N16 (VI.D.1): Paris

Missing notebook: May-June 1925.
Manuscript reconstructed from partial copy Notebook details
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(a)

The Duce of dug door

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(b)

gin the trying to govern / white

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(c)

H in royal oak

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(e)

is to near

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(f)

he came

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(g)

spear he said — by 2 murders

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(h)

bad notices

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(i)

with no 6 Irish

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(j)

while an old

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(k)

I might see you

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(l)

the leader

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(m)

a blond

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(n)

a pretty day

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 1(o)

made several

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:123(o)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(a)

1 paid them

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(c)

why do you cry

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(d)

wet tree

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(e)

Any students

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(g)

an announce

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(h)

in a time

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(j)

look for quartz

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(k)

kallisteion / beauty contest

The kernel of the myth according to this story is a kallisteion or beauty contest. When the gods were assembled at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, Eris, Strife, threw among them a golden apple.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(l)

plus — klia — Dionian

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(m)


Note: ALP's sign is upside down.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 2(n)

interrupt the puceen

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:124(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 3(a)

laugh to it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:125(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 3(b)

Ir letter must

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:125(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 3(c)

A C Shawl

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:125(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 3(d)

What is the price?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:125(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 3(e)

I chambre no 7.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:125(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 3(f)

à 1 personne

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:125(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 3(g)

I ought to be arranged

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:125(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 3(h)

a minute

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:125(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 3(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:125(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 3(j)

H lasses at serfs / who prints his / ballad

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:125(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 3(k)

copysit at Monte / di Pricti

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:125(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 3(l)

makes Ei ndth

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:125(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 4(a)

In office's time

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:126(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 4(b)

a day little better

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:126(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 4(c)

I ran after T to / tell him — / and (charged)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:126(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 4(d)

to maternity

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:126(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 4(e)

a man with / a check workcoat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:126(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 4(f)

coherer / syphon recording

The many devices, the electro-magnetic receivers, tape machines, coherers, syphon recorders and the thousand and one electrical machines produced at the time for these purposes, have practically all gone.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:126(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 4(g)

sound reg, / noise irr.

Sound, the regular oscillation, and noise, the irregular oscillation, of the air, fare really the beginning and end of wireless as it is known to the public to-day.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:126(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 4(h)

will of its own

This means that we must have quite a big movement on a diaphragm of large size, and a large diaphragm is made to move by the electrical oscillation, itself not very accurate; naturally, if it is heavy, like a poker or anything else, it has a will of its own, and therefore it continues to move when the wireless oscillation has told it to stop.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:126(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 4(i)

Eau de Cologne

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:126(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 5(a)

like a creaking board

If a hero says “Good-bye” to a heroine with a kiss like a creeking board, in the middle of a twenty-reel drama, instead of improving upon the effect of your imagination, which tells you that it is real, and which acts the scene for you better than it can be shown in life or sound, it would be like putting up a blackboard across the screen with the words written upon it, “this is not real it is only a fake.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:127(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 5(b)

wireless station

So the greatest effects we shall soon see from wireless and sound are these: we shall be able to speak to people all over the world by relaying and a combination of land-line and radio; we shall easily be able to connect our office with a wireless station on the coast, radio across the Continent, and then connect by land-line to another office on the other side of the Atlantic.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:127(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 5(c)

heard A miles away before B at end of room / collodion balloon

Remember that if I am addressing a man by wireless who is one hundred miles away, someone who is listening on a telephone will hear my voice before I am heard at the end of the big hall where I am speaking, because the velocity of sound is only 1100 feet per second, and wireless, like light, travels much faster. Sound can also be actually refracted. Just as the old-fashioned jeweller used a globe of water to concentrate the light upon his work, so will a collodion balloon filled with carbon dioxide, the ordinary gas product of average combustion, act as a lens for sound, which can be actually focussed by these means.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:127(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 5(d)

frequencies gridded out

The infinitesimal movements of this aluminium coil will reproduce speech up to about 40,000 periods per second in oscillatory speed, yet speech is well recognisable if all frequencies over 4,000 per second are gridded out.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:127(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 5(e)

makes voices harsh

Unfortunately, from the business point of view, the long distance re-production effect is usually satisfactory even when re-broadcasted upon telephones, and for business purposes it is immaterial whether the voice that records the profit or loss is harsh or pleasant.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:127(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 5(f)

ear varies after meal

It is the science of wireless that is beautiful; it is the possibilities that are wonderful; but to talk of pure sound and to judge of it by the human ear which varies after every meal, is like measuring the amount of current passing through an electric-light bulb by feeling its heat with the hand.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:127(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 5(g)

what can be coded can be decoded color t.b.a.

Supposing two people had been able to converse privately and with absolute secrecy from other “listeners in,” then we should not mind trusting all our messages to Radio. At present, what can be coded can be decoded, and we are not entranced by the idea of entrusting our pennies to the winds of Heaven and the vagaries of a thunderstorm.

N16 (VI.D.1) page 5(h)

short wavelength

Now wireless, if I may apply the word here, is very like light in many ways; it is capable of refraction and shadow effects; it travels at the same speed, and if the wave-lengths of wireless could be sufficiently shortened to become visible a new, and possibly effective, method of transmitting wireless light and even power.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:127(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 5(i)


It is more than likely that, in the far future, the proper study of oscillatory theories, the proper investigation of the spectrum only very partially explored by a few, will lead us to a better understanding of the nature of life, and will help us to appreciate the theories of electrical sonics.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:127(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 5(j)

T introduced / the incl I of leaving ~

Vision at a distance is, therefore, very necessary as our inclination for travel decreases and its comfort increases.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:127(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 6(a)

Silen / v travel

Vision at a distance is, therefore, very necessary as our inclination for travel decreases and its comfort increases.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:128(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 6(b)

T asked give / alsad / why dog fell / t and L' at full of moon ~

There was a time when we made appointments to meet our friends at the full of the moon, but now we say at “10 o'clock, and I can only give you two minutes.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:128(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 6(c)

~ radio sight

In the future we shall probably say, “Meet me at 10.2.1-5 sees., and do not keep me waiting.” To do this we must have radio sight.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:128(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 6(d)

a wireless light

Now wireless, if I may apply the word here, is very like light in many ways; it is capable of refraction and shadow effects; it travels at the same speed, and if the wave-lengths of wireless could be sufficiently shortened to become visible we should probably find ourselves with a new, and possibly effective, method of transmitting wireless light and even power.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:128(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 6(e)

pit — it — iti / italics

N16 (VI.D.1) page 6(f)


There is a still more rapid method of transmitting a photograph: it is to allow the light from an ordinary lamp to pass through a spot upon the negative and then to a selenium cell.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:128(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 6(g)

— — neon

The electro-magnetic theory of light and the phenomena exhibited by the neon tube, present many opportunities.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:128(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 6(h)

X cnvcts' / sdl on

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:128(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 7(a)


Another property, and a feature of great importance from the aspect of television, is that of retentivity.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:129(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 7(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:129(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 7(c)

Humphrys / Justice of the Peace

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:129(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 7(d)

Suffocating heat on / a deafening noise

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:129(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 7(e)

code with code

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:129(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 7(f)

When are you / going

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:129(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 7(g)

Going to Kifters

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:129(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 7(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:129(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 7(i)

Suicide inconnu

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:129(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 7(j)

X rays preda / identity

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:129(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 7(k)

gamma — pentente

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:129(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 7(l)

lira 5xv

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:129(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 8(a)

looking for candles

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:130(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 8(b)

does England know / earth is round

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:130(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 8(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:130(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 8(d)

get with / beasts of prey / (cf. horse / nativers)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:130(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 8(e)

I sits on floor

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:130(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 8(f)

was little nun

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:130(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 8(g)

T answer p 40

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:130(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 8(h)

q. p 11

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:130(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 8(i)

G.A (You're like / a waiter

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:130(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(a)

H Capital

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(b)

H the Spook

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(c)

Spook speaks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(d)

Vico and Nede

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(g)

He comes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(h)

wreath of roses

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(k)

H dun poor tax

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(l)

D I cd only see / his face

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 9(n)

I'm his mestraat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:131(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 10(a)

paternity / traced by / microscope

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:132(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 10(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:132(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 10(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:132(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 10(d)

A helps up

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:132(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 10(e)

tran OV

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:132(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 10(f)

Olga boatsong

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:132(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 10(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:132(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 10(h)

to supply frdu / teeth H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:132(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 10(i)

D feet

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:132(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 10(j)

government / by experts

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:132(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 10(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:132(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 11(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:133(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 11(b)

D found / himself / with

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:133(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 11(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:133(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 11(d)

H coccus Ex

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:133(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 11(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:133(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 11(f)

His Eminences / Cardinal Mc. / Gillycuddy and / Cardinal / Crowpatuck

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:133(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 11(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:133(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 11(h)

Mars speaking

If Mars, millions of years older than ourselves, has arrived at such a stage of advancement that it can think of transcending its own boundaries, it may make some attempt at communication, but the attempt might take the form which to us would be quite unrecognizable. Some observers thought that the persistent thunderstorms and magnetic disturbances experienced during the last opposition over wide areas were signs of such an attempt, but the coincidence may have been quite accidental.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:133(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 11(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:133(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 11(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:133(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 11(k)

consult dead oracle ~

I determined, however, to confirm this intelligent forecast by consulting Tantalus himself. To consult the oracle of a dead hero, it was, I knew, only necessary to undergo the process of ‘incubation,’ a sort of camping out on his tomb, in the skin of a sacrificial beast; and fortunately the tomb of Tantalus had just been discovered in Phrygia by the archaeologists of the British School at Athens.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 8
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:133(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 12(a)

~ skin of beast / at tomb

I determined, however, to confirm this intelligent forecast by consulting Tantalus himself. To consult the oracle of a dead hero, it was, I knew, only necessary to undergo the process of ‘incubation,’ a sort of camping out on his tomb, in the skin of a sacrificial beast; and fortunately the tomb of Tantalus had just been discovered in Phrygia by the archaeologists of the British School at Athens.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 8
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:134(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 12(b)

caries, baldness, atrophied toes

If we have improved on them [early Man], it has probably been only in such minor matters as resistance to the microbes of the many diseases which flourish among dense populations under slum conditions. Against that probability have to be set such certainties as that our toes and many of our muscles are being atrophied and that we are getting more liable to caries and baldness.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 21
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:134(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 12(c)

language, writing

In the first place. Language not only extends enormously the possibilities of co-operation and common action, but also renders possible the consolidation of customs and their preservation by oral tradition. In the next place, Writing enables a society to record all that it considers worth remembering.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 25-6
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:134(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 12(d)

D lanpizza


Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 00
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:134(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 12(e)

logic = examinable nonsense

Logic has been just examinable nonsense for over two thousand years. The present economic chaos in the world has been indirectly brought about by the policy adopted by the professors of economics forty or fifty years ago, to suit their own convenience.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 32
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:134(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 12(f)

Adam Smith / Wealth of Nations

So soon as the professors had retired from it, every economic heresy and delusion, which had been exposed and uprooted by Adam Smith, at once revived and flourished.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 32
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:134(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 12(g)


Nor was it so very long ago that, in order to save the Mathematical Tripos at Cambridge, it had to be recast, because it had degenerated into an intellectual jig-saw puzzle, wholly unrelated to the applications of mathematics to the other sciences.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 133
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:134(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 12(h)

Iceland — settled by unbridled individualists

It is probable that the social history of Iceland, settled as it was by unbridled individualists who would not brook any form of organized government, might throw some light on this process of taming the individual.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 37
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:134(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 13(a)


So society, as at present organized, is always dying off at the lop, and proliferating at the bottom, of the social pyramid.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 44
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:135(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 13(b)

C frittered away

The children of the rich are tempted to live for ‘society’ in the narrower sense, which means frittering away one's life on a round of vacuous amusement; and they rarely resist the temptation.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 46
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:135(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 13(c)

on bottle? C

Also babies brought up on the bottle, which has an irresistible attraction for microbes of all sorts, are apt to be less healthy than those nourished in the more primitive manner.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 45-6
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:135(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 13(d)

Charles II / H

Since the merry days of King Charles II, very few noble families of royal descent have been added to the peerage.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 51
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:135(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 13(e)

H blowing about / what he did

Our civilization, therefore, carries within it the seeds of its own decay and destruction, and it does not require high prophetic gifts to predict the future of a race which goes the way marked out for it by such perversely suicidal institutions. It cannot improve, but must degenerate, and the only question would seem to be whether the decadence of Man will leave him viable as a biological species.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 51
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:135(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 13(f)


We start with a pretty shrewd suspicion that certain types, say the feeble-minded, the sickly, the insane, are undesuable, and that no good can come of coddling and cultivating them: we similarly are pretty sure that certain other types, say the intelligent, healthy, and energetic, are inherently superior to the former. We try, therefore, to improve and increase the better types.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 63
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:135(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 13(g)


I am much less inclined to put my trust in the advance of pharmacology than Mr Haldane and Mr Russell! Hitherto new drugs have only meant new vices, sometimes (like cocaine) of so fascinating a character as to distract the whole police force from their proper function of repressing crime.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 75
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:135(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 13(h)

H opium

I am much less inclined to put my trust in the advance of pharmacology than Mr Haldane and Mr Russell! Hitherto new drugs have only meant new vices, sometimes (like cocaine) of so fascinating a character as to distract the whole police force from their proper function of repressing crime.

Source: F.C.S. Schiller, Tantalus (1924) 75
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:135(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 13(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:135(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 13(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:135(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 13(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:135(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 13(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:135(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 13(m)

E H la A

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:135(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 14(a)

Ghost of J.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:136(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 14(b)

I'm blest if / I can see

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:136(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 14(c)

K. and S. Olaf. / 1015 - 1030

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:136(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 14(d)

Haroldson / 995 29⁄

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:136(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 14(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:136(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 14(f)

a Pecenese

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:136(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 14(g)

Dibl Clergyman

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:136(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 14(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:136(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 14(i)

on the

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:136(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 14(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:136(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 14(k)

a post

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:136(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 14(l)

he! dates!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:136(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 15(a)

the ‘prière’

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:137(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 15(b)

Major Gen. / Shrapnel

Until 1915 the soldier's business was to push or throw pieces of metal at the enemy. Various devices had been employed for throwing them fast or far, and some of them threw other pieces on arrival at their destination, thanks, in the main, to the genius of the unforgotten Major-General Shrapnel.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:137(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 15(c)

Callinicus 8th cent. greek fire

It is true that early in the eighth century A.D. the appropriately named Syrian Callinicus had prolonged the life of the Eastern Roman Empire for another 750 years and saved a large part of Christendom from Mahommedan domination by his invention of “Greek fire,” an inflammable liquid which was, however, later superseded by gunpowder.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:137(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 15(d)

rule of thumb

For example, we can arrange carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms in patterns which constitute the molecules of sugar, glycerine, or alcohol at will. This is called chemical synthesis. We have been doing it by rule-of-thumb methods for thousands of years, and are just beginning to learn a little about it.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:137(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 15(e)

Poison gas / lachrymatory gas

Chemical warfare had been so far foreseen by statesmen that in 1907 the signatories of the Hague Conference agreed to renounce the use of projectiles the sole object of which was the diffusion of asphyxiating or harmful gases. They were thus debarred from using lachrymatory gas, the most humane weapon ever invented; but permitted to discharge gas from cylinders on the ground, an exceedingly cruel practice. This regulation was well meant, but the path to August, 1914, was paved with good intentions. In 1914 none of the great powers had made any preparation for poison-gas warfare, and it was not till April 22nd, 1915, more than eight months after the beginning of the war, that the Germans began its use

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:137(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 15(f)

poison mask

For, after a given area has been well sprayed with dichlorethyl sulphide from bursting shells for some time, it is death to occupy it without a mask, and the vapour may blister the skin, while anyone touching the ground will be certain of a very serious blister.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:137(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 15(g)

mustard gas / blisters

The fourth group, of blistering gases, contains only one substance used during the war, dichlorethyl sulphide, or “mustard gas.” This is really a liquid, whose vapour is not only poisonous when breathed, but but blisters any part of the skin with which it comes into contact even.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:137(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 15(h)

the enemy (ee)

Mustard gas is a very different thing. It was never used to force a decision by breaking the enemy's lines, but to cause him casualties and deny him the use of ground.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:137(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 15(i)

C collects / signatures

Chemical warfare had been so far foreseen by statesmen that in 1907 the signatories of the Hague Conference agreed to renounce the use of projectiles

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:137(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 16(a)

Elizabeth / Montesombrt

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:138(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 16(b)

penny babies

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:138(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 16(c)

C skin irritant

It is, to my mind, far more probable that skin irritants may be discovered which are even more unpleasant than mustard gas.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:138(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 16(d)

a shoot

The Turks were seldom capable of organizing a combined attack by any number greater than a battalion, or a shoot by anything larger than a battery.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:138(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 16(e)

anti-gas mask ~

We were threatened with gas bombs during the war, and certain London pharmacists made very large sums by the sale of alleged anti-gas masks.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:138(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 16(f)

~ amulet C

It could be, and was, urged at the time that as the carrying of these curious objects [alleged anti-gas masks] seemed to calm the civilian population in a moment of national emergency, they served a useful purpose. The same argument has been brought forward on behalf of amulets and other pious frauds sold in the name of religion.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:138(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 16(g)

olet C

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:138(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 16(h)

no odour besides

The insidiousness of hydrogen arsenide has, however, so alarmed chemists that a tradition persists of a man having been killed by a single bubble of it, while they are so afraid of smelling carbon monoxide that it is generally stated to be inodorous. Besides errors due to this cause, there were errors of arithmetic.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:138(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 16(i)

offensive gm / salient / respirator H

On the nights of March 11th to March 14th, 1918, just before the great offensive of March 21st, the Germans fired 150,000 mustard gas shells into the villages and valleys of the Cambrai salient, an area of about twenty square miles, the same as that of central London. This caused 4,500 casualties, of whom only fifty died (all of them because they took off their respirators too soon).

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:138(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 16(j)


But very soon familiarity bred contempt, or even liking, for aeroplanes dropped sheaves of pamphlets explaining how any soldier tired of the war could become a casualty without danger either of death or detection by allowing earth contaminated with mustard gas to touch the skin or the clothing. A good many wound-stripes were earned by this simple and up-to-date method, though, as we had the superiority in the air and the German soldiers were both more tired and more confiding than our own, the German casualties from this cause were probably still greater.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:138(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 16(k)


But let us tell our civilian population before and not after they are attacked with blistering gases that the blisters produced are considerably less dangerous than measles. It was predicted during the war that the survivors of lung-irritant gases would get consumption, while those burned by mustard gas would develop cancer. This has not happened, but it is the sort of rumour that easily starts.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:138(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 16(l)

worse for gas color t.b.a.

None of us was much the worse for the gas, or in any real danger, as we knew where to stop, but some had to go to bed for a few days, and I was very short of breath and incapable of running for a month or so.

Note: See also N17 (VI.B.9):015(a).
N16 (VI.D.1) page 16(m)

Harrison ~

The success of our respirators was largely due to one man, Harrison, whose name is insufficiently known to his countrymen. He was an analytical chemist, and author of that admirable and too little read work Secret Remedies (published by the British Medical Association).

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:138(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 17(a)

~ Secret Remedies / (B M A)

The success of our respirators was largely due to one man, Harrison, whose name is insufficiently known to his countrymen. He was an analytical chemist, and author of that admirable and too little read work Secret Remedies (published by the British Medical Association).

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:139(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 17(b)

prussic blue

And, though I have seen a good many scientific experiments on animals, I have never seen one which, so far as concerns the pain given, I should object to having performed on myself. That this attitude is not unusual would appear from the following experiment described by the director of the Porton experimental ground, in which he wished to compare the effects of hydrocyanic (or prussic) acid gas on himself and a dog.

Note: Prussian blue: a deep-blue pigment.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:139(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 17(c)

evilly imputed

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:139(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 17(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:139(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 17(e)

Schlacht ohne Morgen

The Germans would probably have tried, as they tried in 1914, to bring about a “Schlacht ohne Morgen,” a battle on reversed fronts modelled on Cannae. The fighting would probably have been about as severe as at Cannae, and men would have been fighting in close order, ten or twenty deep, along a hundred-mile front. No doubt it would have been over sooner, but the losses would probably have been just as great.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:139(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 17(f)

denounce it / (Helicuse)

But I have no sympathy whatever for Mr. Facing-both-ways when he says that, though he is prepared on occasion to fight, he will not use these nasty new-fangled weapons. Of course I am not suggesting that we should violate or prepare to violate the Washington Agreement on this subject. I do, however, believe that we ought to denounce it at the earliest possible opportunity

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:139(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 17(g)

high explosive

Such are the facts about chemical warfare. They will not be believed because a belief in them would do violence to the sentiments of most people. They will not be promulgated, as there is no money to be made out of them. (Chemical manufacturers make both high explosive and mustard gas, and the former more easily.)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:139(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 17(h)

find us / on mantelpiece

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:139(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 17(i)

Williamshe queen

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:139(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 17(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:139(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 17(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:139(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 18(a)

Mammary gland precedes external sex organs

The medical student seldom stops to consider the significance of the presence of the mammary gland in the male. … the gland is already present when the external sex-organs are indistinguishable.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:140(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 18(b)

male father of girls

The male is the father of girls as well as of boys, it is therefore nevessary to provide both father and mother with a complete sexual outfit of either sex is to provide equal shares to the making of their progeny.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:140(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 18(c)

Mammary Apparatus of Mammalia by J.P. Hill

The Mammary Apparatus of the Mammalia, with Introduction by Prof. J.P. Hill, London, 1920

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:140(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 18(d)

Human Embryology / Arthur Keith

Sir Arthur Keith in his delightful work Human Embryology and Morphology (4th Ed. 1921) says …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:140(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 18(e)

my cousin the bear

We are led to consider that while we inherit through our non-human ancestors many of the features (more or less portrayed in our living non-human cousins), we also have had impressed upon us … the features of our immediate predecessors, namely our own parents.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:140(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 18(f)


In such forms, for instance as the jellyfishes, the brain-skin layer does not differentiate into its two component parts …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:140(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 18(g)

embryo lies on — shield

The area is known as the embryonic shield, because it is on it that the embryo is afterwards laid down.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:140(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 19(a)

Kevin turned away from frown

Let there come someone who, with an angry face, speaks to it [an infant] in harsh tones. The smile disappears, the features contract into an expression of pain, and, beginning to cry, it turns away its head, and makes such movements of escape as are possible. What is the meaning of these facts Why does not the frown make it smile, and the mother's laugh make it weep ?

Note: Joyce seems to use the name Kevin or theletter K todfesignate ‘infant’
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:141(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 19(b)

the parent offers sweetmeat

Let us now examine the same faculties, viz. sorrow and joy under different conditions, and see how the Brain machinery is called forth into action. The child trips over the door-mat and falls in its eagerness to reach the sweetmeat held up in the parent's hand at the other end of the room.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:141(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 19(c)

plural fusions ~

Such must he distinguished from the monsters of medical science, which include many forms of arrest of development, and plural fusions. One genuine aberrant form of kitten has come under my notice, in which the face was long and pointed and the eyes open at birth.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:141(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 19(d)

~ eyes open at birth

Such must he distinguished from the monsters of medical science, which include many forms of arrest of development, and plural fusions. One genuine aberrant form of kitten has come under my notice, in which the face was long and pointed and the eyes open at birth.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:141(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 19(e)

W.S. fa / march's will do / C rhymes to / remember

… here Sir Francis Darwin draws a striking analogy in saying: “This is precisely paralleled by our own experience of memory, for it often happens that we cannot reproduce the last-learned verse of the poem without repeating the earlier part. [Each] verse [is] suggested by the previous one and acts as a stimulus for the next. The blurred and imperfect character of the ontogenetic version of the phylogenetic series may at least remind us of the tendency to abbreviate by omission what we have learnt by heart.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:141(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 19(f)

eyebrain of hawk

This I say because the brain of a hawk may be well described as an eye-brain, the sense of sight being developed altogether out of proportion to the other senses

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:141(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 19(g)

a friend (she)

A friend staying on a visit, who has a passionate love for animals, took a great fancy to my pet, and this was strongly reciprocated.

Note: The author refers to his (female) hawk as ‘she’.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:141(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 19(h)

la donna è mobile

Note: La donna è mobile (Woman is fickle) is the Duke of Mantua's catchy canzone from the opening of act 3 of Verdi's opera Rigoletto (1851).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:141(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 19(i)

Kestrel coop

On approaching her coop with a hard black felt hat on my head, she [the kestrel] never lecognized me, and exhibited considerable dread of my presence I cannot say that I have quite discovered the reason, but it would appear that she conjured up in her mind a vague mental picture of something animate or otherwise which she had probably once upon a time seen and which frightened her

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:141(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 19(j)

male done hatching

… in fact he [the male pigeon] showed distinctly that he did not intend to allow her [the female] to leave the nest until it was time for him to take on his share of incubation.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:141(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 20(a)

Arm of Nor

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:142(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 20(b)

Lion and Olap

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:142(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 20(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:142(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 20(d)

a domestic pest

The moment I heard this I placed the saucer of milk on the floor and thus after some difficulty I succeeded in developing a permanent double call-note in this domestic pet [cat].

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:142(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 20(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:142(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 20(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:142(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 20(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:142(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 20(h)

flei, man / gift, child / penis

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:142(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 20(i)

penis his

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:142(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 20(j)

Coshs chds

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:142(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 20(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:142(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 20(l)

man appendice ~

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:142(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 20(m)

~ to penis

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:142(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 21(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:143(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 21(b)

I Soils not

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:143(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 21(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:143(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 21(d)

gifts to / doctors

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:143(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 21(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:143(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 21(f)

— stick

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:143(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 21(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:143(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 21(h)

not plastic / enough

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:143(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 21(i)

dog (she)

The dog had acquired a permanent love for her master she longed for petting and caresses.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:143(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 21(j)

cyclopean monster (camera lens)

In regard to the faculty of Imagination occurring in wild beasts confined behind prison bars, it is quite amazing to observe what may or may not present itself as a fetish I placed a reflex camera with a large telephoto lens close to a cage tenanted by a lion and a lioness. The camera was slung from my shoulders. I had hardly commenced to manipulate the instrument when the animals, becoming conscious of the uncanny stare of a Cyclopean monster (lens), instantly stampeded, performing a series of catherine-wheel actions round their den,

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:143(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 21(k)

SS. Pram / (Fram)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:143(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 21(l)

paddyeddy— ?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:143(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 21(m)

Representative / ⁄new India

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:143(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 22(a)

Lief Ericksen

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:144(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 22(b)

5000 (U.S.A)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:144(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 22(c)

Sesqui —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:144(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 22(d)

tan bufli

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:144(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 22(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:144(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 22(f)

One locks / other's neck

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:144(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 22(g)

lunged with destructive purport

Let the hawk appear in swooping flight with destructive purport (and very cognisant indeed are the small birds of this movement); let the cat prowl and crouch along the hedgerow or dare to come out on the open with the glare of hunger in its flashing orbs, then the air becomes filled with the loud, ringing, defiant battle-cries and alarm-notes of blackbirds, thrushes, finches, buntings, warblers, and others, each and all of which boldly mount on wing to assail the feathered brigand, or fearlessty dash down, mob, and so harass the prowling feline that cover is gladly sought without further delay.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:144(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 22(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:144(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 22(i)

crows attack cripples

The Grey (or Hooded) Crow robs eggs, steals nestlings, and attacks and pulls to pieces disabled creatures often much larger than itself. And yet (as I have seen and elsewhere described) a slender defenceless Redshank may forage amid the seaweed alongside his powerful companion without the least fear of being attacked. It is true that the Crow confines his attacks to nestlings and cripples albeit, considering the Crow's strength and opportunities of attack, it is remarkable with what amicableness the two species forage together to satisfy a common want.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:144(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 22(j)

mob the hawk

Far from this being the case, there are several hours of the day in which litte birds combine into a flock, and enjoy mobbing the Hawk

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:144(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 22(k)

Even Gd. (Repid)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:144(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 23(a)

wild beast before dinner, tame after

From its leisured flight I am satisfied that the Hawk enjoys the sport and audacity of his minor companions, any one of which he can so easily pick up after a short pursuit when hunger calls his destroying instincts into action.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:144(l), VI.C.02:145(a), VI.C.02:145(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 23(b)

pet days

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:145(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 23(c)

(hr. Smphn

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:145(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 23(d)

a complemt / of 10 men

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:145(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 23(e)

a confirmation

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:145(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 23(f)

fly swatter

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:145(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 23(g)

ev. electr

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:145(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 23(h)

hotair hay

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:145(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 23(k)

not in best / health

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:145(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 23(l)

light of the sea

N16 (VI.D.1) page 23(m)

5 cent / 5 gr / 5 cur caned)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:145(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(c)

oblate Spheroid

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(d)

S. Thomas

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(f)

Ren stood

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(g)

Your chaufifer

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(h)

yes you toshed if not

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(i)

Assumater ofac

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(j)

1 given gold

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(k)

— frog man

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(m)

capacity theatre / full

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 24(n)

Blank Hr pp

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:146(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 25(a)

writer by —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:147(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 25(b)

H the —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:147(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 25(c)

He —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:147(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 25(d)

Hav —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:147(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 25(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:147(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 25(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:147(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 25(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:147(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 25(h)

Hypo Chlore

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:147(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 25(i)

H2CE3 Not cancelled

Note: See also N09 (VI.B.1):017(j)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:147(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 25(j)

H f menu

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:147(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 25(k)

Rebus de Khi

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:147(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 25(l)

S.S. within?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:147(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 25(m)

Eyesalt / Eysolt / Eyolt

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:147(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(a)

L Wisk — hour

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(b)

a pull at yrself

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(d)

— P-W-MY

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(e)

4 W to my

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(f)

com Rospack

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(h)

H. Civil Eng.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(j)

He chose

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(l)

of course?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(m)

don't know

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(n)

but — +

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 26(o)

I trust I may be / pardoned

To return to consider the faculty of Imagination. I have made reference to this in the case of the Dog, and perhaps may be pardoned if I briefly do so again, as at this juncture such a reference will help us to lead up to what directly follows regarding the origin of the conception of the Supernatural.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:148(o)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(a)

God-devil split 2

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(b)

Animism / Totemism

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(d)

They [blank] stones

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(e)

(Cena) of J-X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(h)

γ of Sutherland

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(j)

brother didn't

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(l)

to stroke the / hand

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(m)

perfect little cad

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 27(n)

a [blank] and true death

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:149(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(a)

Sunday conchey

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(b)

die soleil

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(e)

Shields and snames

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(g)



Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(h)

artesian wells


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(i)

to harbour


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(j)

Thomas Witford


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(k)



Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(l)

sex lectures to I etar 18!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(m)

H my

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(o)

maiden name

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(o)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(p)


Some modification of our present marriage-arrangement is inevitable, and concubinage seems quite a probable solution.

Source: D. Russell, Hypatia (1925) 7
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(p)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 28(q)

finishing school

They do not teach mothercraft or physiology in finishing schools for gentlemen's daughters, and it is no part of the duty of gentlemen's wives to reproduce their kind. Perhaps there is comfort in that.

Source: D. Russell, Hypatia (1925) 20
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:150(q)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(a)

be frank about it

Quietly, and without mention of the fatal word “sex,” the spinster feminists, by emphasis on health and vigour, built up a generation of young women who were to be frank about other desires besides eating and drinking.

Source: D. Russell, Hypatia (1925) 27
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(b)

laid to —

We are to blame in that we have not learned to bring forth our children without pain, those children whose brows bear the marks of obstetric instruments that were used to spare their mothers, and whose lips have not been laid to those inhuman mothers' breasts.

Source: D. Russell, Hypatia (1925) 9
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(c)

a prey of divers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(d)

colours Crode

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(f)

eacht Rosti

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(g)

King Ina 712

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(h)

law of calcar

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(l)

pure mathematics

Professional people, scientists, artists, research workers, pure mathematicians, as well as skilled engineers, are, indeed, the salt of tlie earth, and the community that fails to produce them and give them scope is doomed in this modern world.

Source: D. Russell, Hypatia (1925) 60
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(m)

K teaches / old men

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 29(n)

refuses food to / give it away

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:151(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 30(a)

pregnant W cursed and beaten by H for her fertility

Frequently she is cursed or beaten by her husband for her fertility.

Source: D. Russell, Hypatia (1925) 63
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:152(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 30(b)

I will not breed

[suggested by context of need for limiting births]

Source: D. Russell, Hypatia (1925) [passim]
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:152(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 30(c)


To feed an industrial population in a small island is a peculiar and special problem and one demanding expert care and advice. Food must come long distances and must “keep.”

Source: D. Russell, Hypatia (1925) 66
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:152(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 30(d)

H minus 1 chromosome

We might, on grounds of science perhaps, advance this claim, urging that, since a female being needs one more chromosome for its creation than a male, it must, therefore, be of higher importance.

Source: D. Russell, Hypatia (1925) 71
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:152(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 30(e)

So arise and —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:152(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 30(f)

J little food sex

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:152(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 30(g)

S. to Son

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:152(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 30(h)

beaucoup / plus jeune

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:152(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 31(a)

how the C God / his stripes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:153(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 31(b)

C trespassed

It [psychology] has learnt to suspect, when people hurry over an incident in their recollection or think, because it was so trifling, that it slipped their memory that through the small orderly commonsense reclaimed garden of the mind has passed a trespasser from the hinterland.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:153(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 31(c)

in the flat, yes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:153(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 31(d)

Sunday best

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:153(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 31(e)

Sunday sort

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:153(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 31(f)

halted C

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:153(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 31(g)

sitting on the top / of the world

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:153(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 31(h)

World' and event / to bed

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:153(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 31(i)

back to haven

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:153(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 31(j)

L claims for / H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:153(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 31(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:153(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 32(a)

warden of Keblr.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:154(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 32(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:154(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 32(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:154(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 32(d)

Sover. grace

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:154(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 32(e)

python / bought in ~

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:154(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 32(f)

~ frivolity

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:154(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 32(g)

H me / — ven in!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:154(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 32(h)

M knocks to H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:154(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 32(i)

Dublin tropics

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:154(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 32(j)

700 (Rousseau

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:154(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 32(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:154(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 32(l)

le douanier

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:154(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 32(m)

The subscribers / reslves to hear

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:154(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 33(a)

Quasi similar

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:155(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 33(b)

Viking drunk / focs way into / temperance hall

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:155(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 33(c)

Mrs Cliveters

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:155(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 33(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:155(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 33(e)

Night as Day

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:155(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 33(f)

ACb Histry

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:155(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 33(g)

Presbyterian Churches of Christendom / Ogilvie / (A & C Black)

Note: A reference to James Nicoll Ogilvie, The Presbyterian Churches of Christendom (London: A. and C. Black, May 1925). See also: reference in notebook at N17 (VI.B.9):124.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:155(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 33(h)

laid too poor / fo flerke

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:155(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 33(i)

four bros name Mr / Connell

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:155(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 33(j)

a special

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:155(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 34(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:156(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 34(b)

a purpisd

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:156(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 34(c)

made a set / on him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:156(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 34(d)

C gi'e

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:156(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 34(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:156(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 34(f)

fast filling flint / artifacts

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:156(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 34(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:156(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 34(h)

Norse pilgrims / to Rome

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:156(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 34(i)

girl gurka

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:156(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 34(j)

— / re food 1 PH

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:156(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 34(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:156(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(a)

C hnd mark / on wall

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(b)

Arabs and men

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(c)

used by black

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(d)

oftener to whistles

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(e)

Nice 325 KD

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(g)

puzzle / myself

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(h)

a races

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(i)

Rimes rare v

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(j)

round towers / V norse

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(m)

grow —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 35(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:157(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 36(a)

Assyrian motive

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:158(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 36(b)


But with the rise of the Minoan culture we enter a world of vigorous fashion.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:158(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 36(c)

palace town

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:158(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 36(d)

Sir John Harrington invents WC (Minoan)

This was a period when men took regularly to making up their complexions, and with a sharpened perception (which drove that typical Elizabethan, Sir John Harrington, with his almost Minoan figure, to reinvent the Minoan's masterpiece, the water-closet), evidently attaining a keener sense of surfaces, they decided that if they could not shave clean, as they evidently could not, if one may judge by Holbein's careful painting, they had better trim, starch, and iron their beards and moustaches.

Note: Sir John Harrington, The Metamorphosis of Ajax describes the water closet.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:158(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 36(e)

organism develops / in instability

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:158(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 36(f)

Anatolic / tophsend

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:158(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 36(g)

Elk H

One stage further back we come across the giant antlerage of the Irish Elk and the tail of the Japanese cock, both secondary sexual characteristics of such exuberance as to endanger the survival of the animal on which they have grown.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:158(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 36(h)

V mixed men

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:158(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 36(i)

serbes youth

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:158(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 36(j)

pidge buts

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:158(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 36(k)


There is not room here to trace fully the strange progress from the hermaphroditic archaisms, through the somewhat too animal athleticism of Polycleitos to the Farnese Hercules. As art goes toward Rome, the age of beauty is advanced. Greece itself showed progressive signs of infantilism, turning from the intermediate sex to sexless youth, and finally to an inane exuberance of prize babies, the first froth of putti-cherub senile sentiment. The work of this amazing people at the height of their power reveals an obsession with the idea of youth which is already morbid.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:158(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(a)

H how

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(c)

Egypt- stad

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(d)

card hovel

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(e)

H mufti / toga

The same sterilising standard affected Roman costume: it developed, as it was bound to do, as military and official dress. The Greek could only advise “Take off your clothes and be nice and natural.” The Roman had no objection to watching a Greek exhibit himself, but he remained wrapped in his toga. The Greek, as Juvenal remarked, could turn himself into anything, changing even his sex, but the Roman felt he was a more stable type and was proud of his inadaptability. The toga does evolve a little: it becomes ‘contabulated,” it is true, but too soon it was the garment for official receptions—indeed many provincials only wore it at funerals. When something more active was required, you could always get into military dress. Augustus adopted that as his ordinary costume. A military court always feels that it is rather bad taste to be seen about in mufti.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(f)

card walls-

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(h)

Cockfight / in Meath

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(j)

4 old maides stolen

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(l)

this porter is excellent

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 37(o)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:159(o)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 38(a)

glance at Ama

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:160(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 38(b)

I her train

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:160(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 38(c)

dining coats

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:160(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 38(d)

no lappet

The common jacket has neither coat nor lapel.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:160(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 38(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:160(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 38(f)


The edges of the robe are affected by flamboyance, twistly stiffly, and the pagoda-pattern, architecturally a common-sense construction, gives rise to a fantastic mitre.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:160(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 38(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:160(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 38(h)

p firepistols

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:160(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 38(i)



Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:160(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 38(j)

Gundulf the Weeper

… and into such models of decayed imperialism they breated the new energy, and the immense, heavy arcades such as Gundulf the Weeper

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:160(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 38(k)

interpretes C

N16 (VI.D.1) page 38(l)

produces Gothic


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:160(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 38(m)

Empress Matilda

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:160(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(a)

Queen Blanche

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(b)

1175 Gothic

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(d)

pampostie — romanesque

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(e)

solleret — Gottin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(f)

sebeton ape Tudor

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(i)

gym (naked)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(j)

body glove

Nature had already given man such legs that the Psalmist had definitely, as a true Semite, to declare that their Maker did not delight in them. The tailor could only unveil as on him worked the imitative passion to translate in terms of his own art the invention of the architect. Tights sweep clean up to the apex, round the athletic arch of the thighs, to the trunk borne like a tower above the crossing. The tunic, to display this, the final organic architecture, shrinks into the jupon, a body-glove, and the build of man, though his flesh be covered to his palms and chin, is more visible to every eye than ever since the closing of the Gymnasium.

Note: body-glove
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(k)


So, under steadily flattening vaults, shallower mouldings—this is the period of the caveto—sparser, more mechanical ornament—witness the square and the ‘Tudor’ foliage—through windows of stiffened mullions and, by order of the specialised glazier, ever more inorganic design, man may be seen inventing this fantastic hat, the ‘Chaperon,’ whose fashionable points were remnants of its past uses, and to match it a gown, the houpelande, to accentuate his figure.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(l)

Lanes hat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(m)

Easter Cloak

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(o)

in undress

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(o)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 39(p)

Ram, ties wig

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:161(p)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 40(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:162(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 40(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:162(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 40(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:162(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 40(d)

bath orator

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:162(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 40(e)

minor shrine

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:162(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 40(f)

her cylinders Y / withers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:162(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 40(g)


Meanwhile our clothes, ordinary civvies, are still with us; and as all the conventional arts save this one have vanished, it remains with the unique anthropological interest which belonged to the Tasmanian.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:162(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 40(h)


Meanwhile our clothes, ordinary civvies, are still with us; and as all the conventional arts save this one have vanished, it remains with the unique anthropological interest which belonged to the Tasmanian.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:162(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 40(i)

a priest's bros.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:162(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 40(j)

thunder loud

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:162(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 40(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:162(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 40(l)

m. ph.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:162(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 40(m)

Singlesuit Sms—

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:162(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(a)

immerse and lean

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(c)

Donato Branasto

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(f)

Rollier Heliotherapie

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(j)

clouded cane

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(l)

her Drought

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(m)

4e cleic

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 41(n)

aided in / discharging the firearm

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:163(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 42(a)

C King becomes / church's servant / gave a most / ungodly show

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:164(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 42(b)

Family Hold Back

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:164(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 42(c)

Jeanacht (sugar)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:164(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 42(d)

Eiffel Tower

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:164(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 42(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:164(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 42(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:164(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 42(g)

silver oar

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:164(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 42(h)

covered with cypress

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:164(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 42(i)

puny war

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:164(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 42(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:164(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 42(k)

3 hoppen

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:164(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 42(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:164(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 42(m)

releazed contents

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:164(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 43(a)

in dollop

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:165(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 43(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:165(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 43(c)

ar litam

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:165(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 43(d)

C devil's

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:165(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 43(e)

a stock line

[…] but, if all the world wanted them plain, they would be a stock line and you could have them for half the money.

Source: H.F.S. Stokes, Perseus (1925) 18
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:165(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 43(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:165(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 43(g)

drago (o)n T

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:165(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 43(h)

Su. offs up and / talks with ordls

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:165(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 43(i)

eat heart gift of tongues, fr / droullons of D

Eating its heart confers peculiar qualities, notably fertility and the gift of tongues, and the draconite or precious stone which lies embedded in its forehead has incredible properties in the way of medicine and magic, but only if you catch the animal alive and remove the stone without otherwise injuring it.

Source: H.F.S. Stokes, Perseus (1925) 27
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:165(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 43(j)

draconite +

Eating its heart confers peculiar qualities, notably fertility and the gift of tongues, and the draconite or precious stone which lies embedded in its forehead has incredible properties in the way of medicine and magic, but only if you catch the animal alive and remove the stone without otherwise injuring it.

Source: H.F.S. Stokes, Perseus (1925) 27
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:165(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 43(k)

George S of Fish (eater)

George (a child of supernatural birth, induced by his mother's eating a peculiar fish)

Source: H.F.S. Stokes, Perseus (1925) 36
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:165(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 43(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:165(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(a)

fur 1ste nacht

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(b)

eat saltpetre

and the means adopted by them for achieving their pious purpose may be the eating of fish, fruit, barleycorn, eggs, saltpetre or a dragon's heart.

Source: H.F.S. Stokes, Perseus (1925) 41
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(d)

Mand 7 fish

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(e)

fatten eals 7-girl / born

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(f)

cooked heart

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(g)

slavey's child

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(h)

farm time-

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(k)

three minor)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(l)

a quean

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(m)

East Ireland Comp.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(n)

A Insglass

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 44(o)

Isis (water)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:166(o)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 45(a)

birth due to thunderstorm

The savage mother, finding herself with child, would attribute her condition not to a “commonplace event which took place perhaps many months before”, but to a recent thunderstorm or other striking phenomenon to which all could bear witness.

Source: H.F.S. Stokes, Perseus (1925) 62
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:167(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 45(b)


So Isis ruled alone for a while, and then in her own inimitable fashion, gave birth to the water-god Osiris, and between them in due course they produced the warrior Horus, who in the fullness of time became the avenger of Osiris, when the powers of darkness slew him.

Source: H.F.S. Stokes, Perseus (1925) 62
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:167(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 45(c)

made ivre / with ale


Source: H.F.S. Stokes, Perseus (1925) 66
Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:167(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 45(d)

gypsie's volunter / for barging job

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:167(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 45(e)

T pavement / actmt

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:167(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 45(f)

H C D A / I in box sels dron

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:167(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 45(g)

play A K divorce

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:167(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 45(h)

Isolde, Yseult / Ysets Yates

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:167(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 45(i)

dell irlandse al / snol

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:167(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 46(a)

O Orch , Aud / S + O, O + A, A + S, / S2, O2, A2

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:168(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 46(b)

public embron / at T & I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:168(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 46(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:168(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 46(d)

bright —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:168(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 46(e)

the man

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:168(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 46(f)

Roll of Honour

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:168(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 46(g)

“meet in heaven”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:168(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 46(h)

“he's very doubtful

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:168(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 46(i)

There are nine worthies

“It is notoriously known through the universal world” writes Caxton in his preface to Malory's Morte Darthur, “that there be nine worthy” kings and “the best that ever were,” and that the “first and chief of the three best Christian and worthy” is King Arthur.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:168(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 46(j)

Arthur / Charlemagne / Godfrey of Boulogne

The other two Christian “worthies,” Charlemagne and Godfrey of Boulogne, had been adequately celebrated abroad.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:168(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 47(a)

6½ smile 7

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:169(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 47(b)

12£ look

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:169(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 47(c)

Arnuph. S —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:169(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 47(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:169(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 47(e)

Burgomesters D.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:169(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 47(f)

Naomi Mara

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:169(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 47(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:169(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 47(h)

Arthurus, Artor

The Latin Artôrius and the god's name, which we have treated as early Brythonic Artor, genitive Artoros, would equally yield in Welsh the familiar form Arthur.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:169(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 47(i)

virgin on shoulder

Then Arthur fought against them in those days, together with the kings of the Britons, but he himself was leader in the battles. The first battle was at the mouth of the river Glein; the second, third, fourth and fifth on the river Dubglas, in the region Linnuis; the sixth on the river Bassas; the seventh in the wood of Celidon, that is, Cat Coet Celidon; the eighth at the castle of Guinnion, when Arthur bore the image of the holy Virgin Mary on his shoulders, and when the pagans were put to flight and a great slaughter made of them through the might of our Lord Jesus Christ and of Holy Mary his mother.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:169(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 47(j)

Arth. coic 500

[original reading to be decoded]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:169(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 47(k)

prenorman A / ppi— O / post— D

When we come to examine the remaining chronicle literature of the pre-Norman period, we find no mention of Arthur's name, and nothing but the briefest allusion to the campaigns in which he is supposed to have fought.
30: The meagreness of the pre-Norman Arthurian records winch have been here reviewed stands in significant contrast to the amplitude and the range of the Arthurian matter which we find in the romantic productions of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:169(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 47(l)

Vortimer, —gern

When he (Vortimer) died, the British strength decayed, and all hope fled from them; and they would soon have perished altogether, had not Ambrosius, the sole survivor of the Romans, who became monarch after Vortigern, quelled the presumptuous barbarians by the powerful aid of the warlike Arthur.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:169(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 47(m)

denial of Art's / return = Death

Later on in the same centurv, as Alanus de Insulis records, 2 belief in Arthur's “return” was so firmly held in the country districts of Brittany that a denial of it might have cost a man his life.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:169(p)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 48(a)

Arth and Modred / M & T

When he (Arthur) was about to cross over the Alps, an envoy said unto him, ‘Modred, thy nephew, hath set thy crown upon his own head with the assistance of Cheldric, king of the English, and hath taken thy wife unto himself.’

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:170(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 48(b)

To begin once more with H

To begin once more with Caxton …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:170(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 48(c)

and that is all

In one poem the bard tells us that he “has been where Llacheu, the son of Arthur, was slain” and that is all; in another, evidently a late poem, we hear of “Arthur's host” or “retinue” (teulu Arthur); while in a stanza, already alluded to, in “The Songs of the Graves,” we are told that his grave is unknown.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:170(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 48(d)

Rape of the cauldron of K of Hades

One of the exploits achieved in the course of these voyages was, apparently, the rape of a cauldron belonging to the King of Hades, and the whole poem, according to Rhys, “evidently deals with expeditions conducted by Arthur by sea to the realms of twilight and darkness.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:170(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 48(e)

Arthur SS Pridwen / 3 freights / 7 return

It refers to various expeditions made by Arthur and his men, in his ship Pridwen to certain mysterious regions oversea. Definite names enough are given to the different places visited—Caer Sidi, Caer Rigor, Caer Vandwy, and so on,—but the places themselves remain quite unidentified. “Three freights of Pridwen,” sings the bard, “were they who went with Arthur “on these expeditions;” seven alone were we who returned therefrom.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:170(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 48(f)



Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:170(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 48(g)

Kulhwch & Olwen

The last two poems here referred to have several features in common with what is, probably, the oldest of the Arthurian prose tales in Welsh,—the story of Kulhwch and Olwen. That story also tells of the rape of a cauldron, belonging not, indeed, to the King of Hades, but to one Diwrnach, who lived across the sea in Ireland; Arthur went in quest of it, with a small retinue, in his ship Pridwen, and brought it home “full of Irish money.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:170(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 48(h)

Sh. is with / a small retinue

The last two poems here referred to have several features in common with what is, probably, the oldest of the Arthurian prose tales in Welsh,—the story of Kulhwch and Olwen. That story also tells of the rape of a cauldron, belonging not, indeed, to the King of Hades, but to one Diwrnach, who lived across the sea in Ireland; Arthur went in quest of it, with a small retinue, in his ship Pridwen, and brought it home “full of Irish money.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:170(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 48(i)

Glewlwyd Gavaelvawr of the mighty grasp color t.b.a.

[Describes a fourth companion of Arthur, Glewlwyd, the “dusky hero of the mighty grasp”, who acted as porter to Arthur's castle for one day each year.]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:170(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 49(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:171(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 49(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:171(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 49(c)

Society Street

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:171(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 49(d)

Peruvian guano

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:171(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 49(e)

under the influence / of meat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:171(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 49(f)

I's rhymes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:171(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 49(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:171(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 49(h)

That's catahuc

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:171(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 49(i)

I shd like to / shake hams

Tom Hill, Tubberneing, Gorey, writes: “Last June I had a cow with a TERRIBLY SWOLLEN BAG, quite twice normal size. I gave her three drenches of CATALINE (she was almost dry); the milk came back to her usual quantity, and is as good a cow as ever.—That's CATALINE!
P.S. I should like to shake hands with the clever inventor. I milk 80 Cows.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:171(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 49(j)

perennial and Italian / ryegrass

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:171(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 49(k)

meadow fesene

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:171(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 49(l)

own brother

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:171(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 49(m)

Queen's birthday

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:171(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 50(a)

red clover

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:172(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 50(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:172(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 50(c)

Great Man's Bay

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:172(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 50(d)

the lining of / her face

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:172(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 50(e)

You had a very / good news

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:172(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 50(f)

that particular man

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:172(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 50(g)

room the

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:172(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 50(h)

Coachman in / the Chapel

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:172(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 50(i)

held the crown / of the road

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:172(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 50(j)

in the shade of the old appletree

Houses, as well as every other commodity (including labour, rooms, etc.), have increased in value, and it is unfair to single them out as the only one article to be exempted from the law of supply and demand. It is amazing the short leases upon which houses were formerly built—and no tin-pot building either—like the would-be architects we see in Salthill to-day with the door up on the top of a stick. Michael Angelo or Sir Christopher Wren are only in the shade of the old apple tree.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:172(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 50(k)


Those old houses had no coloured paper slates like the new houses in Claddagh nor had they fake beaver-boards, sound-conducting walls to substitute a thing called plaster. A house is a jewel. If it is good, it is always worth its own money. If fake, it is unpledgeable—a dead loss. Some of those short leases to which I refer were even on lives. My mother's lease lapsed on the death of the Duke of Clarence and King Edward VII.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:172(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 51(a)

lease lapses ~

Those old houses had no coloured paper slates like the new houses in Claddagh nor had they fake beaver-boards, sound-conducting walls to substitute a thing called plaster. A house is a jewel. If it is good, it is always worth its own money. If fake, it is unpledgeable—a dead loss. Some of those short leases to which I refer were even on lives. My mother's lease lapsed on the death of the Duke of Clarence and King Edward VII.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:173(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 51(b)

~ on death of duke of Clarence

Those old houses had no coloured paper slates like the new houses in Claddagh nor had they fake beaver-boards, sound-conducting walls to substitute a thing called plaster. A house is a jewel. If it is good, it is always worth its own money. If fake, it is unpledgeable—a dead loss. Some of those short leases to which I refer were even on lives. My mother's lease lapsed on the death of the Duke of Clarence and King Edward VII.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:173(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 51(c)

Terra Firma ~

It would only be common justice to protect the townsmen of Ireland who permanently developed their little bits of the Terra Firma of their country as well as the ranchers who only temporarily developed theirs, at least to extend their leases in perpetuity or, better still, a right to purchase at a generous price, particularly when no State assistance is sought, the right to enjoy the product of their parent's brain, brawn and sweat which in many cases impregnates the railroad sleepers of America, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and who spent their last shilling in building Ireland.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:173(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 51(d)

~ — Cotta

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:173(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 51(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:173(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 51(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:173(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 51(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:173(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 51(h)

re (tins)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:173(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 51(i)

H & A

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:173(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 51(j)

dings of walls

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:173(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 51(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:173(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 51(l)

A netherland

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:173(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 51(m)

Notes Knocks / against the / roof of his / mouth

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:173(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 52(a)

H & E

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:174(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 52(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:174(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 52(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:174(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 52(d)

little brown people

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:174(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 52(e)

C footprints / on walls of / time

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:174(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 52(f)

I1 and I2

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:174(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 52(g)

as she was is / — — sght to be not / ideal, real

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:174(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 52(h)

H & A undigested

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:174(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 52(i)

preen ~

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:174(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 52(j)

~ = T H2CE3

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:174(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 52(k)

four part

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:174(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 52(l)

L on X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:174(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(a)

SS. Pompios Pos

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(b)

Longfellow's Club

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(c)

omake life easily / for the call

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(d)

4 acres v Yorks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(e)

Battle of the Kiss

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(g)

gam ward

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(i)

H trumpeted / by prawns

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(k)

birch cudrel

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 53(n)

bun Crawley

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:175(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 54(a)

Spelman (fiddle)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:176(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 54(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:176(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 54(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:176(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 54(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:176(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 54(e)

mitt —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:176(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 54(f)

I write on / book of Sky

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:176(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 54(g)

pokes =

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:176(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 54(h)

in the open / water

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:176(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 54(i)

CEd made a city / Newcastle / under Lyme

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:176(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 54(j)

beach season

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:176(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 54(k)

— on sea

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:176(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 54(l)

Sniper man

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:176(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 54(m)

Sun Parlvs

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:176(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(a)

that's not / inscribed to

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(c)

see whiting of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(d)

his go free

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(e)

map to / unseen land

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(f)

L.W sunbath

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(g)

garden soldiers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(i)

K allowed to / say mass -in / 11 m

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(j)

Robert the Devil

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(k)

/ Arletta

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(l)

William I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(n)

escape flood

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 55(o)

church time

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:177(o)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 56(a)

E boracum

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:178(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 56(b)

H Bad Hll

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:178(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 56(c)

ties with Ems

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:178(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 56(d)

H dunderduf

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:178(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 56(e)

H got sh. mdley

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:178(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 56(f)

leaves duke

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:178(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 56(g)

C the raspbery / century

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:178(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 56(h)

York and Lancs

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:178(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 56(i)

Tristram Armouris / and John de Conrey

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:178(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 56(j)

1177. battle of / Bloody Shear

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:178(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 56(k)

Hoolte v Dane

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:178(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 56(l)

12 August

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:178(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 56(m)

(S Lawrence

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:178(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 57(a)

I at gown / fight / I and / shot him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:179(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 57(b)

tries plants G.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:179(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 57(c)

SP civis Carwealln

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:179(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 57(d)

10 fop

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:179(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 57(e)

H renews vows

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:179(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 57(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:179(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 57(g)

bulbs (stand)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:179(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 57(h)

bugs (bullows)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:179(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 57(i)

that's riding / him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:179(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 57(j)

anxious to put / in touch with / metic

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:179(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 57(k)

4-C curiosity

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:179(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 57(l)

Crowd of / alleged smiles

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:179(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(a)

4 miracles

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(b)

SP (H group / name

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(c)

Clement of / Alexandria

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(d)

not S

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(e)

She It

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(f)

Old Sen. Poland

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(k)

X 4 frohaner

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(l)

S and demi / concierge

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(o)

camping talk

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(o)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 58(p)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:180(p)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(a)

rum rond

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(b)

the 4 hocks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(d)

14⁄X⁄3373 Bl

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(e)

Mayer — mod

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(f)

no time

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(g)

cum babe on / hop

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(h)

dresses / in ticebark

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(i)

Bristol of Cliff

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(k)

wash yr. fat / away

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(m)

Hear! Hear! / Hear! Hear!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 59(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:181(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 60(a)

C star himself

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:182(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 60(b)

C without / a church

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:182(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 60(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:182(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 60(d)

800 gly

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:182(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 60(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:182(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 60(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:182(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 60(g)

trespass on / Crown ( and / in Chamber

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:182(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 60(h)

weeping / holes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:182(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 60(i)

for my purpose

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:182(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 60(j)

a balboy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:182(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 60(k)

ground / convenient / to assthroat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:182(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(b)

has not yet / come and is / doubtful of her will

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(i)

You like cold

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(j)

spon tumboed

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(m)

London lady

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 61(o)

pull bacon

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:183(o)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 62(a)

Highest / Commo / Elderusas

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:184(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 62(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:184(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 62(c)

a bobbeary

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:184(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 62(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:184(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 62(e)

Debit and Credit

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:184(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 62(f)

H's sons

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:184(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 62(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:184(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 62(h)

Dublin — Play / Dahblin's plage

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:184(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 62(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:184(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 62(j)

skut level

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:184(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 62(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:184(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 62(l)

a guardman / in's bearskin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:184(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 63(a)

antifacts / ipsofact

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:185(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 63(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:185(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 63(c)

pyrite mirror

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:185(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 63(d)

a first shut

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:185(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 63(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:185(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 63(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:185(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 63(g)

I was not thinking / about anything in / particular and I / got in there for no / special reason

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:185(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 63(h)

to sass

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:185(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 63(i)

Humphry Powell

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:185(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 63(j)

St Dubl. park

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:185(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 64(a)

park's amenities

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:186(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 64(b)

blow up Nelson

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:186(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 64(c)

unaided dupe

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:186(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 64(d)

H sets O / satellites / constellation

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:186(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 64(e)

crape ring

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:186(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 64(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:186(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 64(g)

birds nest

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:186(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 64(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:186(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 64(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:186(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 64(j)

mercury star

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:186(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 64(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:186(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 64(l)

forestal laid

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:186(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 64(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:186(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(b)

boiled leather

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(d)

imagining / the worst

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(e)

spied upon / from darkened / room

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(f)

shadow boxing

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(g)

Snedon Mill

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(i)

lanrdly bleash

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(j)

a few

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(k)

but believe in love

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 65(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:187(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 66(a)

find of sewage / on hetch

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:188(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 66(b)

clean tiders

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:188(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 66(c)

unheated with

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:188(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 66(d)

Sun Gold

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:188(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 66(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:188(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 66(f)

clive line buckled

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:188(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 66(g)

heavily dozing

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:188(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 66(h)

umpire asleep

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:188(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 66(i)

S On stepladder

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:188(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 66(j)

given out

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:188(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 66(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:188(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 66(l)

Sum up

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:188(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 66(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:188(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 67(a)

Saw eclipse / in pail

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:189(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 67(b)

capt. regul / frigate

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:189(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 67(c)

Waterson / — horse

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:189(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 67(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:189(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 67(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:189(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 67(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:189(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 67(g)

Mark and Frank / M and T

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:189(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 67(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:189(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 67(i)

inquest on memory

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:189(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 67(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:189(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 67(k)

On find

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:189(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 67(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:189(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(a)

buy his ears

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(b)

Vol. of Sculland

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(c)

Grov. Lodge / pale blue

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(d)

— Mists

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(e)

dark blue and red

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(f)

grad lodray

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(g)

n ” ” (VI)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(i)

uncouth hills

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(j)

H and A box

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(k)

T and I stay

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(l)

t and i children

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 68(o)

Clak ½ ten

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:190(o)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(b)

crook at wall

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(d)

bed star

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(e)

go up

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(g)

he wps h—

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(h)

hold the right

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(i)

Then [blank] / best

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(j)

my [blank] / coming

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(k)

it is — il y a

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(l)

H iceberg

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(m)

bullet went north

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(n)

S. Antonio Allabour

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(o)

Holy sunglasses

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(o)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 69(p)

Reine Pédauque

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:191(p)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 70(a)

Pieds d'Oie

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:192(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 70(b)

oc and oil

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:192(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 70(c)

Berthe aux grands Pieds

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:192(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 70(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:192(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 70(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:192(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 70(f)

demoiselles de / Cherbrg chez / Elles

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:192(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 70(g)

Silver goatee

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:192(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 70(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:192(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 70(i)

come at home

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:192(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 70(j)

for dinner

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:192(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 70(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:192(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 70(l)

health engine

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:192(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(a)

brought to mind

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(b)

Shofted dids

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(c)

great white piss

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(d)

the doctor / means

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(e)

lend = boge

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(f)

Sun glow

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(g)

air was

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(i)

live a pun

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(j)

One  (n) is

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(k)

what 8

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(m)

head towr

N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(n)

6 cans not

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(o)

ant' word

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(o)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 71(p)

done frequently / latest

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:193(p)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 72(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:194(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 72(b)

angels leap / where mortals

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:194(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 72(c)

speak broken / heaventalk

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:194(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 72(d)

Kindness repent

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:194(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 72(e)

to do her any / whim

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:194(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 72(f)

logded on the / corner

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:194(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 72(g)

He will give / hours

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:194(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 72(h)

reconstruct / Houses

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:194(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 72(i)

He / troubles Gd. / with an

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:194(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(a)

Great chance

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(b)

a must book

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(c)

He tells

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(d)

People sang

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(e)

when will have

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(f)

lodged Sweets

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(h)

a board

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(i)

accru with

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(j)

We now / may forget

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(k)

a dick wallet

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(l)

gives a

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(m)

on the prase

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(n)

my inn

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(n)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 73(o)

flesh = better / than that one

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:195(o)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 74(a)

leave the had

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:196(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 74(b)

I am going (I go)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:196(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 74(c)

How and when

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:196(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 74(d)

is to prefer

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:196(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 74(e)

every chamber / uptaken / by her

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:196(e)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 74(f)

the David Copperfield

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:196(f)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 74(g)

a lovely weather

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:196(g)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 74(h)

iron and coal

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:196(h)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 74(i)

a gr ter fire

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:196(i)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 74(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:196(j)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 74(k)

in the meaning of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:196(k)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 74(l)

a held

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:196(l)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 74(m)

for ) 500 gr

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:196(m)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 75(a)

the whole Germany

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:197(a)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 75(b)

he shall not be them

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:197(b)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 75(c)

Can a latin (is not)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:197(c)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 75(d)

the Sherwood / rider—

Raphael transcription: VI.C.02:197(d)
N16 (VI.D.1) page 75(e)

hurriedly color t.b.a.

A new site [for a proposed relocation of Nelson's Pillar], if any, is a matter that cannot be hurriedly decided upon, and consultations between different departments will be necessary before anything definite can be arranged. ….

N16 (VI.D.1) page 75(f)

Saturn's Ring System ~ color t.b.a.

[Astronomical notes for June. SATURN'S RING SYSTEM.] …. THE STARS:— At midnight on June 1st; 11 p.m. on the 15th; 10 p.m. on the 30th. Scorpio, Ophiuchus, and Hercules are on the Meridian. The great red star, Antares, the ‘Red Star of Scorpio,’ glows low on the horizon a little West of South. … The Milky Way, though hardly visible in the midsummer twilight, starts from the horizon immediately below the Pole, between the stars of Auriga and Perseus, traverses Cassiopeia, Cygnus and Aquila, to pass out of sight of our latitudes in a specially brilliant knot, or, rather, cluster of knots, in Sagittarius. … Just outside the ring, and faintly visible to the naked eye, is ‘Messier 11,’ sometimes called the ‘Wild Duck’ Cluster.

N16 (VI.D.1) page 75(g)

~ Ophiuchus / low on horizon / faintly visible color t.b.a.

… Scorpio, Ophiuchus, and Hercules are on the Meridian. The great red star, Antares, the ‘Red Star of Scorpio,’ glows low on the horizon a little West of South. … The Milky Way, though hardly visible in the midsummer twilight, starts from the horizon immediately below the Pole, between the stars of Auriga and Perseus, traverses Cassiopeia, Cygnus and Aquila, to pass out of sight of our latitudes in a specially brilliant knot, or, rather, cluster of knots, in Sagittarius. … Just outside the ring, and faintly visible to the naked eye, is ‘Messier 11,’ sometimes called the ‘Wild Duck’ Cluster.

N16 (VI.D.1) page 75(h)