fair copy of FH II, July 1923, IV§2 draft level 1

MS NLI 41818 fol. 6 Draft details

{ms, 006}

Shortly after having swum into this vale of tears the little stranger Kevineen delighted himself by sporting with the sponge on tubbing night. As a growing boy under the influence of holy religion instilled into him across his grandmother old Mrs Jones's knee he grew more and more pious like the time God knows when ejaculating for forty days indulgence and 10 quarantines he sat down on the plate of mutton broth. He simply had no time for girls and things and often used he to say as how to his dearest mother and dear sisters as how his dearest mother and dear sisters were good enough for him. Of him we are further told that at the age of six he wrote a school prize essay on kindness to freshwater fish.