Ulysses Draft Analysis

Episode 2: Nestor

Details of the various draft stages.

Compiled by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

2017 edition U pages 24-35
1922 edition U pages 24-36

Early Drafts

u2.0 (eo-text)
First draft: missing.
MS: ,
Notebooks used:

u2.1 (proto-text)
Fair copy (missing).
MS: ,
Notebooks used:

Fair Copy

u2.2 (Rosenbach)
Final fair copy (ink); Locarno, finished and sent for typing on 16 December 1917 (see Letters II, 16 December, 1917).
MS: Rosenbach Museum, fols. numbered 1-17
Reproduced: A Facsimile of the Manuscript (Faber, 1975): vol. I
Notebooks used: N01 (NLI.3)


u2.3'   (Gabler—A)
Revisions sent to Sykes for inclusion in the typescript (see Letters II, 16 December, I, 17 December, Buff 18 December, II, 22 December, and 23 December, 1917).
MS: Yale, Buffalo

u2.3   (Gabler—B) (See also u2.3')
Typescript exemplar (missing); the typing was completed late December 1917 (see Letters, II, 27 December, 1917), revised soon after and sent for publication in Little Review, where it appeared in April 1918. The Egoist publication, January-February 1919, was set from The Little Review.
MS: missing
Reproduced: JJA

u2.4   (Gabler—C)
Typescript exemplar (missing except for one page) made 1917/1918 but prepared for the printer of Ulysses in 1921
MS Buffalo V.B.1 page 9, and missing
Reproduced: JJA 12: 237
Notebooks used: N04 (NLI.5A)

Placards and Proofs

u2.5   (Gabler—1)
First placards; probably made 11 June 1921
MS Harvard: placards (←) 3, 4
Reproduced: JJA 17: 27-30, 33-40
Notebooks used: N04 (NLI.5A)

u2.6   (Gabler—2)
First page proofs, incomplete; (PP 2) dated by the printer 29 June 1921
MS Buffalo V.C.1: gatherings (←) 2a, [missing 3] (→)
Reproduced: JJA 22: 77-82, not reproduced (117-123)
Notebooks used: N04 (NLI.5A)

u2.6'   (Gabler—2)
First page proofs, unrevised duplicate of missing gathering 3
MS Buffalo V.C.1: gathering 3a (→)
Reproduced: JJA 22: 117-123

u2.7'   (Gabler—3)
Second page proofs; revised but not returned to the printer; undated
MS Buffalo V.C.1: gatherings (←) 2c, 3b (→)
Reproduced: JJA 22: 93-98, 133-139

u2.8   (Gabler—4)
Second placards; probably made 18 August 1921
MS Harvard: placards (←) III, IV, V (→)
Reproduced: JJA 17: 124, 127-134, 137-140
Notebooks used: N04 (NLI.5A)

u2.9   (Gabler—5)
Third page proofs; dated by reviser 20 September 1921
MS Texas: gatherings (←) 2, 3 (→)
Reproduced: JJA 22: 106-114, 149-152

Errata (post 1st edition)

u2.10'   (Gabler—6)
“Errata”: printed errata list for first edition; 2 copies
MS: BL Add MS 57356, fols. 28, 32
Reproduced: JJA 12: 203, 210

u2.10   (Gabler—6)
Errata (additional corrections) in Joyce's hand.
MS: BL Add MS 57356, fol. 7
Reproduced: JJA 12: 177

u2.10+   (Gabler—6)
Typescript of additional corrections.
MS: BL Add MS 57356, fol. 15
Reproduced: JJA 12: 189

u2.10++   (Gabler—6)
New typescript of additional corrections, with one extra correction: 4 copies
MS: BL Add MS 57356, fols. 18-21
Reproduced: JJA 12: 192-195