1st draft of FH II, July 1923, draft level 0

MS British Library 47488 24 Draft details

{ms, 024}

In childhood As a child Kevin was
{ms, 024v}

|aAs an infant Shortly after being coming into the worlda| |aThe little strangera| Kevineen delighted himself by playing with the sponge on tubbing night wh. As a growing boy |aunder the influence of holy religion which had been instilled into him across his grandmother's kneea| he grew more & more pious and abstracted like the time God knows he sat down on the plate of mutton broth.

He simply had no time for girls and often used to say |ato his dear mother & dear sistersa| that his dearest mother & his dear sisters were good enough for him. At the age of six |ayears & six monthsa| he wrote a prize essay on kindness to fishes.