).007(c)

SD Dublin not Irish, Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).007(d)

feline persuasion Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(e)

give a fillip to, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(f)

potations, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(g)

eggflip, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(h)

he figured on going, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(i)

nothing whatsoever, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(j)

neglected to change his boots a cold resulted, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(k)

historical, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(l)


UN7 (V.A.2).007(m)

confined to his room, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(n)

as a matter of history, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(o)

years there numbered 8, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(p)

remarkable proficiency, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(q)

in the lastnamed, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(r)

beloved uncle, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(s)

came in for a lot of notice, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(t)

considerably misunderstood, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(u)

entered into the spirit of the thing, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(v)

locality, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(aa)

lengthy, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ab)

directly he got back, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ac)

occupant of throne, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ad)

head of the state, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ae)

placed a pistol at his head, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(af)

demolished, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ag)

nearing completion, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ah)

served 4 yrs, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ai)

prominently associated with, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(aj)

with apologies to Lindley Murray, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ak)

some place about the head, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(al)

proved remunerative, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(am)

competent, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(an)

partially idiotic, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ao)

when the thing occurred, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ap)

coup d'oeil, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(aq)

yeoman service, Green

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):054(be) for UG 16.20.
UN7 (V.A.2).007(ar)

spectacle Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(as)

~ was exceedingly grand, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(at)

facile pen, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(au)

wonderfully warm for the season, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(av)

dittoed, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ba)

plethora of attractions, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(bb)

the elements, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(bc)

voicing Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(bd)

tonic for system bracing, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(be)


UN7 (V.A.2).007(bf)

is |ahea| all there, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(bg)

MB Sp. subject if she liked Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(bh)

patrons of Q's theatre, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(bi)

her accomplished daughter, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(bj)

it was incorrectly stated, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(bk)

if hank took up suds, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(bl)

1st. class music, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(bm)

practised, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(bn)

quantity of red tape Green

Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).007(bo)

Spanish ladies Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).007(bp)

remarked audibly Green

Note: See Sheet 16.011(f)
UN7 (V.A.2).007(bq)

expiated his crimes Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(br)

1st inception Green

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):055(g).
UN7 (V.A.2).007(bs)

developmentally Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(bt)

Columbus (Rualdus) discovered clitoris 1593 Blue

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):011(ch)
UN7 (V.A.2).007(bu)

sustained a nasty fall Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(bv)

Mr Dedalus senior Green

Note: See Sheet 16.013(aq)
UN7 (V.A.2).007(ca)

middle height Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(cb)

Bewley & Draper's marking ink Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(cc)

stockinged feet Blue

Note: Refers to substitution ‘stockinged’ for ‘stocking’ only; see also UN5 (NLI.5B):012(be).
UN7 (V.A.2).007(cd)

Eblana Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ce)


UN7 (V.A.2).007(cf)

muddle Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(cg)

talking about things in general Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ch)

Davy Jones Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ci)

Alice, Ben Bolt, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(cj)

conjectured Blue

Note: See also Sheet 14.042(r).
UN7 (V.A.2).007(ck)

minister of gospel Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(cl)

clothed in mantle of adultery Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(cm)

unsunned snow Blue

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):011(ed).
UN7 (V.A.2).007(cn)

to nil Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(co)

by the way, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(cp)

in a sense Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(cq)

unaffectedly concur Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(cr)

feeling never an inmate of his bosom Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(cs)

LB misreads BB in E.T. Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(ct)

to his chagrin Blue

Note: Copied from UN6 (NLI.4):015(u).
UN7 (V.A.2).007(cu)

dislikes to pass street where B.B.

UN7 (V.A.2).007(cv)

derogatory Red

UN7 (V.A.2).007(da)

freehand drawing

UN7 (V.A.2).007(db)

Capel st book Blue

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):001(bo) for UG 4.360, UN5 (NLI.5B):023(bf) for UG 17.1376, and UN6 (NLI.4):016(ba).
UN7 (V.A.2).007(dc)

not to clash with Green

Note: Top margin
UN7 (V.A.2).007(dd)

jews expect spiritual payment Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).007(de)

original verses Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).007(df)

amateur, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(dg)

plus the use of, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).007(dh)

greatest of pleasure Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(a)


Note: written in red pencil in the left margin opposite Penelope units (see below)
UN7 (V.A.2).008(b)

correct to 4 significant figures,

UN7 (V.A.2).008(c)

he conversed,

UN7 (V.A.2).008(d)

archbishop's letter in E.T. Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(e)

SD & DD's eyes, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).008(f)


UN7 (V.A.2).008(g)

admittance 10d, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(h)

the former's ball passed through the latter's hat, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(i)

of a hole & corner description, Blue

Note: “description” only used; but see also Sheet 16.014(au)
UN7 (V.A.2).008(j)

not in a position to say, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).008(k)

liver out of order, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(l)

put matter in solicitor's hands, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(m)

a few minutes late Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(n)

Saw SD & LB (our two noctambules), Blue

Note: This unit followed by a red-pencil line to indicate beginning of “Penelope” units.
UN7 (V.A.2).008(o)

plabbery kind of manner, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(p)

God be with the time I could, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(q)

MB laughs gaily head to one side,

UN7 (V.A.2).008(r)

MB pretends to read book,

UN7 (V.A.2).008(s)

ready to scout it out, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).008(t)

smell of children, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(u)

well it looks like asking you to suck it Blue

Note: This unit is followed by a red-pencil line to indicate the end of Joyce's current “Penelope” units.
UN7 (V.A.2).008(v)

it grew upon him, Green

Note: cf. 16.1615 and UN4 (NLI.5A):030(ce).
UN7 (V.A.2).008(aa)

LB sees SD (Hades) Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).008(ab)

SD sees LB (Scy & Carb) Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).008(ac)

1st clBlue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(ad)

without being positive, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(ae)

our hero, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(af)

to be strictly accurate, Blue

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):037(cl) for UG 16.255.
UN7 (V.A.2).008(ag)

the hoi polloi, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(ah)

meridian sun, refection, subjugation,

UN7 (V.A.2).008(ai)

last a lifetime, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).008(aj)

W.P, LB find ring in fowl's gizzard

UN7 (V.A.2).008(ak)

bucket dredger, Blue

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):055(i).
UN7 (V.A.2).008(al)

best of his recollection, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(am)

hit nail on thumb,

UN7 (V.A.2).008(an)

Tar Green

Note: See also 16.1456 Eum draft R~
UN7 (V.A.2).008(ao)

eyes small from drink, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).008(ap)

tête à tête Blue

Note: See also Sheet 16.012(e).
UN7 (V.A.2).008(aq)


UN7 (V.A.2).008(ar)

Ireland's premier artist, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(as)

of a humorous character, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).008(at)

for all intents and purposes, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(au)

pressed for time, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(av)

in his own peculiar way, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(ba)

decreed, Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).008(bb)

distressed to find, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bc)

2 parties themselves, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bd)

as law stands, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(be)

premier, Blue

Note: see above
UN7 (V.A.2).008(bf)

boy & girl courtship, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bg)

begged forgiveness upon her knees, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bh)

in the flesh, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bi)

cut a long story short, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bj)

got (bought purchased)

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bk)

Xmas season Red

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bl)

in toto Blue

Note: Left margin. See UN7 (V.A.2):008(cc) and UN7 (V.A.2):028(co) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).008(bm)

canoodle Blue

Note: See UN7 (V.A.2):008(cd) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).008(bn)

Feb 1895 or 3?

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bo)

would he Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).008(bp)

pigskins of wine

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bq)

affectionate for bullfights

UN7 (V.A.2).008(br)

braided hair cues

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bs)

white mantillas

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bt)

horns in leather shields

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bu)

bull attack locomotive

UN7 (V.A.2).008(bv)

old Sol

UN7 (V.A.2).008(ca)

I can't tell you Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(cb)

fully intended Blue

Note: repeated unb7.028
UN7 (V.A.2).008(cc)

in toto Blue

Note: See UN7 (V.A.2):008(bl) above and UN7 (V.A.2):028(co) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).008(cd)


Note: See UN7 (V.A.2):008(bm) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).008(ce)

Punch & Judy

UN7 (V.A.2).008(cf)

Santa Claus

UN7 (V.A.2).008(cg)

R.G. no pardessus

Note: Bottom margin. Richie Goulding no overcoat
UN7 (V.A.2).008(ch)

spotted Red

UN7 (V.A.2).008(ci)

literary cove, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).008(cj)

Old Nick Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(ck)

blithering idiot Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).008(cl)

pronation supination

UN7 (V.A.2).008(cm)

marine creatures anacoustic

UN7 (V.A.2).009(a)


Note: Written (possibly last) in blue pencil top right corner.
UN7 (V.A.2).009(b)

at fire talk of criminals, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).009(c)

Aramaic expunged,

UN7 (V.A.2).009(d)


UN7 (V.A.2).009(e)


UN7 (V.A.2).009(f)

Sq. Kodak reversible,

UN7 (V.A.2).009(g)


UN7 (V.A.2).009(h)

Wren's auction,

UN7 (V.A.2).009(i)

little statue,

UN7 (V.A.2).009(j)

LB received from SD 10∕-,

UN7 (V.A.2).009(k)

recd £1.6.11,

UN7 (V.A.2).010(a)

I'm disappointed in you, bad man, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).010(b)

Live with pack of 14 beagles, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(c)

you won't be hard on him, Mr Bello, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).010(d)

sealed envelopes tied with gold twine, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(e)

LB outside window MB inside, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: cf. 15.912 Cir-R~
UN7 (V.A.2).010(f)

neighing palfrey, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(g)

Bloom's boys, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(h)

quarry, Red

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):039(db)
UN7 (V.A.2).010(i)

lambskin apron,

UN7 (V.A.2).010(j)

comes up, plumb square & level, [qualquia], 7 wonders of Erin,

UN7 (V.A.2).010(k)

door tyled,

UN7 (V.A.2).010(l)

night gentlemen, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).010(m)

guvnor, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: cf. 14.1499 Ox draft R~
UN7 (V.A.2).010(n)

woman of the house, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).010(o)

Posque, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).010(p)

dullahaun, merrow [seal] every 9th. night W E all the check aprons, between Dingle & Tralee, by the bridge of Mallow,

UN7 (V.A.2).010(q)

yr Honour, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).010(r)

[MB dan]

UN7 (V.A.2).010(s)

Stone of destiny, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).010(t)

chimera, Red

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):056(ba) and UN5 (NLI.5B):006(e).
UN7 (V.A.2).010(u)

wetbob (oarsman), Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(v)

hunting, bitch pack,

UN7 (V.A.2).010(aa)

badger earth, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(ab)

6 mile point, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(ac)

hounds drew - covert, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(ad)

stout fox, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(ae)

kill Not cancelled

UN7 (V.A.2).010(af)

in the open, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(ag)

footpeople, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(ah)

got away with,

UN7 (V.A.2).010(ai)

LB - he's a dirty jew,

UN7 (V.A.2).010(aj)

Ward Union staghounds Red

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):010(q) for UG 8.341.
UN7 (V.A.2).010(ak)

9 mile stone, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(al)

Flathouse, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(am)

climbing woodcock, ~ Green

UN7 (V.A.2).010(an)

~ golden plover, curlew, ~

UN7 (V.A.2).010(ao)

~ peregrine, merlin, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).010(ap)

put yr. eyes down, Blue

Note: The first appearance in 1984 (15.1916f) edition only but removed for the 1986 reprint: not in 1922 or 2017 texts (proofs returned too late). The passage in question was reinserted at a later point in the episode (second usage).
UN7 (V.A.2).010(aq)

big pig covered with gravy, Blue

Note: The first appearance in 1984 (15.1916f) edition only but removed for the 1986 reprint: not in 1922 or 2017 texts (proofs returned too late). The passage in question was reinserted at a later point in the episode (second usage).
UN7 (V.A.2).010(ar)

there is the king of the pilferers,

UN7 (V.A.2).010(as)

Hallelujah for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth, Blue

Note: The first appearance is not in 1922 or 2017 texts (proofs returned too late) but it is in 1984 (15.1954f). The passage in question was reinserted at a later point in the episode (second usage).
UN7 (V.A.2).010(at)


UN7 (V.A.2).010(au)

blackcock, grouse Green

UN7 (V.A.2).010(av)

swear!, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(ba)

brought to [gaff], Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(bb)

freemason oath, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(bc)

LB smiles to himself,

UN7 (V.A.2).010(bd)

ventriloquist Red

Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).010(be)

landshadows, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(bf)

conjuring tricks, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).010(bg)

duel with cavalry sabres, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(bh)

Most Eminent Sir Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).010(bi)

Most Serene and Potent & Very Illustrious Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).010(bj)

has little mouse any tickles Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).010(bk)

octuplets Blue

Note: Not in 1922 or 2017 texts (proofs returned too late) but it is in 1984 (15.1823).
UN7 (V.A.2).010(bl)

all he wears is of Irish manufacture Blue

Note: Not in 1922 or 2017 texts (proofs returned too late) but it is in 1984 (15.1805f).
UN7 (V.A.2).010(bm)

centre of Earth Red

UN7 (V.A.2).010(bn)

hazzan opens with pneuma Red

Note: Hb. hazzan: cantor
UN7 (V.A.2).010(bo)

recant, Blue

Note: Not in 1922 or 2017 texts (proofs returned too late) but it is in 1984 (15.1905).
UN7 (V.A.2).011(a)


Note: underlined in red
UN7 (V.A.2).011(b)

eykes, brought flowers to whore,

UN7 (V.A.2).011(c)

divorce MB, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(d)

purple mantle, dalmatic Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).011(e)

anointed, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(f)

crimson velvet ermine, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(g)

obdurate, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(h)

particularly loathsome, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(i)

odious, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(j)

by letter dated, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(k)

Nova Hibernia, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(l)

Goldfinger, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(m)

[Krauss], Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).011(n)

Castiglione, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).011(o)

false + of L. of Honour, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(p)

puss puss, puss, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(q)

false teeth, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(r)

|apredicts,a| prevents an eclipse, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: See also UN5 (NLI.5B):003(al) for UG 15.1850.
UN7 (V.A.2).011(s)

Hugh Love, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).011(t)

LB closely veiled, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(u)

LB burned in effigy, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).011(v)

new suit of hair,

UN7 (V.A.2).011(aa)

looking for him, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ab)

Rabaiotti's, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ac)

57C, Red

Note: Probably taken from UG 10.217 (entered on Rosenbach).
UN7 (V.A.2).011(ad)

LB Canute, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ae)

drummed out, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(af)

boreen, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: cf. 15.919 Cir draft R~
UN7 (V.A.2).011(ag)

WS puns,

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ah)

LB blushes all over, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ai)

carnivore, Red

Note: Copied from Sheet 15.030(e).
UN7 (V.A.2).011(aj)

mask license, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ak)

LB closes eyes not seen   where is he? Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(al)

I know somebody, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(am)

I would deal in especial, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(an)

play with yrself, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ao)

pigeon kiss, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ap)

hypocrite, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(aq)

Spank with hair brush, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ar)

classic face, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(as)

love passages beneath suspicion, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(at)

selfabuse, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(au)

fondle, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(av)

bashful man, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ba)


UN7 (V.A.2).011(bb)

mast. idealize love, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bc)

staircase full of cousins, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bd)

Luther, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).011(be)

Bloom's weather, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bf)

green Erin Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bg)

his people, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).011(bh)

crystal palace, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bi)

rain refrained from falling, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bj)

X generatio, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bk)

LB's dream Moslem Jew & Goy, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bl)

[??] [??]Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bm)

LB's bacia E.K. Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: The ship, Erin's King
UN7 (V.A.2).011(bn)

sleeps on straw litter, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bo)

our howitzers played, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bp)

Agendath begat Netaim, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bq)

Ladysmith, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(br)

gen Gough, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bs)

[pup-], Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).011(bt)

miracle Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bu)

rosette Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(bv)

camel swivel guns, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ca)

truly rural, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(cb)

Koh-i-Noor, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(cc)

ichthyosauros, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).011(cd)

my subjects, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ce)

a Voice Shame! Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).011(cf)

which our vocal organs have ever been called upon to speak, Green

Note: Copied from UN7 (V.A.2):001(bv).
UN7 (V.A.2).011(cg)

clitoris electric Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).011(ch)

button discovered by Rualdus Columbus 1593 Blue

Note: Repeated at UN7 (V.A.2):007(bt).
UN7 (V.A.2).011(ci)

dorsal nerve of Cl. 4 times longer than man's, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).011(cj)

with the naked eye, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ck)


UN7 (V.A.2).011(cl)

1st veiled now goddess of [wine],

UN7 (V.A.2).011(cm)

civic flag, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(cn)

groom in tops,

UN7 (V.A.2).011(co)

ushered to a seat, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).011(cp)

purple stock, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(cq)

a young person, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(cr)

longcasted pigeon deep in keel, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).011(cs)


UN7 (V.A.2).011(ct)

Saloon motor hearse, Blue

Note: See also UN6 (NLI.4):006(ab).
UN7 (V.A.2).011(cu)

hellfire club,

UN7 (V.A.2).011(cv)

dog drunk,

UN7 (V.A.2).011(da)

2 witnesses Red

Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).011(db)

little ducky darling Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).011(dc)

‘We’ Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(dd)

½ league onward Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(de)

sabred the gunners Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(df)

horsetail dyed Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(dg)

grandee Red

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):045(ao).
UN7 (V.A.2).011(dh)

hidalgoes Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).011(di)

sirdars, maharajahs, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(dj)

cloth of estate Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(dk)

Venetian masts Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(dm)

King's evil Green

Note: See also Sheet 14.035(aq) and UN5 (NLI.5B):019(ae)
UN7 (V.A.2).011(dn)

rabid dog Green

Note: See also UN5 (NLI.5B):021(cu).
UN7 (V.A.2).011(do)

scarlet woman Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(dp)

good shepherd Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(dq)

LB prolificates Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).011(dr)

Luther bares rump to devil

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ds)

Cead Mile Failte Red

Note: Copied from UN4 (NLI.5A):045(m); see also Sheet 15.073(bm) for UG 15.1399.
UN7 (V.A.2).011(dt)

skittish Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).011(du)

palpation Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(dv)

tumescence Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ea)

rectum Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).011(eb)

nates blush Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ec)

JJ tells of LB's family Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).011(ed)

unsunned snow Green

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):007(cm).
UN7 (V.A.2).011(ee)

bronzed with infamy Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ef)

cubbing (hunting)

Note: Top margin
UN7 (V.A.2).011(eg)

thank Heaven ~ Green

UN7 (V.A.2).011(eh)

~ (LB assassinated)

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ei)

plaque on LB's birthhouse Red

UN7 (V.A.2).011(ej)

barbacans Red

Note: Bottom right margin
UN7 (V.A.2).011(ek)

Don Giovanni a cenar teco Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(a)

idiot child stares harp

UN7 (V.A.2).012(b)

LB repeats words of Virag, Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).012(c)

strikes down poppies, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(d)

members of standing committees, Green

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):036(bk) and Sheet 15.074(i).
UN7 (V.A.2).012(e)

coy, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(f)

wrote me a beautiful letter JJ Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(g)

Hats off! Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(h)

Good by Jesus. Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).012(i)

ambidexterity Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(j)

bisexuality, Green

Note: This addition was cancelled by Joyce at placard stage.
UN7 (V.A.2).012(k)

a dear man a dear person, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(l)

LB gives joke, Rose of Castile, Red

Note: See also Sheet 15.018(bj).
UN7 (V.A.2).012(m)

sings old favourite, Tooraloom, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(n)

car away tooraloom, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(o)

I give you 3 secs 1 2 .., Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(p)

that's the best thing I heard these 6 wks, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).012(q)

Good by Christ, Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: cf. 15.2910 Cir-5
UN7 (V.A.2).012(r)

LB demenage chant, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).012(s)

Si D gets others to work for him, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).012(t)

LB & Wetherup,

UN7 (V.A.2).012(u)

singed, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).012(v)

Josie shakes finger at LB, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(aa)

I know your sorrow,

UN7 (V.A.2).012(ab)

How does she stand? How do we stand you? Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(ac)

mute of malice,

UN7 (V.A.2).012(ad)

so much for that, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(ae)

off with his head, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).012(af)

LB jazzes, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).012(ag)


UN7 (V.A.2).012(ah)

monk's cuffs,

UN7 (V.A.2).012(ai)

S. Anthony of Padua,

UN7 (V.A.2).012(aj)

papal standard, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(ak)

postulants & novices, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(al)

for the honour of God, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).012(am)

shit on LB, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).012(an)

Croppy Boy did not pray for mother's rest, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(ao)

LB c'est mon frère, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(ap)

S. Patrick's purgatory, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(aq)

Tones conspire Grattan, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(ar)

Sm. O'Brien conspires O'Connell, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(as)

Davitt Isaac Butt, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(at)

James Stephens Red

Note: See element UN7 (V.A.2):013(u) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).012(au)

Justin Mc Carthy J.H.P. Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(av)

Griffith Redmond, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(ba)

man stands on car, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(bb)

Life's dream is o'er, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(bc)

jew gets fat, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(bd)

LB Claude Melnotte,

UN7 (V.A.2).012(be)

league of nations,

UN7 (V.A.2).012(bf)

secret diplomacy,

UN7 (V.A.2).012(bg)

open air justice Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(bh)

court of conscience, Green

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):025(av) and UN4 (NLI.5A):039(q).
UN7 (V.A.2).012(bi)

anti Bloomite, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(bj)

guilds of Dublin, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).012(bk)


UN7 (V.A.2).012(bl)

LB embraces blind beggar, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(bm)

kisses sores, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(bn)

Mess of Sacred Heart, Red

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):027(g)
UN7 (V.A.2).012(bo)

Davy Stephens, Red

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):007(bb) and UN4 (NLI.5A):036(dq).
UN7 (V.A.2).012(bp)

S. Thomas,

UN7 (V.A.2).012(bq)

Chris Callinan, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(br)

by Hades, Red

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):012(bu) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).012(bs)

chapel of printers, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).012(bt)

chapter of saints, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(bu)

by Hades J.J. Red

Note: See UN7 (V.A.2):012(br) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).012(bv)

his breech, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(ca)

soldier from cossack,

UN7 (V.A.2).012(cb)

LB 4th. dimension

UN7 (V.A.2).012(cc)

in & out of wall, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).012(cd)

smthg written on paper in court, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(ce)

30∕- for LB,

UN7 (V.A.2).012(cf)

LB [sposa] Morning Star, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).012(cg)

Erin - potato blight in dress Red

Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).012(ch)

I, Bloom Green

Note: See Sheet 15.073(bf) and UN6 (NLI.4):010(dc).
UN7 (V.A.2).012(ci)

women whisper Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(cj)

LB hairshirt Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(ck)

eats only peas Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(cl)

scourges himself Green

Note: See also UN5 (NLI.5B):013(ba) for UG 15.3778, and Sheet 15.056(ah).
UN7 (V.A.2).012(cm)

episcopalian Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(cn)

court missionary Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(co)

to hell & back Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(cp)

Say! Bella Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(cq)

saints of finance LB Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(cr)

saints philosophy

UN7 (V.A.2).012(cs)

[bumps] up against curbstone Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).012(ct)

fireworks Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(cu)

Nymph - we no hole Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: cf. 15.3392 Cir-R~
UN7 (V.A.2).012(cv)

SD sends telegram Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).012(da)

devil's glen Green

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):039(ap).
UN7 (V.A.2).012(db)

— bridge,

UN7 (V.A.2).012(dc)

Jeyes' fluid Red

UN7 (V.A.2).012(dd)

LB whistles Green

UN7 (V.A.2).012(de)

human figure absent

UN7 (V.A.2).012(df)

Hebr. Lat & Gr. & John of G.

UN7 (V.A.2).013(a)

pig squeaks,

UN7 (V.A.2).013(b)

toad in hole, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).013(c)

Dillon's auction man Barang, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).013(d)

6 wks in last place, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):038(ea).
UN7 (V.A.2).013(e)

My name is Norval,

UN7 (V.A.2).013(f)

LB's cat '98,

UN7 (V.A.2).013(g)

love & great possessions, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).013(h)

girl makes shells, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).013(i)

Quaker cotton wool, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).013(j)

drumsticks to neck,

UN7 (V.A.2).013(k)

plays practical joke, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).013(l)

kissed by death,

UN7 (V.A.2).013(m)

no flowers, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).013(n)

O'Byrnes & O'Gorman's,

UN7 (V.A.2).013(o)

names of bells of George's,

UN7 (V.A.2).013(p)

laughing hyena, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).013(q)

Hue & Cry Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).013(r)

Aaron Figatner, Michael E Geraghty, Inspector Troy, Moses Herzog, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).013(s)

Reformed Priests Protection Society Green

UN7 (V.A.2).013(t)

Milly's green dress, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).013(u)

who got away James Stephens, Blue

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):012(at) above and UN4 (NLI.5A):022(cm).
UN7 (V.A.2).013(v)

smthg happened, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).013(aa)

salt of earth Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).013(ab)

Pat's pig, Pig's Pat, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).013(ac)

Phil II laughed S. Bartholomew,

UN7 (V.A.2).013(ad)

buy a river or sell bridge, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).013(ae)

my gay young fellow, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).013(af)

Goats Nails

UN7 (V.A.2).013(ag)

Save up!

UN7 (V.A.2).013(ah)

impart blessing,

UN7 (V.A.2).013(ai)

dinged silk hat, torn coat, whitewash, sticking plaster, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).013(aj)

Ally Sloper, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Left margin. See also 15.2162 Cir-Rosenbach
UN7 (V.A.2).013(ak)

Poor Bloom Red

UN7 (V.A.2).013(al)

a day off

UN7 (V.A.2).014(a)


UN7 (V.A.2).015(a)


Note: underlined in green pencil
UN7 (V.A.2).015(b)

nuptual mass & papal blessing, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(c)

white under nostril moustach snots, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(d)

unladylike, Green

Note: See also Sheet 13.017(ch) for UG 13.618, and Sheet 14.041(a) for UG 14.813.
UN7 (V.A.2).015(e)

catamenic blood privilege shared with ape & baboon & macaque Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).015(f)

caricature love Green

Note: Copied from UN4 (NLI.5A):019(cc)
UN7 (V.A.2).015(g)

voyage autour de ma belle, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(h)

brutto amata bella Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Italian: ugly man loves beautiful woman. Cf. 13.1236f
UN7 (V.A.2).015(i)

cool in his attentions, Green

Note: Copied from UN4 (NLI.5A):020(bv)
UN7 (V.A.2).015(j)

electric lamps lit,

UN7 (V.A.2).015(k)

stained glass, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: UG 13.446 (Ros-22: draft 13.3') seems too early to have come from this notebook.
UN7 (V.A.2).015(l)

rocket, breeches buoy, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).015(m)

[none], ivy,

UN7 (V.A.2).015(n)

5 young trees, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(o)

presbyterian church grounds, church grounds, Tritonville avenue shadyest Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(p)

throw children up they want to kill, half fun whole earnest, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(q)

how can one point gun at other Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(r)

& suicide bump himself,

UN7 (V.A.2).015(s)

lame girl polite, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(t)


UN7 (V.A.2).015(u)

ladies grey check flanelette knickers, 3/- astonishing bargain, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(v)

stop press, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(aa)

box of paints, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(ab)

only time on croise les jambes seated, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).015(ac)

Cupid, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).015(ad)

gave way to tears, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).015(ae)

you don't know how nice you looked, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).015(af)

pleasure hair combing not cool shave,

UN7 (V.A.2).015(ag)

Mrs Bracegirdle, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(ah)

run away & play, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).015(ai)

cures effected by BVM,

UN7 (V.A.2).015(aj)

look daggers, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Copied from Sheet 14.038(ad); see also UN4 (NLI.5A):047(g).
UN7 (V.A.2).015(ak)

criminal always comes back, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(al)

swear! Green

UN7 (V.A.2).015(am)

contrast trimmed Red

Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).016(a)


UN7 (V.A.2).017(a)


UN7 (V.A.2).018(a)


UN7 (V.A.2).019(a)

Wandering Rocks

Note: underlined in green pencil.
UN7 (V.A.2).019(b)

Jervis Street, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).019(c)

Lady Maxwell, Red

Note: Probably taken from Wandering Rocks 10.191 as that element entered too early for this notebook.
UN7 (V.A.2).019(d)

William's row, Red

Note: Probably taken from Wandering Rocks 10.655 as that element entered too early for this notebook, but later occasioned draft 8 correction.
UN7 (V.A.2).019(e)

Moses secret of all secrets, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Probably taken from Wandering Rocks 10.845 as that element entered too early (Rosenbach) for this notebook.
UN7 (V.A.2).019(f)

Mary Cecil Haye, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Probably taken from Wandering Rocks 10.372 as that element entered too early (Rosenbach) for this notebook.
UN7 (V.A.2).019(g)

VR '49, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).019(h)

unfurnished apartment falls, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).019(i)

scribble pencil, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).019(j)

finger beard, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).019(k)

play with cane, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).019(l)


UN7 (V.A.2).019(m)

bread crumbs, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).019(n)

that's the style, Ben, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Probably taken from Wandering Rocks 10.924 as that element entered too early (Rosenbach) for this notebook.
UN7 (V.A.2).019(o)

Surname & Christian = present address S. Michael's, Sallins, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).019(p)


UN7 (V.A.2).019(q)

O'Madden Burke, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).019(r)

clocks all going different, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Probably taken from Wandering Rocks 10.508f as that element entered too early (Rosenbach) for this notebook.
UN7 (V.A.2).020(a)


UN7 (V.A.2).021(a)


Note: underlined in ink and green pencil.
UN7 (V.A.2).021(b)

death by misadventure, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).021(c)

Fanagan, high sheriff, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).021(d)


UN7 (V.A.2).021(e)

with her pants down, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).021(f)

I haven't yet †, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).021(g)

better give £sd for some live charity, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).021(h)

gun carriage, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).021(i)


UN7 (V.A.2).021(j)

Pullman car hearse, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).021(k)

dead letter office, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).022(a)


UN7 (V.A.2).023(a)

Oxen of Sun

Note: underlined in green pencil
UN7 (V.A.2).023(b)

anon, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: not 14.164; not 14.891
UN7 (V.A.2).023(c)

in a trice, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: See also Sheet 14.049(f) for 14.697.
UN7 (V.A.2).023(d)

was but, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: See also Sheet 14.017(d) for 14.417.
UN7 (V.A.2).023(e)

baby soda,

UN7 (V.A.2).023(f)

Giver of good things, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(g)

catches (fish), Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(h)

Purefoy's chicks in bible, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(i)

catamenic coit monster, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(j)

Alec Bannon's coz was Henry Gogarty's host, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(k)

receive their deserts, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(l)

AE's meeting, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(m)

with these eyes, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(n)

x x x x *

UN7 (V.A.2).023(o)

heavy braked reel, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(p)

smell moonflower conceive, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).023(q)

no gravida has written poem, vault of floor of skull,

UN7 (V.A.2).023(r)

breath & kiss of gravida bad, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(s)

gale of laughter, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(t)

crush a cup of wine, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(u)

to the amiable Miss -- Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(v)

Lalage, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(aa)

nurseling, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).023(ab)

stork, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: See UN5 (NLI.5B):019(bl) for UG 14.1405 (Pl-2).
UN7 (V.A.2).024(a)

A posse of Dublin metropolitan police under the command of the Chief Commissioner in person maintained order in the vast throng and the York street brass band under the baton of their capable leader whiled away the time by |aan admirable rendering rendering admirablya| on their po blackdraped instruments of Speranza's the matchless melody endeared to us by the muse of Speranza. Special quick trains and b char-à-bancs had been provided for the comfort of country visitors of whom there were not a large contingents. ~ Not cancelled

Note: This is strictly compositional draft material. See also UN7 (V.A.2):025(b) and UN7 (V.A.2):025(i)
UN7 (V.A.2).024(b)

~ The viceregal houseparty was, chaperoned by their Excellencies, was accomodated on the grand stand while directly opposite was |aa thea| tribune reserved for the foreign delegation known as the Friends of Ireland. The delegates included the Commendatore Bacibaci Beninobenone (doyen of the party, ~ Not cancelled

Note: This is strictly compositional draft material. See also UN7 (V.A.2):025(ao) and UN7 (V.A.2):026(g).
UN7 (V.A.2).024(c)

~ Monsieur Pierrepaul Petitépatant, the Grandjoker Vladimir Pokethankertscheff, the Archjoker Leopold von Schwanzenbad-Hodenberg, ~

Note: This is strictly compositional draft material. See UN4 (NLI.5A):023(bb), UN7 (V.A.2):025(ap) and Sheet 15.049(u).
UN7 (V.A.2).024(d)

~ Hiram |aT Z.a| Bomboost, Count Athanatos Karamelopulos, Ali Baba Backsheesh Rahat Lokum Effendi, Señor Hidalgo Caballero Don Peccadillo y de la Malora de la Malaria, ~ Not cancelled

Note: This is strictly compositional draft material. See UN7 (V.A.2):025(aq) and UN5 (NLI.5B):022(al).
UN7 (V.A.2).024(e)

~ Herr Hurhausdirektorpresident Hans Kuechli-Steuerli, ~ Not cancelled

Note: This is strictly compositional draft material. See UN7 (V.A.2):025(ar).
UN7 (V.A.2).024(f)

~ |aNationala| Gymnasiummuseumsanatoriumsordinaryprivatedocent Professor |aHistoryprofessordoctor GeneralHistoryprofessordoctora| Siegfriedmund Ueberallgemein. Not cancelled

Note: This is strictly compositional draft material.
UN7 (V.A.2).025(a)


Note: underlined in green pencil
UN7 (V.A.2).025(b)

posse, Red

Note: Absorbed into UN7 (V.A.2):024(a) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).025(c)

[the] Murphy, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).025(d)

[the] duke

UN7 (V.A.2).025(e)

lord Chancellor, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(f)

[old] who & what his bills, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).025(g)

receive their deserts, ~

UN7 (V.A.2).025(h)

~ greensward,

UN7 (V.A.2).025(i)

char-à-banc to see execution, Green

Note: Absorbed in UN7 (V.A.2):024(a).
UN7 (V.A.2).025(j)

viceregal |ahousea| party, Red

Note: Absorbed in UN7 (V.A.2):024(b).
UN7 (V.A.2).025(k)

no need to dwell on, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(l)


UN7 (V.A.2).025(m)

S. Laurence O'Toole, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(n)

Savages 2 names, -- --,

UN7 (V.A.2).025(o)

sow pig, bacon hog, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(p)

([br]) muste

UN7 (V.A.2).025(q)

at the hour of 5 o'clock, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(r)

magnificent oration Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(s)

cowbeeves, Red

Note: In text at draft.
UN7 (V.A.2).025(t)

steers & heifers, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(u)

a blind, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: 12.1550 in Ros.
UN7 (V.A.2).025(v)

veal calves, polled Angus heifers, wether sheep, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(aa)

halibut, gibbed haddock, dabs, brill, Red

Note: See also Sheet 12.010(g)
UN7 (V.A.2).025(ab)

milch cattle, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ac)

springers, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ad)

medium lambs, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ae)

polly bullocks, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(af)

trays of onions, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ag)

load of cabbage, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).025(ah)

around 7/- per box [blank]

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ai)

grilse, gunnard Red

Note: See also UN5 (NLI.5B):015(aq) for UG 12.71.
UN7 (V.A.2).025(aj)

coarse ~ Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ak)

~ mixed fish, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(al)

roar of acclamation, Green

Note: See also Sheet 15.036(ac)
UN7 (V.A.2).025(am)

banzai, eljen, ~ Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(an)

~ ironsides, ~ Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ao)

~ Friends of Ireland, cav. Salvatore Calaberaghi, ~ Green

Note: Partly Absorbed in UN7 (V.A.2):024(b) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).025(ap)

~ M. Pierrepaul Petitépatant, the Grandjoker Vladimir Pockethankertschefff, the Archjoker Leopold v. Schwanzenbad-Hosenschisser, ~ Green

Note: Absorbed into UN7 (V.A.2):024(c) above. See also UN4 (NLI.5A):023(ba) and Sheet 15.049(u).
UN7 (V.A.2).025(aq)

~ Hiram T. Bomboost, Count Athanatos Karamelopulos, Ali Baba Backsheesh Rahat Lokum Effendi, Señor Caballero Don Peccadillo de la Malaria, ~ Green

Note: Absorbed into UN7 (V.A.2):024(d) above. See also UN5 (NLI.5B):022(al).
UN7 (V.A.2).025(ar)

~ Her Hurhausdirektor Hans Kuechli-Steuerli, Green

Note: Partly Absorbed in UN7 (V.A.2):024(e) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).025(as)


UN7 (V.A.2).025(at)

[Bierbaucher,] Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).025(au)

high & mighty, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(av)

fellowship of Holy Ghost, Court of Conscience, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: ‘fellowship’ not crossed through. See also UN7 (V.A.2):012(bh) for UG 15.1629, and UN4 (NLI.5A):039(q).
UN7 (V.A.2).025(aw)

friars preachers, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ax)

name on pawnticket Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).025(ay)

Grand Turk, Green

Note: Copied from Sheet 14.040(k).
UN7 (V.A.2).025(az)

Her Most Exc. Majesty, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ba)

pineapple chunks, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bb)

targets of lamb, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bc)

Rangoon beans, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bd)

nominally Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(be)

1000 thanks,

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bf)

Greek street, Greek street, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bg)


UN7 (V.A.2).025(bh)

hoose drench for coughing calves Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bi)

Giltrap's Garryowen Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bj)

His Green

Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).025(bk)

the Saviour Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bl)

a chara Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bm)

earl of Desmond made treaty with Chas V imp Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bn)

4 seas of Irel. Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bo)

James Fitzmaurice appealed to Span. King.

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bp)

Balbriggan socks Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bq)

Atkinson's poplin Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(br)

Round tower boot polish Red

Note: ‘polish’ is not crossed through.
UN7 (V.A.2).025(bs)

Foxford tweed Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bt)

ancient Ir. vellum Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bu)

(Miss) I [Toat]

UN7 (V.A.2).025(bv)

panceltic Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ca)

whereas Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: 12.1111 TS-C draft 12.5 is from UN4 (NLI.5A):017(ab).
UN7 (V.A.2).025(cb)

longwools storesheep Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(cc)

death with a song on his lips, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(cd)

J H — t T H — r Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ce)

4 Masters, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(cf)

the soul of chivalry answered Red

Note: Top margin. See also UN4 (NLI.5A):016(ab)
UN7 (V.A.2).025(cg)

a lad

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ch)

the italics are ours Green

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ci)

His Satanic Majesty Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(cj)

Craven Red

UN7 (V.A.2).025(ck)

Tom on board

UN7 (V.A.2).025(cl)

Bantry bay

UN7 (V.A.2).026(a)

crucifer, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).026(b)

acolyte, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).026(c)

lector, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).026(d)

ostiarius, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).026(e)

cannot usefully add, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).026(f)

masshouses, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).026(g)

Bacibaci, Green

Note: Absorbed in UN7 (V.A.2):024(b).
UN7 (V.A.2).026(h)

eunuch Catalani, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).026(i)

grandmother, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).026(j)

Kilmainham [??],

UN7 (V.A.2).026(k)

the night before Larry was stretched, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).026(l)

the Kingdom of Kerry, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).026(m)

S. John of God, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).026(n)

Pan Poleaxe Paddyrisky, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).026(o)

the Magnate Marhagulyást Paprikát, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).026(p)

appointed a graduate to,

UN7 (V.A.2).027(a)


Note: underlined in green pencil
UN7 (V.A.2).027(b)

wind on stomach,

UN7 (V.A.2).027(c)

divine afflatus, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).027(d)

blarney, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).027(e)

caricature, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).027(f)

Irish Catholic, Not cancelled

UN7 (V.A.2).027(g)

messenger of Sacred Heart,

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):012(bn)
UN7 (V.A.2).027(h)

Donegal tweed, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).027(i)


UN7 (V.A.2).027(j)

parked Green

UN7 (V.A.2).027(k)

Solon — belief, Velocitous Green

UN7 (V.A.2).027(l)


UN7 (V.A.2).027(m)

Jakes M'Carthy Green

UN7 (V.A.2).027(n)

Dubl. Gazette, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).027(o)

circulation establ. 1763 replies to correspondents, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(a)


Note: underlined in red pencil
UN7 (V.A.2).028(b)

peak of tide, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(c)

gauge, Red

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):028(bm) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).028(d)

spate, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(e)

parapet Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(f)

arm of sea, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(g)

athwart, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(h)

cuspidor, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(i)

Brit. Thermal unit raise 1 lb of H2O 1°F Green

UN7 (V.A.2).028(j)

salary Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(k)

syllabus, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(l)

balance of power, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(m)

stamp duty, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).028(n)

transfer vouchers, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(o)

unearned increment, Blue

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):032(cm)
UN7 (V.A.2).028(p)

money buttons, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).028(q)

WC for LB, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).028(r)

issue of currency, audited,

UN7 (V.A.2).028(s)

carbon monoxide, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(t)

carbonising plant, empanelling of juries, adopt son,

UN7 (V.A.2).028(u)

distych, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).028(v)

King Cormac † 266, S Patrick 432, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(aa)

deep inspiration, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ab)

LB & SD walk in telescope, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ac)

senescent, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ad)

orotund, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ae)

interjacent, Blue

Note: See also Sheet 14.037(n) and UN5 (NLI.5B):019(ab).
UN7 (V.A.2).028(af)

topping a rise, expansive power of gunpowder,

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ag)

sectional bookcase, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ah)


UN7 (V.A.2).028(ai)

livestock, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(aj)

fumed oak, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ak)

day you don't shave meet girl, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(al)

dovecote, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(am)

nos no being, logical functions,

There is an argument, suggested by a passage in Plato's Parmedides, to the effect that, if there is such a number as 1, then 1 has being; but 1 is not identical with being, and therefore 1 and being are two, and therefore there is such a number as 2, and 2 together with 1 and being gives a class of three terms, and so on. This argument is fallacious, partly because “being” is not a term having any definite meaning, and still more because, if a definite meaning were invented for it, it would be found that numbers do not have being they are, in fact, what are called “logical fictions,” as we shall see when we come to consider the definition of classes.

UN7 (V.A.2).028(an)

idea of Socrates, husb of Xanth., master of Plato, Red

there are innumerable correct descriptions of any given object. Socrates (e.g) may be described as “the master of Plato,” or as “the husband of Xantippe.”

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ao)

infinity proved by diversity of colours,

It might be thought that, whatever may be said of logical arguments, the empirical arguments derivable from space and time, the diversity of colours, etc., are quite sufficient to prove the actual existence of an infinite number of particulars. I do not believe this.

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ap)

cinema discrete succession, Red

The senses are not sufficiently exact to distinguish between continuous motion and rapid discrete succession, as anyone may discover in a cinema.

UN7 (V.A.2).028(aq)

hierarchy, Red

It is to the number of these [particulars] that the axiom of infinity is assumed to apply. If it is true of them, it is true of classes of them, and classes of classes of them, and so on; similarly if it is false of them, it is false throughout this hierarchy.

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ar)

parsing, Blue

Note: Copied from Sheet 17.042(s)
UN7 (V.A.2).028(as)

intrans. verb, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(at)

passive voice, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(au)

no known method known to unknown Blue

It is to the number of these that the axiom of infinity is assumed to apply. If it is true of them, it is true of classes of them, and classes of classes of them, and so on; similarly if it is false of them, it is false throughout this hierarchy. Hence it is natural to enunciate the axiom concerning them rather than concerning any other stage in the hierarchy. But whether the axiom is true or false, there seems no known method of discovering.

UN7 (V.A.2).028(av)


Again, what we wish to infer may be the falsehood of some proposition, not its truth. This may be inferred from the truth of another proposition, provided we know that the two are “incompatible,” i.e. that if one is true, the other is false.

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ba)

implication, Blue

In order to be able validly to infer the truth of a proposition, we must know that some other proposition is true, and that there is between the two a relation of the sort called “implication,” i.e. that (as we say) the premiss “implies” the conclusion.

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bb)

disjunctive, gas, elastic fluid liquid in --,

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bc)

interstices, Blue

Note: See also UN5 (NLI.5B):024(cg).
UN7 (V.A.2).028(bd)

independence of water units, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(be)

circumscribe, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bf)

recapitulate, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bg)

land of promise, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bh)

panel, Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Use at 17.1538 derives from UN5 (NLI.5B):024(u)
UN7 (V.A.2).028(bi)


UN7 (V.A.2).028(bj)

of beautiful grain, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bk)

spherical, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bl)

chronometer, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bm)

narrow gauge, Red

Note: Cf. 17.1722 derived from UN4 (NLI.5A):049(g). See also UN7 (V.A.2):028(c) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).028(bn)

centre of Persia unknown,

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bo)

finger tame, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bp)

thaumaturgic, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bq)

bentwood, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(br)


UN7 (V.A.2).028(bs)

betweenmaid, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bt)

hygrographic, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bu)

septuagenarian, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(bv)


UN7 (V.A.2).028(ca)

aligned, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(cb)

spliced on to rudiments,

UN7 (V.A.2).028(cc)

mushroom auction, Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).028(cd)

firmament Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ce)

Lisle suspender tops & feet, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).028(cf)

hornbeam hedge, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(cg)

shrubbery, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ch)

adhesive stamp, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ci)

spilikins, cup & ball, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).028(cj)


UN7 (V.A.2).028(ck)

curricle, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(cl)

pop. of Irel, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).028(cm)

weight of excrement, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).028(cn)

Home rule 1886, Green

Note: See also Sheet 17.010(ba).
UN7 (V.A.2).028(co)

in toto Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Top margin. See UN7 (V.A.2):008(bl) and UN7 (V.A.2):008(cc) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).028(cp)

canoodle Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).028(cq)

some little insight

UN7 (V.A.2).028(cr)

conspectus horaire

Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).028(cs)

LB likes shop gov. by women Green

UN7 (V.A.2).028(ct)

LB gives £sd to SD Nestor cf. Green

UN7 (V.A.2).028(cu)

LB afraid to travel. SD no

UN7 (V.A.2).028(cv)

vulcanite receiver, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(da)

orrery Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(db)

girl's backside open Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).028(dc)

venville rights (to take brushwood) Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).028(dd)

key = wards, bow & barrel, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).028(de)

fully intended, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).028(df)


UN7 (V.A.2).028(dg)

LB [rage] v

UN7 (V.A.2).028(dh)

RB & SD,

UN7 (V.A.2).028(di)

his masonic papers, .sk;

UN7 (V.A.2).028(dj)

hibernation Blue

Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):020(di)
UN7 (V.A.2).028(dk)

10∕[1]0 30∕ 15

UN7 (V.A.2).029(a)


Note: underlined in green pencil
UN7 (V.A.2).029(b)

daguerrotype, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(c)

people who attack good are good,

UN7 (V.A.2).029(d)

Dupuytren [museum],

UN7 (V.A.2).029(e)

the major, the minor, Red

Note: See also Sheet 17.041(m).
UN7 (V.A.2).029(f)

accidents grid, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).029(g)

Saturday tree. mar,

UN7 (V.A.2).029(h)

increase 2 lbs monthly excreta then crisis of piss,

UN7 (V.A.2).029(i)

S. Leopold's, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(j)


UN7 (V.A.2).029(k)

RB bought straw hat, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).029(l)

bay (window) with 2 lancets, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(m)

lateral posts, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(n)

hymen more than soul, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).029(o)

to exclude weak cazzi, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: It. cazzi = penises
UN7 (V.A.2).029(p)

Drinkwater Hist of Siege,

Note: John Drinkwater, A History of the Siege of Gibraltar, 1779-1783
UN7 (V.A.2).029(q)

LB mislays bad letter,

UN7 (V.A.2).029(r)

property of, Red

Asymmetry, i.e. the property of being incompatible with the converse, is a characteristic of the very greatest interest and importance. In order to develop its functions, we will consider various examples. The relation husband is asymmetrical, and so is the relation wife; i.e. if a is husband of b, b cannot be husband of a, and similarly in the case of wife.

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):030(cp) below and 1984 (17.1796).
UN7 (V.A.2).029(s)

cardinal ordinal, Green

Thus, in the quite special case of finite series, there is parallelism between cardinal and relation-numbers. … If n is a finite cardinal number, the relation-number of a series which has n terms is called the “ordinal” number n.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(t)

order is not of essence of number,

In counting, it is necessary to take the objects counted in a certain order, as first, second, third, etc., but order is not of the essence of number: it is an irrelevant addition, an unnecessary complication from the logical point of view.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(u)

converse domain of relations, Green

The converse domain of a relation is the domain of its converse: thus the class of wives is the converse domain of the relation of husband to wife.

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):029(cn) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).029(v)

similarity presupposed in counting (±n)2 = n2

One class is said to be “similar” to another when there is a one-one relation of which the one class is the domain, while the other is the converse domain. … The act of counting consists in establishing a one-one correlation between the set of objects counted and the natural numbers (excluding 0) that are used up in the process.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(w)

vicious circle,

Our definition of number must not assume in advance that all numbers are finite; and we cannot in any case, without a vicious circle, use counting to define numbers, because numbers are used in counting.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(aa)

1 - 1 monogamy,

If there were no polygamy or polyandry anywhere in the world, it is clear that the number of husbands living at any moment would be exactly the same as the number of wives.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ab)

0 Greeks & Romans had not,

As for 0, it is a very recent addition; the Greeks and Romans had no such digit. If we had been embarking upon mathematical philosophy in earlier days, we should have had to start with something less abstract than the series of natural numbers, which we should reach as a stage on our backward journey.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ac)

Pyth. found diagonal & side of square incommensurable

Pythagoras, who believed that not only mathematics, but everything else could be deduced from numbers, was the discoverer of the most serious obstacle in the way of what is called the “arithmetising” of mathematics. It was Pythagoras who discovered the existence of incommensurables, and, in particular, the incommensurability of the side of a square and the diagonal. If the length of the side is 1 inch, the number of inches in the diagonal is the square root of 2, which appeared not to be a number at all.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ad)

100, 101, 102; 0, 2, 4, 6 : 1, ½, ¼

In the first place, Peano's three primitive ideas namely, “0,” “number,” “0,” and “successor,” successor are capable of an infinite number of different interpretations, all of which will satisfy the five primitive propositions. We will give some examples. (1) Let “0” be taken to mean “100,”, and let “number” be taken to mean the numbers from 100 onward in the series of natural numbers. Then all our primitive propositions are satisfied, even the fourth, for, though 100 is the successor of 99, 99 is not a “number” in the sense which we are now giving to the word “number.” … It is obvious that any number may be substituted for 100 in this example. (2) Let “0” have its usual meaning, but let “number” mean what we usually call “even numbers,” and let the “successor” of a number be what results from adding two to it. Then “1” will stand for the number two, “2” will stand for the number four, and so on; … (3) Let “0” mean the number one, let “number” mean the set 1, ½, ¼, 1⁄8, 1⁄16, and let “successor” mean “half.” Then all Peano's five axioms will be true of this set.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ae)

no last term, ~ Red

A series of the form x0, x1, x2, x3, x4, hellip; in which there is a first term, a successor to each term (so that there is no last term), no repetitions, and every term can be reached from the start in a finite number of steps, is called a progression.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(af)

~ no repeat,

A series of the form x0, x1, x2, x3, x4, hellip; in which there is a first term, a successor to each term (so that there is no last term), no repetitions, and every term can be reached from the start in a finite number of steps, is called a progression.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ag)

arbitrary classes Red

… the only thing that is arbitrary about the various orders of a set of terms is our attention, for the terms themselves have always all the orders of which they are capable. One important result of this consideration is that we must not look for the definition of order in the nature of the set of terms to be ordered, since one set of terms has many orders. The order lies, not in the class of terms, but in a relation among the members of the class, in respect of which some appear as earlier and some as later.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ah)

plural voting, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated

Let us suppose to begin with that κ is a class of classes no two of which overlap—say the constituencies in a country where there is no plural voting, each constituency being considered as a class of voters.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ai)

define by extension,

No one man could actually enumerate all men, or even all the inhabitants of London, yet a great deal is known about each of these classes. This is enough to show that definition by extension is not necessary to knowledge about a class.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(aj)

[∕ defion]

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ak)

by intension,

The definition which enumerates is called a definition by “extension,” and the one which mentions a defining property is called a definition by “intension.” Of these two kinds of definition, the one by intension is logically more fundamental.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(al)


[While this word is not here present specifically, it can be inferred from the series “0, 1, 2, 3, and so on”]

UN7 (V.A.2).029(am)

1 2 3 & so on Red

But when we come to consider infinite classes, we find that enumeration is not even theoretically possible for beings who only live for a finite time. We cannot enumerate all the natural numbers: they are 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on. At some point we must content ourselves with “and so on.”

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):029(bm) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).029(an)

no of things in world finite possible ~

it is to be presumed, for example, that there are an infinite collection of trios in the world, for if this were not the case the total number of things in the world would be finite, which, though possible, seems unlikely.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ao)

~ infinite collection of trios,

it is to be presumed, for example, that there are an infinite collection of trios in the world, for if this were not the case the total number of things in the world would be finite, which, though possible, seems unlikely.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ap)

erroneous, Green

the truth of this whole series is assured if the truth of the five primitive propositions is guaranteed, provided, of course, that there is nothing erroneous in the purely logical apparatus which is also involved. The

UN7 (V.A.2).029(aq)


Peano … showed that the entire theory of the natural numbers could be derived from three primitive ideas and five primitive propositions in addition to those of pure logic.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ar)

Cumberland code

UN7 (V.A.2).029(as)


UN7 (V.A.2).029(at)

Mecklenbur(g) repeat

UN7 (V.A.2).029(au)

hammock, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(av)

barrel of key Blue

Note: repeated above
UN7 (V.A.2).029(ba)

inner face of door, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bb)

veribest Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bc)

tracery, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bd)


UN7 (V.A.2).029(be)

MB's hank for SD Green

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bf)

worst thing you ever did

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bg)

intervene MB v My inkwell

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bh)

LB finds mislaid book reconciliation,

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bi)

satellite, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bj)

Br. Isles W of Europe, Japan E of Asia, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated

When one place is north of another, the place on the map corresponding to the one is above the place on the map corresponding to the other; when one place is west of another, the place on the map corresponding to the one is to the left of the place on the map corresponding to the other; and so on.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bk)

LB knows letters grammar syntax but not vocab, Green

Given some statement in a language of which we know the grammar and the syntax, but not the vocabulary, what are the possible meanings of such a statement, and what are the meanings of the unknown words that would make it true?

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bl)

thing in itself, Red

For example, it is often said that space and time are subjective, but they have objective counterparts; or that phenomena are subjective, but are caused by things in themselves, which must have differences inter se corresponding with the differences in the phenomena to which they give rise. Where such hypotheses are made, it is generally supposed that we can know very little about the objective counterparts.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bm)

and so on = ∞, Red

Since there are other terms between these others, and so on ad infinitum, it is obvious that there are an infinite number of ratios between any two, however nearly equal these two may be.

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):029(am) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).029(bn)

0 = 1⁄many, ∞ = many⁄1, Red

It will be seen that 0⁄n is always the same relation, whatever inductive number n may be; it is, in short, the relation of 0 to any other inductive cardinal. … Conversely, the relation m⁄0 is always the same, whatever inductive number m may be. … It will be observed that zero and infinity, alone among ratios, are not one-one. Zero is one-many, and infinity is many-one.

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):029(cm) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).029(bo)

other = 1⁄1, Blue

We shall define the fraction m⁄n as being that relation which holds between two inductive numbers x, y when xn=ym. This definition enables us to prove that m⁄n is a one-one relation, provided neither m or n is zero.

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):029(cm) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).029(bp)

LB every day (less sun)

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bq)

read page of classics, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(br)

Dedekind cut 1-5 ⁄ 5-10

The above method of dividing all the terms of a series into two classes, of which the one wholly precedes the other, was brought into prominence by Dedekind, and is therefore called a “Dedekind cut.”

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bs)

w(h)y cockney, save breath hesitation

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bt)

line of least resistence Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bu)

washing clog, carriagesack telescope ladder tumbling rake haytedder [vice] Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(bv)

eel trap lobster pot fishing rod, reel Red

Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).029(ca)

oral Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(cb)

verbal Green

UN7 (V.A.2).029(cc)

Superannuated Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(cd)

Swatheturner Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ce)

hatchet Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(cf)

LB follows bum Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).029(cg)

marigold Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).029(ch)

SD recites verse Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: cf. 17.802ff Ith-R~
UN7 (V.A.2).029(ci)

clodcrusher Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(cj)

grindstone Red

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ck)


UN7 (V.A.2).029(cl)


UN7 (V.A.2).029(cm)

0 = 1⁄many ∞ = many⁄one 1 = 1⁄1 Green

We shall define the fraction m⁄n as being that relation which holds between two inductive numbers x, y when xn=ym. This definition enables us to prove that m⁄n is a one-one relation, provided neither m or n is zero. … It will be seen that 0⁄n is always the same relation, whatever inductive number n may be; it is, in short, the relation of 0 to any other inductive cardinal. … Conversely, the relation m⁄0 is always the same, whatever inductive number m may be. … It will be observed that zero and infinity, alone among ratios, are not one-one. Zero is one-many, and infinity is many-one.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(cn)

field = domain & converse Green

The domain of a relation consists of all those terms that have the relation to something or other, and the converse domain consists of all those terms to which something or other has the relation. These words have been already defined, but are recalled here for the sake of the following definition : … The field of a relation consists of its domain and converse domain together.

Note: See UN7 (V.A.2):029(u) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).029(co)

Eternal not ourselves

UN7 (V.A.2).029(cp)

asymmetrical Red

It often happens that a relation is an aliorelative without being asymmetrical, though an asymmetrical relation is always an aliorelative. For example, “spouse” is an aliorelative, but is symmetrical, since if x is the spouse of y, y is the spouse of x. But among transitive relations, all aliorelatives are asymmetrical as well as vice versa.

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):029(r) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).029(cq)

x > y, y > z, x > z

If x precedes y and y precedes z, x must precede z. This may be illustrated by the same instances as before: less, earlier, left of.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(cr)

aliorelative – brother ipso – – equal Red

A relation is said to be an aliorelative, or to be contained in or imply diversity, if no term has this relation to itself. Thus, for example, “greater, “different in size,” “brother,” “husband,” “father” are aliorelatives; but “equal,” “born of the same parents,” “dear friend” are not.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(cs)

if universe = 10 / 11 = 12 = 0. Red

  • Ulysses unlocated

But let us suppose that the total number of individuals in the universe were (say) 10; then there would be no class of 11 individuals, and the number 11 would be the null-class. So would the number 12. Thus we should have 11=12; therefore the successor of 10 would be the same as the successor of 11, although 10 would not be the same as 11. Thus we should have two different numbers with the same successor. This failure of the third axiom cannot arise, however, if the number of individuals in the world is not finite.

UN7 (V.A.2).029(ct)

(con) agglomeration Green

We cannot take classes in the pure extensional way as simply heaps or conglomerations. If we were to attempt to do that, we should find it impossible to understand how there can be such a class as the null-class, which has no members at all and cannot be regarded as a “heap” heap; we should also find it very hard to understand how it comes about that a class which has only one member is not identical with that one member.

Note: Top right margin
UN7 (V.A.2).030(a)

quiescence Green

Note: See also UN5 (NLI.5B):024(cd) for UG 17.107.
UN7 (V.A.2).030(b)

state of sea, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).030(c)

maximum, Red

Whenever P has connexity, a class can have at most one maximum, one minimum, one sequent, etc. Thus, in the cases we are concerned with in practice, we can speak of “the limit” (if any).

UN7 (V.A.2).030(d)


Whenever P has connexity, a class can have at most one maximum, one minimum, one sequent, etc. Thus, in the cases we are concerned with in practice, we can speak of “the limit” (if any).

UN7 (V.A.2).030(e)

sequence, Green

The “sequents” of a class α with respect to a relation P are the minima of the “successors” of α, and the “successors” of α are those members of the field of P to which every member of the common part of α and the field of P has the relation P.

UN7 (V.A.2).030(f)


It used to be thought that “limit” was an essentially quantitative notion, namely, the notion of a quantity to which others approached nearer and nearer, so that among those others there would be some differing by less than any assigned quantity. But in fact the notion of “limit” is a purely ordinal notion, not involving quantity at all (except by accident when the series concerned happens to be quantitative).

UN7 (V.A.2).030(g)


The whole of the differential and integral calculus, indeed practically everything in higher mathematics, depends upon limits. Formerly, it was supposed that infinitesimals were involved in the foundations of these subjects, but Weierstrass showed that this is an error: wherever infinitesimals were thought to occur, what really occurs is a set of finite quantities having zero for their lower limit.

UN7 (V.A.2).030(h)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(i)

cis(trans)atlantic, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).030(j)

a + b = b + a commutative

I. The commutative law: α + β = β + α and α×β = β×α

UN7 (V.A.2).030(k)

a(g + b) = ag + ab distributive

III. The distributive law: α(γ + β) = αγ + αβ

UN7 (V.A.2).030(l)

a + (b + c) = b + (c + a) associative

II. The associative law: α + (β + γ) = (α + β) + γ and α×(β×γ) = (α×β)×γ

UN7 (V.A.2).030(m)

0 + 1 = ℵ0

The arithmetic of infinite numbers is somewhat surprising until one becomes accustomed to it. We have, for example,

0 + 1 = ℵ0
0 + n = ℵ0, where n is any inductive number
2 = ℵ0

UN7 (V.A.2).030(n)

0 + n = ℵ

0 + n = ℵ0, where n is any inductive number

UN7 (V.A.2).030(o)

2 = ℵ0

2 = ℵ0

UN7 (V.A.2).030(p)

M, M + W, M + W + [trio],

[Definition of numbers] Then we want a bundle of all the classes that have one member: this will be for the number 1. Then, for the number 2, we want a bundle consisting of all couples; then one of all trios; and so on.

UN7 (V.A.2).030(q)

billhook Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(r)

Athmospheric Rd,

UN7 (V.A.2).030(s)

Dalkey, repression,

UN7 (V.A.2).030(t)

oscillate Green

The general rule is that a function oscillates, and that, given any neighbourhood of a given argument, however small, a whole stretch of values will occur for arguments within this neighbourhood.

UN7 (V.A.2).030(u)

ultimate function, Blue

We may say generally that the “ultimate oscillation” of a function as the argument approaches a from below consists of all those numbers x which are such that, however near we come to a we shall still find values as great as x and values as small as x.

UN7 (V.A.2).030(v)

designed to evade,

We might define “μ×ν” as the sum of the numbers of ν classes each having μ terms, but we prefer to define it as the number of ordered couples to be formed consisting of a member of α followed by a member of β, where α has ν terms and β has ν terms. This definition, also, is designed to evade the necessity of assuming the multiplicative axiom.

UN7 (V.A.2).030(aa)

fallaciously inferred, Red

It is inferred — thence fallaciously, unless the multiplicative axiom is true that the predecessors of the limit are ℵ0 in number, and therefore that the limit is a number of the “second class.” That is to say, it is supposed to be proved that any progression of ordinals of the second class has a limit which is again an ordinal of the second class.

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ab)


The definitions of continuity which we have been considering, namely, those of Dedekind and Cantor, do not correspond very closely to the vague idea which is associated with the word in the mind of the man in the street or the philosopher. They conceive continuity rather as absence of separateness, the sort of general obliteration of distinctions which characterises a thick fog.

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ac)

integral, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated

It has been thought ever since the time of Leibniz that the differential and integral calculus required infinitesimal quantities. Mathematicians (especially Weierstrass) proved that this is an error; but errors incorporated, e.g. in what Hegel has to say about mathematics, die hard, and philosophers have tended to ignore the work of such men as Weierstrass.

Note: See Sheet 17.052(c) for 17.996.
UN7 (V.A.2).030(ad)

imperceptible, Blue

Take, for example, the series of real numbers. Each is what it is, quite definitely and uncompromisingly; it does not pass over by imperceptible degrees into another; it is a hard, separate unit, and its distance from every other unit is finite, though it can be made less than any given finite amount assigned in advance.

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ae)

continuity, Blue

The definitions of continuity which we have been considering, namely, those of Dedekind and Cantor, do not correspond very closely to the vague idea which is associated with the word in the mind of the man in the street or the philosopher. They conceive continuity rather as absence of separateness, the sort of general obliteration of distinctions which characterises a thick fog.

UN7 (V.A.2).030(af)


If we consider the series of real numbers, and select out of it the rational real numbers, this set (the rationals) will have all the real numbers as upper and lower limiting-points. The limiting-points of a set are called its “first derivative,” and the limiting-points of the first derivative are called the second derivative, and so on.

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ag)

the wicker basket fibre, bottle in pink tissue paper, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ah)

? when did MB get present, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).030(ai)

BB gold watch heavy, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(aj)

MB Ha! Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):006(am) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).030(ak)

Sp & It, Red

Note: Copied above.
UN7 (V.A.2).030(al)

LB on edge of [shower],

UN7 (V.A.2).030(am)

catarrhal deafness, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).030(an)

fire brasses, rosewood, Not cancelled

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ao)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(ap)

watermark, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(aq)

ratbane not touched manually,

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ar)

geyser, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(as)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(at)

cold back of neck, stom, shin & foot, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).030(au)

good springing, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(av)

trellis border, Blue

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):030(bf) below.
UN7 (V.A.2).030(ba)

decomposed, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bb)

seat & toprail

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bc)

still & sparkling, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bd)

green ribbed velvet,

UN7 (V.A.2).030(be)

cream ground carpet, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bf)

trellis border Red

Note: See also UN7 (V.A.2):030(av) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).030(bg)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(bh)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(bi)

alabaster lamp bowl pendant Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bj)

runnels & gullies, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bk)

rota of judges,

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bl)

rotation, uniform brown,

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bm)

from various quarters,

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bn)

transliterated, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bo)

Roger Bacon's Greek cypher

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bp)

under exposure, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bq)

foliation, palimpsest, ovum seminiferous tubes,

UN7 (V.A.2).030(br)

reflecting telescope, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bs)

deflation, adjustment,

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bt)

obverse, cypher, chemical treatment,

UN7 (V.A.2).030(bu)

sinking fund, Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).030(bv)

stabilization, aurist lipreading,

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ca)

alteration, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(cb)

debarred from, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: cf. 16.542 Eum draft R~
UN7 (V.A.2).030(cc)

conserve, eschatology,

UN7 (V.A.2).030(cd)

osteopathy bloodless surgery, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ce)

pursuits, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(cf)

cathedral toned gong, guaranteed timekeeper, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(cg)

collateral, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ch)

1274 MaRTiN, consumer per ml of main, tenement dwellings, ~

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ci)

~ 14 CP, ~ Green

UN7 (V.A.2).030(cj)

~ HP

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ck)

confiscate Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(cl)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(cm)

relinquish Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(cn)

prearranged Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(co)

deviating, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: Repeated at UN7 (V.A.2):030(cr) below. Unlikely to be 16.1083 Eum draft R~
UN7 (V.A.2).030(cp)

organic Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(cq)

apocryphal Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(cr)


Note: Repeated at UN7 (V.A.2):030(co) above.
UN7 (V.A.2).030(cs)

fairway Green

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ct)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(cu)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(cv)

convulsion, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(da)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(db)

fairway Red

Note: repeated above
UN7 (V.A.2).030(dc)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(dd)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(de)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(df)

Grand Orient

UN7 (V.A.2).030(dg)

bath & lavatory (h & c supply), 3 WC's, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(dh)

2 servants' rooms, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(di)

pantries Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(dj)

ruby plush Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(dk)

gilt frame

UN7 (V.A.2).030(dm)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(dn)

pickle stand

UN7 (V.A.2).030(do)

Axminister, Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(dp)

rolltop desk,

UN7 (V.A.2).030(dq)

lawnmower side delivery & grass box Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(dr)

barbed wire

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ds)

10 tooth rake Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(dt)

tulips blue scillas Blue

Note: Left margin. Copied from UN5 (NLI.5B):023(af)
UN7 (V.A.2).030(du)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(dv)

crocuses Blue

Note: Copied from UN5 (NLI.5B):023(ah)
UN7 (V.A.2).030(ea)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(eb)

fruiting appletrees

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ec)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(ed)


Note: ‘hy’ is crossed through in blue
UN7 (V.A.2).030(ee)

sweet Williams sweet pea polyanthus lily of valley Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ef)

chrysanthemum Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).030(eg)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(eh)

possibility of back windows

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ei)

women in kitchen

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ej)

constitution Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ek)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(el)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(em)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(en)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(eo)

situate Red

UN7 (V.A.2).030(ep)

recalcitrant Blue

UN7 (V.A.2).030(eq)

wingspread 400 ft

UN7 (V.A.2).030(er)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(es)


UN7 (V.A.2).030(et)


UN7 (V.A.2).031(a)

Scylla & Carybdis

Note: underlined in green pencil
UN7 (V.A.2).031(b)

Arimnestus (Aris' brother)

UN7 (V.A.2).031(c)

A's experiment, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).031(d)

tired of participles,

UN7 (V.A.2).031(e)

no brother John, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).031(f)

Arist. heathen sage Red

Note: Copied from UN6 (NLI.4):003(i).
UN7 (V.A.2).031(g)


UN7 (V.A.2).031(h)

glib on his forehead,

UN7 (V.A.2).031(i)


UN7 (V.A.2).032(a)


UN7 (V.A.2).033(a)


Note: underlined in green
UN7 (V.A.2).033(b)

hair tobacco, Green

Note: Copied from UN4 (NLI.5A):013(f)
UN7 (V.A.2).033(c)

polite to Pat, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: cf. UG 11.974
UN7 (V.A.2).033(d)

Solomon understood language of animals, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).034(a)


UN7 (V.A.2).035(a)


Note: Ink, underlined in green pencil.
UN7 (V.A.2).035(b)

Like to answer all ads, answers Red

UN7 (V.A.2).035(c)

Sweet or savoury, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).035(d)

Romans piss at table,

UN7 (V.A.2).035(e)

name of blind Red

UN7 (V.A.2).035(f)

myope less —

UN7 (V.A.2).035(g)

glasses, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).035(h)

baron of beef Red

UN7 (V.A.2).035(i)

sprig of parsley, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).035(j)

mince, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).035(k)

pluck and draw, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).035(l)

jugged, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).035(m)

suet, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).035(n)

chop with parsley, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).035(o)

Milly, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).035(p)

pregnant can't eat, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).035(q)

Maghinni, Red

Note: Copied from UN4 (NLI.5A):009(dh).
UN7 (V.A.2).035(r)

fork chained to table, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).035(s)

after the kill,

UN7 (V.A.2).035(t)

bleeding the youngsters,

UN7 (V.A.2).035(u)

cubbing season

UN7 (V.A.2).035(v)

olive oil Red

UN7 (V.A.2).036(a)


UN7 (V.A.2).037(a)


UN7 (V.A.2).038(a)


Note: underlined in ink and red pencil
UN7 (V.A.2).038(b)

men have laboursavers, women no

UN7 (V.A.2).038(c)

sat next her in a cab,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(d)

turn over page with gloves he-ll,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(e)

you can imagine, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).038(f)

work ruins figure,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(g)

give [in],

UN7 (V.A.2).038(h)

BB priest,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(i)


UN7 (V.A.2).038(j)


UN7 (V.A.2).038(k)

I made up bill,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(l)

women get baffi from sucking men, Not cancelled

Note: It. baffi: moustache
UN7 (V.A.2).038(m)


UN7 (V.A.2).038(n)

go [nap],

UN7 (V.A.2).038(o)

confession besides it was him not me,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(p)

asks re BB who is that cad? Tweedy [counter],

UN7 (V.A.2).038(q)

the Harolds X Rd,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(r)

have they no shame in them,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(s)

[plate] L Bloom,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(t)

journey by land, Not cancelled

UN7 (V.A.2).038(u)

sorrow going by water, wealthy marriage,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(v)

fair W. some person's thoughts, loss in business affair,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(aa)

death watch, Green

Note: See also Sheet 18.019(bs) for use in drafts (and u84, 18.309).
UN7 (V.A.2).038(ab)

red token in [candle], letter,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(ac)

shoes towards bed, sweep,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(ad)

spider's web = suitor,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(ae)

a great one for man in the moon,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(af)

sneeze it's not true,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(ag)

short little finger =

UN7 (V.A.2).038(ah)

keep smell off my drawers,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(ai)

dances poorly,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(aj)

a great scolding,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(ak)

without date of year,

UN7 (V.A.2).038(al)

Prussia street,

UN7 (V.A.2).039(a)


UN7 (V.A.2).040(a)


Note: underlined in green pencil
UN7 (V.A.2).040(b)


UN7 (V.A.2).040(c)

a [crime] Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(d)


UN7 (V.A.2).040(e)

squid Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(f)

snipping [thread with pair horsehair]

UN7 (V.A.2).040(g)

[in river generates eels]

UN7 (V.A.2).040(h)

[??] in Field,

UN7 (V.A.2).040(i)

[??], [??],

UN7 (V.A.2).040(j)

oldster, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(k)

[lord Avonmore],

UN7 (V.A.2).040(l)


UN7 (V.A.2).040(m)


UN7 (V.A.2).040(n)


UN7 (V.A.2).040(o)

[??] it to it Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(p)

Pallas squint [glaucoma],

UN7 (V.A.2).040(q)

punnets of mushrooms, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).040(r)

ascendancy party, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).040(s)

electuary of [milk and honey],

UN7 (V.A.2).040(t)

Skibereen father's blessing, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).040(u)

slipper smaller if worn [by] smaller,

UN7 (V.A.2).040(v)


UN7 (V.A.2).040(aa)

I make no doubt, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).040(ab)

impenetrable, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(ac)

liquid overflow,

UN7 (V.A.2).040(ad)

reversed [??],

UN7 (V.A.2).040(ae)

height = depth,

UN7 (V.A.2).040(af)

very [fine],

UN7 (V.A.2).040(ag)

sugar diffused in tea, Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(ah)

annihilation Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(ai)

Irving's delivery, Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(aj)

tilbury, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).040(ak)


UN7 (V.A.2).040(al)

apron of goose, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).040(am)

goose egg 1 month to hatch

UN7 (V.A.2).040(an)

a wire mesh

UN7 (V.A.2).040(ao)

Jack Hall Red

UN7 (V.A.2).040(ap)


UN7 (V.A.2).040(aq)

Merrion square tree (LB), Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(ar)

bugger = Bulgar, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).040(as)

mollyhouse ([??])

UN7 (V.A.2).040(at)

Sodom's crime = inhospitable rere,

UN7 (V.A.2).040(au)

bellhanger, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).040(av)

Saleshop, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).040(ba)

Mr Pick Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
Note: See also UN4 (NLI.5A):015(u).
UN7 (V.A.2).040(bb)

apron stage, Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(bc)


UN7 (V.A.2).040(bd)


UN7 (V.A.2).040(be)

crew of train,

UN7 (V.A.2).040(bf)

at caution, Red

UN7 (V.A.2).040(bg)

out of [view],

UN7 (V.A.2).040(bh)

chain & keys (rlwy) Red

UN7 (V.A.2).040(bi)

Horace Wheatley, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).040(bj)

[Suo ... doit]

UN7 (V.A.2).040(bk)

Paget Butler, Blue

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(bl)

now Kossuth [??] [??] (rosemary plant BVM)

UN7 (V.A.2).040(bm)

JC's swaddles Red

Note: ‘JC's’ not crossed through.
UN7 (V.A.2).040(bn)

[fiori] ogni venerdi,

UN7 (V.A.2).040(bo)

coffin with glass lid,

UN7 (V.A.2).040(bp)

trawl & hook [fish]

UN7 (V.A.2).040(bq)

O hello, old fellow Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(br)

Siberian peninsula,

UN7 (V.A.2).040(bs)

Desdemona (Thursday morning, Red

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(bt)

Frigga (Friday) Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(bu)

dress for death

UN7 (V.A.2).040(bv)

Milly's green dress,

UN7 (V.A.2).040(ca)

[??] D

UN7 (V.A.2).040(cb)

Bleeding Horse 24/25 upper Camden street, Green

UN7 (V.A.2).040(cc)

clear sauce of claret

UN7 (V.A.2).040(cd)

anchovies & herbs,

UN7 (V.A.2).040(ce)

[bartal (Indian boycott)]

UN7 (V.A.2).040(cf)

Don Emile Patrizio Franz Rupert Pope Hennessy Blue

Note: The first appearance in 1984 (15.1914) edition only but removed for the 1986 reprint: not in 1922 or 2017 texts (proofs returned too late). The passage in question was reinserted at a later point in the episode (second usage).
UN7 (V.A.2).040(cg)


Note: Left margin
UN7 (V.A.2).040(ch)

[??] [??]Green

UN7 (V.A.2).040(ci)

Brazen Head Red

UN7 (V.A.2).040(cj)

picture of old Dublin

UN7 (V.A.2).040(ck)


UN7 (V.A.2).040(cl)

[??] Green

  • Ulysses unlocated
UN7 (V.A.2).040(cm)

blue, red, yellow primary,

UN7 (V.A.2).040(cn)

purple green orange

UN7 (V.A.2).040(co)

[??] [??]