Sheets V, material for Book III transitions, 2nd set: Paris

Facsimile edition: James Joyce Archive vol. 61, ed. Danis Rose.
Manuscript: British Library 47486a passim, 1935 Notebook details

FW Sheet 5 page 1

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-206 JJA 61:280

FW Sheet 5 page 1(a)

a) glasshouse (prison) color t.b.a.

Note: Glasshouse: army prison (slang).
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):ffr(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(b)

b) the back beautiful color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):ffr(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(c)

b) presents that please color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):ffr(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(d)

37 b) divine! color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):001(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(e)

c) chin chin nippon nipper color t.b.a.

Note: Nippon (Japan). China.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):001(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(f)

c) |aagreem agreesta| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):002(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(g)

143 d) solemn one & shebby color t.b.a.

Note: Solomon and Sheba.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):003(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(h)

40 Seton's black |agrey & green green & greya| Mikehealy's milk as sawdust (race) color t.b.a.

Note: Satan and S. Michael. Letter to H.S. Weaver (20/9/1928): “three colours of successive stages of cecity as the Germans divide them, namely: green Starr, that is, green blindness, or glaucoma; grey Starr, that is, cataract; and black Starr, that is, dissolution of the retina.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):004(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(i)

40 b) forestake me |anot knota| if there's white there's hope color t.b.a.

Note: Forsake ne not. Forget me not.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):005(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(j)

a) could do dirt to a meal color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):006(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(k)

b) isn't that the cat's tonsils? color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):007(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(l)

57 b) 7 holy hills & the one blue bleamer color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):007(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(m)

143 d) cod & coney, cash & carry color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):008(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(n)

c) flopsam & jacsam laggin & deliric color t.b.a.

Note: Flotsam, jetsam, lagan and derelict (lagan: goods or wreckage lying on the seabed; derelict: that which is abandoned).
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):008(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 1(o)

a) innocent of disseminating such a foul emanation color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):008(d)

FW Sheet 5 page 2

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-202 JJA 61:276

FW Sheet 5 page 2(a)

c) octopod color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):009(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 2(b)

b) a sportive color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):009(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 2(c)

c) O'Connell & D'Olier by the river and A. Briggs Carlisle or soddenly, zot. No [flies]. color t.b.a.

Note: O'Connell Bridge, Dublin (formerly Carlisle Bridge).
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):009(e), N47 (VI.B.40):128(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 2(d)

a prizefide's pupping to the bitch of a son. color t.b.a.

Note: Not found in FW; crossed out as part of preceding unit.
FW Sheet 5 page 2(e)

it may likewise be said color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):010(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 2(f)

a) he would ate through the months without & then otherwise round, fourale to the lees of Traroe! color t.b.a.

Note: That is, eat Red Bank oysters. Fourale (ale sold at 4d. a quart). Farewell. Rose of Tralee.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):011(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 2(g)

57 b) the ologies color t.b.a.

Note: Theology. The sciences.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):015(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 2(h)

57 b) Fukien mission color t.b.a.

Note: Fukien, in China.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):017(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 2(i)

c) w.p color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):018(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 2(j)

59 b) croon |aborna| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):019(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 2(k)

59 b) Sweet wail of evoker color t.b.a.

Note: Song, The Meeting of the Waters (Sweet vale of Avoca &c).
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):020(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 2(l)

39 b) and his overtures color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):012(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 2(m)

a) his biestings color t.b.a.

Note: ?Beestings: milk drawn from a cow that has recently calved.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):013(c)

FW Sheet 5 page 3

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-203 JJA 61:277

FW Sheet 5 page 3(a)

a) peatrefired color t.b.a.

Note: Peat-fired, petrified.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):021(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 3(b)

a) wheel of Fortune (inn) color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):022(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 3(c)

c) at the drugger's color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):026(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 3(d)

a) dine with duke Humphrey color t.b.a.

Note: (Phrase) ‘To dine with Duke Humphrey’, or, to go hungry.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):026(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 3(e)

b) from bastard title to Father Johnson color t.b.a.

Note: Repeated on Sheet v-13(a)
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):027(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 3(f)

a c) with his chilidrim & serafim, poors and personalities, venturous, drones and deminatures, ancients and auldancients color t.b.a.

Note: Ascending hierarchies of angels—cherubim, seraphim, powers, pricipalities, virtues, thrones, dominations, angels, archangels.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):027(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 3(g)

c) What canicular year it was. / — Siriusly so. / — The house was Toot and Come Inn. but are you sure |awhat |bbeyond the shotterb| of thea| canicular year? / — Siriusly sure |abehind the shittera|. Sicurius indicat |ahominis umbrisa| tellurem. color t.b.a.

Note: Canicular year: ancient Egyptian year, calculated on the rotation of the star Sirius. Seriously. Tut-ankh-amen. Saint Augustine: “Securus iudicat orbis terrarum” [the verdict of the world is secure]. Latin securius indicat umbris tellurem: more securely he points out the earth to [by] the shadows.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):028(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 3(h)

c) — Blondman's blaff and a ship |acame leakeda| lintil the arbour ~ color t.b.a.

Note: Blind man's bluff.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):028(d)

FW Sheet 5 page 4

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-185 JJA 61:260

FW Sheet 5 page 4(a)

~ |aladen leidenda| with … ? / — Pamelas, peggaleens, pippapapples. Pollywoollies, pollabellar, color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 4(b)

47 b) stops song to pick up gifts color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):029(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 4(c)

d) — citadel & suburraban color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):030(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 4(d)

137 d) [On] pinchgut, hoghill, darklane & |amurdering gibbetmedea| and beaux, and love color t.b.a.

Note: Dublin also contained such names as Cutthroat Lane, Murdering Lane, Cutpurse Row (Corn Market), Hell near Christ Church, Hog Hill (St. Andrew Street), the Common Lane (Watery Lane, now Brookfield Avenue), Gallows Road, Gallows Hill, Gibbet Meadow, Dirty Lane (Bridgefoot Street) and Pinchgut Lane.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):031(c), N47 (VI.B.40):031(d), N47 (VI.B.40):031(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 4(e)

60 b) our patterns saint color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):032(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 4(f)

34 b) tubberbunnies |atuggerfunniesa| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):032(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 4(g)

c) In Fingal too they met at Littlepeace aneath the bidetree, Yellowhouse of Snugsborough. westreeve-astagob and Slutsend with Stockens of Winning's Folly merryfalls, all of a two, skidoo & skephumble. / — Godamedy, you're a delvile of a tolkar! color t.b.a.

Note: The road [from Swords to Balbriggan] passes through the village and barony of Balrothery to Balbriggan, famous for its hosiery, where there is a very fine strand, and thence to the Delvin River, the boudary of the County of Dublin, and of the ancient district of Fingal which stretches soutwards to the Tolka. p.68n: North County Dublin contains townlands bearing the following names:—Puckstown, Tankardstown, Nutstown, Saucerstown, … Winning's Folly, Bohammer, Snugborough, Salmon, Matt, Astagob, Stockhole, Tubberbunny, … Stockens, Stang, Slutsend, … Westereve, Boggyhearty, … Bridetree, Popeshall, Yellowwalls, Bay, Court, Littlepace, … Goose Acre, Merryfalls, … Goddamendy, Pluckhimin, Skidoo and Skephubble.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):032(d), N47 (VI.B.40):033(e), N47 (VI.B.40):033(f), N47 (VI.B.40):033(g), N47 (VI.B.40):034(a)

FW Sheet 5 page 5

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-197 JJA 61:271

FW Sheet 5 page 5(a)

56 b) school colours color t.b.a.

Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):035(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 5(b)

b 57 54 55 the butter exchange to play the Moulsaybaysse, |||aYunker wanked to war a-writing off his phoney||a| color t.b.a.

Note: Butter Exchange Band, Dublin. Song, ‘Marsellaise’. French moule: mussel; bouillabaisse: boiled, soupy fish dinner. Song, ‘Yankee Doodle went to London, riding on a pony’.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):035(c),

FW Sheet 5 page 6

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-218 JJA 61:292

FW Sheet 5 page 6(a)

86 83 Weeping |aLarry Lorcan Buta| color t.b.a.

Note: Saint Lorcan (Laurence) O'Toole, patron saint of Dublin.
FW Sheet 5 page 6(b)

meatierites forces vegatearians color t.b.a.

Note: Meat-eaters versus vegetarians.
FW Sheet 5 page 6(c)

Dc 72 pronolan) fairhead on foulshoulders color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 6(d)

average temperature color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:107(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 6(e)

79 notes) by our soundings in the swash Channels land is due color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:113(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 6(f)

lop off froth color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:116(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 6(g)

meeting of the waitresses color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 6(h)

84 I was drunk all lost life |aafoula| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:122(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 6(i)

b) J I wear his colours color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.03:124(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 6(j)

b) Some psychical exorcise! color t.b.a.

Note: See also: Sheet v-13(d). Psychic exorcism. Physical exercise.
FW Sheet 5 page 6(k)

85 1st spikesman color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:128(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 6(l)

85 this is my awethorrorty color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:128(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 6(m)

85 Black Pig's Dyke color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:129(i)

FW Sheet 5 page 7

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-218v JJA 61:293

FW Sheet 5 page 7(a)

Dccolor t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 7(b)

85 whistling into a bo bone color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:131(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 7(c)

a paterpatrum & filius familias color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:138(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 7(d)

72) — this letter selfpenned to one's other, this neverperfect everplanned, / — this nonday diary, this allnights newseryreel color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:159(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 7(e)

73 Statement) saxy looters color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 7(f)

did they show the flag? color t.b.a.

Note: Not in final text. See also Sheet iii-66(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 7(g)

73 Yarak) Perce, pirce! Queck, quick! color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:159(m)
FW Sheet 5 page 7(h)

the allies, sallies, central power color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:166(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 7(i)

73 |ain middenista| in this wireless age any owl rooster can pick up bostons color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:167(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 7(j)

which I am writing in my mepetition color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:167(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 7(k)

70 of no sangnificance at all? color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:172(c)

FW Sheet 5 page 8

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-219 JJA 61: 294

FW Sheet 5 page 8(a)

Dccolor t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 8(b)

84 a Gael galled by scheme of scorn? / — Sangnifying nothing. Mock color t.b.a.

Note: A tale told of Shem or Shaun.
FW Sheet 5 page 8(c)

73 deltic |adwilight (diva) v. supraa| color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 8(d)

|ap 87 / cads in togsa| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:168(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 8(e)

85 language this [allsfare] for the loathe of Mauses ambiviolent about it (will 2 or swed) color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:172(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 8(f)

85 |adiversea| intertidal instants color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:173(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 8(g)

(dancing) the Vice color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:174(n)
FW Sheet 5 page 8(h)

75 Synamite is too good for them color t.b.a.

Note: Dynamite.
FW Sheet 5 page 8(i)

74 he |av symp on mya| annaversaty |adutya| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:175(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 8(j)

|aHer sheick to slave his dick to Dave & the fat of the land for Guygasa| color t.b.a.

Note: Gyges: Lydian king of fabulous wealth.
FW Sheet 5 page 8(k)

your time of immersion color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:177(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 8(l)

watershed color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:177(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 8(m)

my windward eyes color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:177(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 8(n)

75 traumaturgic color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:178(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 8(o)

— Telleth it aye the treeth? / — Musha musha of a m. m. ness / — And the steyn, what stetes it meining? / — Tod, tod too hard parter. color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:180(o)

FW Sheet 5 page 9

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-219v JJA 61:295

FW Sheet 5 page 9(a)

N Dcolor t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 9(b)

83 |apunka| — It is the conversioning of antelithal paganelles by the continuation of a roaring calvinist / — I believe you |apleasablea| color t.b.a.

Note: Circumconversion: rotation. Antelithic: pre-Stone-age. Mount Paganella, Italy. ALP. Conversion of pagans by Roman Catholics. Credo.
FW Sheet 5 page 9(c)

83 the quicker |athe deaf the deefa| |aThe softer the saya| color t.b.a.

Note: II Timothy 4:1—the quick and the dead.
FW Sheet 5 page 9(d)

we are still in drought 11.32 color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:186(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 9(e)

Is that answer? It am, queery? color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 9(f)

75 Mr Eelwhipper |awipe hima| color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 9(g)

She So she lent him ear to burrow his |aname manhooda| (or so it appierce) & borrow his name? / — Primus auriforasti me. / — You've |asuch a way soft a saya| with ye, Flatter O'Ford that, honey, I hurdley chew ye. color t.b.a.

Note: Or so it appears. Latin primus auriforasti me: you first earpierced me. Song, Father O'Flynn, lines—Och! Father O'Flynn, you've the wonderful way wid you. Song, Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye!.

FW Sheet 5 page 10

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-222 JJA 61:296

FW Sheet 5 page 10(a)

Dccolor t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 10(b)

91 — |aBut Asa| now any [bomprinse's] |asure bounda| to get up her. / — |aIf he just So hea| pool her beg & |aberth [bynie]a| on her butt color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:199(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 10(c)

94 tetralogue |alast line for shadowa| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:211(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 10(d)

71 (the shadow) Jake Jones |a [Ham & Haushen]a| color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 10(e)

pantomime Edwin O'Hamilton Christy color t.b.a.

Note: See also Sheet v-12(g). Edwin Hamilton, wrote libretti for the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, famous for its Christmas pantomimes.
FW Sheet 5 page 10(f)

|alottery cana| fender, a product of Hostages & Co, Engineers color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:215(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 10(g)

89 Easthouse) 'wee chatty' with our hosty in his comfy estaby color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 10(h)

72) |adreamsa| would he were even among the lost color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:217(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 10(i)

83 foot) Annabella livabella pullabella. Yep? ~ color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 10(j)

~ Yup. Like Tugboy Tollerton in S. Sabina's color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:220(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 10(k)

Romunculous Remus plying the rape color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:220(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 10(l)

76 H he can't be bothered |ahe maun wakeda| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:225(a)

FW Sheet 5 page 11

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-222v JJA 61:297

FW Sheet 5 page 11(a)

Dccolor t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 11(b)

Where a romghum coloric / licked (kickalicked) a crispin / |||asuchalicked suckaliste||a| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.03:258(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 11(c)

Extinct your vulcanology |aaa| color t.b.a.

Note: Moved to Sheet v-11(e) below. See also VI.C.15:129(b) and VI.C.15:129(g)
Original notebook: VI.C.03:280(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 11(d)

74 It's you not me's in erupting, / hecklar. ~ color t.b.a.

Note: See also VI.C.15:129(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 11(e)

~ |aHeavencry at earthcall?a| Etnat atos? |aaa||aExtinct your / vulcanology for the lava of [Moltees]a| color t.b.a.

Note: Partly from Sheet v-11(c) above. See also VI.C.15:129(b) and VI.C.15:129(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 11(f)


FW Sheet 5 page 11(g)

87 200 genuflections color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:013(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 11(h)

choreopiscopally color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:013(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 11(i)

|awith hisa|color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 12

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-223 JJA 61:298

FW Sheet 5 page 12(a)

Dccolor t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 12(b)

87 after telling mass color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 12(c)

83 — Silks apeel & sulks alusty? / — Boy and giddle, gape and smile color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 12(d)

Marcus of Corrig color t.b.a.

Note: ?Corrig Avenue, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin.
FW Sheet 5 page 12(e)

dan prancing round the aria the palsied old priamite with his fiftytwo heirs of age color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:004(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 12(f)

pantaloonade / pantatonic affection affliction affixion / The pantaloonium in his blood coming up? ~ color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:006(n)
FW Sheet 5 page 12(g)

~ — Out of Prisky the priamite / home from the |apartaloonade of thea| Gaiety color t.b.a.

Note: See also Sheet v-10(e)

FW Sheet 5 page 13

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-207 JJA 61:281

FW Sheet 5 page 13(a)

D p.40 from bastardtitle to fatherjohnson color t.b.a.

Note: See also: repeated on Sheet v-3(e). Bastard: an abbreviated title printed on the page preceeding the title page.
Note: See also Sheet v-03(e) above.
Original notebook: N47 (VI.B.40):027(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 13(b)

Dc) your uncles? Your gullet! color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 13(c)

Db 40 not walk with Duke Humphrey color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 13(d)

Db 38 exorcise color t.b.a.

Note: See also: Sheet v-06(j)
Original notebook: VI.C.02:085(n)
FW Sheet 5 page 13(e)

Db 40 posht color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:081(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 13(f)

Db 40 overdressed, underclothed color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:090(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 13(g)

Db 40 name on a pie color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:103(b)

FW Sheet 5 page 14

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-183 JJA 61:258

FW Sheet 5 page 14(a)

Db by ear color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 14(b)

breezed color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:211(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 14(c)

D stereotypewriter color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.02:212(m)
FW Sheet 5 page 14(d)

Db 37 inordinately clad color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:213(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 14(e)

Db 56 think himself into 4th dimension color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:214(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 14(f)

Db 60 Numerous are those who color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:214(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 14(g)

Da Eusebian homily canon color t.b.a.

Note: EHC. Eusebius' Canons harmonised the Gospels.
Original notebook: VI.C.02:217(m)
FW Sheet 5 page 14(h)

Db 41 if you get into trouble with a party you are not likely to forget his appearance color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:218(m), VI.C.02:219(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 14(i)

Db 43 shrieking beauties color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Note: 200.01 and 541.30 units entered too early
Original notebook: VI.C.02:224(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 14(j)

Dc) last Thundersday color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:224(m)
FW Sheet 5 page 14(k)

Dc weekeed vowelglide color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:226(h), VI.C.02:226(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 14(l)

Da you (I beg your pardon) thou — you — color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:227(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 14(m)

Dd 137 If I |amight dursta| to express the hope how I might be able to be present color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 15

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-211 JJA 61:285

FW Sheet 5 page 15(a)

Dc) tumblers bearing traces of fresh porter color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:242(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 15(b)

Da) toothpick tact color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:243(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 15(c)

Dc) prophesied ([poet]) color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:256(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 15(d)

Db) drawing manure over it color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:265(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 15(e)

D 60 because not there at all color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:266(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 15(f)

Dc) drinking gaily away 2 hours after closing time color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:266(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 15(g)

Dc) gone to Switzerland for his lungs color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:267(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 15(h)

Db 47 would-do performer color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.02:267(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 15(i)

Dc) a rumbling catharic color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.02:269(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 15(j)

Db 42) |aUp Rosemiry Lean you wos, wos you?a| Paternoster rod color t.b.a.

Note: Rosemary Lane, Dublin. Paternoster Road, London.
Original notebook: VI.C.02:270(o)
FW Sheet 5 page 15(k)


FW Sheet 5 page 15(l)

Da) nauseating gallowface color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:001(d), VI.C.05:001(f)

FW Sheet 5 page 16

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-216 JJA 61:290

FW Sheet 5 page 16(a)

Dd) Little does she realise color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:001(m)
FW Sheet 5 page 16(b)

Dc) She'll succumb color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:002(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 16(c)

Dc) Balaclava color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:002(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 16(d)

Dc) voyeurs & consinants color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:003(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 16(e)

Dd) business ladies color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:003(o)
FW Sheet 5 page 16(f)

Dd) facetowels color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:004(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 16(g)

Dc) Rose |aLancaster Lankestera| Blanche Yorke color t.b.a.

Note: Wars of the Roses—Lancasrer (red) v. York (white). Blanche of Lancaster was the mother of Henry IV.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:004(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 16(h)

Dc) I wish you wouldn't color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Note: cf. FW 517.27 (element in basetext this draft level)
Original notebook: VI.C.05:004(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 16(i)

Da) making a lubbard change his stops color t.b.a.

Note: Leopard change his spots.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:005(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 16(j)

Db) Reconstruct color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Note: cf. FW 515.22 (element in basetext this draft level)
Original notebook: VI.C.05:005(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 16(k)

Db) Fitzadam & You Every color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:005(m)
FW Sheet 5 page 16(l)

Dd) hedges maiden fern color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:006(b)

FW Sheet 5 page 17

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-212 JJA 61:286

FW Sheet 5 page 17(a)

Db 51 do the loving color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:007(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 17(b)

Dd 138 prickly heat feeling color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:011(p)
FW Sheet 5 page 17(c)

Dd 137 note) a rush frail color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:012(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 17(d)

Dc) are you trying to be comicker than Danty? color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:013(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 17(e)

Dc 94 Byrnesen color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:013(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 17(f)

Dc 93 receives maternal sanction color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:013(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 17(g)

Dc 82) She has kissed me more that once, I am sorry to say and if I did commit gladollelery may the lewd forgive color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:014(h),
FW Sheet 5 page 17(h)

82) clapping hands in a feeble sort of way color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:016(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 17(i)

72) I never want to see more of bad men but color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:016(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 17(j)

71 Remember, sod, thou must |adie liea| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:017(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 17(k)

|a& Squintina plies favours on us for her — — & zozimus the crowder sues us with softwister. Here are gantletsa| color t.b.a.

Note: Zozimus, a wandering Dublin bard and beggar. Southwester: a hat, also a wind. Crwth: a bowed lyre (Welsh). Gantlets: gauntlets.

FW Sheet 5 page 18

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-193 JJA 61:267

FW Sheet 5 page 18(a)

Dc 64 in land of lions' odour? color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:018(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 18(b)

Dc 65 gave tongue & color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:019(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 18(c)

Dc 137 as we say in the long book color t.b.a.

Note: Songbook.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:020(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 18(d)

Dd) Plentifolks Mixymost color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:021(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 18(e)

|a— Me Ecclsa| color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 18(f)

Da) it just seemed the natural thing to do color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:023(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 18(g)

Db 137 note) his influx color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:023(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 18(h)

Da) like into the mike color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:024(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 18(i)

Dc 87 cat washing his ears color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:027(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 18(j)

Dc 84 ultra vires, void & in fact unnecessarily so color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:029(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 18(k)

Db 58 to run down his easting color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:029(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 18(l)

Dc 64 tetrahedral color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:030(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 18(m)

Dc 89 the fog (ass) follow you all color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:030(c)

FW Sheet 5 page 19

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-195 JJA 61:269

FW Sheet 5 page 19(a)

Db 44 to ascertain the facts for himself color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:032(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 19(b)

Db 37 left to right party comprises color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:032(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 19(c)

Dc 88 give me fair play color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:033(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 19(d)

Dc 85 — Did you do anything to him when you rolled together up the ditch together? / — No, he had his teeth in the back of my head color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:034(c),
FW Sheet 5 page 19(e)

Db 58 with the odds altogether in his favour of tumbling into the sea color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:036(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 19(f)

Db 58 on the air color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:038(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 19(g)

Da) headfire = thought color t.b.a.

Note: In text merged with the notorious Hellfire Club in the Dublin Mountians.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:040(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 19(h)

Dd 131 house of the circulation of mead color t.b.a.

Note: Teach Miodhchuarta [Ir.: house of the circulation of mead]: the Banqueting Hall at Tara.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:041(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 19(i)

Dc 82) semidemihemisphere color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:042(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 19(j)

Db 58 prepared to curse him should he fall but to cheer him should he leap color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:042(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 19(k)

Dd 137 notes) my sire color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:045(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 19(l)

Db) till voiceburst color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:047(e)

FW Sheet 5 page 20

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-189 JJA 61:264

FW Sheet 5 page 20(a)

Dc 94 Monganson color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:047(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 20(b)

Dd 137 his lofts will be loosed for her & the tumblers broadcast color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:048(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 20(c)

Db 42) I'll have it in for you color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:052(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 20(d)

|aWittollwurst Waddlewursta|, the bag of tow As broad above as he is below |av. blancmangea| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:052(i),
FW Sheet 5 page 20(e)

Dc 84 drinking unsteadily color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:053(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 20(f)

Db 52) he talks to himself, imitating everybody color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:055(i), VI.C.05:055(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 20(g)

Dd 133 a monitress color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:055(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 20(h)

Db 52) loather & lover color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:056(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 20(i)

catkins of April color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
FW Sheet 5 page 20(j)

Dd 142) the thing must be stopped color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:058(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 20(k)

Db 36 Danish spoken color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:060(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 20(l)

Dc 94 |a[the improvable]a| my wealth made possible color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:060(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 20(m)

Dd 140 voucher copy provided color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:061(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 20(n)

Db) don't be annoyed with me / war color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:061(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 20(o)

|a|||bthe plang of Campan & blurty enough to the devil ere From the Molochy wars to the devil era||b|a| color t.b.a.

Note: Plan of campaign. Eamonn De Valera, architect of the Free State. See also Sheet iv-22(f).

FW Sheet 5 page 21

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-184 JJA 61:259

FW Sheet 5 page 21(a)

Da) I was born too soon or too late color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:062(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 21(b)

Dd 133 limb of the Lord color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:063(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 21(c)

Db 52) my boyish bob color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:063(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 21(d)

Db 35 to utter uttering mass |afor a cappall of chestnutsa| color t.b.a.

Note: Irish capal: horse.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:064(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 21(e)

Dd 133 the holy policeman color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:064(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 21(f)

|ais stilla| shadow show color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Note: cf. FW 565.14 (element in basetext this draft level; entered at draft 5)
Original notebook: VI.C.05:065(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 21(g)

Dd) am I all you dreamed? color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:065(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 21(h)

Db) for taking the sigh out of sciatica color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:065(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 21(i)

Db 48 woolly's throat color t.b.a.

Note: Holy Ghost.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:068(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 21(j)

Dc) neither garments color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:069(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 21(k)

Dc Db 46 Big gillaroo redfellow trout color t.b.a.

Note: See Sheets iii-26(d).
Original notebook: VI.C.05:069(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 21(l)

Db Dc after the demobbed |awara| words color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:070(c)

FW Sheet 5 page 22

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-217 JJA 61:291

FW Sheet 5 page 22(a)

Db 43 pud (foot) color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:070(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(b)

Dc 85 after some clever play in the mud color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:071(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(c)

Dd 137 sidesman color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:073(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(d)

Dd 137 perfect weather prevailing color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:075(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(e)

Da 82) keeping out of crime color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:078(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(f)

Dc) hold a watching brief |aa witching longinga| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:078(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(g)

Dc 88 Dove and Raven Tavern at Chapelizod. |aUp, Jubilee [sol]!a| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:083(d), VI.C.05:083(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(h)

Da) by my illwishers color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:084(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(i)

Da) my vocation color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:084(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(j)

Da) obnoxious wretch color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:087(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(k)

Db) tons of donkeys color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:087(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(l)

Dc 75 A will confess his sins color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:088(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(m)

Db 75 A What about his age, says you? What about it, says I color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:088(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(n)

Db 42) see to it. It's up to you color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:088(g), VI.C.05:089(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(o)

Dc 75 associated with tinkers color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:089(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 22(p)

Da 47 well, I must sing color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:254(b)

FW Sheet 5 page 23

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-200 JJA 61:274

FW Sheet 5 page 23(a)

Db 42) buckets of wrath color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:089(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 23(b)

Dd 51 the mountain shadow of each of all of us color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:092(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 23(c)

Dd 142) royal |akinga| beaver & constant nymph color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:092(m)
FW Sheet 5 page 23(d)

Da) franking machine color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:093(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 23(e)

Db) to begin his biography in the middle color t.b.a.

Note: In text with Latin in medias res: in the midst of a subject.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:094(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 23(f)

Dd) she may think as morning comes it has happened her, you know what, as they too what I dare not utter color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:094(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 23(g)

Dc 77 story all improbable lies |aimpossible tissuea| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:094(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 23(h)

Dd 65 austers) the trailing of vixens color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:095(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 23(i)

Da) exhausted as winded hound color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:096(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 23(j)

Db) snipe drumming color t.b.a.

Note: A snipe is said to drum when, with its feathers, in nuptial flights it makes a strange kind of a humming noise.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:096(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 23(k)

Db) the |astultitude stultitiasa| we do in wine condone |afor those done in cold blood the ineptias made in water (I think)a| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:096(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 23(l)

Dd) one laughs in streams, in cascades with unbuttoned belly color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:097(a)

FW Sheet 5 page 24

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-198 JJA 61:272

FW Sheet 5 page 24(a)

Dc 86 in a manner which I must admit seems extraordinary color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:097(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 24(b)

Db 45 and the fox has broken at covert side |amaurdering rue a rue rue a rue what's broken from the coward sidea| color t.b.a.

Note: Irish madra rua: fox (‘red dog’). Couard, the hare in the Reynatd cycle. Covert (sheltering game).
Original notebook: VI.C.05:097(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 24(c)

Db 83 you pink me color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:099(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 24(d)

Dc 88 what harm wants but demands it color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:102(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 24(e)

Dc 90 How obliging) pon my sam color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:102(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 24(f)

Dc 90 leixlip) I will take you to task color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:103(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 24(g)

Db) as he yerked me under the ribs color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:103(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 24(h)

Dc 88 faith) no laughing matter color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:104(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 24(i)

Dd 138 What names are cut on trees color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:104(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 24(j)

Dc 88 hustler color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:106(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 24(k)

|a[Leinconnmun] / [leal stle suits men]a| color t.b.a.

Note: Leinster, Connacht, Munster [no Ulster].
FW Sheet 5 page 24(l)

Dc 82 They were) this representation does not accord with my experience S color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:107(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 24(m)

Dc 72 I get it) By hearing a thing one begins to think it may be true color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:107(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 24(n)

Db 41 carry fire and sword color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:107(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 24(o)

Db 54-5 who can secede his success color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:107(h)

FW Sheet 5 page 25

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-210 JJA 61:284

FW Sheet 5 page 25(a)

Dd 144 |aTaste the teaa| vested the character color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:108(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 25(b)

Db) like a ball lifted over the head of a deep field color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:109(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 25(c)

Db) , phonoscopically incurriosited color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:109(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 25(d)

Db 45 economy of movement color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:110(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 25(e)

|amakes for freedom of speeda| color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 25(f)

Dc) with perforated clothing color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:110(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 25(g)

outpassed hearts grow small with time color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:111(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 25(h)

Dd) I don't ask you to whistle cry golden or quote Hamlet color t.b.a.

Note: Actors' superstitions.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:112(b),
FW Sheet 5 page 25(i)

Dc 93 of eggshaped fusilage color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:113(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 25(j)

Dc 92) jump the railchairs as take them, just as you please color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:113(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 25(k)

Db 45 inquisitive color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:114(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 25(l)

Db) poleylogue color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:114(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 25(m)

Dc 79 Challengers Deed is childsplay to this color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:115(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 25(n)

Dc 62) far from being legless color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:116(b)

FW Sheet 5 page 26

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-201 JJA 61:275

FW Sheet 5 page 26(a)

Dc) where do you get that stuff color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:125(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 26(b)

Dc) I'd like to emphasise that color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:128(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 26(c)

Dc) stump (speak) color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:133(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 26(d)

Dd 142) Bang the Changes with Batter the Bolster color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:136(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 26(e)

Db 37 deceitful jade color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:136(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 26(f)

|alighta| color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
FW Sheet 5 page 26(g)

Dd 140 in the goods of the deceased |aCape & Chattertonea| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:136(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 26(h)

Db 55 to be had for the asking color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:137(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 26(i)

Dc) escape the gallows color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:137(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 26(j)

Db) a sharp girl color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:137(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 26(k)

Db 42) as the straphanger said color t.b.a.

Note: Strap-hanger: passenger on public transport.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:138(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 26(l)

Db 48 oddments in maids' costumes at sweeping reductions color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:138(c),
FW Sheet 5 page 26(m)

Db) springside boots color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:138(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 26(n)

Dc 44 that's the beauty of it color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:139(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 26(o)

Db 52) too perfectly priceless for words color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:140(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 26(p)

44 vocational school color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:140(i)

FW Sheet 5 page 27

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-204 JJA 61:278

FW Sheet 5 page 27(a)

|a50 to currya| color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 27(b)

Db 48 chestnut burrs color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:141(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(c)

Db 52) engine throttle color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:141(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(d)

Dc 43 petunia satin color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:142(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(e)

Db 45 complaint book color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:142(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(f)

Dd 56 mirthprovoker color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:143(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(g)

Db 44 Tar's baggy slacks color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:143(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(h)

Db) 333 days of gestation color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:143(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(i)

Dd 136 |aGrab that lesta| an accident occur |ais be nota| going to occur color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:144(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(j)

Dd) we were too happy. I knew something would happen color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:144(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(k)

Db) give back that stolen kiss color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:145(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(l)

Db) hank, hat, bag, pettipocket color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:145(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(m)

beneath the corsage bound color t.b.a.

Note: ?Carthage bound?
Original notebook: VI.C.05:145(n)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(n)

Db 137 master currier with brassard |a'twasa| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:144(j), VI.C.05:146(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(o)

Da) my belly no belong sick color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:147(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(p)

Dc) the lectionary color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:148(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 27(q)

Dc) sat on a tuffet color t.b.a.

Note: Little Miss Muffet.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:148(g)

FW Sheet 5 page 28

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-194 JJA 61:268

FW Sheet 5 page 28(a)

|aUrn for fresh lachrymes, / do / dootha| color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
FW Sheet 5 page 28(b)

Dd 137 Suircoat color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:149(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(c)

Dc 57 dished |ahis tears allarmsa| away. |aTry!a| color t.b.a.

Note: ?Italian allarme: alarm.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:150(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(d)

Dd 137 it gives furiously to think color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:150(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(e)

Da) brains of a cabbage color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:151(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(f)

Da) kick his reflection color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:151(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(g)

Da) whizzling color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:153(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(h)

Dd 137 [?]entrained & detrained color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:154(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(i)

joyboy color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:158(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(j)

Dc 94 a final bullet to remove all doubt color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:160(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(k)

Db 52) except for her cattiness color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:161(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(l)

Dd) druggeterd stains color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:163(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(m)

Db 57 hoodies color t.b.a.

Note: Hoodies: hooded crows.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:164(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(n)

Db 55 your honour color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:173(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(o)

stormcrested crowcock & undulant hair color t.b.a.

  • FW 468.30
  • 2010
  • 1939
  • MS BL 47486b-402
  • JJA 61:423 III§2C13+'
Original notebook: VI.C.05:160(b), VI.C.05:167(o), VI.C.05:176(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 28(p)

Db 51 six foot three color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:177(b)

FW Sheet 5 page 29

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-209 JJA 61:283

FW Sheet 5 page 29(a)

|a72 mighty surea| color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 29(b)

Dc) O my dear sir! color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:178(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 29(c)

Da) append my signature color t.b.a.

Note: In text with mark (as signature) and author, Mark Twain.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:178(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 29(d)

Db 60 |aere he |bretourned retourneyedb|a| postexilic color t.b.a.

Note: Return. Journey.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:178(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 29(e)

Dc) among the reticents of G color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:184(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 29(f)

Dc 73 held = arrested color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:184(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 29(g)

Dc) booms of bombs color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:189(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 29(h)

Dd 131 strawberry bedspread color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:192(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 29(i)

Dc 72) I wronged you color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:201(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 29(j)

Db) returned to his cure color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:201(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 29(k)

Dc 71 a bottle of the best color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:202(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 29(l)

Dc 73 pro boor color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:204(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 29(m)

Dc 86 — But it was only that childbearer might sidesplit? / — Only. color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:205(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 29(n)

Dc) has more doits than an old dog has fleas color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:205(g), VI.C.05:205(h)

FW Sheet 5 page 30

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-188 JJA 61:263

FW Sheet 5 page 30(a)

Db 56 ruffle her color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:213(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(b)

Db) gigive me oft

Original notebook: VI.C.05:215(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(c)

Da) uttered a letter color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:216(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(d)

Dd) duodecimal color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:216(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(e)

Db) howling for peace color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:217(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(f)

Dc 94 with his shoes upon his shoulders |a'twas most trying to beholders when he upped their fell a [frullatullepleats] with our warninga| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:217(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(g)

Dd 145 fomor |a([fram roggus])a| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:217(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(h)

Da) my scruples color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:217(k)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(i)

Db 52) masterthief of hearts color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:218(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(j)

Db) vapid |aviper vilesta| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:219(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(k)

Db) pretty knocks color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:220(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(l)

Dd 143 the cowslip |ayillowa| yellow |ayallowa| one |afurry vauvre / roe, a row / a rowa| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:220(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(m)

Da) heavenly blank color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:221(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(n)

Da) plunge myself into the crater of some noted volcano color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:222(h), VI.C.05:222(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(o)

Da) pueblos color t.b.a.

Note: Spanish pueblo: people.
Original notebook: VI.C.05:222(m)
FW Sheet 5 page 30(p)

Da) hates whom he confessed to color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Note: cf. FW 463.17f which derives from N12 (VI.B.14):024(a).
Original notebook: VI.C.05:225(g)

FW Sheet 5 page 31

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-187 JJA 61:262

FW Sheet 5 page 31(a)

Dd 142) Boniface & Bonnyfeatures color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:228(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(b)

Db 52 ahim (that's the stupidest little cough) color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:229(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(c)

Dc 92) all the difference in Ireland between us color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:229(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(d)

Dc 93 |auniformication ofa| young persons color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:229(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(e)

Db 40 the divine's comedy index color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:231(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(f)

Da) grossly unselfish color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:231(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(g)

Dd 142) the basal curse color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:233(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(h)

Da 37 well dressed tart |a[cromeral glory]a| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:235(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(i)

Dd 151 cert color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:235(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(j)

Da) in sickself color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:236(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(k)

Dd 151 whose name is barred whose head is hooded color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:236(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(l)

Db 37 love lead by the nose color t.b.a.

Note: In sense of odour (pheronomes).
Original notebook: VI.C.05:241(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(m)

Db) I foresmell color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:241(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(n)

Dd 137 hoisted color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:241(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 31(o)

Db 48 gobble gabble color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:241(g)

FW Sheet 5 page 32

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-199 JJA 61:273

FW Sheet 5 page 32(a)

Dd 137 notes) |aarras fullbelowa|

FW Sheet 5 page 32(b)

Dd 137 notes) great big King color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:242(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 32(c)

Db 40 censor color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
. Not 476.30 (in draft at this level)
Original notebook: VI.C.05:243(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 32(d)

Db) well over or about 40 color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:244(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 32(e)

Db 56 courting cousins color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:244(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 32(f)

Db) yankeedoodle went to war color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:245(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 32(g)

Dd 137 oddsbones color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:247(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 32(h)

Db 56 kiss him from me color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:249(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 32(i)

Db 40 keep it to yourself color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:250(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 32(j)

Dd 134 gave some 1st choice sweets fished out of the muck five times color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:250(b), VI.C.05:251(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 32(k)

Da) imitating me color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:251(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 32(l)

Dd 142) corsair coupled with his [dame] color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 32(m)


FW Sheet 5 page 32(n)

Dc 72 Chiel) idealist leading a double life color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:026(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 32(o)

Dc 82 Thom) fishy stories color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:027(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 32(p)

Da) truthful T color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:027(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 32(q)

Db 52) tidies her hair color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:027(l)

FW Sheet 5 page 33

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-186 JJA 61:261

FW Sheet 5 page 33(a)

|ared in Rossia greep in Finn he is in all for wages of whobottle Him courtship undid, refuse of no fewer than a meissed to female hima| color t.b.a.

Note: Red in Russia; green in Finland.
FW Sheet 5 page 33(b)

Db 55 went black in Spain color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.05:258(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(c)

Dc) nosemoney color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Note: cf. 1939 edition: 529.10 (element in basetext this draft level)
Original notebook: VI.C.05:258(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(d)

Dd 142) nazel nose & rivermouth color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:261(n)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(e)

Dd 137 |athat stauncha| Thorsman color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:273(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(f)

Da) murthers of Good, color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:274(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(g)

Da) posthumous color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:275(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(h)

Db 38 collide with man color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:276(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(i)

Db 51 so distant color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:277(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(j)

Db 58 wage of battle color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.05:278(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(k)


FW Sheet 5 page 33(l)

Dd 136 with blade drawn to the full color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:001(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(m)

Dd 133 her bare name with [tellt] it color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:001(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(n)

Db 58 for my courtship is winded color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.06:001(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(o)

Db 58 refused no fewer that 3 female brides color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:001(m)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(p)

Db 38 clandestinely color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:002(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 33(q)

|acalling calling / calling bodya| color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated

FW Sheet 5 page 34

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-214 JJA 61:288

FW Sheet 5 page 34(a)

Db 58 the marrying hand |athat his leisure repents ofa| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:003(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(b)

Dc 82) — was there an arch of the covenant so / — You bet color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:003(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(c)

Dc) the human historic brute color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:003(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(d)

Dc 83 you are making your thunderous mistake color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 34(e)

tropes |aresult of you are in or his troops are ina| difficulty. |aHow many troopersa| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:004(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(f)

Dc 83 no lie) shapeless hat |ahe was wardeya| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:004(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(g)

Da 42 had dates with W C in particular hotels color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:008(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(h)

Db 39 |aTalker go back &a| the local busybody color t.b.a.

Note: Irish go bráth: till Judgement Day.
Original notebook: VI.C.06:008(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(i)

Db) O Brasel abu! color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:009(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(j)

Dd) I came, I kissed |akisheda|, I conquered color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:009(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(k)

Db) puppy youth color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.06:010(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(l)

Db) his scaly skin color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:011(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(m)

Dd) the old country color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:011(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(n)

Db 48 tol lol color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Note: FW 525.05 (III:3A.10+) derives from N47 (VI.B.40):132(a)
Original notebook: VI.C.06:012(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(o)

Db) a man of the O'Harts color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:012(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 34(p)

|amy [??] & I've chaps inclined toa|

FW Sheet 5 page 34(q)

Db 58 coupled as close as can be color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Note: See Sheet iii-09(e) for FW 417.20f (III:1C.9)
Original notebook: VI.C.06:013(c), VI.C.06:013(d)

FW Sheet 5 page 35

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-213 JJA 61:287

FW Sheet 5 page 35(a)

Dd) use the laneway color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:013(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 35(b)

Dc 72 I get it) for a certain color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 35(c)

Db 56 can you reverse change position color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:015(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 35(d)

Db) whispered offers color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:015(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 35(e)

Dc) mercury dived color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.06:016(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 35(f)

Db) for your information color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:017(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 35(g)

Db) louse |aoura| national emblem color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:018(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 35(h)

Da) do a rash act and pitch myself in, clogs, canteen & all color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:019(b), VI.C.06:019(c)
FW Sheet 5 page 35(i)

Db 35 a most picturesque prelate color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:019(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 35(j)

Da) Saint Peat color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.06:021(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 35(k)

42) her stocking cap (Hessians) color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.06:023(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 35(l)

Db 42) was about picking up ideas color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:023(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 35(m)

Da) like a bad attack of maggot color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:025(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 35(n)

Db 37 after having |asaid sata| your poetries & I know what happens when chine throws over jupan color t.b.a.

Note: China, Japan.

FW Sheet 5 page 36

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-215 JJA 61:289

FW Sheet 5 page 36(a)

Da) utterly spent color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:035(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(b)

Db) healing music color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:041(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(c)

Db 37 vice crusader color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:041(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(d)

Db 37 fingerpats color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:042(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(e)

Dc) epic struggle color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:042(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(f)

Db 37 pair of pulldoons |afrom ofa| an old curiosity |ashop shapea| color t.b.a.

Note: Charles Dickens, The Old Curiosity Shop.
Original notebook: VI.C.06:045(b), VI.C.06:046(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(g)

|ahis hat blew off when he broke his necka| color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
FW Sheet 5 page 36(h)

Db) have a hug color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:048(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(i)

Dd) grand slam |||aand fall of the trick||a| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:052(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(j)

Db 52) I understand color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:052(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(k)

Db 52) I confesh color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:053(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(l)

Dc) as yours or mine color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:053(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(m)

Da) such rot color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.06:053(m)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(n)

Dc) really sweet filly color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:054(m)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(o)

Dc) fub fishy color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:054(f), VI.C.06:055(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(p)

Da) Tis trope color t.b.a.

Note: 'Tis tripe. French trop.
Original notebook: VI.C.06:055(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 36(q)

Da) custodian saint color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:056(c)

FW Sheet 5 page 37

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-192 JJA 61:266

FW Sheet 5 page 37(a)

Dc 88 shouted a few color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:056(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(b)

Dc) stole her tights color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:056(j)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(c)

Db) remain at home & drink stout color t.b.a.

  • FW unlocated
Original notebook: VI.C.06:057(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(d)

Da) thank the Bench color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:057(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(e)

Db 56 Yet am I amourist of him color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:057(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(f)

Dc 82) Steals pawns belches & is a curse color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:058(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(g)

Dc 85 that hw wd kill all the Kanes color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:062(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(h)

Dd 143 pinguid color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:064(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(i)

Dd 137 all the peeple color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:066(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(j)

Dc 91 go in the deep place color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:067(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(k)

Dc 84 disemvowelled color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:067(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(l)

Dd 143 great gas fun |aa begging cornera| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:068(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(m)

Dd 145 the matter is a troublous & a penilous color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:068(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(n)

Dc 72) concluded her dead color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:068(n)
FW Sheet 5 page 37(o)

Db 44 doing slums color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:071(c)

FW Sheet 5 page 38

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-208 JJA 61:282

FW Sheet 5 page 38(a)

Dc) pings & mush color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:073(c), VI.C.06:073(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 38(b)

Da) illegible clergyman color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:079(l)
FW Sheet 5 page 38(c)

Da) who feraxiously shed eggs color t.b.a.

Note: Latin ferax: fruitful.
Original notebook: VI.C.06:082(c), VI.C.06:082(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 38(d)

Da) to complete a white paper color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:084(n)
FW Sheet 5 page 38(e)

Db) Tris. '56 color t.b.a.

Note: ‘56’ refers to page number in set of Book III transitions
Original notebook: VI.C.06:086(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 38(f)

Dc) you bloody scaliger! color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:086(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 38(g)

Da) the 100th lettered name Thor lost word of perfect language color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:097(b), VI.C.06:097(l), VI.C.06:097(m)
FW Sheet 5 page 38(h)

Da) hapsoloosely kidding! color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:104(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 38(i)

Da) scapesheep color t.b.a.

Note: Scapegoat. Sheep.
Original notebook: VI.C.06:118(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 38(j)

Da 137 |awitha| ghimbelling on the guelflinks |a& yerking over the [lawncastrum]a| color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:136(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 38(k)

Da) throwing dust in eyes of Holy Father color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:141(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 38(l)

Da) he used to be avowdeed & he ought to be vitandust color t.b.a.

Note: Avoided. Avowtried. Latin evitandus: to be avoided.
Original notebook: VI.C.06:158(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 38(m)

Db 41 Figlius Nullius color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:167(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 38(n)

Dc) after hearing some more smutt & chaff between them color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:173(a)

FW Sheet 5 page 39

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-190 JJA 61:265

FW Sheet 5 page 39(a)

Dc 90 your otherwise accurate account color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:173(e)
FW Sheet 5 page 39(b)

Db 39 what has that caught to do sing with him color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 39(c)

Dd 137 bikeygels & troikakyls and those puny farting. little rolleros. The cat self shall cease to stretch him & come abroad for what the blink is to be seen. A ruber, a rancher, a fullvide, a veri-/dust, & as ceredulous behind as he was before behind a damson of a sloe cooch. Mbv! color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:180(g), VI.C.06:180(h), VI.C.06:181(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 39(d)

Db 36 his assistance color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:190(b)
FW Sheet 5 page 39(e)

Db 49 till |aDeath Bouncer [Naster]a| raps on the bell with a bone and his stinkers stack behind him with sceptre & hourglass color t.b.a.

Note: Traditional representation of Death, with sceptre and hourglass.
Original notebook: VI.C.06:195(c), VI.C.06:195(d)

FW Sheet 5 page 40

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-205 JJA 61:279

FW Sheet 5 page 40(a)

Db) I will have my humours color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:197(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 40(b)

Db 51 and thanks ever so many for the ten with nothing at all on color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:199(c), VI.C.06:199(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 40(c)

Db 39 moustache teaser color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:216(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 40(d)

52 you may be certain |aof thata|, fluff color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:220(e), VI.C.06:220(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 40(e)

Db 52 how I know how to tackle color t.b.a.

FW Sheet 5 page 40(f)

any tickular girl color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:223(h)
FW Sheet 5 page 40(g)

Db 43 so skelp you budd & kiss the hurt color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:224(f)
FW Sheet 5 page 40(h)

Db 52 & hug my nearest next myself color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:229(i)
FW Sheet 5 page 40(i)

Dc) the musked belle of the masked ball color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:240(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 40(j)

Db 40 |abefore mya| upperotic rogister color t.b.a.

Note: Operatic register. Erotic.
Original notebook: VI.C.06:241(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 40(k)

Da) reckless walking color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:246(d)
FW Sheet 5 page 40(l)

Db 40 no cheekacheek & chitterchatter, you &* your last mashboy and the padre in the pulpbox enumerating |ayoua| his nostrums color t.b.a.

Note: Cheeky, cheek-to-cheek chit chat. Massboy; mash (sweetheart); pulpit; nostrum (quack remedy).
Original notebook: VI.C.06:252(c)

FW Sheet 5 page 41

[Paris, 1935]
BL MS 47486a-196 JJA 61:270

FW Sheet 5 page 41(a)

Da) a might have been marconi color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:257(g)
FW Sheet 5 page 41(b)

56 bussing was before the blood & bissing will behind the curtain color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:258(a)
FW Sheet 5 page 41(c)

Da) (|aofa| switched up eggs |asay nothinga|) color t.b.a.

Original notebook: VI.C.06:bfv(a)