1st draft of FH IV, July 1923, draft level 0

MS NLI 41818 2v, 2r Draft details

{ms, 002v}

For her pity there were times she even pitied the damned old devil himself |aplaying demon patiencea| |aafter his lunch of hot airºa| fanning himself with his asbestos slippers in the coolingroom in hellº

For her charityº one day when it was sneezing cold she met a beggar girl in the park and, having no small change about her, she went behind a bramblebush, slipped off her |aspriggeda| petticoat and gave it to the beggargirl who instantly disappeared (she having been in point of fact Saint Dympna |awho got up the exhibition of poverty on purposea|) along with the petticoat. On another occasion there was a pestilence caused by a certain dragon who said it would go on for ever unless she took off all her |aclothes glad ragsa| and walked |afrom Cape Clear to Mizzen head unreadº Irelandº her left hand to the seaa|. So she did this |aand,º but she had herself painted green all over her body |bwherever naturally possible as far as mother nature allowedb|. Anda| |awhen her Pop they heard the moaning moan moaning of the sheesº telling she was offº the weakness of death fell on everybody &a| everybody pulled down all the blinds in Ireland. The dragon |awas then there and then got a grip on the big clean ideals &a| converted and entered a |aconvent nunnerya|.

|xAnd flahoolagh |abless her pretty faceºa| she had shaken cocktails, no lie, for |amembers pistoleers gunmen parabellumitesº munitionersa| from every barony in Irelandx|

|xShe could do 2 things at same time, cook hash & read Harry Coverdale's Courtshipx| |xOnly sometimes it was how she would be studying something like the day God knows she sat down in the plate of soup {Kevin}x|

|xlike the harbour barx|
{ms, 002}

|xShe {was lumpy fine daughter}x| |xAll her friends admiredx| |xher brassesx|

For her prudence she always left the key of her press in the lock of her press, the pen of the inkbottle in the neck of the ink bottle |a& the bread on the warm tablea|. Never were they lost. |x& she was never found out in a liex|

|aNo ignorant simp was she.a|

For her learning in geog she knew that Italy was a jackboot, India a pink ham & France a patched quilt |aandº she could make the map of New Zealand, N & S island herselfa|.

|aFor her learning in zoog she knew lamb, lamb a young sheepa|

For her charm she knew how to stagemanage her legs |ain nude stockings under a straight as possible skirta| in the several positions of goodytwoshoes, aunty Nance, stepladder, green peas, |astella cometaºa| love me little, funny toast, lovers lever, love me longº

For her health only her in the house got the measles |awhen she was a bottlefed babya|.

|aFor her domestic economy she cleaned the chimney flue by setting fire to an Irish Times and hooshing it blazing up the flue and she washed the halº by standing leaving her wet umbrella |b& injarupper goloshesb| dreeping open in a cornera|

|xGod she had a bit of go in her, God she had.x|

|aFor her pietya| |aevery day G sent on the eartha| |aIsolde's night prayer |bher one little prayerºb| |bher 5 secondsº patternosterb| night bedea| and orison so |aran rompeda|:

Howfar wartnevin alibithename kingcome illbedone nerth tisnevin. Usisday daybread givesdressp sweegivethem dresspss gainstus leesnot |atootntation 2 potatoesa| liversm evil Men.