N24 (VI.D.5.): Belgium

Missing notebook: August-September 1926
Manuscript reconstructed from partial copy Notebook details
N24 (VI.D.5) page 1(a)

It is not so delightful

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:249(a), VI.C.08.217
N24 (VI.D.5) page 1(b)

Skittled out

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:249(b), VI.C.08.217
N24 (VI.D.5) page 1(c)

took stulle cuk [strike crick]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:249(c), VI.C.08.217
N24 (VI.D.5) page 1(d)

meadow game

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:249(d), VI.C.08.217
N24 (VI.D.5) page 1(e)

with beautiful name

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:249(e), VI.C.08.217
N24 (VI.D.5) page 1(f)

chilled hindquarter

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:249(f), VI.C.08.217
N24 (VI.D.5) page 1(g)

N. Wales Ordovices

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:249(g), VI.C.08.217
N24 (VI.D.5) page 1(h)

S — Silures

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:249(h), VI.C.08.217
N24 (VI.D.5) page 1(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:249(i), VI.C.08.217
N24 (VI.D.5) page 1(j)

Icem [deum]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:249(j), VI.C.08.217
N24 (VI.D.5) page 1(k)

Somewhen [Somewhere]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:249(k), VI.C.08.217
N24 (VI.D.5) page 1(l)

erected by

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:249(l), VI.C.08.217
N24 (VI.D.5) page 2(a)

most chaste & pure wife

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:250(a), VI.C.08.217
N24 (VI.D.5) page 2(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:250(b), VI.C.08.218
N24 (VI.D.5) page 2(c)

Cape gooseberry / jam

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:250(c), VI.C.08.218
N24 (VI.D.5) page 2(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:250(d), VI.C.08.218
N24 (VI.D.5) page 2(e)

they say there's bread & water for all

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:250(e), VI.C.08.218
N24 (VI.D.5) page 2(f)

[v]'s aboliculety

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:250(f), VI.C.08.218
N24 (VI.D.5) page 2(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:250(g), VI.C.08.218
N24 (VI.D.5) page 2(h)

= O

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:250(h), VI.C.08.218
N24 (VI.D.5) page 2(i)

rinp to hold

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:250(i), VI.C.08.218
N24 (VI.D.5) page 3(a)

chimbly of francs

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:251(a), VI.C.08.218
N24 (VI.D.5) page 3(b)

Philip the Nice

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:251(b), VI.C.08.218
N24 (VI.D.5) page 3(c)

the Mad Jane

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:251(c), VI.C.08.218
N24 (VI.D.5) page 3(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:251(d), VI.C.08.218
N24 (VI.D.5) page 3(e)

ars in a pound

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:251(e), VI.C.08.219
N24 (VI.D.5) page 3(f)

bass relief

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:251(f), VI.C.08.219
N24 (VI.D.5) page 3(g)

sharp arrow (flèche)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:251(g), VI.C.08.219
N24 (VI.D.5) page 3(h)

old cannon

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:251(h), VI.C.08.219
N24 (VI.D.5) page 3(i)

They [This] (she)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:251(i), VI.C.08.219
N24 (VI.D.5) page 3(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:251(j), VI.C.08.219
N24 (VI.D.5) page 3(k)

the great tribune

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:251(k), VI.C.08.219
N24 (VI.D.5) page 3(l)

when [where] M C assist at service

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:251(l), VI.C.08.219
N24 (VI.D.5) page 4(a)

Pierre Langchair [Longchair] (Long neck)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:252(a), VI.C.08.219
N24 (VI.D.5) page 4(b)

Swair [Swan's —]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:252(b), VI.C.08.219
N24 (VI.D.5) page 4(c)

in his forties

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:252(c), VI.C.08.219
N24 (VI.D.5) page 4(d)

incurable husband

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:252(d), VI.C.08.220
N24 (VI.D.5) page 4(e)

J her lace worked

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:252(e), VI.C.08.220
N24 (VI.D.5) page 4(f)

by whom?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:252(f), VI.C.08.220
N24 (VI.D.5) page 4(g)

Sorry jesters

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:252(g), VI.C.08.220
N24 (VI.D.5) page 4(h)

is supposing to be

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:252(h), VI.C.08.220
N24 (VI.D.5) page 4(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:252(i), VI.C.08.220
N24 (VI.D.5) page 4(j)

Yes, Yr Eminence

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:252(j), VI.C.08.220
N24 (VI.D.5) page 5(a)

jesuits convent

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:253(a)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 5(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:253(b), VI.C.08.220
N24 (VI.D.5) page 5(c)

wearing an inpromptu

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:253(c), VI.C.08.220
N24 (VI.D.5) page 5(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:253(d), VI.C.08.220
N24 (VI.D.5) page 5(e)

& a voluntary by

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:253(e), VI.C.08.220
N24 (VI.D.5) page 5(f)

} spent a holy day

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:253(f), VI.C.08.220
N24 (VI.D.5) page 5(g)

Septentrion X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:253(g), VI.C.08.220
N24 (VI.D.5) page 5(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:253(h), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 5(i)

bundlibrary [bundlefeary]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:253(i), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 5(j)

Rhetoric Chaobe [Chaotic]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:253(j), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 5(k)

of Holy Spirit

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:253(k), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 5(l)

[?] tympan [tymepeer]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:253(l), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 6(a)

Clissial view on

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:254(a), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 6(b)

of the Holy X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:254(b), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 6(c)

a rural 'um [nun]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:254(c), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 6(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:254(d), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 6(e)

within the octave }

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:254(e), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 6(f)

blockaded by centuris [blackened by centuries]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:254(f), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 6(g)

the Naas Gate [Eat]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:254(g), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 6(h)

the plaid

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:254(h), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 6(i)

Sovereign justizplats [justisplits]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:254(i), VI.C.08.221
N24 (VI.D.5) page 6(j)

collided with wall

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:254(j), VI.C.08.222
N24 (VI.D.5) page 6(k)

1 bruised shoulder

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:254(k), VI.C.08.222
N24 (VI.D.5) page 6(l)

loose wire thrown

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:254(l), VI.C.08.222
N24 (VI.D.5) page 7(a)

bird sanctuary

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:255(a), VI.C.08.222
N24 (VI.D.5) page 7(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:255(b), VI.C.08.222
N24 (VI.D.5) page 7(c)

Spanish [Spaniels'] tongue

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:255(c), VI.C.08.222
N24 (VI.D.5) page 7(d)

grovelling path

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:255(d), VI.C.08.222
N24 (VI.D.5) page 7(e)

I rpat, [rpeat] I yate

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:255(e), VI.C.08.222
N24 (VI.D.5) page 7(f)

Thin water

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:255(f), VI.C.08.222
N24 (VI.D.5) page 7(g)

mechanic [mechum]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:255(g), VI.C.08.222
N24 (VI.D.5) page 7(h)

Mr Swift

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:255(h), VI.C.08.222
N24 (VI.D.5) page 7(i)

a pure case of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:255(i), VI.C.08.222
N24 (VI.D.5) page 7(j)

mere flucks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:255(j), VI.C.08.222
N24 (VI.D.5) page 7(k)

a little Staslin [Stashin]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:255(k), VI.C.08.223
N24 (VI.D.5) page 7(l)

named Bo

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:255(l), VI.C.08.223
N24 (VI.D.5) page 8(a)

Starvely with / few teeth left

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:255(m), VI.C.10:256(a), VI.C.08.223
N24 (VI.D.5) page 8(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:256(b), VI.C.08.223
N24 (VI.D.5) page 8(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:256(c), VI.C.08.223
N24 (VI.D.5) page 8(d)

Swhifcht [Swipht]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:256(d), VI.C.08.223
N24 (VI.D.5) page 8(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:256(e), VI.C.08.223
N24 (VI.D.5) page 8(f)

Shav [Shaw]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:256(f), VI.C.08.223
N24 (VI.D.5) page 8(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:256(g), VI.C.08.223
N24 (VI.D.5) page 8(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:256(h), VI.C.08.223
N24 (VI.D.5) page 8(i)

H (adrian)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:256(i), VI.C.08.223
N24 (VI.D.5) page 8(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:256(j), VI.C.08.223
N24 (VI.D.5) page 8(k)

gold rush

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:256(k), VI.C.08.223
N24 (VI.D.5) page 8(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:256(l), VI.C.08.224
N24 (VI.D.5) page 8(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:256(m), VI.C.08.224
N24 (VI.D.5) page 9(a)

running [many] Kit

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:257(a), VI.C.08.224
N24 (VI.D.5) page 9(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:257(b), VI.C.08.224
N24 (VI.D.5) page 9(c)

light weight brains

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:257(c), VI.C.08.224
N24 (VI.D.5) page 9(d)

ashes in tureen

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:257(d), VI.C.08.224
N24 (VI.D.5) page 9(e)

a copper peci [pice]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:257(e), VI.C.08.224
N24 (VI.D.5) page 9(f)

midden [midd or]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:257(f), VI.C.08.224
N24 (VI.D.5) page 9(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:257(g), VI.C.08.224
N24 (VI.D.5) page 9(h)

Man - Tontuts [Tontats]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:257(h), VI.C.08.224
N24 (VI.D.5) page 9(i)

to saddle up

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:257(i), VI.C.08.224
N24 (VI.D.5) page 9(j)

full in [—]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:257(j), VI.C.08.224
N24 (VI.D.5) page 9(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:257(k), VI.C.08.224
N24 (VI.D.5) page 9(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:257(l), VI.C.08.225
N24 (VI.D.5) page 9(m)

war of movement

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:257(m)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 10(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:258(a), VI.C.08.225
N24 (VI.D.5) page 10(b)

at their expense

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:258(b), VI.C.08.225
N24 (VI.D.5) page 10(c)

haibe churches

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:258(c), VI.C.08.225
N24 (VI.D.5) page 10(d)

K.S. fights prayerbo[x] for H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:258(d), VI.C.08.225
N24 (VI.D.5) page 10(e)

That's a nice change [charge]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:258(e), VI.C.08.225
N24 (VI.D.5) page 10(f)

during O the weather changes continually

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:258(f), VI.C.08.225
N24 (VI.D.5) page 10(g)

21st visible

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:258(g), VI.C.08.225
N24 (VI.D.5) page 10(h)

oddible toves

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:258(h), VI.C.08.225
N24 (VI.D.5) page 11(a)

T.T. Sullivan

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:259(a), VI.C.08.226
N24 (VI.D.5) page 11(b)

in altro stato

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:259(b), VI.C.08.226
N24 (VI.D.5) page 11(c)

What do you think about

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:259(c), VI.C.08:226(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 11(d)

J her stole / full in fur

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:259(c), VI.C.08:226(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 11(e)

fine quality

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:259(c), VI.C.08:226(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 11(f)

emanate pelt from Bruxxels

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:259(c), VI.C.08:226(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 11(g)

luxurious indeed

Raphael transcription: VI.C.08:226(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 11(h)

fine brush

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:259(d), VI.C.08:226(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 11(i)

correct marking [marthy]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:259(e), VI.C.08:226(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 12(a)

in a host / of stripes [styles]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:259(f), VI.C.10:260(a), VI.C.08:226(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 12(b)

pocumable [picturable]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:260(b), VI.C.08:227(a)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 12(c)

in this Disposal [Despisal]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:260(c), VI.C.08:227(b)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 12(d)

(furs at 7 frs [Sns.)]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:260(d), VI.C.08:227(b)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 12(e)

real firch [fitch]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:260(e), VI.C.08:227(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 12(f)

duuvarded 20 frs [demanded 20 Srs]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:260(f), VI.C.08:227(d)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 12(g)

fluctuations by

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:260(g), VI.C.08:227(e)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 12(h)

back to our shoes [shares]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:260(h), VI.C.08:227(f)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 12(i)

the throw Big fox

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:260(i), VI.C.08:227(g)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 12(j)

depth of pile

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:260(j), VI.C.08:227(h)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 12(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:260(k), VI.C.08:227(i)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 12(l)

Need one say more

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:260(l), VI.C.08.227
N24 (VI.D.5) page 13(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:261(a), VI.C.08.227
N24 (VI.D.5) page 13(b)

a mink broy [musik browy]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:261(b), VI.C.08.227
N24 (VI.D.5) page 13(c)

awfully [awfilly] chick

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:261(c), VI.C.08.227
N24 (VI.D.5) page 13(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:261(d), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 13(e)

fount of fur fashion [far fasting]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:261(e), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 13(f)

virgin forest

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:261(f), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 13(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:261(g), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 13(h)

Eagle Plume

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:261(h), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 13(i)

grave finned [firmed] up

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:261(i), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 13(j)

were the turn east

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:261(j), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 13(k)

Di. ff. mood

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:261(k), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 13(l)

Slights v us

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:261(l), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 14(a)

Short loaves [loans]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:262(a), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 14(b)

Yeh, yeas [yeo]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:262(b), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 14(c)

yop yap

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:262(c), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 14(d)

Yast yurp [Yass yunp]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:262(d), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 14(e)

Yaw [Yew]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:262(e), VI.C.08.228
N24 (VI.D.5) page 14(f)

picture legs

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:262(f), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 14(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:262(g), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 14(h)

Identify the blooms

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:262(h), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 14(i)

seeds bloom from

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:262(i), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 14(j)

rail trenches [truckles]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:262(j), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 14(k)

cheetah, hare / & greyhound

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:262(l), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 15(a)

impress of her [his]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:263(a), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 15(b)

feet foremost

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:263(b), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 15(c)

the double nift [ruff]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:263(c), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 15(d)

lowest in black & / highest in red

Note: cards:
Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:263(e), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 15(f)

his losing heat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:263(f), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 15(g)

in dummy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:263(g), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 15(h)

ride above wat [water]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:263(h), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 15(i)

on even Keel

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:263(i), VI.C.08.229
N24 (VI.D.5) page 15(j)

tees bunkers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:263(j), VI.C.08.230
N24 (VI.D.5) page 15(k)

& foosles

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:263(k), VI.C.08.230
N24 (VI.D.5) page 15(l)

Great Danes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:263(l), VI.C.08.230
N24 (VI.D.5) page 16(a)

Sit on the cool

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:264(a), VI.C.08.230
N24 (VI.D.5) page 16(b)

lay to that's

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:264(b), VI.C.08.230
N24 (VI.D.5) page 16(c)

shove an adress [advert]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:264(c), VI.C.08.230
N24 (VI.D.5) page 16(d)

avant propos

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:264(d), VI.C.08.230
N24 (VI.D.5) page 16(e)

Pictor make a [&] dead face [deed force]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:264(e), VI.C.08.230
N24 (VI.D.5) page 16(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:264(f), VI.C.08.230
N24 (VI.D.5) page 16(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:264(g), VI.C.08.230
N24 (VI.D.5) page 16(h)

incarnation R

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:264(h), VI.C.08.230
N24 (VI.D.5) page 16(i)

penspirit [perispirit]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:264(i), VI.C.08.230
N24 (VI.D.5) page 16(j)

when I was a lentil

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:264(j), VI.C.08.230
N24 (VI.D.5) page 17(a)

the vice (roy)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:265(a), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 17(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:265(b), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 17(c)

darses [darsis]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:265(c), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 17(d)

A daleth delet door Not cancelled

Note: See also: N23 (VI.B.12):176(m)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 17(g)

4 page[s]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:265(g), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 17(h)

L = 30

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:265(h), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 17(i)

Groot Noordern

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:265(i), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 17(j)

more [made] to more urging [injury]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:265(j), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 17(k)

lip of glass [glod]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:265(k), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 17(l)

cried Mother

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:265(l), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 17(m)

what wifes waits

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:265(m), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 17(n)

wasp hasp

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:265(n), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 18(a)

Sterling cases

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:266(a), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 18(b)

bruised thigh

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:266(b), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 18(c)

fall on garden path[s]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:266(c), VI.C.08.231
N24 (VI.D.5) page 18(d)

Saffron Walde [Walder]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:266(d), VI.C.08.232
N24 (VI.D.5) page 18(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:266(e), VI.C.08.232
N24 (VI.D.5) page 18(f)

a woman of the past

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:266(f), VI.C.08.232
N24 (VI.D.5) page 18(g)

Mar [Man] (I)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:266(g), VI.C.08.232
N24 (VI.D.5) page 18(h)

[DIAGRAM: see both versions]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:266(i), VI.C.08.232
N24 (VI.D.5) page 19(a)

[british] was reigning

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:267(a), VI.C.08.232
N24 (VI.D.5) page 19(b)

& of A in partcular

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:267(b), VI.C.08.232
N24 (VI.D.5) page 19(c)

Cunobeline's [Cunobetius's] Circus

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:267(c), VI.C.08.232
N24 (VI.D.5) page 19(d)

Villa Garthminster [Southminster]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:267(d), VI.C.08.232
N24 (VI.D.5) page 19(e)

S. Peter on the Wall

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:267(e), VI.C.08.233
N24 (VI.D.5) page 19(f)

the river is the Manifold

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:267(f), VI.C.08.233
N24 (VI.D.5) page 19(g)

sucked into cavemouths

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:267(g), VI.C.08.233
N24 (VI.D.5) page 19(h)

Br & Four. [Jones] Bible Society

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:267(h), VI.C.08.233
N24 (VI.D.5) page 19(i)

[585-] a poem in Stoen

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:267(i), VI.C.08.233
N24 (VI.D.5) page 20(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:268(a), VI.C.08.233
N24 (VI.D.5) page 20(b)

dress rehearsal of marriage

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:268(b), VI.C.08.233
N24 (VI.D.5) page 20(c)

Sheriff's court

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:268(c), VI.C.08.233
N24 (VI.D.5) page 20(d)

(ails damages) [Earls damages]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:268(d), VI.C.08.233
N24 (VI.D.5) page 20(e)

[Money on foot]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.08:234(a)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 20(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:268(e), VI.C.08.234
N24 (VI.D.5) page 20(g)

bludy black

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:268(f), VI.C.08.234
N24 (VI.D.5) page 20(h)

[266 ⁄ 59]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:268(e), VI.C.08.234
N24 (VI.D.5) page 20(i)

to sit

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:268(g), VI.C.08.234
N24 (VI.D.5) page 20(j)

sit still

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:268(h), VI.C.08.234
N24 (VI.D.5) page 20(k)

Starts at 0

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:268(i), VI.C.08.234
N24 (VI.D.5) page 20(l)

amos [amor] — 24

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:268(j), VI.C.08.234
N24 (VI.D.5) page 20(m)

cul to the colony [colors]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:268(k), VI.C.08.234
N24 (VI.D.5) page 21(a)

finned [fined] for hands

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:269(a), VI.C.08.234
N24 (VI.D.5) page 21(b)

hind [hmd] back

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:269(b), VI.C.08.234
N24 (VI.D.5) page 21(c)

looted it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:269(c), VI.C.08.234
N24 (VI.D.5) page 21(d)

nothing farther

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:269(d), VI.C.08.234
N24 (VI.D.5) page 21(e)

from thoughts

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:269(e), VI.C.08.235
N24 (VI.D.5) page 21(f)

Haran Kaaba

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:269(f), VI.C.08.235
N24 (VI.D.5) page 21(g)

Adam Abraham

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:269(g), VI.C.08.235
N24 (VI.D.5) page 21(h)

Allaho - Akbar

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:269(h), VI.C.08.235
N24 (VI.D.5) page 21(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:269(i), VI.C.08.235
N24 (VI.D.5) page 21(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:269(j), VI.C.08.235
N24 (VI.D.5) page 21(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:269(k), VI.C.08.235
N24 (VI.D.5) page 21(l)

aird [amid] lashings

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:269(l), VI.C.08.235
N24 (VI.D.5) page 22(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:270(a), VI.C.08.235
N24 (VI.D.5) page 22(b)

briefest of instants

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:270(b), VI.C.08.235
N24 (VI.D.5) page 22(c)

coroner of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:270(c), VI.C.08.235
N24 (VI.D.5) page 22(d)

bar [bow] times [turns] C

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:270(d), VI.C.08.235
N24 (VI.D.5) page 22(e)

X Northen Whig / Co Examiner / F.J. / Galw. Pilot

Note: Names of 4 Irish newspapers, possibly copied from the 1904 Thom's Dublin Directory: the Northern Whig (a Belfast daily); the Cork Examiner (a Cork daily); the Freeman's Journal (a Dublin daily); and the Galway Pilot (a Galway weekly).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:270(e), VI.C.08.235
N24 (VI.D.5) page 22(f)

[Foundation Stone]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.08:236(b)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 22(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:270(i), VI.C.08.236
N24 (VI.D.5) page 22(h)

Vive la Reine

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:270(j), VI.C.08.236
N24 (VI.D.5) page 22(i)

detective cyclist

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:270(k), VI.C.08.236
N24 (VI.D.5) page 22(j)

A Usk

Note: A beautiful river in South Wales and England (Monmouthshire): see also N28 (VI.D.6):085(k) and N53 (VI.B.46):094(c).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:270(l), VI.C.08.236
N24 (VI.D.5) page 23(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:271(a), VI.C.08.236
N24 (VI.D.5) page 23(b)

Cold in head

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:271(b), VI.C.08.236
N24 (VI.D.5) page 23(c)

How cd they know

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:271(c), VI.C.08.236
N24 (VI.D.5) page 23(d)

Child dort pram

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:271(d), VI.C.08.236
N24 (VI.D.5) page 23(e)

She noticed [notices] you

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:271(e), VI.C.08.236
N24 (VI.D.5) page 23(f)

They fell [felt] for her

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:271(f), VI.C.08.236
N24 (VI.D.5) page 23(g)

Whoubegant [Whorebegant] ~

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:271(g), VI.C.08.237
N24 (VI.D.5) page 23(h)

~ perfume O

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:271(h), VI.C.08.237
N24 (VI.D.5) page 23(i)

La brabançonne

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:271(i), VI.C.08.237
N24 (VI.D.5) page 23(j)

then's [there's] the travel

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:271(j), VI.C.08.237
N24 (VI.D.5) page 23(k)

in Paris coins [wine] & W for a song

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:271(k), VI.C.08.237
N24 (VI.D.5) page 24(a)

lukewadding [Inkervadding]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:272(a), VI.C.08.237
N24 (VI.D.5) page 24(b)

D Shuffish [Shuffist] lives

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:272(b), VI.C.08.237
N24 (VI.D.5) page 24(c)

Leaveher & Loveher

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:272(c), VI.C.08.237
N24 (VI.D.5) page 24(d)

meace I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:272(d), VI.C.08.237
N24 (VI.D.5) page 24(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:272(e), VI.C.08.237
N24 (VI.D.5) page 24(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:272(f), VI.C.08.237
N24 (VI.D.5) page 24(g)

Shirts [Skirts] divided on subject

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:272(g), VI.C.08.237
N24 (VI.D.5) page 24(h)

neighbourly house

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:272(h), VI.C.08.237
N24 (VI.D.5) page 24(i)

flunked by

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:272(i), VI.C.08.238
N24 (VI.D.5) page 24(j)

A porteenfant

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:272(j), VI.C.08.238
N24 (VI.D.5) page 25(a)

Spa my grande source [sourre] nationale

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:273(a), VI.C.08.238
N24 (VI.D.5) page 25(b)

Brigantes (Laned) [(lanes)]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:273(b), VI.C.08.238
N24 (VI.D.5) page 25(c)

Raeti Swiss [house]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:273(c), VI.C.08.238
N24 (VI.D.5) page 25(d)

Novice Tyrolese

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:273(d), VI.C.08.238
N24 (VI.D.5) page 25(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:273(e), VI.C.08.238
N24 (VI.D.5) page 25(f)

Zero hour = 670 min

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:273(f), VI.C.08.238
Note: See also N11 (VI.B.5):056(i), N22 (VI.B.17):024(b), N26 (VI.B.18):015(h) and N41 (VI.B.33):026(b).
N24 (VI.D.5) page 25(g)

mechanisalist [mechanicalise]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:273(g), VI.C.08.238
N24 (VI.D.5) page 25(h)

ammunition limbers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:273(h), VI.C.08.238
N24 (VI.D.5) page 25(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:273(i), VI.C.08.238
N24 (VI.D.5) page 25(j)

S head broke granolithic kerb

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:273(j), VI.C.08.238, VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 26(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:274(a), VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 26(b)

monct a curate

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:274(b), VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 26(c)

the victoria

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:274(c), VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 26(d)

good good C

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:274(d), VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 26(e)

John Panfolds [Panfolos]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:274(e), VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 26(f)

worthy [North] clown

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:274(f), VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 26(g)

J.L at any [an] christening

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:274(g), VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 26(h)

visit sick

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:274(h), VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 26(i)

J.L & Freddy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:274(i), VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 26(j)

the ‘girls’

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:274(j), VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 26(k)

H pulls beard

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:274(k), VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 27(a)

Mames [marries] niece

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:275(a), VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 27(b)

Mayritte & a posque

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:275(b), VI.C.08.239
N24 (VI.D.5) page 27(c)

Boardinghorse turned out well

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:275(c), VI.C.08.240
N24 (VI.D.5) page 27(d)

C makes him recall umade story

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:275(d), VI.C.08.240
N24 (VI.D.5) page 27(e)

C cdnt [court] tell a story

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:275(e), VI.C.08.240
N24 (VI.D.5) page 27(f)

J.L didn't get the fun [preface]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:275(f), VI.C.08.240
N24 (VI.D.5) page 27(g)

education of John & Willy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:275(g), VI.C.08.240
N24 (VI.D.5) page 28(a)

with the guns

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:276(a), VI.C.08.240
N24 (VI.D.5) page 28(b)

the 67 men

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:276(b), VI.C.08.240
N24 (VI.D.5) page 28(c)

litter honylib [letter brought]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:276(c), VI.C.08.240
N24 (VI.D.5) page 28(d)

while sender then [sending theirs]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:276(d), VI.C.08.240
N24 (VI.D.5) page 28(e)

gathers in then [their]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:276(e), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 28(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:276(f), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 28(g)

feed your hand

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:276(g), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 28(h)

pupis [paper]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:276(h), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 28(i)

hudterchif [handkerchief]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:276(i), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 28(j)

a string (elevation) [(alarvetrus]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:276(j), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 28(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:276(k), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 28(l)

(Hungarian) [(Hungaria)]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:276(l), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 29(a)

By them [th] earth is covered

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:277(a), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 29(b)

Campania Dubitate [-ati]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:277(b), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 29(c)

Colloïd [collided] with pedshin [pedsh--]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:277(c), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 29(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:277(d), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 29(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:277(e), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 29(f)

Mouerin [Mouesen]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:277(f), VI.C.08.241
N24 (VI.D.5) page 29(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:277(g), VI.C.08.242
N24 (VI.D.5) page 29(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:277(h), VI.C.08.242
N24 (VI.D.5) page 29(i)

Russian crust

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:277(i), VI.C.08.242
N24 (VI.D.5) page 29(j)

O dour me

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:277(j), VI.C.08.242
N24 (VI.D.5) page 29(k)

C nudestuds [understands] K S

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:277(k), VI.C.08.242
N24 (VI.D.5) page 29(l)

the muthups [makings]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:277(l)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 30(a)

of an

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:278(a), VI.C.08.242
N24 (VI.D.5) page 30(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:278(b), VI.C.08.242
N24 (VI.D.5) page 30(c)

red end

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:278(c), VI.C.08.242
N24 (VI.D.5) page 30(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:278(d), VI.C.08.242
N24 (VI.D.5) page 30(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:278(e), VI.C.08.242
N24 (VI.D.5) page 30(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:278(f), VI.C.08.242
N24 (VI.D.5) page 30(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:278(g), VI.C.08.242
N24 (VI.D.5) page 30(h)

at fault

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:278(h), VI.C.08.242
N24 (VI.D.5) page 30(i)

H sacked

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:278(i), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 30(j)

Sackerson H's

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:278(j), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 30(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:278(k), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 30(l)

frock prices

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:278(l), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 30(m)

to ‘blouse’

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:278(m), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 31(a)

the witch

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:279(a), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 31(b)

madoom [madoorn]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:279(b), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 31(c)

new brown

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:279(c), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 31(d)

4 piece suit

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:279(d), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 31(e)

Van dykes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:279(e), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 31(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:279(f), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 31(g)

it will pay your [you] H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:279(g), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 31(h)

undulated plain

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:279(h), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 31(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:279(i), VI.C.08.243
N24 (VI.D.5) page 31(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:279(j), VI.C.08.244
N24 (VI.D.5) page 31(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:279(k), VI.C.08.244
N24 (VI.D.5) page 31(l)

Sp. arion [onion] man

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:279(l), VI.C.08.244
N24 (VI.D.5) page 31(m)

plum bloom

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:279(m), VI.C.08.244
N24 (VI.D.5) page 32(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:280(a), VI.C.08.244
N24 (VI.D.5) page 32(b)

Romi Rent [Renit] Wolf

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:280(b), VI.C.08.244
N24 (VI.D.5) page 32(c)

Dobuair [Dobnusi] Gloste

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:280(c), VI.C.08.244
N24 (VI.D.5) page 32(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:280(d), VI.C.08.244
N24 (VI.D.5) page 32(e)

broyart [buoyant] bridge

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:280(e), VI.C.08.244
N24 (VI.D.5) page 32(f)

not wolves Q∵ they eat se

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:280(f), VI.C.08.244
N24 (VI.D.5) page 32(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:280(g), VI.C.08.244
N24 (VI.D.5) page 32(h)

Dutch schoots

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:280(h), VI.C.08.244
N24 (VI.D.5) page 32(i)

crew of family

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:280(i), VI.C.08.244
N24 (VI.D.5) page 32(j)

Silvery Sandiels [Sundiels]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:280(j), VI.C.08.245
N24 (VI.D.5) page 32(k)

= lants

Raphael transcription: VI.C.10:280(k), VI.C.08.245
N24 (VI.D.5) page 33(a)

A makes H salt

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:001(a), VI.C.08.245
N24 (VI.D.5) page 33(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:001(b), VI.C.08.245
N24 (VI.D.5) page 33(c)

Silks & soda [silk & soon]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:001(c), VI.C.08.245
N24 (VI.D.5) page 33(d)

He disagrees [-d] with

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:001(d), VI.C.08.245
N24 (VI.D.5) page 33(e)

the tough meat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:001(d)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 33(f)

Kingfisher (hue) [(line)]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:001(e), VI.C.08.245
N24 (VI.D.5) page 33(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:001(f), VI.C.08.245
N24 (VI.D.5) page 33(h)

over Audiron's [Audiruts] wate

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:001(g), VI.C.08.245
N24 (VI.D.5) page 33(i)

I'l b the rn [h th wn] u v nvr fget [nor fgit] tk cr urslf dr

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:001(h), VI.C.08.245
N24 (VI.D.5) page 33(j)

By interference of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:001(i), VI.C.08.245
N24 (VI.D.5) page 34(a)

an art student I had early 1922

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:002(a), VI.C.08.245
N24 (VI.D.5) page 34(b)

which culminished [cubinished] to a

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:002(b), VI.C.08.246
N24 (VI.D.5) page 34(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:002(c), VI.C.08.246
N24 (VI.D.5) page 34(d)

what wheres to my

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:002(d), VI.C.08.246
N24 (VI.D.5) page 34(e)

Sow ⁄ [?] A gel soo

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:002(e), VI.C.08.246
N24 (VI.D.5) page 34(f)

O cardinals

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:002(f), VI.C.08.246
N24 (VI.D.5) page 34(g)

prow [pron.] of Latin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:002(g), VI.C.08.246
N24 (VI.D.5) page 34(h)

oasthouse hop

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:002(h), VI.C.08.246
N24 (VI.D.5) page 34(i)

Jack [sack] race on his

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:002(i), VI.C.08.246
N24 (VI.D.5) page 35(a)

coming of age H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:003(a), VI.C.08.246
N24 (VI.D.5) page 35(b)

H A Roma' [races]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:003(b), VI.C.08.246
N24 (VI.D.5) page 35(c)

[SIGN] Irish

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:003(c), VI.C.08.246
N24 (VI.D.5) page 35(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:003(d), VI.C.08.246
N24 (VI.D.5) page 35(e)

to } pointed out the beauties of W

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:003(e), VI.C.08.247
N24 (VI.D.5) page 35(f)

I am negative about it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:003(f), VI.C.08.247
N24 (VI.D.5) page 35(g)

Emile Pons

Note: A possible reference to Emile Pons, Swift: Les années de jeunesse et le “Conte du Tonneau” (Strasbourg: Librairie Istra, 1925). Mentioned in a letter to Sylvia Beach dated 2 September 1926.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:003(g)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 35(h)

Shoehand handshoe

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:003(h), VI.C.08.247
N24 (VI.D.5) page 36(a)

H Heliocenhie [-centric]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:004(a), VI.C.08.247
N24 (VI.D.5) page 36(b)

 (t)hat H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:004(b), VI.C.08.247
N24 (VI.D.5) page 36(c)

Land, city, street

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:004(c), VI.C.08.247
N24 (VI.D.5) page 36(d)

way oasis [my odds]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:004(c), VI.C.08.247
N24 (VI.D.5) page 36(e)

Phare begin in sunset

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:004(d), VI.C.08.247
N24 (VI.D.5) page 36(f)

Was Shaks [Dog Shakes] so

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:004(e), VI.C.08.247
N24 (VI.D.5) page 36(g)

The swells are pure [piers]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:004(f), VI.C.08.247
N24 (VI.D.5) page 36(h)

mirrors [murmurs] of T & I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:004(f), VI.C.08.247
N24 (VI.D.5) page 37(a)

Orsude frequented the [by] horses by day!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:004(g), VI.C.08.248
N24 (VI.D.5) page 37(b)

ride Fr. legs

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:005(b), VI.C.08.248
N24 (VI.D.5) page 37(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:005(c), VI.C.08.248
N24 (VI.D.5) page 37(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:005(d), VI.C.08.248
N24 (VI.D.5) page 37(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:005(e), VI.C.08.248
N24 (VI.D.5) page 37(f)

W. Romeo [Romer] P

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:005(f), VI.C.08.248
N24 (VI.D.5) page 37(g)

picking quarrels [quanch]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:005(g), VI.C.08.248
N24 (VI.D.5) page 37(h)

That some [sounds] interest[ing]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:005(h), VI.C.08.248
N24 (VI.D.5) page 37(i)

mighty refleshing [repleshing] refleshing

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:005(i), VI.C.08.248
N24 (VI.D.5) page 37(j)

you fellows

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:005(j), VI.C.08.248
N24 (VI.D.5) page 37(k)

a very sensible measure of hygiene

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:005(k), VI.C.08.248, VI.C.08:249(a)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 38(a)

juvenile lead

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:006(a), VI.C.08.249
N24 (VI.D.5) page 38(b)

A a very busy man

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:006(b), VI.C.08.249
N24 (VI.D.5) page 38(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:006(c), VI.C.08.249
N24 (VI.D.5) page 38(d)

Wat c [N at a] bit of it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:006(d), VI.C.08.249
N24 (VI.D.5) page 38(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:006(e), VI.C.08.249
N24 (VI.D.5) page 38(f)

onlookers aslaned [ashamed] of her

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:006(f), VI.C.08.249
N24 (VI.D.5) page 38(g)

backgarden wall

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:006(g), VI.C.08.249
N24 (VI.D.5) page 38(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:006(h), VI.C.08.249
N24 (VI.D.5) page 38(i)

the pope's essay of man

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:006(i), VI.C.08.249
N24 (VI.D.5) page 38(j)

Mrs Elisabeth thus [th]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:006(j), VI.C.08.249
N24 (VI.D.5) page 39(a)

used some obscure syllables

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:007(a), VI.C.08.249
N24 (VI.D.5) page 39(b)

a durbar

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:007(b), VI.C.08.249
N24 (VI.D.5) page 39(c)

table manners of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:007(c), VI.C.08.250
N24 (VI.D.5) page 39(d)

fish broodcake

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:007(c), VI.C.08.250
N24 (VI.D.5) page 39(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:007(d), VI.C.08.250
N24 (VI.D.5) page 39(f)

wyday [ivyday] / hollyday

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:007(f), VI.C.08.250
N24 (VI.D.5) page 39(g)

Known as [Knout a]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:007(g), VI.C.08.250
N24 (VI.D.5) page 39(h)

corn & Land

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:007(h), VI.C.08.250
N24 (VI.D.5) page 39(i)

busy with pun

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:007(i), VI.C.08.250
N24 (VI.D.5) page 39(j)

Vêtemuser, des du [Vetemuser der du]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:007(j), VI.C.08.250
N24 (VI.D.5) page 40(a)

Wickelow [Wickelord]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:008(a), VI.C.08.250
N24 (VI.D.5) page 40(b)

rainlamb [ramlamb]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:008(b), VI.C.08.250
N24 (VI.D.5) page 40(c)

millinery attachée

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:008(c), VI.C.08.250
N24 (VI.D.5) page 40(d)

Succentic [-tii] repre[s]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:008(d), VI.C.08.250
N24 (VI.D.5) page 40(e)

dear of S.Pat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:008(e), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 40(f)

A[H] N Bonaput Uys

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:008(f), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 40(g)

cryptic p.c.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:008(g), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 40(h)

oil = poison

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:008(h), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 40(i)

Continuous house cine

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:008(i), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 40(j)

fence of trurbledom [tumbledown]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:008(j), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 40(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:008(k), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 40(l)

field served by a gate [fate]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:008(l), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 40(m)

cush [cash] register

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:008(m), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 41(a)

mask you

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:009(a), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 41(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:009(b), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 41(c)

thoughts [thoroughly] shrunk

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:009(c), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 41(d)

block les [black led] goat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:009(d), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 41(e)

beardyed four

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:009(e), VI.C.08.251
N24 (VI.D.5) page 41(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:009(f), VI.C.08.252
N24 (VI.D.5) page 41(g)

just went into KSu [K's v]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:009(g), VI.C.08.252
N24 (VI.D.5) page 41(h)

had a few words

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:009(h), VI.C.08.252
N24 (VI.D.5) page 41(i)

the Roman world

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:009(i), VI.C.08.252
N24 (VI.D.5) page 41(j)

city reintined [&]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:009(j), VI.C.08.252
N24 (VI.D.5) page 41(k)

cabbage grown

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:009(k), VI.C.08.252
N24 (VI.D.5) page 41(l)

trinket = sentence

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:009(l), VI.C.08.252
N24 (VI.D.5) page 42(a)

reconstruct their / villa H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:009(m), VI.C.16:010(a), VI.C.08.252
N24 (VI.D.5) page 42(b)

term (school)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:010(b), VI.C.08.252
N24 (VI.D.5) page 42(c)

beard oyster

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:010(c), VI.C.08.252
N24 (VI.D.5) page 42(d)

4D = Alp

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:010(d), VI.C.08.252
N24 (VI.D.5) page 42(e)

E's (JJ) letter to unknown ([F]K)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:010(e), VI.C.08.252, VI.C.08:253(a)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 42(f)

George A (the great)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:010(f), VI.C.08.253
N24 (VI.D.5) page 42(g)

MecDemott [Micdemott]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:010(g), VI.C.08.253
N24 (VI.D.5) page 42(h)

by jingo Not cancelled

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:010(h), VI.C.08.253
N24 (VI.D.5) page 42(i)

swell comique

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:010(i), VI.C.08.253
N24 (VI.D.5) page 42(j)

H sublets A

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:010(j), VI.C.08.253
N24 (VI.D.5) page 42(k)

a danz [daisy] for that nestles at [it]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:010(k), VI.C.08.253
N24 (VI.D.5) page 43(a)

the carver [cover] of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:011(a), VI.C.08.253
N24 (VI.D.5) page 43(b)

clean [cleas]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:011(b), VI.C.08.253
N24 (VI.D.5) page 43(c)

the hosses O

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:011(c), VI.C.08.253
N24 (VI.D.5) page 43(d)

in Gael

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:011(d), VI.C.08.253
N24 (VI.D.5) page 43(e)

Goldfish seadrink [Gold from sadricts]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:011(e), VI.C.08.253
N24 (VI.D.5) page 43(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:011(f), VI.C.08.253
N24 (VI.D.5) page 43(g)

swim I sea

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:011(g), VI.C.08.253
N24 (VI.D.5) page 43(h)

popenpar [pipenpar]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:011(h), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 43(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:011(i), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 43(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:011(j), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 43(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:011(k), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 43(l)

Lunn's [Laure's] Tours

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:011(l), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 43(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:011(m), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 44(a)

tailor you

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:012(a), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 44(b)

bespoke orders

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:012(b), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 44(c)

chessman X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:012(c), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 44(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:012(d), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 44(e)

Westland row

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:012(e), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 44(f)

longer [longest] way then

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:012(f), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 44(g)

ticked up

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:012(g), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 44(h)

makes sense

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:012(h), VI.C.08.254
N24 (VI.D.5) page 44(i)

I slept in his afterbed [her aftenbed]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:012(i), VI.C.08.255
N24 (VI.D.5) page 44(j)

mother of f— girl

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:012(j), VI.C.08.255
N24 (VI.D.5) page 45(a)

widowed with next / world's goods

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:012(k), VI.C.16:013(a), VI.C.08.255
N24 (VI.D.5) page 45(b)

there for the time being the story ends

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:013(b), VI.C.08.255
N24 (VI.D.5) page 45(c)

Touched at almost every country

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:013(c), VI.C.08.255
N24 (VI.D.5) page 45(d)

a mere chit [child]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:013(d)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 45(e)

wordly [worldly] age

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:013(e), VI.C.08.255
N24 (VI.D.5) page 45(f)

the fellow I was with

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:013(f), VI.C.08.255
N24 (VI.D.5) page 45(g)

Know's [knows] as Jungle

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:013(g), VI.C.08.255
N24 (VI.D.5) page 45(h)

the pair

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:013(h), VI.C.08.255
N24 (VI.D.5) page 45(i)

middle zone [3oy]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:013(i), VI.C.08.255
N24 (VI.D.5) page 45(j)

C can't tell a story

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:013(j), VI.C.08.256
N24 (VI.D.5) page 46(a)

never wd

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:014(a), VI.C.08.256
N24 (VI.D.5) page 46(b)

never has wine, [time] said grieved mother

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:014(b), VI.C.08.256
N24 (VI.D.5) page 46(c)

get mad watch-off

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:014(c), VI.C.08.256
N24 (VI.D.5) page 46(d)

my mikfield [ark field]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:014(d), VI.C.08.256
N24 (VI.D.5) page 46(e)

of Bill & I [J]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:014(e), VI.C.08.256
N24 (VI.D.5) page 46(f)

plays piano cleverly

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:014(f), VI.C.08.256
N24 (VI.D.5) page 46(g)

used to play sad music in the cloister[s]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:014(g), VI.C.08.256
N24 (VI.D.5) page 46(h)

owned own hunters

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:014(h), VI.C.08.256
N24 (VI.D.5) page 46(i)

the Mc [Me]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:014(i), VI.C.08.256
N24 (VI.D.5) page 47(a)

Mich in sich

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:015(a), VI.C.08.256
N24 (VI.D.5) page 47(b)

Now concerns [Non cerning] the etc

Note: cf. FW 30.01f.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:015(b), VI.C.08.256
N24 (VI.D.5) page 47(c)

Repeat changed!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:015(c), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 47(d)

How I love you[?]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:015(d), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 47(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:015(e)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 47(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:015(f)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 47(g)

imigrinary [uniquiney]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:015(g), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 47(h)

Union ~

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:015(h), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 47(i)

~ Singh

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:015(i), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 47(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:015(j), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 47(k)

pralayh [prulaigh]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:015(k), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 47(l)

Gurigular [grisgular]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:015(l), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 47(m)

treefelling competition

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:015(m)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 48(a)

Ancient - Brahma - Kether

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:016(a), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 48(b)

le Père

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:016(b), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 48(c)

Ay A, Ensoph, Pawhaw [Parahas]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:016(c), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 48(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:016(d), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 48(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:016(e), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 48(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:016(f), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 48(g)

Azoth No

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:016(g), VI.C.08.257
N24 (VI.D.5) page 48(h)

Azed (1st word of my book)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:016(h), VI.C.08.258
N24 (VI.D.5) page 48(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:016(i), VI.C.08.258
N24 (VI.D.5) page 48(j)

We perceive offenses of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:016(j), VI.C.08.258
N24 (VI.D.5) page 49(a)

2 states of conceivers [conscience]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:017(a), VI.C.08.258
N24 (VI.D.5) page 49(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:017(b), VI.C.08.258
N24 (VI.D.5) page 49(c)

1st plural

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:017(c), VI.C.08.258
N24 (VI.D.5) page 49(d)

dyad monad

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:017(d), VI.C.08.258
N24 (VI.D.5) page 49(e)

G we two brothers [bothers]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:017(e), VI.C.08.258
N24 (VI.D.5) page 49(f)

pairs couples

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:017(f), VI.C.08.258
N24 (VI.D.5) page 49(g)

negative wnd [word] positif

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:017(g), VI.C.08.258
N24 (VI.D.5) page 49(h)

near negatives

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:017(h), VI.C.08.258
N24 (VI.D.5) page 49(i)

with 2 1 became ½

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:017(i), VI.C.08.258
N24 (VI.D.5) page 49(j)

what the evil

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:017(j), VI.C.08.258
N24 (VI.D.5) page 49(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:017(k), VI.C.08.259
N24 (VI.D.5) page 50(a)

[drawing] Yu — Yang

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:018(a), VI.C.08.259
N24 (VI.D.5) page 50(b)

passive active

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:018(b), VI.C.08.259
N24 (VI.D.5) page 50(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:018(c), VI.C.08.259
N24 (VI.D.5) page 50(d)

spi PraKristi [spirit Prakriti]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:018(d), VI.C.08.259
N24 (VI.D.5) page 50(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:018(e), VI.C.08.259
N24 (VI.D.5) page 50(f)

Osiris Isis

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:018(f), VI.C.08.259
N24 (VI.D.5) page 50(g)

Baal Astarte

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:018(g), VI.C.08.259
N24 (VI.D.5) page 50(h)

or the second hour

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:018(h), VI.C.08.259
N24 (VI.D.5) page 50(i)

(Db) C is born of sundday [6th midday] of the 2d month

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:018(i), VI.C.08.259
N24 (VI.D.5) page 50(j)

D one o'clock

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:018(j), VI.C.08.259
N24 (VI.D.5) page 51(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:019(a), VI.C.08.259
N24 (VI.D.5) page 51(b)

Dd 4 o'clock

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:019(b), VI.C.08.259
N24 (VI.D.5) page 51(c)

2⁄ & 1 [2 ⁄ 11] (John 1 g v [19th / 2 = [DIAGRAM]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:019(c), VI.C.08.260
N24 (VI.D.5) page 51(d)

Izod language

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:019(d), VI.C.08.260
N24 (VI.D.5) page 51(e)

rabbi's sexton

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:019(e), VI.C.08.260
N24 (VI.D.5) page 51(f)

sanitary [samitas]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:019(f), VI.C.08.260
N24 (VI.D.5) page 51(g)

poor Sexton

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:019(g), VI.C.08.260
N24 (VI.D.5) page 51(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:019(h), VI.C.08.260
N24 (VI.D.5) page 51(i)

annual [animal] soul

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:019(i), VI.C.08.260
N24 (VI.D.5) page 51(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:019(j), VI.C.08.260
N24 (VI.D.5) page 51(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:019(k), VI.C.08.260
N24 (VI.D.5) page 52(a)

strong surgical / web suture / below skint [skirt]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:020(a), VI.C.08.260
N24 (VI.D.5) page 52(b)

slipped on polished floor

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:020(b), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 52(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:020(c), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 52(d)

Sri = Sir [Lu = Lu]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:020(d), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 52(e)

we are 2 bad men

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:020(e), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 52(f)

Known by [know's] everyone

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:020(f), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 52(g)

horse brosser [brasses]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:020(g), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 52(h)

sitting on the splic [splie]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:020(h), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 52(i)

after 200

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:020(i), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 52(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:020(j), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 53(a)

fancy drawes [drawer]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:021(a), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 53(b)

rail [rare]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:021(b), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 53(c)

cross fox

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:021(c), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 53(d)

blue wolf

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:021(d), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 53(e)

Though your paw [you paid]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:021(e), VI.C.08.261
N24 (VI.D.5) page 53(f)

3 times the figure

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:021(f), VI.C.08.262
N24 (VI.D.5) page 53(g)

leopard Kid

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:021(g), VI.C.08.262
N24 (VI.D.5) page 53(h)

breeches cutter

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:021(h), VI.C.08.262
N24 (VI.D.5) page 53(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:021(i), VI.C.08.262
N24 (VI.D.5) page 53(j)

elm body

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:021(j), VI.C.08.262
N24 (VI.D.5) page 53(k)

mortised [&] bolts

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:021(k), VI.C.08.262
N24 (VI.D.5) page 53(l)

Send us (washed)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:021(l), VI.C.08.262
N24 (VI.D.5) page 53(m)

yr [up] old shirt

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:021(m), VI.C.08.262
N24 (VI.D.5) page 54(a)

Let us recover

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:022(a), VI.C.08.262
N24 (VI.D.5) page 54(b)

your old pult

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:022(b), VI.C.08.262
N24 (VI.D.5) page 54(c)

he touched it to

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:022(c), VI.C.08.262
N24 (VI.D.5) page 54(d)

the foolscap [joolicap]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:022(d), VI.C.08.262
N24 (VI.D.5) page 54(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:022(e), VI.C.08.263
N24 (VI.D.5) page 54(f)

a beautiful picture

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:022(f), VI.C.08.263
N24 (VI.D.5) page 54(g)

Irish House of Com. [Horse G.Carr]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:022(g), VI.C.08.263
N24 (VI.D.5) page 54(h)

with Key

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:022(h), VI.C.08.263
N24 (VI.D.5) page 54(i)

Lady to collect

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:022(i), VI.C.08.263
N24 (VI.D.5) page 54(j)

runaway wife

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:022(j), VI.C.08.263
N24 (VI.D.5) page 54(k)

H drink

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:022(k), VI.C.08.263
N24 (VI.D.5) page 54(l)

wate close

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:022(l), VI.C.08.263
N24 (VI.D.5) page 54(m)

telescopic gerntry [gemtry]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:022(m), VI.C.08.263
N24 (VI.D.5) page 55(a)

30 Piscine

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:023(a), VI.C.08.263
N24 (VI.D.5) page 55(b)

L,B [Lisp] — 11

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:023(b), VI.C.08.263
N24 (VI.D.5) page 55(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:023(c), VI.C.08.263
N24 (VI.D.5) page 55(d)

nights of greatest moonlight

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:023(d), VI.C.08.263
N24 (VI.D.5) page 55(e)

eastlight on [P]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:023(e), VI.C.08.264
N24 (VI.D.5) page 55(f)

moon Penil [emb]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:023(f), VI.C.08.264
N24 (VI.D.5) page 55(g)

never rose above horizon of Faroe Isle

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:023(g), VI.C.08.264
N24 (VI.D.5) page 55(h)

a b g d e z i t i k l m

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:023(h), VI.C.08.264
N24 (VI.D.5) page 55(i)

Scimitar star

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:023(i), VI.C.08.264
N24 (VI.D.5) page 55(j)

d ⁄ earth ⁄ [eath]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:023(j), VI.C.08.264
N24 (VI.D.5) page 56(a)

jeweller's shop

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:024(a), VI.C.08.264
N24 (VI.D.5) page 56(b)

yellow star

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:024(b), VI.C.08.264
N24 (VI.D.5) page 56(c)

blue coupm [conph]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:024(c), VI.C.08.264
N24 (VI.D.5) page 56(d)

double (sin) [(sur)]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:024(d), VI.C.08.264
N24 (VI.D.5) page 56(e)

Cor Caroli

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:024(e), VI.C.08.264
N24 (VI.D.5) page 56(f)

Costa Castor

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:024(f), VI.C.08.264
N24 (VI.D.5) page 56(g)

Pollux not yet risen

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:024(g), VI.C.08.265
N24 (VI.D.5) page 56(h)

wind variable

Raphael transcription: VI.C.08:265(b)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 56(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:024(h), VI.C.08:265(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 56(j)

working [wiking] demon

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:024(i), VI.C.08.265
N24 (VI.D.5) page 56(k)

G Pru [Pm]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:024(j), VI.C.08.265
N24 (VI.D.5) page 56(l)

Infinite relation

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:024(k), VI.C.08.265
N24 (VI.D.5) page 57(a)

number to ∞

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:025(a), VI.C.08.265
N24 (VI.D.5) page 57(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:025(b), VI.C.08.265
N24 (VI.D.5) page 57(c)

12. shuls of caycut [(2 stulls of carscus)]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:025(c), VI.C.08.265
N24 (VI.D.5) page 57(d)

compus of 2 ides

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:025(d), VI.C.08.265
N24 (VI.D.5) page 57(e)

sylligrs [-gms]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:025(e), VI.C.08.265
N24 (VI.D.5) page 57(f)

love one amother [another]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:025(f), VI.C.08.265
N24 (VI.D.5) page 57(g)

rule of 3

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:025(g), VI.C.08.266
N24 (VI.D.5) page 57(h)

3 colpi [colps]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:025(h), VI.C.08.266
N24 (VI.D.5) page 57(i)

lead reaves [reader] & export [expect]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:025(i), VI.C.08.266
N24 (VI.D.5) page 57(j)

2, 4, 6

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:025(j), VI.C.08.266
N24 (VI.D.5) page 57(k)

the 2, 4, 8

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:025(k), VI.C.08.266
N24 (VI.D.5) page 57(l)

demiurge to creator [create]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:025(l), VI.C.08.266
N24 (VI.D.5) page 58(a)

in their [thus] flows and in her drawsers pickets

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:026(a), VI.C.08.266
N24 (VI.D.5) page 58(b)

smell [smelt] of / dirty old barnacles

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:026(b), VI.C.08.266
N24 (VI.D.5) page 58(c)

doyls carte [doyles caste] O

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:026(c), VI.C.08.266
N24 (VI.D.5) page 58(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:026(e), VI.C.08.267
N24 (VI.D.5) page 58(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:026(f), VI.C.08.267
N24 (VI.D.5) page 58(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:026(g), VI.C.08.267
N24 (VI.D.5) page 58(h)

Sabboth [saltooth] Sobbath

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:026(h), VI.C.08.267
N24 (VI.D.5) page 59(a)

W pressers wanted

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:027(a), VI.C.08.267
N24 (VI.D.5) page 59(b)

the distillers picture [potern]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:027(b), VI.C.08.267
N24 (VI.D.5) page 59(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:027(c), VI.C.08.267
N24 (VI.D.5) page 59(d)

faithful [fastiful] whore

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:027(d), VI.C.08.267
N24 (VI.D.5) page 59(e)

short of brains

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:027(e), VI.C.08.267
N24 (VI.D.5) page 59(f)

Hearing C E

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:027(f), VI.C.08.267
N24 (VI.D.5) page 59(g)

On your oath did [sir] Cotun [Coturn] Mellott eve leave a hand on you

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:027(g), VI.C.08.267
N24 (VI.D.5) page 59(h)

Did you knock

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:027(h), VI.C.08.268
N24 (VI.D.5) page 59(i)

this wall [his vull]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:027(i), VI.C.08.268
N24 (VI.D.5) page 60(a)

Did you bite her

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:028(a), VI.C.08.268
N24 (VI.D.5) page 60(b)

No ishi h α [she b d] rum

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:028(b), VI.C.08.268
N24 (VI.D.5) page 60(c)

She took up a stone & crushed into her He gave her a shoving [shove as] he did not trust her chi [cling] on to her hairs

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:028(f), VI.C.08.268
N24 (VI.D.5) page 60(g)

when I did & strew [strad] her into a clump [chump] of briars

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:028(g), VI.C.08.268
N24 (VI.D.5) page 61(a)

on that date

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:029(a), VI.C.08.269
N24 (VI.D.5) page 61(b)

3 talk at same time

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:029(b), VI.C.08.269
N24 (VI.D.5) page 61(c)

to eat a bite

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:029(c), VI.C.08.269
N24 (VI.D.5) page 61(d)

I am Si v Si

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:029(d), VI.C.08.269
N24 (VI.D.5) page 61(e)

two deep

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:029(e), VI.C.08.269
N24 (VI.D.5) page 61(f)

off my knees

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:029(f), VI.C.08.269
N24 (VI.D.5) page 61(g)

children as [on] / — at seen [sea]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:029(g), VI.C.08.269
N24 (VI.D.5) page 61(h)

I was n't 'hipest [at ¼ past 5] mass

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:029(i), VI.C.08.269
N24 (VI.D.5) page 61(j)

Shroud the way [She said she was] / going to 9 mass

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:029(k), VI.C.08.269
N24 (VI.D.5) page 61(l)

10.30 mass

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:029(l), VI.C.08.269
N24 (VI.D.5) page 62(a)

it sure was a merry thing

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:030(a), VI.C.08.269
N24 (VI.D.5) page 62(b)

A it oscillate

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:030(b), VI.C.08.269
N24 (VI.D.5) page 62(c)

[DIAGRAM] isoscilleys isaucylare [isauscylane]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:030(c), VI.C.08.270
N24 (VI.D.5) page 62(d)

pulling her

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:030(d), VI.C.08.270
N24 (VI.D.5) page 62(e)

turn on te [se] = conic

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:030(e), VI.C.08.270
N24 (VI.D.5) page 62(f)

trigonis [-gones]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:030(f), VI.C.08.270
N24 (VI.D.5) page 62(g)

sextile / semisextile

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:030(h), VI.C.08.270
N24 (VI.D.5) page 62(i)

dryegg [chryegg]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:030(i), VI.C.08.270
N24 (VI.D.5) page 62(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:030(i), VI.C.08.270
N24 (VI.D.5) page 63(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:031(a), VI.C.08.270
N24 (VI.D.5) page 63(b)

2 [4] + 4 + 3 = 9

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:031(b), VI.C.08.270
N24 (VI.D.5) page 63(c)

3 pynhamid

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:031(c), VI.C.08.270
N24 (VI.D.5) page 63(d)

megar [mejar] gets

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:031(d), VI.C.08.270
N24 (VI.D.5) page 63(e)

dryache [onjache]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:031(e), VI.C.08.270
N24 (VI.D.5) page 63(f)

tryegg [hyegg]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:031(f), VI.C.08.271
N24 (VI.D.5) page 63(g)

lickens [tickens]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:031(g), VI.C.08.271
N24 (VI.D.5) page 63(h)

who destroyed this turf

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:031(h), VI.C.08.271
N24 (VI.D.5) page 63(i)

if he wd say any more

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:031(i), VI.C.08.271
N24 (VI.D.5) page 64(a)

he wd go

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:032(a), VI.C.08.271
N24 (VI.D.5) page 64(b)

what the monk gave him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:032(b), VI.C.08.271
N24 (VI.D.5) page 64(c)

work the spade on him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:032(c), VI.C.08.271
N24 (VI.D.5) page 64(d)

answer & said — he wd give him enough of the world

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:032(d), VI.C.08.271
N24 (VI.D.5) page 64(e)

I am sworn & so

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:032(e), VI.C.08.271
N24 (VI.D.5) page 64(f)

born to say yes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:032(f), VI.C.08.271
N24 (VI.D.5) page 64(g)

Hidden Hand

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:032(g), VI.C.08.272
N24 (VI.D.5) page 64(h)

pun arctic down

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:032(h), VI.C.08.272
N24 (VI.D.5) page 65(a)

thoroylily [thoroughly] ventilated

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:033(a), VI.C.08.272
N24 (VI.D.5) page 65(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:033(b), VI.C.08.272
N24 (VI.D.5) page 65(c)

tangi poloni [tangs jeolous]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:033(c), VI.C.08.272
N24 (VI.D.5) page 65(d)

pango [pangd]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:033(d), VI.C.08.272
N24 (VI.D.5) page 65(e)

Kosiclad gym[n] Knick

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:033(e), VI.C.08.272
N24 (VI.D.5) page 65(f)

the Kiddies love the little pocket

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:033(f), VI.C.08.272
N24 (VI.D.5) page 65(g)

a way they have in the navy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:033(g), VI.C.08.272
N24 (VI.D.5) page 65(h)

maime assists [marine assoots]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:033(h), VI.C.08.272
N24 (VI.D.5) page 65(i)

G V [to] examine breed [billet] of gun

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:033(i), VI.C.08.272
N24 (VI.D.5) page 66(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:034(a)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 66(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:034(b)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 66(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:034(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 66(d)

square X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:034(d)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 66(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:034(e)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 66(f)

equator meridian +

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:034(f)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 66(h)

Aldebaran Bull

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:034(h)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 66(i)

Regulus Lion

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:034(i)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 66(j)

Altan Eigh

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:034(j)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 66(k)

Formalhant Versear

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:034(k)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 66(l)

White black

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:034(l)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 66(m)

Yellow red wa —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:034(m)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 67(a)

assuilah —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:035(a)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 67(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:035(b)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 67(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:035(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 67(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:035(d)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 67(e)

min ny an him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:035(e)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 67(f)

log P

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:035(f)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 67(g)

east south west & north

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:035(g)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 67(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:035(h)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 67(i)

J nuns let out in twos

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:035(i)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 68(a)

Allah Dieu Bogh Deos Deus

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:035(j), VI.C.08.273
N24 (VI.D.5) page 68(b)

4 quarter[s] of God

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:036(a), VI.C.08.273
N24 (VI.D.5) page 68(c)

Suckg Mooney

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:036(b), VI.C.08.273
N24 (VI.D.5) page 68(d)

his triplicity

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:036(c), VI.C.08.273
N24 (VI.D.5) page 68(e)

Slashhork, Smers [Success]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:036(d), VI.C.08.273
N24 (VI.D.5) page 68(f)

with blow & rath [with]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:036(e), VI.C.08.273
N24 (VI.D.5) page 68(g)

which B admitted

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:036(f), VI.C.08.273
N24 (VI.D.5) page 68(h)

Striking O'Meagher

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:036(g), VI.C.08.273
N24 (VI.D.5) page 68(i)

absolute glee & [fleet] mirth

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:036(h), VI.C.08.273
N24 (VI.D.5) page 68(j)

Poison (JJ & S)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:036(i), VI.C.08.273
N24 (VI.D.5) page 68(k)

JJ = Jan Ltd [I am L & D]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:036(j), VI.C.08.274
N24 (VI.D.5) page 69(a)

Achill Sound

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:037(a), VI.C.08.274
N24 (VI.D.5) page 69(b)

her mount

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:037(b), VI.C.08.274
N24 (VI.D.5) page 69(c)

Kettled a donkey

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:037(c), VI.C.08.274
N24 (VI.D.5) page 69(d)

Laytown Bettystown

Note: Villages in County Meath. See also N53 (VI.B.46):088(m).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:037(d), VI.C.08.274
N24 (VI.D.5) page 69(e)

button mushroom / horse — / lawyer's wig / shaggy cap / death cap

Note: Mushrooms.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:037(e), VI.C.08.274
N24 (VI.D.5) page 69(f)

the gills

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:037(f), VI.C.08.274
N24 (VI.D.5) page 69(g)

wast [worst] white

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:037(g), VI.C.08.274
N24 (VI.D.5) page 69(h)

(bow shot)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:037(h), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 70(a)

quinnedessance [quininedessance]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:038(a), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 70(b)

ivy leaf

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:038(b), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 70(c)

forleaf pentyrac [foxleaf pertrym]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:038(c), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 70(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:038(d), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 70(e)

C says nuns have shirked world

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:038(e), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 70(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:038(f), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 70(g)

the thumb of any body [my b--]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:038(g), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 71(a)

1 - 5

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:039(a), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 71(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:039(b), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 71(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:039(c), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 71(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:039(d), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 71(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:039(e), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 71(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:039(f), VI.C.08.275
N24 (VI.D.5) page 71(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:039(g), VI.C.08.276
N24 (VI.D.5) page 71(h)

— benn

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:039(h), VI.C.08.276
N24 (VI.D.5) page 71(i)

Youch [Touch]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:039(i), VI.C.08.276
N24 (VI.D.5) page 72(a)

go, titty, tatty, nai, die, diego — Sapo

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:039(j)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 72(b)

C always proving smiling

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:039(k)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 72(c)

each on its own envelope

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:040(a)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 72(d)

will pass through a wedding ring

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:040(b)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 72(e)

hues lark, crevette, muffin sunblush

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:040(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 72(f)

all wool & soap

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:040(d)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 72(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:040(e)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 72(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:040(f)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 72(i)

a pure Botany yarn with a soft & luxurious finish

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:040(g)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 73(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:041(a)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 73(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:041(b)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 73(c)

I think you are the latter

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:041(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 73(d)

bodylousic syphin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:041(d)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 73(e)

ratflea bubonic

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:041(e)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 74(a)

rosies & [rosie's] dimples

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:041(f), VI.C.08.276
N24 (VI.D.5) page 74(b)

Milk Consulent V

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:041(g), VI.C.08.276
N24 (VI.D.5) page 74(c)

C writes an immense [immerse] letter to posterity

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:041(h), VI.C.08.276
N24 (VI.D.5) page 74(d)

to open a dradle

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:041(i), VI.C.08.276
N24 (VI.D.5) page 74(e)

here a mo

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:042(a), VI.C.08.276
N24 (VI.D.5) page 74(f)

who was not, but not at all —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:042(b), VI.C.08.276
N24 (VI.D.5) page 74(g)

eines Tages (temp

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:042(c), VI.C.08.276
N24 (VI.D.5) page 74(h)

Pfankin [-kus] [DIAGRAM]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:042(d), VI.C.08.bfr
N24 (VI.D.5) page 74(i)

J ignores all — see [ser]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:042(e), VI.C.08.bfr
N24 (VI.D.5) page 74(j)

D'Arcy clad

Note: John D'Arcy & Son, brewers, 20-29 Usher Street, Dublin.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:042(f), VI.C.08.bfr
N24 (VI.D.5) page 74(k)

Anchor Brews

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:042(g), VI.C.08.bfr
N24 (VI.D.5) page 74(l)

Jameson, Watkins & Pim Ardee St

Note: Watkins, Jameson, Pim & Co., brewers and maltsters, Ardee Street, Dublin.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:042(h), VI.C.08.bfr
N24 (VI.D.5) page 75(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:043(a), VI.C.08.bfr
N24 (VI.D.5) page 75(b)

black, white & blue

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:043(b), VI.C.08.bfr
N24 (VI.D.5) page 75(c)

Hopping 4 news

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:043(c), VI.C.08.bfr
N24 (VI.D.5) page 75(d)

two coves [cows] from Cork

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:043(d), VI.C.08.bfr
N24 (VI.D.5) page 75(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:043(e), VI.C.08.bfr
N24 (VI.D.5) page 75(f)

discharging H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:043(f), VI.C.08.bfr
N24 (VI.D.5) page 75(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:043(g), VI.C.08.bfr
N24 (VI.D.5) page 75(h)

affirmative glold [photo]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:043(h), VI.C.08:bfv(a)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 75(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:043(i), VI.C.08:bfv(b)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 75(j)

T took J in his forearms

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:043(j), VI.C.08:bfv(c)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 76(a)

Rex Ryan O

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:044(a), VI.C.08:bfv(d)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 76(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:044(b), VI.C.08:bfv(e)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 76(c)

his rain [ram]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:044(c), VI.C.08:bfv(f)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 76(d)

the face [force] of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:044(d), VI.C.08:bfv(g)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 76(e)

to cake

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:044(e), VI.C.08:bfv(h)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 76(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:044(f), VI.C.08:bfv(i)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 76(g)

Πεμπαοριν [Πομπατειν] ⁄ Od 4 413

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:044(g), VI.C.08:bfv(j)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 76(h)

Dua tschassa [Dva tschossa]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:044(h), VI.C.08:bfv(k)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 76(i)

tchetyri — (house)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:044(i), VI.C.08:bfv(l)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 76(j)

fire [fide] of houses

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:044(j), VI.C.09.001
N24 (VI.D.5) page 76(k)

piate tschassan [tschusson]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:044(k), VI.C.09.001
N24 (VI.D.5) page 77(a)

lustre X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:045(a), VI.C.09.001
N24 (VI.D.5) page 77(b)

put an [our] yr blague

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:045(b)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 77(c)

X the thieves of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:045(c), VI.C.09.001
N24 (VI.D.5) page 77(d)

drizzly drab

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:045(d), VI.C.09.001
N24 (VI.D.5) page 77(e)

5th [subrace] of 5ll race

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:045(e), VI.C.09.001
N24 (VI.D.5) page 77(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:045(f), VI.C.09.001
N24 (VI.D.5) page 77(g)

w schim p.137

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:045(g), VI.C.09.001
N24 (VI.D.5) page 77(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:045(h), VI.C.09.001
N24 (VI.D.5) page 77(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:045(i), VI.C.09.001
N24 (VI.D.5) page 77(j)

H incarnation

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:045(j), VI.C.09.001
N24 (VI.D.5) page 77(k)

S. Jerome

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:045(k), VI.C.09.001
N24 (VI.D.5) page 77(l)

5 wounds

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:045(l), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 78(a)

starry brow

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:046(a), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 78(b)

acute vision

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:046(b), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 78(c)

obtuse without

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:046(c), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 78(d)

extremely eastern

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:046(d), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 78(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:046(e), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 78(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:046(f), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 78(g)


Note: Cf. FW 267.17
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:046(g), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 78(h)

H eute [ente]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:046(h), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 78(i)

pente fenite

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:046(i), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 78(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:046(j), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 78(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:046(k), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 78(l)

thimble 5 pts

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:046(l), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 79(a)

5 wise virgin senses / }

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:047(a), VI.C.09.002
N24 (VI.D.5) page 79(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:047(b), VI.C.09.003
N24 (VI.D.5) page 79(c)

pentadactyl sign

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:047(b), VI.C.09.003
N24 (VI.D.5) page 79(d)

of wall of WC

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:047(d), VI.C.09.003
N24 (VI.D.5) page 79(e)

alsit malum

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:047(e), VI.C.09.003
N24 (VI.D.5) page 79(f)

primed [finned]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:047(f), VI.C.09.003
N24 (VI.D.5) page 79(g)

see what happens

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:047(g), VI.C.09.003
N24 (VI.D.5) page 79(h)

crocus sump

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:047(h), VI.C.09.003
N24 (VI.D.5) page 79(i)

silvernose cup

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:047(i), VI.C.09.003
N24 (VI.D.5) page 79(j)

gent's busyman

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:047(j), VI.C.09.003
N24 (VI.D.5) page 79(k)

fast - medium

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:047(k), VI.C.09.003
N24 (VI.D.5) page 79(l)

caber = hammer

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:047(l), VI.C.09.003
N24 (VI.D.5) page 80(a)

finest place for blackberry[ing]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:048(a), VI.C.09.003
N24 (VI.D.5) page 80(b)

duchess of Dunghill

Note: On Thursday 9 July 1818, John Keats wrote to his brother Tom: ‘On our return from Belfast we met a sedan — the Duchess of Dunghill. It is no laughing matter though. Imagine the worst dog kennel you ever saw, placed upon two poles from a mouldy fencing — In such a wretched thing sat a squalid old woman, squat like an ape half-starved, from a scarcity of biscuit in its passage from Madagascar to the Cape, with a pipe in her mouth, and looking out with a round-eyed skinny-lidded inanity; with a sort of horizontal idiotic movement of her head — Squat and lean she sat, and puffed out the smoke, while two ragged tattered girls carried her along. What a thing would be a history of her life and sensations.’
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:048(b), VI.C.09.003
N24 (VI.D.5) page 80(c)

1 3 5 male no

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:048(c), VI.C.09.004
N24 (VI.D.5) page 80(d)

2 4 6

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:048(d), VI.C.09.004
N24 (VI.D.5) page 80(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:048(e), VI.C.09.004
N24 (VI.D.5) page 80(f)

6 perfect [subject] spheres = 1 + 2 + 3 = 1 × 2 × 3

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:048(f), VI.C.09.004
N24 (VI.D.5) page 80(g)

6 = 5 v 1 before cubid

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:048(g), VI.C.09.004
N24 (VI.D.5) page 81(a)

which it won if [would] far / exceed till in the

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:048(h), VI.C.09.004
N24 (VI.D.5) page 81(b)

6 = Karma Kismet

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:049(b), VI.C.09.004
N24 (VI.D.5) page 81(c)

Chicsal Fatum [Fate]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:049(c), VI.C.09.004
N24 (VI.D.5) page 81(d)

X death

Raphael transcription: VI.C.09:004(k)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 81(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:049(d), VI.C.09.004
N24 (VI.D.5) page 81(f)

with gnat industry

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:049(e), VI.C.09.004
N24 (VI.D.5) page 81(g)

6 = 4 + 2

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:049(f), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 81(h)

thirsty & hungry

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:049(g), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 81(i)

6 directions / creations [DIAGRAM]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:049(h), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 81(j)

6 = 2 A

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:049(j), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 81(k)

white black

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:049(k), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 81(l)

Soc's seal

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:049(l), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 82(a)

penta = 1 shôsh [stroph]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:050(a), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 82(b)

hexa = 2 —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:050(b), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 82(c)

6 [b] e serfdom

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:050(c), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 82(d)

worth [work] 6 days

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:050(d), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 82(e)

Sow — you [yrs]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:050(e), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 82(f)

Serve his turn 6 yrs [give his time to you]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:050(f), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 82(g)

garnished room

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:050(g), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 82(h)

laughable losses [horse]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:050(h), VI.C.09.005
N24 (VI.D.5) page 82(i)

Shan [Sham] general D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:050(i), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 82(j)

foghorn X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:050(j), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 82(k)

his second

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:050(k), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 82(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:050(l), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 83(a)

a fremd [friend] of mine

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:051(a), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 83(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:051(b), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 83(c)

haltered hegoat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:051(c), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 83(d)

Mr Mains of Manin[s]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:051(d), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 83(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:051(e), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 83(f)

at plenty to a J.W [enj W]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:051(f), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 83(g)

W in Thams

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:051(g), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 83(h)

pleasure launch

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:051(h), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 83(i)

gird any at the [my al they]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:051(i), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 83(j)

can take boughs

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:051(j), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 83(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:051(k), VI.C.09.006
N24 (VI.D.5) page 83(l)

by hook or crook

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:051(l), VI.C.09.007
N24 (VI.D.5) page 83(m)

screw spiral

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:051(m), VI.C.09.007
N24 (VI.D.5) page 84(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:052(a), VI.C.09.007
N24 (VI.D.5) page 84(b)

Semdsht [seendjht]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:052(b), VI.C.09.007
N24 (VI.D.5) page 84(c)

pomerium [-imn]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:052(c), VI.C.09.007
N24 (VI.D.5) page 84(d)

Henin [Perrin] etc

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:052(d), VI.C.09.007
N24 (VI.D.5) page 84(e)

40 weeks (foelus [foelius])

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:052(e), VI.C.09.007
N24 (VI.D.5) page 84(f)

leaeppiser till 7 [livepriser wil F]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:052(f), VI.C.09.007
N24 (VI.D.5) page 84(g)

expurter [expucter] after 16

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:052(g), VI.C.09.007
N24 (VI.D.5) page 84(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:052(h), VI.C.09.007
N24 (VI.D.5) page 84(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:052(i), VI.C.09.007
N24 (VI.D.5) page 84(j)

do re mi fa sol la ti / [do]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:052(j), VI.C.09.007
N24 (VI.D.5) page 84(k)

Sol Lun Mer Mar Venus Jove Sat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:052(k)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 85(a)

H drawbridge [Arawhige]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:053(a), VI.C.09.007
N24 (VI.D.5) page 85(b)

: Not cancelled

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:053(b), VI.C.09.008
Note: Paris, July 1926.
N24 (VI.D.5) page 85(c)

downright / meanfalse

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:053(b), VI.C.09.008
N24 (VI.D.5) page 85(d)

so X e / s-

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:053(c), VI.C.09.008
N24 (VI.D.5) page 85(e)

Lun Mer Ven Sol Mar Jo [Ju] Got / 1 3 5 7 2 4 6

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:053(e), VI.C.09.008
N24 (VI.D.5) page 85(f)

Sand made Osters

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:053(f), VI.C.09.008
N24 (VI.D.5) page 85(g)

Bull Hotel

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:053(g), VI.C.09.008
N24 (VI.D.5) page 85(h)

a e i o u, wy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:053(h), VI.C.09.008
N24 (VI.D.5) page 86(a)

K.S. talks hruf [talk Wuy]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:054(a), VI.C.09.008
N24 (VI.D.5) page 86(b)

all men cousins

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:054(b), VI.C.09.008
N24 (VI.D.5) page 86(c)

H of [if] 0 AD

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:054(c), VI.C.09.008
N24 (VI.D.5) page 86(d)

Moymell [Moynell] 7000

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:054(d), VI.C.09.008
N24 (VI.D.5) page 86(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:054(e), VI.C.09.009
N24 (VI.D.5) page 86(f)

Fa = tonic of nature

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:054(f), VI.C.09.009
N24 (VI.D.5) page 86(g)

rivers [ri den] etc

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:054(g), VI.C.09.009
N24 (VI.D.5) page 86(h)

Kûng = Hoangho

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:054(h), VI.C.09.009
N24 (VI.D.5) page 86(i)

6 ascending high [Gut / 6 arcu HU]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:054(i), VI.C.09.009
N24 (VI.D.5) page 86(j)

descending [descends] gnats

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:054(j), VI.C.09.009
N24 (VI.D.5) page 86(k)

great day = wire yr [1000 yrs]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:054(k), VI.C.09.009
N24 (VI.D.5) page 86(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:054(l), VI.C.09.009
N24 (VI.D.5) page 87(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:055(a), VI.C.09.009
N24 (VI.D.5) page 87(b)

a wave [wove] off —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:055(b), VI.C.09.009
N24 (VI.D.5) page 87(c)

seized holt of U [N] Europe & shook it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:055(c), VI.C.09.009
N24 (VI.D.5) page 87(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:055(d), VI.C.09.009
N24 (VI.D.5) page 87(e)

7 orifice in face

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:055(e), VI.C.09.010
N24 (VI.D.5) page 87(f)

7 heads high

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:055(f), VI.C.09.010
N24 (VI.D.5) page 87(g)

all God chillens go to heaven

Note: Nursery rhyme: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 / All God's children go to Heaven / When they die their sins are forgiven / 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:055(g), VI.C.09.010
N24 (VI.D.5) page 87(h)

7 wise men

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:055(h), VI.C.09.010
N24 (VI.D.5) page 87(i)

7 sleepers [stupid]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:055(i), VI.C.09.010
N24 (VI.D.5) page 87(j)

severed D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:055(j), VI.C.09.010
N24 (VI.D.5) page 87(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:055(k), VI.C.09.010
N24 (VI.D.5) page 87(l)

7 pleiads

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:055(l), VI.C.09.010
N24 (VI.D.5) page 88(a)

Septem Trione

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:056(a), VI.C.09.010
N24 (VI.D.5) page 88(b)

7 before Thieos [Theos]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:056(b), VI.C.09.010
N24 (VI.D.5) page 88(c)

7 gates

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:056(c), VI.C.09.010
N24 (VI.D.5) page 88(d)

7 hills

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:056(d), VI.C.09.010
N24 (VI.D.5) page 88(e)

oud burg

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:056(e), VI.C.09.010
N24 (VI.D.5) page 88(f)

leper arrosé 7 times

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:056(f), VI.C.09.011
N24 (VI.D.5) page 88(g)

sparrow [spanish] blood

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:056(g), VI.C.09.011
N24 (VI.D.5) page 88(h)

7 devils in Madelem [Moslem]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:056(h), VI.C.09.011
N24 (VI.D.5) page 88(i)

64 season in yr

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:056(i), VI.C.09.011
N24 (VI.D.5) page 88(j)

8 N E

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:056(j), VI.C.09.011
N24 (VI.D.5) page 88(k)

velte [velti] = 8 pts

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:056(k), VI.C.09.011
N24 (VI.D.5) page 88(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:056(l), VI.C.09.011
N24 (VI.D.5) page 89(a)

8 octavial & decima [octaverl 4 decaves]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:057(a), VI.C.09.011
N24 (VI.D.5) page 89(b)

64 gaer Lute

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:057(b), VI.C.09.011
N24 (VI.D.5) page 89(c)

= 100 gener Matt

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:057(c), VI.C.09.011
N24 (VI.D.5) page 89(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:057(d), VI.C.09.011
N24 (VI.D.5) page 89(e)

ancestors' no books armes ( = 8

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:057(e), VI.C.09.011
N24 (VI.D.5) page 89(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:057(f), VI.C.09.011
N24 (VI.D.5) page 89(g)

H dreams Jacobs ladder

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:057(g), VI.C.09.012
N24 (VI.D.5) page 89(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:057(h), VI.C.09.012
N24 (VI.D.5) page 89(i)

S Boots, cleans, peeps, listen

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:057(i), VI.C.09.012
N24 (VI.D.5) page 90(a)

J D [J.W] & Nash = Shem beaten

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:058(a), VI.C.09.012
N24 (VI.D.5) page 90(b)

Cpt General

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:058(b), VI.C.09.012
N24 (VI.D.5) page 90(c)

eagle USA X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:058(c), VI.C.09.012
N24 (VI.D.5) page 90(d)

10 m = 16 K [= UN] / 5 [blank] 8

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:058(d), VI.C.09.012
N24 (VI.D.5) page 90(e)

collace [collan] hall

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:058(e), VI.C.09.012
N24 (VI.D.5) page 90(f)

rue d'Abraham

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:058(f), VI.C.09.012
N24 (VI.D.5) page 90(g)

countal [cointal]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:058(g), VI.C.09.012
N24 (VI.D.5) page 90(h)

Lovechandler [Evechandler]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:058(h), VI.C.09.012
N24 (VI.D.5) page 90(i)

capital bridge

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:058(i), VI.C.09.012
N24 (VI.D.5) page 90(j)

Year of Incarnation [1088]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:058(j), VI.C.09.013
N24 (VI.D.5) page 90(k)

Is recounted

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:058(k), VI.C.09.013
N24 (VI.D.5) page 91(a)

precinct (}) ‘waite’

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:059(a), VI.C.09.013
N24 (VI.D.5) page 91(b)

Keep N H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:059(b), VI.C.09.013
N24 (VI.D.5) page 91(c)

Lion in castle

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:059(c), VI.C.09.013
N24 (VI.D.5) page 91(d)

Mint, torture chamber

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:059(d), VI.C.09.013
N24 (VI.D.5) page 91(e)

He was ‘pardoned’

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:059(e), VI.C.09.013
N24 (VI.D.5) page 91(f)

demolish mine [inner] / building under [bridges made] / cruciform window

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:059(h), VI.C.09.013
N24 (VI.D.5) page 91(i)

on both sides the gate

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:059(i), VI.C.09.013
N24 (VI.D.5) page 91(j)

Sentence on pillar

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:059(j), VI.C.09.013
N24 (VI.D.5) page 92(a)

Suffer extreme penalty

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:060(a), VI.C.09.013
N24 (VI.D.5) page 92(b)

within the railings

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:060(b), VI.C.09.014
N24 (VI.D.5) page 92(c)

birching, burning [burns] & recanting

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:060(c), VI.C.09.014
N24 (VI.D.5) page 92(d)

paw [pain] nailed to door

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:060(d), VI.C.09.014
N24 (VI.D.5) page 92(e)

expose[d] right flank

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:060(e), VI.C.09.014
N24 (VI.D.5) page 92(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:060(f), VI.C.09.014
N24 (VI.D.5) page 92(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:060(g), VI.C.09.014
N24 (VI.D.5) page 92(h)

the alluvion

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:060(h), VI.C.09.014
N24 (VI.D.5) page 92(i)

hospice hostel

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:060(i), VI.C.09.014
N24 (VI.D.5) page 92(j)

perish by fire

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:060(j), VI.C.09.014
N24 (VI.D.5) page 92(k)

young anabastart [anabastard]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:060(k), VI.C.09.014
N24 (VI.D.5) page 92(l)

Sorcer (ess)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:060(l), VI.C.09.014
N24 (VI.D.5) page 93(a)

execution by fire less frequent

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:061(a), VI.C.09.014
N24 (VI.D.5) page 93(b)

circle of balder stones [balderstout]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:061(b), VI.C.09.015
N24 (VI.D.5) page 93(c)

not possessing a place convenient for torture

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:061(c), VI.C.09.015
N24 (VI.D.5) page 93(d)

6th [17th] 14th fire

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:061(d), VI.C.09.015
N24 (VI.D.5) page 93(e)

15th 11th water

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:061(e), VI.C.09.015
N24 (VI.D.5) page 93(f)

17th callas [collar]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:061(f), VI.C.09.015
N24 (VI.D.5) page 93(g)

‘rosary’ knotted cord

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:061(g), VI.C.09.015
N24 (VI.D.5) page 93(h)

confessed new faults

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:061(h), VI.C.09.015
N24 (VI.D.5) page 93(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:061(i), VI.C.09.015
N24 (VI.D.5) page 93(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:061(j), VI.C.09.015
N24 (VI.D.5) page 93(k)

in the thickness of the wall

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:061(k), VI.C.09.015
N24 (VI.D.5) page 94(a)

fischbone wall

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:062(a), VI.C.09.015
N24 (VI.D.5) page 94(b)

the fisc

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:062(b), VI.C.09.015
N24 (VI.D.5) page 94(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:062(c), VI.C.09.015
N24 (VI.D.5) page 94(d)

heard Mass

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:062(d), VI.C.09.016
N24 (VI.D.5) page 94(e)

1st stor(e) y

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:062(e), VI.C.09.016
N24 (VI.D.5) page 94(f)

englishion [eagleshion]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:062(f), VI.C.09.016
N24 (VI.D.5) page 94(g)

gained [gains] admission

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:062(g), VI.C.09.016
N24 (VI.D.5) page 94(h)

the Audience

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:062(h), VI.C.09.016
N24 (VI.D.5) page 94(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:062(i), VI.C.09.016
N24 (VI.D.5) page 94(j)

floor shied [shew] iris leave [lear]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:062(j), VI.C.09.016
N24 (VI.D.5) page 94(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:062(k)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 94(l)

improvement for [fire]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:062(l), VI.C.09.016
N24 (VI.D.5) page 94(m)

cruise wethered [crown withered]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:062(m), VI.C.09.016
N24 (VI.D.5) page 95(a)

till 18th century

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:063(a), VI.C.09.016
N24 (VI.D.5) page 95(b)

high list berth of bend ⁄ iei ⁄ [high hot bark of benchers]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:063(b)
N24 (VI.D.5) page 95(c)

feudal procession

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:063(c), VI.C.09.016
N24 (VI.D.5) page 95(d)

20 [to] H striped cloth

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:063(d), VI.C.09.016
N24 (VI.D.5) page 95(e)

their bounty

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:063(e), VI.C.09.017
N24 (VI.D.5) page 95(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:063(f), VI.C.09.017
N24 (VI.D.5) page 95(g)

Kidneys of wheat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:063(g), VI.C.09.017
N24 (VI.D.5) page 95(h)

Orcayne [Orcagne]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:063(h), VI.C.09.017
N24 (VI.D.5) page 95(i)

26 comtes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:063(i), VI.C.09.017
N24 (VI.D.5) page 95(j)

School [Sehove]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:063(j), VI.C.09.017
N24 (VI.D.5) page 95(k)

Spicer [Spices]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:063(k), VI.C.09.017
N24 (VI.D.5) page 95(l)

rewarded Keeper

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:063(l), VI.C.09.017
N24 (VI.D.5) page 95(m)

pray for the sins

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:063(m), VI.C.09.017
N24 (VI.D.5) page 96(a)

Skirt reaches to the earth

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:064(a), VI.C.09.017
N24 (VI.D.5) page 96(b)

bronze fish [bronse fists] on wall refroctones [refronctons]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:064(b), VI.C.09.017
N24 (VI.D.5) page 96(c)

dark, wait & see

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:064(c), VI.C.09.017
N24 (VI.D.5) page 96(d)

treatise signed

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:064(d), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 96(e)

the Chimes Chee

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:064(e), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 96(f)

Caesar T. Patr ⁄ a

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:064(f), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 96(g)

VieVs DVbLVn

Note: Possible reading. Probably transferred to N25 (VI.B.15):008(a). See also N23 (VI.B.12):089(n).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:064(g), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 96(h)

assuredly — but

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:064(h), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 96(i)

pp not numbered

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:064(i), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 96(j)

Ghentman organise

Note: Joyce was in Ghent, Belgium, 13-17th September 1926.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:064(j), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 97(a)

Exhibit will be in unhoped proportions [propitiy]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:065(a), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 97(b)

Buy H C E [A C E]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:065(b), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 97(c)

Gand guide illustré / (m)

Note: Joyce was in Ghent, Belgium, 13-17th September 1926.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:065(c), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 97(d)

Master X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:065(d), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 97(e)


Note: This mark indicates completion of use of the notebook on the proofs of transition 12 (i.e., III.1)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:065(e), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 97(f)

obtained of the Public Power

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:065(f), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 97(g)


Note: This mark indicates completion of use of the notebook on the proofs of transition 13 (i.e., III.2)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:065(g), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 97(h)

it endured until

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:065(h), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 97(i)

beginner [legumes] of riper age

Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:065(i), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 97(j)

Younger beginner [begins]

Note: VI.D.5 ends
Raphael transcription: VI.C.16:065(j), VI.C.09.018
N24 (VI.D.5) page 97(k)