SD1 (VI.A, handwriting D, part 1): Paris

Facsimile edition: James Joyce Archive vol. 28, ed. Danis Rose.
Print edition: James Joyce's Scribbledehobble (Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 1961), ed. Thomas Connolly.
Manuscript: Buffalo VI.A 1-47, March 1931 Notebook details
SD1 (VI.A) page 1(a)

scribbledehobble, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 1(b)

I'm feeling so funny all over the same, all through a girl & I don't know her name, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 1(c)

goosey, Not cancelled

SD1 (VI.A) page 1(d)

nice bit of fluff ~ Blue

Note: Bit of fluff (slang): girl.
SD1 (VI.A) page 1(e)

~ on the shelf,

SD1 (VI.A) page 1(f)

smiled me a smile, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 1(g)

geste revàle l'inconnu, Blue

Note: See also: N42 (VI.B.31):bfr(d). French geste revèle l'inconnu: gesture reveals the unknown.
SD1 (VI.A) page 1(h)

Greeks believe thunderbolts form mines, gehinnon, sheol, unterwelt, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 1(i)


SD1 (VI.A) page 1(j)

gamaliel = teacher of Jesus,

SD1 (VI.A) page 1(k)

H claps at sermon,

SD1 (VI.A) page 1(l)

funny without being French,

SD1 (VI.A) page 1(m)

drunk again for a change,

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(a)

H ear of Dionysius, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(b)

play tinpan,

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(c)

new name when entering Islam, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(d)

they were on that sea 300 years, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(e)

get no good of her, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(f)

she's within, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(g)

leave off codding,

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(h)

there was a wish on him for spuds, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(i)


SD1 (VI.A) page 2(j)

semi-double octave

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(k)

Db 2nd class,

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(l)

3 waves of I = Thoth, Ruri, Cleeva, Blue

Note: Irish tonn Rudgraighe, tonn Tuaithe, tonn Chlíodhna: three of the ‘Four Waves of Ireland’ [points on the Irish coast].
SD1 (VI.A) page 2(m)

dogscare = nightmare 50 years after,

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(n)

most attractive kicking,

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(o)

add pearly teeth,

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(p)

truf trifid tongue, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 2(q)

coronach, Orange

Note: Irish corónach: funeral dirge.
SD1 (VI.A) page 2(r)

SP dove without gall, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 3(a)

dulcarnon = horned, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 3(b)

47th prop of Euclid or Alexander's 2 horn heads, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 3(c)

putty (colour),

SD1 (VI.A) page 3(d)

natural rejection, Orange

Note: Natural selection.
SD1 (VI.A) page 3(e)

to pulfer turnips, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 3(f)

when is Versailles going to be gone to, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 3(g)

spinney, Blue

Note: Spinney: a place full of thorns or brambles.
SD1 (VI.A) page 3(h)

scrawdy bacon,

SD1 (VI.A) page 3(i)


SD1 (VI.A) page 3(j)

stooks of sheaves,

SD1 (VI.A) page 3(k)

slave with bored ear,

SD1 (VI.A) page 3(l)

Sitric the Blind,

SD1 (VI.A) page 3(m)


SD1 (VI.A) page 3(n)

less a man than man, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 3(o)

scratch himself to death,

SD1 (VI.A) page 4(a)


SD1 (VI.A) page 4(b)

Let nothing make thee too regretful / Or fretful / Be still / Paul Fleming

SD1 (VI.A) page 4(c)

welldressed ideas, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 4(d)

stockyard whip,

SD1 (VI.A) page 4(e)

parthing ope,

SD1 (VI.A) page 4(f)

I hearsaid,

SD1 (VI.A) page 4(g)

tobacco is like the soul in sin, / fair without & foul within, / so think of that when you smoke tobacco,

SD1 (VI.A) page 4(h)

for how much would you walk to Barcola, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 4(i)

Florrie is the only girl I love,

SD1 (VI.A) page 4(j)

good milker, Orange

Note: MS only. The second usage taken from the first.
SD1 (VI.A) page 5(a)

lad under 10 stone,

SD1 (VI.A) page 5(b)

2 bullets entered his back,

SD1 (VI.A) page 5(c)

252 miles of streets, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 5(d)

not taking anything but claret,

SD1 (VI.A) page 5(e)

bu W. burns hairs on leg,

SD1 (VI.A) page 5(f)

devil lets bad men live because sure of them.

SD1 (VI.A) page 5(g)

W., pews in Locarno bank,

SD1 (VI.A) page 5(h)

seedfruit level, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 5(i)

pope on bicycle,

SD1 (VI.A) page 5(j)

made a god of his mouth,

SD1 (VI.A) page 5(k)

a musical man,

SD1 (VI.A) page 5(l)

fortyish, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 5(m)

go away & don't be silly, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 5(n)

I happen to know,

SD1 (VI.A) page 5(o)

a bit for the beast,

SD1 (VI.A) page 6(a)

great spoons,

SD1 (VI.A) page 6(b)

reeraw, Orange

whilst trying with pious clamour to wheedle Tipperaw raw raw reeraw puteters out of Now Sealand (see FW 111.01)

Source: James Joyce, “Work in Progress”, transition 5 (August 1927) 19
Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 6(c)

peajacket, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 6(d)

my hat, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 6(e)

cheer up, we'll soon be dead,

SD1 (VI.A) page 6(f)

W cleans ear hairpin,

SD1 (VI.A) page 6(g)

the special power priests have W,

SD1 (VI.A) page 6(h)

smokes a whole box of matches, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 6(i)

W the thing is, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 6(j)

Irish colleen in heaven sings Barney, take me home again, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 6(k)

selfmade world, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 6(l)

arschlochfinger gesicht,

SD1 (VI.A) page 6(m)

W go in twos ~ Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 7(a)

~ to doctor

SD1 (VI.A) page 7(b)

Is was a woman of 3 cows,

SD1 (VI.A) page 7(c)

where are they now,

SD1 (VI.A) page 7(d)

can that / sobstuff, Orange

Note: Can that sobstuff (American slang): cut out the sentimentality. This notebook unit was probably taken from, rather than being the source of, the same expression in FH-vii (NLI FH-1r), which see.
SD1 (VI.A) page 7(e)

T whinges, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 7(f)

O treasoro,

SD1 (VI.A) page 7(g)

sit in her lap, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 7(h)

Is reads on floor,

SD1 (VI.A) page 7(i)

don't point,

SD1 (VI.A) page 7(j)

sneakers, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 7(k)


SD1 (VI.A) page 7(l)

you can't believe a word he writes, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 7(m)

no meeting is as foreseen, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 7(n)

read serial in train, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 8(a)

H can't hear self eat

SD1 (VI.A) page 8(b)

H made of clippings, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 8(c)

D a lot of unexciting trousers, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 8(d)

that's all I've got to say,

SD1 (VI.A) page 8(e)

wholly probable (holy parable) Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 8(f)

not particularly,

SD1 (VI.A) page 8(g)

H never argues while eating,

SD1 (VI.A) page 8(h)

T reads his nails, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 8(i)

brought up on superlatives, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 8(j)

go to meet girl meet other marry, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 9(a)

giggly chair,

SD1 (VI.A) page 9(b)

H eats cap on head,

SD1 (VI.A) page 9(c)

ask W sense of word = 0, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 9(d)

annuals (flowers), Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 9(e)


SD1 (VI.A) page 9(f)

K salutes nun,

SD1 (VI.A) page 9(g)

D is saluted,

SD1 (VI.A) page 9(h)

James Barnacle, human clock,

SD1 (VI.A) page 9(i)

fiddle Nero,

SD1 (VI.A) page 9(j)

Tossy Madden, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 9(k)


SD1 (VI.A) page 9(l)

she bore my sufferings so patiently,

SD1 (VI.A) page 9(m)

fed on parrishes food,

SD1 (VI.A) page 10(a)

Skaal! by Hek!

SD1 (VI.A) page 10(b)

quid vobis videtur? Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 10(c)

extra omnes,

SD1 (VI.A) page 10(d)

golden bell,

SD1 (VI.A) page 10(e)

glorious name of Irish goose,

SD1 (VI.A) page 10(f)

H pissed a wall by three O'Ryans Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 10(g)

H likeness to A, Blue

  • FW unlocated
SD1 (VI.A) page 10(h)

burst out of his trousers with stupidity,

SD1 (VI.A) page 10(i)

church closed on Sunday,

SD1 (VI.A) page 10(j)

E all read same book,

SD1 (VI.A) page 10(k)

C navel

SD1 (VI.A) page 11(a)

D pargoleth,

SD1 (VI.A) page 11(b)

Hosty's ballad wrapt round a barrel,

SD1 (VI.A) page 11(c)

mì fa venìr la pénna d'oca,

SD1 (VI.A) page 11(d)

I trees too beautiful for her to listen, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 11(e)

put back watch, Blue

Note: Not in 1939 text.
SD1 (VI.A) page 11(f)

if you fall don't wait to get up,

SD1 (VI.A) page 11(g)

School for Stendhal,

SD1 (VI.A) page 11(h)

K afraid to phone & find a W in his room,

SD1 (VI.A) page 12(a)

I takes off shoes at her dinner, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 12(b)

T's whisper heard in Pekin, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 12(c)

what saying? Blue

Note: Entered by Sheet i-9(e)
SD1 (VI.A) page 12(d)

stitching them up,

SD1 (VI.A) page 12(e)

mon petit,

SD1 (VI.A) page 12(f)

she can move,

SD1 (VI.A) page 12(g)

jokes about false teeth,

SD1 (VI.A) page 12(h)

the way he walks with his legs

SD1 (VI.A) page 12(i)

C listens to hear his own mistakes, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 12(j)

Skeezy Lally good & tired,

SD1 (VI.A) page 12(k)

Kathleen's ~ Orange

Note: See also: SD1 (VI.A):013(a), continuation of this unit.
SD1 (VI.A) page 13(a)

~ mind a jackdaw's nest, Orange

Note: See also VI.C.13:003(h).
SD1 (VI.A) page 13(b)

J tears up letters Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 13(c)

others work or woo for T, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 13(d)

write T & I in Eden,

SD1 (VI.A) page 13(e)

S.P in 19—

SD1 (VI.A) page 13(f)

shouting with the heat,

SD1 (VI.A) page 13(g)

D eat all barring carrots,

SD1 (VI.A) page 13(h)

D my lagging loves,

SD1 (VI.A) page 13(i)


SD1 (VI.A) page 13(j)


SD1 (VI.A) page 13(k)

ever think of me as a mother or father?

SD1 (VI.A) page 13(l)

blackleaded chest, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 13(m)

pas pendus,

SD1 (VI.A) page 13(n)

diamond sculls,

Note: See also: N17 (VI.B.9):046(a)
SD1 (VI.A) page 14(a)

backslapper gladhander, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 14(b)

song in a train, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 14(c)

heat baptismal water,

SD1 (VI.A) page 14(d)

a little shawl,

SD1 (VI.A) page 14(e)

T teaches her to talk,

SD1 (VI.A) page 14(f)

Leo W,

SD1 (VI.A) page 14(g)


SD1 (VI.A) page 14(h)

hair in queer / mood, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 14(i)

H & A discuss / the past, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 14(j)

left foot / hindmost, Orange

Note: II.2 reference MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 14(k)

was she / thin or was she ~

SD1 (VI.A) page 14(l)

~ she fat / as a hen in the ~ Orange

Note: See also: SD1 (VI.A):015(a) for continuation of this unit.
SD1 (VI.A) page 15(a)

~ forehead, Orange

Note: See also: SD1 (VI.A):014(l) for first part of this unit.
SD1 (VI.A) page 15(b)

give to drink to shirt, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 15(c)

face full of flesh Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 15(d)

change her tunic, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 15(e)

afraid she'd drop her sweat in the batter,

SD1 (VI.A) page 15(f)

H crawls with lice, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 15(g)

to cat an anchor,

SD1 (VI.A) page 15(h)

merciful hour,

SD1 (VI.A) page 15(i)

C admires secretly Blue

  • FW unlocated
SD1 (VI.A) page 15(j)

girl is pained by other's slighting,

SD1 (VI.A) page 15(k)

dimity, Orange

From velveteens to dimities is barely a fivefinger span (FW 067.28)

Source: James Joyce, “Work in Progress”, transition 3 (June 1927) 45
Note: MS only. See also: N25 (VI.B.15):198(k), the source for FW 067.28.
SD1 (VI.A) page 16(a)

duck, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 16(b)


SD1 (VI.A) page 16(c)

shellroad, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 16(d)

wellheld, Pencil

  • FW unlocated
SD1 (VI.A) page 16(e)


SD1 (VI.A) page 16(f)

shaved by corpse barber,

SD1 (VI.A) page 16(g)

the cock shrilled, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 16(h)

give a wide berth,

SD1 (VI.A) page 16(i)


SD1 (VI.A) page 16(j)

anfractuosities, Blue

Note: If location correct, transferred via Sheet vii-10(d). This word also appears in the prototext (I.4:1.3), entered too early to come from this section of the notebook.
SD1 (VI.A) page 16(k)

dayfall, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 16(l)

bismillah, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 16(m)

zealously ~ Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 16(n)

~ young,

SD1 (VI.A) page 16(o)

curiously shy,

SD1 (VI.A) page 16(p)


SD1 (VI.A) page 16(q)

wraparound skirt, Not cancelled

SD1 (VI.A) page 16(r)

it is foretold of him how, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 16(s)

Jehovah ~

SD1 (VI.A) page 17(a)

~ loves fried steak,

SD1 (VI.A) page 17(b)

C pain in lost limb (innocence), Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 17(c)

hungerbrood, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 17(d)

ilkaboy, milkamaid,

SD1 (VI.A) page 17(e)

redheaded Italian dagodevil,

SD1 (VI.A) page 17(f)

do you mind with whom you did sleep,

SD1 (VI.A) page 17(g)

lean on your lentils, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 17(h)

timekiller, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 17(i)


SD1 (VI.A) page 17(j)

no waste,

SD1 (VI.A) page 17(k)

John key pure ~

SD1 (VI.A) page 17(l)

~ sonogog Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 18(a)


SD1 (VI.A) page 18(b)

his ha hangout,

SD1 (VI.A) page 18(c)


SD1 (VI.A) page 18(d)

started scratch,

SD1 (VI.A) page 18(e)

blubber nordseafisk,

SD1 (VI.A) page 18(f)

wire in hat to stand up,

SD1 (VI.A) page 18(g)

dragonfly Orange

Note: Entered by Sheet i-9(f)
SD1 (VI.A) page 18(h)

spiders walk along reeds, Blue

Note: Entered by Sheet i-9(f)
SD1 (VI.A) page 18(i)

luciphare, Blue

Note: Lucifer.
SD1 (VI.A) page 18(j)

throw stones after zug,

SD1 (VI.A) page 18(k)

K you didn't think I saw,

SD1 (VI.A) page 18(l)

crinoline trees,

SD1 (VI.A) page 18(m)

see stars from bed, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 19(a)


SD1 (VI.A) page 19(b)

virgin thrown open to public,

SD1 (VI.A) page 19(c)

slumber suit,

SD1 (VI.A) page 19(d)

you're through, I'm true, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 19(e)

mother of instinct,

SD1 (VI.A) page 19(f)

one word borrows another, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 19(g)


SD1 (VI.A) page 19(h)

catsmeat column,

SD1 (VI.A) page 19(i)

towel on his head, Orange

Note: Not in 1939 text.
SD1 (VI.A) page 19(j)

Airyanna & Bluebart, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 19(k)

pottage ~

SD1 (VI.A) page 20(a)

~ Esau,

SD1 (VI.A) page 20(b)

sea of murmuring ~ Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 20(c)

~ depths,

SD1 (VI.A) page 20(d)

sea of ark,

SD1 (VI.A) page 20(e)

by me, I suppose?

SD1 (VI.A) page 20(f)


SD1 (VI.A) page 20(g)

tie on his toupee, Blue

Note: Not in 1939 text.
SD1 (VI.A) page 20(h)

cigar clerk,

SD1 (VI.A) page 20(i)

a most dismal drunk,

SD1 (VI.A) page 20(j)


SD1 (VI.A) page 20(k)


SD1 (VI.A) page 20(l)

big bug, ark sea fog, fog sick man, man say God, God see fog.

SD1 (VI.A) page 21(a)

[Handwriting ‘A’ material]

Note: See also: SA (VI.A):0021(a).
SD1 (VI.A) page 22(a)


SD1 (VI.A) page 22(b)


SD1 (VI.A) page 22(c)

I'd be surprised if he had,

SD1 (VI.A) page 22(d)

blue trout musclemans,

SD1 (VI.A) page 22(e)

waybash R, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 22(f)

bottle was in back porch,

SD1 (VI.A) page 22(g)

royal pair, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 22(h)


SD1 (VI.A) page 22(i)

fulgaration, Orange

Note: Entered by Sheet i-3(h) to Sheet i-27(r) to Sheet i-31(b). Latin fulgar: any reflected flash; a flash of ligning; a thunderbolt.
SD1 (VI.A) page 22(j)

a smuggler for life, Blue

Note: Struggle for life.
SD1 (VI.A) page 22(k)

A logs came up all standing, Orange

Note: Entered by Sheet i-3(b) to Sheet i-27(n) to Sheet i-28(g).
SD1 (VI.A) page 22(l)

unchartered rock, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 22(m)

let loose dove when Q passes,

SD1 (VI.A) page 22(n)

perfect ~

SD1 (VI.A) page 23(a)

~ like an unknown lover,

SD1 (VI.A) page 23(b)

cell bridges,

SD1 (VI.A) page 23(c)

K of Sp—'s daughter,

SD1 (VI.A) page 23(d)

under influence of a bhang,

SD1 (VI.A) page 23(e)

betweenly Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 23(f)

in another place,

SD1 (VI.A) page 23(g)


SD1 (VI.A) page 23(h)


SD1 (VI.A) page 23(i)

at Belshazar's,

SD1 (VI.A) page 23(j)

finster oh allhorn,

SD1 (VI.A) page 23(k)


SD1 (VI.A) page 23(l)

Prendregast, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 23(m)

married to writing, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 24(a)


SD1 (VI.A) page 24(b)

inured to,

SD1 (VI.A) page 24(c)

spellbound, Orange

SD1 (VI.A) page 24(d)

addressed girl's school H,

SD1 (VI.A) page 24(e)

D the elder,

SD1 (VI.A) page 24(f)

C ran away at 6, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 24(g)

love is unhappy round I's neck,

SD1 (VI.A) page 24(h)

H burns will,

SD1 (VI.A) page 24(i)

flood abates,

SD1 (VI.A) page 24(j)

European High Commissioner,

SD1 (VI.A) page 24(k)

Dopple Q C

SD1 (VI.A) page 24(l)

human chain extends, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 24(m)

bore ~

SD1 (VI.A) page 25(a)

~ a daughter,

SD1 (VI.A) page 25(b)

expurge trade, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 25(c)

tuck shop,

SD1 (VI.A) page 25(d)

the Maid,

SD1 (VI.A) page 25(e)

why did you look,

SD1 (VI.A) page 25(f)

C broke parole amice,

SD1 (VI.A) page 25(g)

I remember you saying (il y a 2 ″)

SD1 (VI.A) page 25(h)

capsized hat,

SD1 (VI.A) page 25(i)


SD1 (VI.A) page 25(j)

sums about apples, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 25(k)

abbaco, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 25(l)

Hosty sings about pub,

SD1 (VI.A) page 25(m)


SD1 (VI.A) page 25(n)

discontinuous orbit,

SD1 (VI.A) page 25(o)

soccer, soggart,

SD1 (VI.A) page 26(a)

shyly bawn, Blue

Note: Anglo-Irish bawn: white, fair.
SD1 (VI.A) page 26(b)

rustic brogue,

SD1 (VI.A) page 26(c)

marriage with arrow,

SD1 (VI.A) page 26(d)

good & pretty,

SD1 (VI.A) page 26(e)

set seine on fire,

SD1 (VI.A) page 26(f)

I hate him,

SD1 (VI.A) page 26(g)


SD1 (VI.A) page 26(h)

Brian H,

SD1 (VI.A) page 26(i)

archabbot lums,

SD1 (VI.A) page 26(j)

a gas consumer, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 26(k)

four arms H,

SD1 (VI.A) page 26(l)

100,000 souls,

SD1 (VI.A) page 26(m)

upper 10,

SD1 (VI.A) page 26(n)

Trinidad shell cocoa, Orange

Note: MS only
SD1 (VI.A) page 26(o)

H has a block at Morgen's & a hatache ~ Blue

Note: Entered by Sheet i-9(g). J. Morgan, Dublin hat manufacturer. German Morgen: morning.
SD1 (VI.A) page 27(a)

~ all the afterlunch, Blue

SD1 (VI.A) page 27(b)

Kappa Piedersen, Blue

Note: Entered by Sheet i-9(g). Kapp and Peterson, Dublin pipe and tobacco traders.
SD1 (VI.A) page 27(c)

Arth the Onely,

SD1 (VI.A) page 27(d)

cobbler bulk,
  • MS BL 47478-243v
  • JJA 52:152 Usage
  • Draft: II.2§4.1 Orange
  • Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 27(e)

    John's Lame & Jamesy's gait, Blue

    • FW unlocated
  • MS BL 47477-96
  • JJA 51:148
    Note: Transferred to Sheet i-9(h). Cf. FW 521.13f, entered earlier (draft 8, late 1928).
  • SD1 (VI.A) page 27(f)

    the more he grows on one,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 27(g)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 27(h)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 27(i)

    tealofts, web goods, Blue

    Note: German Webwaren: textiles.
    SD1 (VI.A) page 27(j)

    gantry H,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 27(k)

    the pens,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 27(l)

    marble mantels, Orange

    Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 27(m)

    boulter's bull,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 28(a)

    reindeer pelt, Orange

    SD1 (VI.A) page 28(b)

    aubrey mon,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 28(c)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 28(d)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 28(e)

    traffic tower,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 28(f)

    grand total, Orange

    Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 28(g)

    mother of a bitch,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 28(h)

    humpy rumpy rigsdag dumpy,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 28(i)

    sheets & sheets of rain, Orange

    Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 28(j)

    weather bitten, Blue

    Note: Weatherbeaten; frostbitten.
    SD1 (VI.A) page 28(k)

    now in nationel cruet stand, Not cancelled

    SD1 (VI.A) page 28(l)

    bulrushes Orange

    Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 28(m)

    H orders clean hands for dinner,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(a)

    dept of the Liffey,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(b)

    stand for any W after Orange

    Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(c)

    the Tarara boom decayed, Blue

    Note: Songtitle, Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay.
    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(d)

    D give I to E,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(e)

    J.S runs away after J.J.

    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(f)

    This is ~

    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(g)

    ~ the book of D. D's book, Orange

    • FW unlocated
    Note: FW 020.15f was inserted at an earlier draft level (I.1:2A.1)
    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(h)

    hip artillery,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(i)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(j)

    1 rock Mt,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(k)

    east side,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(l)

    skins rug,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(m)

    try a rival blush with,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 29(n)

    sits for E Dublin

    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(a)

    walk on my shadow,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(b)

    dangerous customer,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(c)

    wish columm,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(d)

    our species,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(e)

    member of party,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(f)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(g)

    a span of oxen Orange

    Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(h)

    H says all came out of 1 egg,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(i)

    work of several fathers,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(j)

    Jonathan Bowdler,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(k)

    peacock skirt,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(l)

    coloured heels,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(m)

    how many bees in bonnet,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 30(n)

    teter ~

    SD1 (VI.A) page 31(a)

    ~ la nuit,

    Note: See also: SA (VI.A):0031(a) for handwriting ‘A’ material on this page.
    SD1 (VI.A) page 31(b)

    made this reply, saying,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 31(c)

    Aged father,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 31(d)

    Kerry eagle,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 31(e)

    thus did say in his gore,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 31(f)

    a daughter of Daniel O'Connell,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 31(g)

    singing likeness Orange

    SD1 (VI.A) page 31(h)

    lollapalooser Blue

    Note: Lollapaloosa (U.S. slang): wonderful.
    SD1 (VI.A) page 31(i)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 31(j)

    C idea of happiness to cease to be, Blue

    • FW unlocated
    SD1 (VI.A) page 31(k)

    I speak low,

    Note: Copied from N04 (VI.B.25):009(a)
    SD1 (VI.A) page 31(l)

    Dublin soup,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 32(a)

    the film folk, Blue

    Note: Entered by Sheet i-9(i)
    SD1 (VI.A) page 32(b)

    Pop mineral water papers,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 32(c)

    trading punches,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 32(d)

    eyes follow you,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 32(e)


    Note: See also N01 (VI.B.10):066(e).
    SD1 (VI.A) page 32(f)

    Kevin's chapel pro-cathedral,

    Note: Copied from N04 (VI.B.25):013(a)
    SD1 (VI.A) page 32(g)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 32(h)

    his advent, Blue

    • FW unlocated
    Note: Transferred to Sheet i-9(j)
    SD1 (VI.A) page 32(i)

    his stainless soul,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 32(j)

    Saturday finest,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 33(a)

    humouring incident,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 33(b)

    it is her that goes,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 33(c)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 33(d)

    W wants present back,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 33(e)

    treaty stone oath,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 33(f)

    don't let tomorrow pass,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 33(g)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 33(h)

    beroft berobbed,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 33(i)

    hole of her face,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 33(j)

    pounded mummy cure,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 33(k)

    peers gloveless when H.M in Lords, Orange

    Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 34(a)

    John Whiglton built / gingerbread,

    Note: Copied from N04 (VI.B.25):023(a)
    SD1 (VI.A) page 34(b)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 34(c)

    I learns Dalcroze but / drops umbrella, Orange

    Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 34(d)

    H thermometer on window,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 34(e)

    erects 3 trees 2

    SD1 (VI.A) page 34(f)

    I begs 2 makes, Orange

    SD1 (VI.A) page 34(g)

    for a wing, Orange

    SD1 (VI.A) page 34(h)

    no more tay for sugar the cosey, Orange

    Note: MS only. Copied from N04 (VI.B.25):027(a)
    SD1 (VI.A) page 34(i)

    she was tearing (mad), Blue

    Note: This notebook unit was probably taken from, rather than being the source of, the same expression in FH-vii (NLI FH-5r), which see.
    SD1 (VI.A) page 35(a)

    disease from mummy,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 35(b)

    attached a weight to his neck,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 35(c)

    noble character,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 35(d)

    ivorine surefast,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 35(e)

    clothes hung out to salute tram,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 35(f)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 35(g)

    masculine headgear,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 35(h)

    sorting bell,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 35(i)

    four foil windows,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 35(j)


    Note: See also N01 (VI.B.10):107(f).
    SD1 (VI.A) page 36(a)

    goody, Blue

    Note: Goody: a children's supper dish; a sweetmeat.
    SD1 (VI.A) page 36(b)

    house built tween dusk & dawn,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 36(c)

    parrot speaks old tanga,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 36(d)

    give a ruling,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 36(e)

    sham battler,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 36(f)

    struck off head drank his blood head on pole,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 36(g)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 36(h)

    cacique (chief),

    SD1 (VI.A) page 36(i)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 36(j)

    found 5 goats,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 36(k)

    live rough, Orange

    Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 36(l)

    looked his last upon her, Orange

    Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(a)

    H excited, yawns,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(b)

    starred form,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(c)

    dory (little boat),

    Note: See also N08 (VI.B.6):078(j)
    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(d)

    pressing a concealed button,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(e)

    3 went to Unity College,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(f)

    described as different,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(g)

    forward in pig, calf at foot,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(h)

    pick up enemy noise,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(i)

    amazon greenstones,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(j)

    orage fertilises because the electricity fixes free N for plants,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(k)

    jade loinstone, Orange

    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(l)

    increscent moon, Orange

    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(m)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(n)

    cursing saint, Blue

    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(o)

    treegrown girl, Blue

    SD1 (VI.A) page 37(p)

    Singabed cries before sleep, Blue

    Music: He who sings in bed will cry before he sleeps.

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(a)

    feed either cat or mice,

    He who will not feed his cat, let him feed his mice.

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(b)

    duck proud in rain,

    Proud are ducks in the rain.

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(c)

    thick head & thin butter, Blue

    A mother-in-laws slice of bread and butter— thick bred and thin butter.

    Note: There is also the saying: ‘Thick bread & thin butter, Is only fit for the ducks in the gutter’, quoted in Charlotte Mary Yonge's The Stokesley Secret (1874).
    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(d)

    hold at edge of knife,

    To keep at the edge of the knife (to keep on short allowance).

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(e)

    borrowed so much he had 0 to pay,

    Hateful is he who borrows so much that he has nothing to pay.

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(f)

    sleep in a green bed,

    To sleep in a green bed (in a field).

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(g)

    advice of pillow,

    The advice of the pillow.

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(h)

    forgetful walks twice as much,

    The forgetful are apt to have two journeys.

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(i)

    little grey nuns, Orange

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(j)

    no fuss or muss, Orange

    Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(k)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(l)

    today is thine whose tomorrow, Orange

    To-day is thine, whose to-morrow?

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(m)

    child's hiccup growth,

    A child's hiccup, growth; an old man's, weakness.

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(n)

    cat plays only 1 year,

    A cat will not play after she is a year old.

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(o)

    like a bark to the tree,

    Proverbial similes: Like the bark around the tree.

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(p)

    green tees verted,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 38(q)

    H cleans fingers ~

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(a)

    ~ on wall of W.C,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(b)

    chilled beef,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(c)

    heat bends tramline,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(d)

    pushed rt. hon bart in side,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(e)

    port cradle,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(f)

    throw salt on grill fire,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(g)

    10 turns in 10 minutes,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(h)

    after you with me, Blue

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(i)

    ear needs tuning,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(j)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(k)

    footer, wingman,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(l)

    classics (oaks, derby),

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(m)

    consonant shift due to Mt air,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(n)

    speed of speech modern,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(o)

    I plague on vowels,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(p)

    wedge in lip = no eff.

    SD1 (VI.A) page 39(q)

    words little pronounced change ~

    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(a)

    ~ less

    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(b)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(c)

    earwigs carry away dead,

    (FW 79.16) … to carry, as earwigs do their dead

    Source: James Joyce, “Work in Progress”, transition 4 (July 1927) 49
    Note: See also N09 (VI.B.1):130(d).
    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(d)

    H reads guests' letters,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(e)

    bath copper,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(f)

    gave him best,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(g)

    horses never on terms with leaders,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(h)

    locomotive inn, Blue

    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(i)

    his number went up,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(j)

    depth charge bombs, river ~ Blue

    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(k)

    ~ of the rhine

    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(l)

    angels are crying: Doris is unhappy, Blue

    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(m)

    brain matter escaped,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 40(n)

    did ~

    SD1 (VI.A) page 41(a)

    ~ you ever try putting yr head in a gas oven,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 41(b)

    born by wowser,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 41(c)

    if I did right I'd,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 41(d)

    a lolly stick,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 41(e)

    cricket in tophats,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 41(f)

    Laffian B Gay,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 41(g)

    canopy of bed with figures of killed adultresses,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 41(h)

    mirror reflects variously,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 41(i)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 41(j)

    divinity that shapes their ends backview them how ~ Orange

    Note: See also: SD1 (VI.A):042(a) for continuation of this unit.
    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(a)

    ~ we will, Orange

    Note: See also: SD1 (VI.A):041(j) for first part of this unit.
    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(b)

    pulled revolver out of her mouth,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(c)

    war correspondent,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(d)

    love ditto,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(e)

    soda fountain,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(f)

    single ankle hose,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(g)

    H to write out 30 times,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(i)

    W talks while H —,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(j)

    history told by parrot Orange

    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(k)

    cabbage in trill it,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(l)

    H scarp,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(m)

    cambered stones,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(n)

    6 years constitute highway,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 42(o)

    stealing ~

    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(a)

    ~ offal from a blind cur,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(b)

    have some shame,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(c)

  • MS BL 47477-97
  • JJA 51:186 Usage
  • Draft: II.1§6D.0 Blue
  • Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(d)

    H.M's guests,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(e)

    J to H sire, Blue

    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(f)

    silk to knee,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(g)

    soldiers band sings,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(h)

    N floats on drink,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(i)

    stoolball, Blue

    • FW unlocated
    Note: FW 129.29f derives from N38 (VI.B.32):018(e). Stool-ball: an old country game somewhat resembling cricket, played chiefly by young women, or, as an Easter game, between men and women for a ‘tansy’ as the stake. The ‘stool’ was the wicket.
    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(j)

    squire of —,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(k)

    monks sell yew to archers, Blue

    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(l)

    either be crowned or hanged, Orange

    Note: MS only
    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(m)

    sola (hat),

    SD1 (VI.A) page 43(n)

    old Pam (Palmerston)

    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(a)

    Know what I have come about?, Blue

    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(b)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(c)

    director of goats,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(d)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(e)

    chin plasters,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(f)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(g)

    poetry on wheels,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(h)

    Lear gave to scape legacy duty,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(i)

    growler (cat),

    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(j)

    decode, Blue

    Note: Entered by Sheet i-9(l)
    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(k)

    reading of part,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(l)

    crooked stick & grey goose quill,

    Note: Copied from N04 (VI.B.25):133(a)
    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(m)

    not as good as paid for,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(n)

    keep a house over her,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 44(o)

    nested coffin,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 45(a)

    groceries, Blue

    SD1 (VI.A) page 45(b)

    one statue visits other,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 45(c)

    give pocket a rest,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 45(d)

    dispensation to marry,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 45(e)

    apostle's lent (Ascension to Whitweek |afollowed by 3O days indulgencea|)

    SD1 (VI.A) page 45(f)

    Mary's lent (1-25 March June),

    SD1 (VI.A) page 45(g)

    saint carry pipkin,

    Note: Copied from N04 (VI.B.25):143(g)
    SD1 (VI.A) page 45(h)

    Mgr Kevin,

    Note: Copied from N04 (VI.B.25):144(c)
    SD1 (VI.A) page 45(i)

    franks & bag[andes],

    the Franks, the Burgundians

    SD1 (VI.A) page 45(j)

    where his horse passed no grass grows,

    It is a saying worthy of the ferocious pride of Attila, that the grass never grew on the spot where his horse had trod.

    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(a)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(b)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(c)

    the faster,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(d)

    il traversera,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(e)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(f)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(g)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(h)

    fluvio frigido,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(i)

    ponte sontis,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(j)


    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(k)

    impedimenter poleorcetique

    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(l)

    storks leave Aquileia, Blue

    XXXV reports that Attila, about to relinquish his siege of Aquileia, observed a stork and its family about to leave her nest in a tower in the walls and deduced from this that the tower must be unmanned, breached the wall at that place and destroyed the city.

    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(m)

    time fights for him,

    SD1 (VI.A) page 46(n)

    pope Leo & Attila Mincius


    SD1 (VI.A) page 47(a)

    after afraid of animals names, Blue

    Note: See also: Sheet i-9(n), Sheet i-27(i) and N42 (VI.B.31):122(d)
    SD1 (VI.A) page 47(b)

    Humia, Hildico, eats in a wooden platter,


    SD1 (VI.A) page 47(c)

    foul traducers, Orange

    SD1 (VI.A) page 47(d)

    counting noses,