N13 (VI.D.3): Paris

Missing notebook: Dec 1924-Feb 1925
Manuscript reconstructed from partial copy Notebook details
N13 (VI.D.3) page 1(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:220(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 1(b)

Romans in Britain / Haverfield / (Clar. Press)

Note: A reference to Francis John Haverfield, The Roman Occupation of Britain: being six Ford lectures (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1924).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:220(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 1(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:220(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 1(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:220(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 1(e)

expressed se. satisfied

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:220(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 1(f)

Wd he (did he) —?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:220(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 1(g)

pay £150,000 only

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:220(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 1(h)

buckthorn sling )

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:220(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 1(i)

lancewood shaft

Note: ‘Lancewood‘ is a tough elastic wood of several trees used for carriage shafts etc.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:220(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 1(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:220(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 1(k)

fire duct

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:220(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 1(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:220(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 1(m)

exquisite buttons D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:220(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(a)

H tenders

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(c)

no on brown paper

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(d)

rere identification

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(e)

mask covered with / mud

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(g)

go by name of / Young

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(i)

head receptionist

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(j)

Nobel 7⁄XII

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(l)

ex v f

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(m)

1st edit Boyd

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(n)

tagged brush

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(o)

side on

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 2(p)

V W mask

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:221(p)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(a)

live long

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(b)

ticker pads

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(d)

Noise = Mother-

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(f)

nable (ecl)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(g)

I asks T to tell

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(h)

epigram ~

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(i)

~ when / he has told it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(j)

miledy a man / class

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(l)

Ireland's eye

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 3(o)

Mr A = G O M

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:222(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(a)

S. Columba ark

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(c)

don't behave though

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(f)

X timkers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(g)

1 A

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(h)

2 H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(i)

3 T sims

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(j)

4 I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(k)

5 D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(l)

40 quatre fois

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(m)

10 (D )

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 4(o)

recopie notes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:223(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 5(a)

So far forth

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:224(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 5(b)

doubt = question

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:224(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 5(c)

inference = conclusion

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:224(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 5(d)

assent = assertive

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:224(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 5(e)

I this eye

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:224(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 5(f)

James Joyce

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:224(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 5(g)

C not original

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:224(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 5(h)

D I suppose you / w'dn't? No

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:224(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 5(i)

Catch me!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:224(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 5(j)

D one of the / best, the / very best / I — ever prodounced produced

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:224(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(c)

S.D moral (Ireland)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(d)

not decent

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(g)

want straight

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(h)

named or

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(k)

neighbouring roof

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(l)

J.J. Dickens

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(m)

H pipe / C sonny

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(n)

Holy Ghost

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(o)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 6(p)

drop the matter

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:225(p)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(a)

middle class

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(b)

and furthermore

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(c)

who wd. want to

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(d)

natural history of / I whisky

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(f)

Moulin Rouge

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(g)

Mlle Grille d'Egout

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(h)

La Goulue

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(i)

Patte en l'Air

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(j)

un peu d'idéal M—s

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(l)

pick brains

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(n)

Kitman's Xmas

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 7(o)

a white man

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:226(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 8(a)

play the game / decently

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:227(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 8(b)

Mercy! i

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:227(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 8(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:227(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 8(d)

Constantly used

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:227(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 8(e)

French pliurs

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:227(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 8(f)

a little change in / weather

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:227(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 8(g)

I to T why are you / like that

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:227(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 8(h)

Godwin (br. Harold)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:227(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 8(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:227(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 8(j)

for minutes together

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:227(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 8(k)

niceness and / nutriment

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:227(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 8(l)

Wie teuer ist das?

Note: German: How much is that?
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:227(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(a)

How old are you

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(b)

I ridet

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(c)

Thart milbrims washing

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(d)

to fire

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(e)

D earth tremnours

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(f)

Medium passive

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(j)

a Royal Divorce / = H's Life

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(l)

H F.B drunk / in Limmat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(n)

touch Lachs

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(o)

vaguer = [ta]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 9(p)

fawther (I) feyther (E)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:228(p)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 10(a)

Ld X = Danish exeunt

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:229(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 10(b)

See what cam be done

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:229(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 10(c)

tham he probably was

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:229(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 10(d)

Shrub =?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:229(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 10(e)

A walk with H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:229(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 10(f)

rare as hair / teeth / dense

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:229(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 10(g)

I'd like to see him!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:229(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 10(h)

crook = bishop

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:229(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 10(i)

mask his breath

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:229(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 10(j)

there's too much / water

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:229(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 10(k)

he's the greatest

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:229(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 10(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:229(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 10(m)

read at meals / each tells own version

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:229(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(a)

never hear end of it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(b)

praying letter

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(c)

A disinfectant

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(d)

See end

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(e)

just on for it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(f)

Ah, do! (J.S)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(g)

hang yr hat on

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(h)

Sweet on —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(i)

powerful gland

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(j)

C dancer Wh

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(l)

gold dust

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(m)

T's composition

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 11(n)

crooked with / straightness

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:230(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 12(a)

Da! you'll

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:231(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 12(b)

drapping am

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:231(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 12(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:231(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 12(d)

I cried!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:231(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 12(e)

Flower gift

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:231(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 12(f)

garte serda

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:231(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 12(g)

Croly and Kelly

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:231(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 12(h)

C asks people and / tell him what he

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:231(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 12(i)

wrote a pun

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:231(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 12(j)

what meant it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:231(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 12(k)

Druids see things

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:231(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 12(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:231(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 12(m)

upside down / = Ir paradox

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:231(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 13(a)

H otologist

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:232(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 13(b)

Sir Wm Wilde

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:232(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 13(c)

That fellow now

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:232(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 13(d)

loveliest coz man / ever had

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:232(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 13(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:232(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 13(f)

nonsense about / weeks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:232(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 13(g)

fangs = teeth

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:232(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 13(h)

nearly novel

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:232(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 13(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:232(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 13(j)

O, Shem Shem!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:232(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 13(k)

if these dots is dots

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:232(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 13(l)

(tramps's chart)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:232(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 13(m)

she'd ha heard folks / talk 4 months ago

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:232(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 14(a)

(Scot to wife)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:233(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 14(b)

S. Thomas 21⁄12

Note: Feastday of St Thomas (“Doubting Thomas”), apostle, 21st December.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:233(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 14(c)

doling day

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:233(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 14(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:233(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 14(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:233(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 14(f)

Cards = Earwicker / family

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:233(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 14(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:233(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 14(i)

empress of I—

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:233(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 14(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:233(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 14(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:233(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 14(l)

coloured water

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:233(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 14(m)

rubbishy pills

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:233(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 14(n)

God bless Squire and / his relations / And keep us in our ~

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:233(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 15(a)

~ proper stations

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:234(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 15(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:234(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 15(c)

any old how

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:234(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 15(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:234(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 15(e)

had been talking

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:234(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 15(f)

Woodbine Willy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:234(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 15(g)

bit of trouble coming / = child

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:234(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 15(i)

hippophagic / banquet

Note: A feast for horseflesh-eaters.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:234(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 15(k)

Sabretooth tiger

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:234(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 15(l)

ushered into the / world

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:234(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 15(m)

began by being

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:234(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 15(n)

sheer leather

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:234(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 15(o)

coffee coloured

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:234(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(a)

Delectable duchy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(b)

Cheers for organist

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(c)

reporter's wireless

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(d)

collection jokes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(e)

gipsy shakes fist

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(f)

at applauding

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(g)

Twilight of Gods

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(h)

Ride Garnett

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(i)

holy door &c

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(j)

OW Talbot O'Farrell

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(k)

fat of the land

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(l)

it forthinketh me

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(m)

got with dread

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(n)

Merchant's Arch

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 16(o)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:235(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 17(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:236(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 17(b)

benignant malady

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:236(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 17(c)

prton studied in

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:236(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 17(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:236(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 17(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:236(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 17(f)

punctuated by stars

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:236(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 17(g)

Jeroboam of = 6 qts / champagne / 6 per magnum / = 8½ quarts

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:236(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 17(h)

Hogmanay 31⁄12

Note: Scottish name for New Year's Eve (31 December).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:236(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 17(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:236(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 17(j)

gloved hand

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:236(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 17(k)

cramped writing

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:236(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 17(l)

hereditary taint

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:236(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(b)

eyed letters

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(d)

crop = panacea

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(e)

on occasions

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(f)

Kind weather

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(g)

near at hand

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(h)

us D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(i)

I wd not write

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(j)

only I want

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(k)

C cross (out) word

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(m)

lying confortably / in beds

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(n)

a few jack

Note: Fish:
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 18(o)


Note: Fish:
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:237(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(a)

livebaiting for pike

Note: Fish:
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(b)

on occasions paste

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(c)

Small cubes of / raw pork fat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(d)

roach chub

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(e)

well on the feed

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(f)

private water

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(g)

Wishing you

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(h)

tight lines

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(i)

cooling dub

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(k)

by my soul

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(m)

Set mind at rest

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(n)

11 yrs sunspots

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(o)

pitch unplayable

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 19(p)

polar ice indicator

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:238(p)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(a)

temp Irish sea

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(d)

smart alecks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(f)

pavement artist

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(g)


the grand old gardener was saving daylight one sultry sabbath afternoon in prefall paradise peace by following his plough for rootles in the rere garden of ye olde marine hotel

Note: See also N15 (VI.D.2):051(a)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(h)

cocker spaniels / lady pack

followed, also at walking pace, by a lady pack of cocker spaniels

Note: See also N15 (VI.D.2):051(b)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(h), VI.C.04:239(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(i)

topee / surcingle

hasting to the forecourts of his public in topee, surcingle, plus fours and bulldog boots

Note: See also N15 (VI.D.2):051(d)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(j), VI.C.04:239(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(j)

paternoster / silver doctors

asking, substitutionally, to be put wise as to whether paternoster and silver doctors were not now more fancied bait for lobstertrapping,

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(l), VI.C.04:239(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(k)


Our sailor king, who was draining a gugglet of obvious water,

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(l)


The great fact emerges that after that historic date all holographs so far exhumed initialled by Haromphrey bear the sigla H.C.E.

Note: See also N15 (VI.D.2):051(f)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(p)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 20(n)

(road and roof)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:239(q)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(b)

dim days

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(c)

before Eam

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(d)

Oslo 1047

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(e)

fair before city

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(f)

S. John Bapt. Viarney

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(g)

curé of Ars.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(j)

waifs D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(k)

cheer leader

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(n)

Knife dull

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(o)

jockey selling litter

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 21(p)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:240(p)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(e)

beautiful worker

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(f)

quand chez OW

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(h)

quote WS

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(j)

won't go to see him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(k)

H ought to have been / woman

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 22(n)

B.I.D. / Brought Iri Dead

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:241(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 23(a)

many he doubtfully / described as / lost to the eye

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:242(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 23(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:242(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 23(c)

Other self

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:242(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 23(d)

M E C do you remember

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:242(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 23(e)

C writes loveletters

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:242(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 23(f)

Jh. is perfect

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:242(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 23(g)

Very better

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:242(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 23(h)

Kiss palen or vestment

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:242(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 23(i)

are shatt face

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:242(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 23(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:242(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 23(k)

goosey gowsey

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:242(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 23(l)

fool in the corner

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:242(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 23(m)

I have the pussladdy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:242(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(a)

between 2 minds

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(b)

it puzzles me for

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(c)

a Dublin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(d)

Slacks (braghes)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(e)

a moist

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(f)

caves show for

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(h)

cream of whisky

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(i)

m. P's bakery

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(j)

with song

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(k)

by my —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(l)

green checks I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(m)

— bosom

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(n)

a French craft

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 24(o)

fear this

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:243(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(a)

Scene close in

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(c)

I've a notion

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(d)

What is the good / word

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(f)

Kiss — letter

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(g)

Say the word

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(h)

the conceit art / of him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(i)

cover the buckle

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(j)

that's a daisy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(k)

You're a wanton?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 25(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:244(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 26(a)

What is that / door doing / shut

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:245(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 26(b)

What is the matter / with him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:245(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 26(c)

What's wrong / with

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:245(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 26(d)

leave me!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:245(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 26(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:245(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 26(f)

I'm bad take / my word for it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:245(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 26(g)

C informs on / self

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:245(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 26(h)

Scene draws

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:245(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 26(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:245(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 26(j)

as you are

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:245(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 26(k)

ad of the fleet

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:245(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 27(a)

grasped / their children

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:246(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 27(c)

Silkeborg churns

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:246(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 27(d)

teak a pine

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:246(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 27(e)

Synge's Ence ope

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:246(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 27(f)

H thanks A free to f / because contribuable

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:246(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 27(h)

C admires feet in / a handglass

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:246(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 27(i)

Victory of Sinn Fein / O'Hegarty

Note: A reference to P.S O'Hegarty, The Victory of Sinn Fein: how it won it, and it used it (Dublin: Talbot Press, January 1925).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:246(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 27(j)

Mahatma's Letters / to A P Sinnett / Unwin

Note: A reference to A.T. Barker, The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett: from the Mahatmas M. and K.H., transcribed, compiled and with an introduction by A.T. Barker (London: T. Fisher Unwin, December 1923).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:246(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 27(k)

Thuya gigantea / red cedar ~

Note: Thuja gigantea (Nuttall), also Thuja plicata (D. Don): the Western Red Cedar or Arbor vitae. This tree is a native of the Pacific Coast region of North America. See also N53 (VI.B.46):121(k).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:246(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(a)

arbor vitae

Note: Thuja gigantea (Nuttall), also Thuja plicata (D. Don): the Western Red Cedar or Arbor vitae. This tree is a native of the Pacific Coast region of North America. See also N53 (VI.B.46):121(l).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(b)

the Wicklow / Wedding

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(d)

crossbelts X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(e)

Ω clue 5

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(f)

mattress2 under / stage

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(g)

light full up

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(i)

sloping gause

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(j)

waters to work

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(k)

green mediumry

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(m)

raking platforms

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 28(n)

Judy Kirshetter

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:247(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 29(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:248(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 29(b)

peg leg

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:248(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 29(c)

C ⁄ hard as the head

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:248(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 29(d)

hand [SIGN] other

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:248(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 29(e)

War lettuce

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:248(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 29(f)

(N) hard, debt [?]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:248(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 29(g)

hole in slate H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:248(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 29(h)

member for / S. Patrick's

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:248(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 29(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:248(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 29(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:248(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 29(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:248(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 29(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:248(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 29(m)

yaw (2)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:248(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 30(a)

Man there in

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:249(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 30(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:249(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 30(c)

4 hobos = X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:249(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 30(d)

whose hat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:249(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 30(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:249(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 30(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:249(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 30(g)

there's yr — / for ye!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:249(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 30(h)

7000 lbs of (Vohd) / dynamite for / the —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:249(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 30(i)

Humphrey's / in heaven, all is / right with the / world

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:249(i), VI.C.04:249(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 31(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:250(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 31(b)

Bran, bran

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:250(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 31(c)

haven't seen / food for 3 dys

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:250(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 31(d)

to face food

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:250(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 31(e)

sit up to food

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:250(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 31(f)

Surely you / hadn't gone / in — I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:250(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 31(g)

Ah, did you / answer [1]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:250(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 31(h)

Sums (mmr)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:250(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 31(i)

I and T not meet / more [SIGN] 2 a week

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:250(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 31(j)

I Eng for uranu

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:250(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(a)

U S A for voice

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(c)

reinettes D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(d)

h expn ate

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(e)

sh no article

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(f)

un (ss)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(g)

il (ee)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(h)

F senses D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(i)

Bird S. Coler

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(j)

all-out for 16

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(l)

out of hand

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(m)

to grub (dig)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 32(n)

bishop sent to inspect / Philippa of Hainault

Note: Philippa of Hainault (1314-69) was Queen of England as the wife of King Edward III. Edward promised in 1326 to marry her within the following two years. She was married to Edward, first by proxy, when Edward dispatched the Bishop of Coventry “to marry her in his name” in Valenciennes in October 1327.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:251(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 33(a)

visitation (complaint) / of nun S in bishop's / car)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:252(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 33(b)

to cut mass

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:252(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 33(c)

girl on. at 12 / nin at 14 / ord at 15

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:252(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 33(d)

Dau = Fr

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:252(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 33(e)

Sign at table

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:252(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 33(f)

fish — hand sidelings

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:252(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 33(g)

mustard — rub nose

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:252(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 33(h)

mirth — misquote

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:252(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 33(i)

Slur ps⁄ps

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:252(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 33(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:252(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 33(k)

Tithe villagers (speed / at drab)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:252(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(a)

how land lay

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(b)

wasted bread

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(c)

boy bishop

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(d)

Innocent's day — / 28⁄XII

Note: 28 December: feast of Holy Innocents.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(e)

abbess / to shave forehead

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(f)

tiring pin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(g)

cap of estated bridges

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(h)

pets in church

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(i)

the Ball periculoso

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(j)

Austin friars

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(k)

gridiron rugby

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(n)

J.J. & S 35 u p

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 34(o)

cold seaspray

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:253(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 35(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:254(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 35(b)

crack = talk

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:254(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 35(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:254(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 35(d)

Mr. Fish H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:254(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 35(e)

SD (real) chez Starkes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:254(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 35(f)

‘priest’ on rit —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:254(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 35(g)

detective at prayers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:254(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 35(h)

cops thief who entered / church

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:254(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 35(i)

Ophelia a daughter of / 1) Hamlet I and Mrs Polonius / or / 2) Hamlet I's brother named / X and Mrs Queen (she / was born while K. Hamlet I / was drunk asleep

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:254(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 36(a)

C plays tip and / run with foe in ape

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:255(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 36(b)

S.P tired with doing / miracles sends / clerk

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:255(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 36(c)

club = ammazzare

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:255(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 36(d)

boa = 30 proh

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:255(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 36(e)

boyish(ly) bobbed

Note: See also N13 (VI.D.3):124(l)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:255(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 36(f)

Sterilised H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:255(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 36(g)

in olive family

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:255(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 36(h)

tel. line is down

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:255(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 36(i)

market breaks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:255(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 36(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:255(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 36(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:255(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 36(l)

milk poor

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:255(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 37(a)

fish ‘prime’ (show se)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:256(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 37(b)

take this and be thrifty

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:256(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 37(c)

(needle and king)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:256(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 37(d)

un dundee

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:256(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 37(e)

Lillah Zellowes ½ / sister of L. Nidisgine

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:256(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 37(f)

s. in law of Marconi

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:256(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 37(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:256(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 37(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:256(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 37(i)

ghost (Hamlet) is / a burglar

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:256(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 37(j)

Aventure opposition

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:256(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 37(k)

taken by water / to church

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:256(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(a)

hot drinks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(c)

culture of germs

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(d)

blackwater fever

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(e)

badly battered

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(f)

greeted by a / scowling man

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(g)

nature of an oath

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(h)

question shd seek / information

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(i)

insignificant form

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(l)

a fleming

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(m)

woolman / — pack

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 38(n)

royal loans

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:257(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(a)

powdered = pickle

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(b)

I m at 4 / and at 7

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(c)

200 marks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(d)

drinker and his drink

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(f)

(Greek wind)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(i)

sorrel (nag)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(k)

(wool / arid Henry)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 39(n)

Synxon mart / (24⁄6)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:258(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(d)

future shown in / present picture

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(e)

A sings in boats H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(f)

H jug of beer

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(g)

destroy dog

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(h)

his raids

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(j)

subdued prejudice

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(k)

God play you Dad

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(l)

a baronet

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 40(o)

moving boy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:259(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(a)

convey milk

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(b)

as if of this boiler

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(c)

De Foe

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(d)

races abandoned

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(e)

hung a good / way off

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(f)

T most concerted / thing produced

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(g)

companion help

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(k)

arrow slits

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(l)

not this

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 41(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:260(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(d)

plate —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(f)

Silly men

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(h)

the broach

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(i)

foul way

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(k)

Hops reformation

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(l)

harp and bee

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(m)

Came to E all night

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(o)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 42(p)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:261(p)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(c)

crystal speaker

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(d)

refuse if seal broken

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(g)

tune shays

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(h)

Brucey's garden

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(i)

Broad 14s

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(j)

Horn Reef

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(l)

beginning of things

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(m)

H blown together

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 43(n)

the right place / for it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:262(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 44(a)

Sensitive skin / areas / (deaf hear)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:263(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 44(b)

a rumfs

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:263(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 44(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:263(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 44(d)

H want to find / himself

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:263(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 44(e)

pipe the skirt

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:263(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 44(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:263(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 44(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:263(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 44(h)

came to an end / of my writing

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:263(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 44(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:263(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 44(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:263(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 44(k)

Pleasure boat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:263(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 44(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:263(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 45(a)

prester John

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:264(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 45(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:264(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 45(c)

Set eyes on

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:264(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 45(d)

body of S. Mark / brought in keg / of pickled pork / (Egypt)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:264(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 45(e)

can't deliver / letter no paper

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:264(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 45(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:264(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 45(g)

paper panel

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:264(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 45(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:264(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 45(i)

Marco Milliore

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:264(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 45(j)

golden roof

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:264(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 45(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:264(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 46(a)

snake a ( clue

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:265(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 46(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:265(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 46(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:265(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 46(d)

what makes / land dear

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:265(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 46(e)

Step on gas / gasoline

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:265(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 46(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:265(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 46(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:265(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 46(h)

340,000 trees in I / 1880

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:265(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 46(i)

laughi wolf's length)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:265(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 46(j)

paradise crab

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:265(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 46(k)

influence of / disrated

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:265(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(a)

one named J.H.K

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(e)

survival of wittiest

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(f)

imprisoned at kill

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(g)

rising of court

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(h)

larceny by finding

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(i)

let us have it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(k)

H incubus

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(l)

where (rr)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(n)

bad success

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 47(o)

bulring Index)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:266(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 48(a)

C to find out / which he dislikes / most in M or W

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:267(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 48(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:267(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 48(c)

whistling class

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:267(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 48(d)

Sprinkling of men

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:267(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 48(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:267(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 48(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:267(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 48(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:267(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 48(h)

quitting time

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:267(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 48(i)

heather all

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:267(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 48(j)

mean true

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:267(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 48(k)

proud grace to her

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:267(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 48(l)

queer and sad

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:267(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 48(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:267(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 49(a)

I don't foam at / mouth, as habit

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:268(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 49(b)

(by the Gods)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:268(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 49(c)

Rubens crucifix

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:268(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 49(d)

S. John Lud Mayer

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:268(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 49(e)

BOM wife

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:268(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 49(f)

Mayr 2nd wife

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:268(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 49(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:268(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 49(h)

Portrave Mayer

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:268(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 49(i)

Maori warcry

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:268(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 49(k)

Jacobi (

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:268(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 49(l)

posted a goose

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:268(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 49(m)

think that fame / was of course / not untrue

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:268(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 50(a)

ran into wild / weather

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:269(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 50(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:269(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 50(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:269(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 50(d)

red golfballs in / snow

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:269(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 50(e)

rolled over

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:269(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 50(f)

Scolial times

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:269(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 50(g)

leave a hand / on him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:269(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 50(h)

saturated / with drink

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:269(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 50(i)

suffering from / a bad beating

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:269(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 50(j)

Lough Lurgan / (Galw. By)

Note: Loch Lurgan is the name in Irish of Galway Bay.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:269(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(a)

pookaun / (sailboat)

Note: Pookaun, a small Irish fishing boat with one mast and sail, also equipped with oars.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(b)

Cus — Απιγε

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(c)

flaring for 2 pills

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(e)

interinsular war

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(f)

C bookmaker

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(h)

Eiffel Uffeltower

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(i)

Wandering weather

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(j)

atmosphere tramps

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(k)

dog wagon

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(l)

a mess

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(m)

a fi 2 h

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 51(n)

a dumm

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:270(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(c)

chesty Willir

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(j)

tune in

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(k)

flesh hoops

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(l)

lapped drum head

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(m)

T's between 1 pocket

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(n)

C difficult x ⁄ and y / to distinguish

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 52(o)

wintergall (gael)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:271(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(a)

C ink

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(b)

flowers and tree

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(c)

stray from Eden

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(e)

family frown

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(f)

coold horse

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(g)

from cd water

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(h)

rubble drain

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(j)

map of his soul

Note: See also N58 (VI.B.30):064(c)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(k)

laying competiter

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(n)

Tell the world color t.b.a.

Tell the world that vision for it must ever be obscure.

Note: Inferred element: absent from transcription.
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(o)

While body still exists color t.b.a.

While body still exists, the mind is trammelled by weights …

Note: Inferred element: absent from transcription.
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(p)


Professor Richet … even opens the door to ectoplasms and pre-vision.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 53(q)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:272(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 54(a)


Professor Richet … even opens the door to ectoplasms and pre-vision.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:273(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 54(b)

De Profundis color t.b.a.

I shall deal in a later chapter with passages which … bear a strong resemblance to ideas and sentences in various published works of Oscar Wilde's — Intentions, De Profundis, etc.

Note: Inferred element: absent from transcription.
N13 (VI.D.3) page 54(c)

hidden hand

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:273(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 54(d)

planchette / traveller

When using the [ouija] board I rest my fingers on a small, heart-shaped piece of wood covered with rubber and shod underneath with three pads of carpet felt. This little traveller, very much the same as a planchette, without its pencil, flies over the glass from letter to letter.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:273(c), VI.C.04:273(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 54(e)

} result of a / disgusting habit / of parents

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:273(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 54(f)

A begum

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:273(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 54(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:273(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 54(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:273(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 54(i)

staye tower

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:273(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 54(j)

lightning / lovemaker

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:273(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 54(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:273(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 54(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:273(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 54(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:273(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(a)

fluid mind

he [Wilde] is fluid mind and nothing more.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:274(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(b)


psychometry, that power by which through unknown means the history of an inanimate object may be gathered by certain persons.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:274(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(c)


The traveller flew from letter to letter with its usual lightning rapidity, occasionally making a pause as if the communicator was feeling for the right word.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:274(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(d)

in prison garb

Poor Wilde … to whom costume meant so much, suffered intensely from the hideous garb he was forced to wear in gaol … he stood for an hour on the platform at Clapham Junction in prison dress and handcuffed, the target of a jeering crowd.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:274(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(e)

‘traveller’ / costume for Traveller

Poor Wilde … to whom costume meant so much, suffered intensely from the hideous garb he was forced to wear in gaol … he stood for an hour on the platform at Clapham Junction in prison dress and handcuffed, the target of a jeering crowd.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:274(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(f)

½ H or self T.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:274(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(g)

how I can get rid / of them

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:274(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(h)

R.N Slicker

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:274(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(i)

Wd enjoin Chaliapine

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:274(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(j)

Communicator color t.b.a.

In all cases Oscar Wilde was the communicator

Note: Inferred element: absent from transcription.
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(k)

Mrs TS and Mr V / talk between bouts

[Mrs T.S. and Mr V. talk to each other while engaging Oscar Wilde's spirit in conversation.]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:274(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(l)

Flute / voice of beauty color t.b.a.

(Mrs T.S. -- Why have you come here?) To let the world know that Oscar Wilde is not dead. His thoughts live on in the hearts of all those who in a gross age can hear the flute voice of beauty calling …

Note: Inferred element: absent from transcription, save for ‘Flute’.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:274(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(m)

Pity Oscar Wilde color t.b.a.

(Who are you?) Pity Oscar Wilde.

Note: Inferred element: absent from transcription.
N13 (VI.D.3) page 55(n)

Pity Oscar Wilde color t.b.a.

Pity Oscar Wilde.

Note: Inferred element: absent from transcription.
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(a)


Soon the full moon will swim up over the edge of the world and hang like a great golden cheese … like a great golden pumpkin hanging in the blue night.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:275(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(b)

one of those for whom the visible world existed color t.b.a.

I was always one of those for whom the visible world existed.

Note: Inferred element: absent from transcription.
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(c)

adore / this is better

That is better, but it is a little rustic. Still, I adore rustic people.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:275(b), VI.C.04:275(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(d)

sociable leper

My dear lady, do you realise that you are talking to a social leper?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:275(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(e)

house of the —

.. London was the haunted house of the … Oscar is speaking again … the haunted house which was people by the shades of Olympus.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:275(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(f)

O.W. is speaking again color t.b.a.

.. London was the haunted house of the … Oscar is speaking again … the haunted house which was people by the shades of Olympus.

Note: Inferred element: absent from transcription.
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(g)

dear lady color t.b.a.

(Who did you communicate through … ? Through Mr V, or through Mrs Travers Smith?) Through you, dear lady. He is a tool.

Note: Inferred element: absent from transcription.
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(h)

seed pearls

Eyes! … They are fairer than silver, better than seed pearls or many-hued opals.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:275(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(i)

pure mind

… the gods who drink the nectar of pure mind.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:275(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(j)

with love in her face

My mind [at times] .. looks like an ancient thief, who steals away from me with shame in his face.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:275(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(k)

foulsome / Shame upon Joyce, shame on his work, shame on his lying soul color t.b.a.

The creatures he gives birth to leap from him in shapeless masses of hideousness, as dragons might, which in their foulsome birth contaminate their parent … I feel that I, even I, who am a shade … should cry aloud: Shame upon Joyce, shame on his work, shame on his lying soul.

Note: Inferred element: absent from transcription.
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(l)

undigested color t.b.a.

more will come from Joyce. For he has eaten rapidly; and all the undigested food must come away.

Note: Inferred element: absent from transcription.
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(m)

that internal organ / quoted by vulgar

My sensations were so varied with regard to your sex, dear lady, that you would find painted on my heart -- that internal organ so often quoted by the vulgar -- you would find every shade of desire there -- and even more. (An interruption.)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:275(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(n)

An interruption.

My sensations were so varied with regard to your sex, dear lady, that you would find painted on my heart -- that internal organ so often quoted by the vulgar -- you would find every shade of desire there -- and even more. (An interruption.)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:275(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(o)

George Moore

(What do you think of George Moore?)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:275(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(p)


Consider my own productions, which have entirely sprung from out the male.

N13 (VI.D.3) page 56(q)

while still they are / alive

The enquiring mind of Moore has induced him to lay his friends and enemies thus on the table, in order that he may have the opportunity of observing their entrails whill still they are alive.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:275(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 57(a)

Cd you only know

Dear lady, could you only know the real values of the world …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:276(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 57(b)

because of what you were sent to prison for color t.b.a.

(Are you in dimness because of what you were sent to prison for?)

Note: Inferred element: absent from transcription.
N13 (VI.D.3) page 57(c)

Writing x 12 when / Miss T.S. hand

When my daughter touched his hand the same writing, magnified at least twelve times, appeared.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:276(b), VI.C.04:276(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 57(d)


I hope that Oscar, in his state of twilight, may be comforted if he realises that some of us are conscious he still exists.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:276(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 57(e)


At any rate, in our psychic studies, we should always bear in mind the possibility that our communications are coming direct from the minds of human beings who once were imprisoned in the body.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:276(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 57(f)

I eat till I nearly / burst

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:276(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 57(g)

combination = / old miser

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:276(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 57(h)

Galway beefsteak

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:276(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 57(i)

thread then at / her (shop)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:276(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 57(j)

makes legs stalks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:276(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 57(k)

I knew T always / in the wrong

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:276(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 57(l)

roll into mud like

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:276(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(a)

a little pig

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(b)

in ignorance of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(c)

looks for Kerb

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(e)

a safe 8

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(f)

baby buggy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(h)

will alight

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(m)

over a term of years

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(n)

take that genial / glow to her with you

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 58(o)

lit — tell A

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:277(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 59(a)

A lousish document

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:278(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 59(b)

both illiterate

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:278(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 59(c)

what sort of an old / do you call yourself

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:278(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 59(d)

gone a 61

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:278(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 59(e)

motion before a / judge in / chambers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:278(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 59(f)

will knowing

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:278(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 59(g)

I in girl school

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:278(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 59(h)

H A o to do with / him in ordinary clothes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:278(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 59(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:278(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 59(j)

Stumped fo. £51

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:278(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 59(k)

H doesn't wear

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:278(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 60(a)

u k. i

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:279(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 60(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:279(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 60(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:279(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 60(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:279(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 60(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:279(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 60(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:279(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 60(g)

draugh H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:279(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 60(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:279(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 60(i)

bestmanned / (maided

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:279(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 60(j)

Soak it well in

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:279(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 60(k)

snake in fox's / clothes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:279(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 60(l)

his false teeth

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:279(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 60(m)

comb your brains

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:279(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(a)

gloomy little snuffle

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(d)

a revolver in left / hand

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(e)

primper (press)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(g)

mild medium

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(i)

a fresh

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(j)

qualify se for

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(k)

Key of heart

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(l)

I sh' be strangled

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(m)

white mask

Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(n)

Socks over boots

Note: See also: VI.C.01:070(k)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 61(o)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.04:280(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 62(a)

ought to drop dead

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:001(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 62(b)

Sat. night rumpus

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:001(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 62(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:001(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 62(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:001(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 62(e)

enclosed trinkets / in matchbox

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:001(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 62(f)

nauseating C

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:001(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 62(g)

beat on ceiling / and door

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:001(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 62(h)

sucked garlic

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:001(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 62(i)

process of time

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:001(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 62(j)

over look

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:001(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 62(k)

Sharply watched

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:001(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 62(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:001(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 62(m)

Little did she / realiseone

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:001(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(a)

ring unpaid for

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(b)

she succombed / ([loot])

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(c)


Note: cf. FW BL-474-4 I.7:1.2, entered too early to come from this notebook.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(d)

25 1855

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(e)

11 hussars

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(f)

make a third

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(g)

make a 3rd T

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(h)

I T's aunt

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(i)

T murderer

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(j)

I and Morolt engaged

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(k)

Italian engager

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(l)

as long as I Prance Spri

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(m)

I peace offering

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 63(n)

T non crow for M

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:002(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(a)

T voyeur

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(b)

and replies by rubby

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(d)

I at last call him T

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(e)

T replies si Mme / pickle

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(f)

T sav. — him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(g)

T capt. orders

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(h)

Melot — lost friend

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(i)

T tells M—

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(j)

Kick me

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(k)

T calls I T

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(l)

I to T tired?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(m)

fined 1d

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(n)

flat to suit at 5

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 64(o)

business ladies

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:003(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(a)

face towel

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(b)

witchdoctor C

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(d)

green Linnet (Bon)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(e)

y'mean y wished / y'had

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(f)

They win a die

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(g)

who wear

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(h)

Rose of Lancaster

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(i)

H oldfashioned Easter

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(k)

I dominos

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(l)

I wish you wdn't I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(m)

Miss Moss

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 65(n)

tree falls

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:004(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(a)

I punts banks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(b)

hasn't the

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(c)

What is the name?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(d)

lizard bather

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(e)

JJ make E

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(f)

leopard changes / his stops

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(h)

Sunray Club

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(i)

but to instruct

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(j)

male waiting lost

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(l)

dismal swamp

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(n)

cause trouble

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 66(o)

eclipse at ½ time

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:005(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 67(a)

motored to clip

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:006(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 67(b)

hedge of maiden farm H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:006(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 67(c)

Crusaders big plague / of black rats

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:006(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 67(d)

domestication long

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:006(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 67(e)

escaped horses goes wild

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:006(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 67(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:006(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 67(g)

His / Holiness Mar Shimim XVI

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:006(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 67(h)

Katholikos — Patriarch / of East, Austrian a / Assyrian, uncle and / nephew

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:006(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 67(i)

dead horse work

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:006(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 67(j)

Safely wander in

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:006(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 67(k)

my arm

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:006(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 67(l)

put shirt on 1 funny

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:006(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(b)

do lu loving

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(c)

a horse's frog

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(d)

I slaps boy's face

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(e)

Sir Mc Creagh

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(f)

our L. Mayor of Dublin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(h)

f. of Vanessa

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(i)

tailor's guild

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(j)

Adam and Eve

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(m)

v— — he has no / inkling 3d division

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 68(o)

organ of Jacobson / between nose and / roof of mouth

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:007(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(a)

in bornblind Thier

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(d)

python shoes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(e)

T on

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(f)

under I and

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(g)

lobbed in

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(h)

no more to burn

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(i)

Edward II

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(j)

hoodoo on second

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(k)

the oat of racket

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(l)

on stick

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(m)

his first set

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 69(n)

Simon Square / Simon rue / square / Measure

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:008(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(a)

very clever banker

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(b)

good marth / mannes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(c)

Never refuses

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(d)

straight up

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(g)

nostrum (mare)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(h)

play down the story

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(i)

triggers cocked

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(j)

dragon eats sun / eclipse

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(k)

T Columbus

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(m)

Saint Co. Ltd

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(n)

Smell water

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 70(o)

Homer Hrlds

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:009(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 71(a)

no peers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:010(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 71(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:010(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 71(c)

used bad names

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:010(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 71(d)

 (nn) capable

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:010(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 71(e)

Title not agree / with conducts

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:010(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 71(f)

Soaked up poteen with / drank and sneezed / it into bottle

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:010(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 71(g)

another bottle crashed

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:010(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 71(h)

Mme said Thwere / you are now

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:010(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 71(i)

removing dairy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:010(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 71(j)

during funeral

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:010(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 71(k)

shaved ice

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:010(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(c)

god owns

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(d)

80 characters by wire

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(g)

bukong D.M.P

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(h)

bull's hump.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(i)

panot fish

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(m)

old man

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(o)

blasphemously proud

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 72(p)

prickly heat / feeling

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:011(p)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(a)

spinch calling

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(c)

Old Sal

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(e)

a rake off

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(f)

rush frail

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(g)

A sells dunpmeat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(h)

rickshaw pullers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(i)

fool things

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(j)

with the privity of / conclusions

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(m)

1000 legger (act)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 73(n)

T and I (RW) wasir of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:012(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 74(a)

people who are / about

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:013(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 74(b)

boastring T (Danish / Kin) Kicks wife

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:013(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 74(c)

C trying to be / comicker than Danh

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:013(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 74(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:013(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 74(e)

Sterling fell

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:013(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 74(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:013(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 74(g)

crumble on floor

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:013(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 74(h)

Bjornsen Byrne

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:013(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 74(i)

Broadly speaking

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:013(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 74(j)

like held no fun / for her

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:013(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 74(k)

receive maternal / sanction

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:013(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 75(a)

She thought for time / telling sinful but / wd. frequently go / to women who profess / art of f-t-

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:014(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 75(b)

nigger in woodpile

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:014(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 75(c)

to look on

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:014(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 75(d)

Mrs Lovely

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:014(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 75(e)

My touch

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:014(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 75(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:014(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 75(g)

I am not sure

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:014(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 75(h)

My sister in law has / also kissed me / more than once. I am / sorry to say

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:014(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 75(i)

Swearing about ~

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:014(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(a)

~ potatoes being cold

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(b)

I did commit adultery / G— forgive it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(c)

Sounds of kissing / coming out

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(e)

T carried off by Noise

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(g)

Grand Turk

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(h)

lethal chamber

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(i)

sincere Co

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(j)

Serpent man

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(m)

Beasts ran in

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 76(n)

Shouted Ya the —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:015(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(a)

meaning that he shd

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(b)

clapped hands — / feeble sort of way

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(c)

I never want to see / more of bad men

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(d)

either these

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(e)

present gilt crutch small

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(g)

red mass Hb

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(h)

ithotins 2 sails

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(i)

rational can't sin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(j)

angelus clock

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(k)

Supplying for (supplenty)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(l)

Inebriating house for ladies

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 77(n)

S. hist order

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:016(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(a)

community life

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(b)

Remember brother, thou / must die

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(c)

Sour dough

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(d)

Grand Penitentiary

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(e)

dragon = R.C

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(f)

Teutobochus hair

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(h)

Agun guerran

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(i)

T's horse shod

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(j)

I baths T

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(k)

K. Sahiter arms X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(l)

in name of land

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 78(n)

M. sown in deerskin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:017(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 79(a)

T to Sp astronoms?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:018(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 79(b)

T's cousins

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:018(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 79(c)

T and M

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:018(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 79(d)

leur wls

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:018(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 79(e)

land of lions

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:018(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 79(f)

Shadow of King in / Water

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:018(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 79(g)

T and I singer

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:018(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 79(h)

T,I M. Froim, Pericydy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:018(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 79(i)

Chapelle — Helvetia

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:018(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 79(j)

T. — leap

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:018(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 79(k)

Yvan and 100 lepers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:018(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 79(l)

forest of Moron - Saet

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:018(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 79(m)

T took I from lepers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:018(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(a)

frère Ogrin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(b)

in sin = dead

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(c)

gave tongue

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(h)

S. Gildas

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(i)

incidentally touched him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(j)


There is no reason, however, for supposing that it was St. Patrick or any other saint who introduced it [an alphabet]. There must have been many isolated persons in Ireland in the fourth century, if not before, who were acquainted with the Roman letters.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(k)

ogham and pogham

I have often heard this word pronounced of late as Oggam, which is certainly wrong. In later times the “g” often became “aspirated,” and was not pronounced. The Munstermen pronounced the word as if written úgham (i.e., 0om, rhyming with room); in Connacht it would have been most likely pronounced “ome,” rhyming to home, but the best pronunciation of it in either Irish or English is to leave the “g” unaspirated, and pronounce it as if rhyming to rogue 'em, or póg 'am.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(l)

[Ogham mark] = C cold / [Ogham mark] = S sail / [Ogham mark] = E eadha

This alphabet, as everyone knows, consisted of a number of short lines, straight or slanting, drawn through over or under, one long line. Thus, four short straight cuts or lines to the right of or below the long line stand for S, above they mean C; passing through the long line, half on one side and half on the other, they mean E.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(m)

saliva scripturae meae

The term used by Giraldus, however, Hibernicé scripti, may perhaps mean written in Irish characters. Yet Patrick himself appears to say that he originally wrote in Irish, “sermo et loquela mea translata est in linquam alienam sicut facile potest probari ex saliva scripturæ meæ,” i.e., “My words and language have been translated into another tongue, as may easily be judged from my beslavered writing.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 80(n)

D sentence written ~

The king's poet, however, met and recognised him, having seen him before that in Ireland; and noticed an Ogam written on the prince's shield.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:019(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 81(a)

~ on his shield

The king's poet, however, met and recognised him, having seen him before that in Ireland; and noticed an Ogam written on the prince's shield.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:020(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 81(b)

Baile and Aillinn

Amongst the many accounts of pre-Christian writing there is one so curious that I shall give it in extenso, The Story of Baile mac Buain, the Sweet Spoken.
“Buain's only son was Baile. He was specially beloved by Aillinn, the daughter of Lewy Farriga, —but some say she was the daughter of Owen, son of Dathi—and he was specially beloved not of her only, but of every one who ever heard or saw him, on account of his delightful stories.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:020(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 81(c)

yew, apple / cut down / hornbook

Now at the end of seven years, poets and prophets and visioners cut down the yew which was over the grave of Baile, and they made a poet's tablet of it, and they wrote the visions and the espousals and the loves and the courtships of Ulster in it. The apple tree which grew over the grave of Aillinn was also cut down and in like manner the courtships of Leinster were written in it.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:020(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 81(d)

adhering tablets / —pages

Now the massacre of the princesses at Tara happened according to the Four Masters in the year 241, when the tablets were burnt. Hence, one of two things must be the case; the story must either have originated before that date to account for the sticking together of the tablets, or else some one must have invented it long afterwards, that is, must, without any apparent cause, have invented a story out of his own head, as to how there were once on a time two tablets made of trees which once grew on two tombs, which were once fastened together before Art, son of Conn, and which were soon afterwards unfortunately burnt&mdasha supposition, which, considering there were then, ex hypothesis no adhering tablets to prompt the invention, appears to be in the highest degree improbable.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:020(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 81(e)

D whistles thanks

Aldfred was called Flann Fionn by the Irish, and his mother was of Irish descent. If this be really his poem, only modified in course of transcription,—and it may very well be his,—the intention seems to have been to pay for the hospitality he had received with a song to the whole nation.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:020(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 81(f)

cattle spoil

We find the poet Senchan Torpéist, according to an account in a twelfth century manuscript, the Book of Leinster, complaining that the only perfect record of the great Táin Bo Chuailgne or Cattle-spoil of Cooley, had been taken to the East with the Cuilmenn or great Skin Book.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:020(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 81(g)

probability was / this?

This is possible; is it probable?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:020(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 81(h)

C illegible after curse

It is plain, then, that at this time a number of illegible books, illegible no doubt from age, existed; and to account for this illegibility the story of Columkille's curse was invented.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:020(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 81(i)

the book which was eaten by the poor people in desert ~

The following books, almost all of which existed before the year 1100, are also, according to O'Curry, alluded to in our old literature:— The Book of Dubhdaleithe; the Yellow Book of Slane; the original Leabhar na h-Uidhre; the Books of Eochaidh O'Flannagain; a certain book known as the book eaten by the poor people in the desert

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:020(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 81(j)

~ long book

The following books, almost all of which existed before the year 1100, are also, according to O'Curry, alluded to in our old literature:— The Book of Dubhdaleithe; the Yellow Book of Slane; the original Lcabhar na h-Uidhre; the Books of Eochaidh O'Flannagain; a certain book known as the book eaten by the poor people in the desert … … the Long Book of Leithlin …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:020(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(a)

short book

The following books, almost all of which existed before the year 1100, … the Long Book of Leithlin …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(c)

A's imprint in / grass

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(e)

mix pres past and / future

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(f)

bedding day honours

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(g)

freemen Not cancelled

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(h)

revolt of barons

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(i)

marches 111

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(k)

B combs I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(l)

licorsi in T and I itself

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(m)

Kaherdin = D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 82(n)

A presents children / to Sea

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:021(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(b)

C extraverted pockets?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(c)

Snout — Stereoscope

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(e)

At Gateways of Day / P. Colum

Note: A reference to Padraic Colum, At the Gateways of the Day (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1924).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(g)

COX Union

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(h)

I hated dead writers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(i)

perfumed trombone

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(j)

A lerlassene

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(k)

Title! Quick! Merci

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(l)

Coming of White Man

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(n)

O, Jerusalem

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 83(o)

Mac Greyn of Mac Gregor

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:022(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(a)

it just seemed the / natural thing to do.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(b)

proofs plenty overproof.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(c)

influx — H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(d)

A Shaver

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(f)

chess cheered

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(g)

handsome Son. d. H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(h)

official secret

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(i)

1d dreadful

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(k)

walk ball of foot

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(l)

feeds out

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(m)

snare of rope

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(n)

breeches buoy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 84(o)

marroon fine

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:023(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(a)

blacklead shot

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(b)

with eline

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(c)

(Eng. Ga. Scan)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(d)

old S. Patrick's

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(e)

Paul's Walk

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(i)

entertainment tax

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(j)

Ride T.K.I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(k)

Splash on Mish

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(m)

Asleep rider

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(n)

M and I cheers jasper ring

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 85(o)

pawn (paon)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:024(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 86(a)

Lors Glae is

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:025(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 86(b)

— — is not

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:025(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 86(c)

T nightingale

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:025(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 86(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:025(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 86(e)

coudrier et chevrefeuille

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:025(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 86(g)

black use T. |asigna| J.J.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:025(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 86(h)

I belittles T / by name of I!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:025(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 86(i)

What is it about?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:025(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 86(j)

Saint Lubin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:025(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 86(k)

walnut leprosy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:025(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 86(l)

I1 rit / I2

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:025(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 86(n)

} falls en croix

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:025(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 86(o)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:025(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 87(a)

H T can't believe I end

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:026(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 87(b)

I hairshirt

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:026(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 87(c)

the Sad (Fon) fair

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:026(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 87(d)

Stick [brains] hang round / neck / runs gauntlet / hit R, sticks left

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:026(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 87(e)

he mixes sense with

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:026(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 87(f)

falling I compnerd

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:026(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 87(g)

Little Brittany

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:026(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 87(h)

Poison spears Comm.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:026(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 87(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:026(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 87(j)

T sleeps with }

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:026(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 87(k)

1r mad

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:026(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 88(a)

T and T separate at last / moment.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:027(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 88(b)

storm and calm.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:027(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 88(c)

chalcedony I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:027(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 88(d)

beryl T

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:027(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 88(e)

H took advantage of / erclipse to kiss A

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:027(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 88(f)

I buys d. on for T

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:027(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 88(g)

keeps it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:027(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 88(h)

I fleas cat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:027(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 88(i)

cat washes ear = rain

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:027(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 88(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:027(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 88(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:027(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 88(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:027(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 88(m)

Maman (une)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:027(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 89(a)

Moon eclipse more / feared

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:028(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 89(b)

H drawers in shop / window, legs / up. He and foreman / come out to discuss

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:028(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 89(c)

A softens ginger / snaps, sits on them

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:028(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 89(d)

My lord! I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:028(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 89(e)

cat transparent / ears ~

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:028(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 89(f)

~ I / no relatives in Irish / but some in Ireland

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:028(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 89(g)

in precious memory

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:028(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 89(h)

suddenly, R.I P

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:028(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 90(a)

happy repose

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:029(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 90(b)

illegal, unauthorised

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:029(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 90(c)

ultra vires, void / and in fact unneccessarily / so.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:029(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 90(d)

irregular direction of / intelligence

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:029(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 90(e)

commit to a (chw)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:029(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 90(f)

his whisky squeeze

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:029(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 90(g)

hawk eats 2 birds a day

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:029(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 90(h)

run down his Easting

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:029(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 90(i)

roaring pities

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:029(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 90(j)

we ship along

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:029(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 90(k)

H his stern / sails slatting / clad of suit

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:029(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 91(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:030(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 91(b)

to nut

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:030(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 91(c)

ass = fog X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:030(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 91(d)

Judanee / Judanay

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:030(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 91(e)

grand larceny

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:030(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 91(f)

Knife powder

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:030(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 91(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:030(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 91(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:030(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 91(i)

heard shouting / coming towards / the barracks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:030(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 91(j)

we will wake the —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:030(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 91(k)

are the —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:030(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 91(l)

Fashing at the door

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:030(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 92(a)

mile and ½ away.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:031(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 92(b)

pocketknife a Smth)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:031(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 92(c)

receivable order

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:031(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 92(d)

grave in question

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:031(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 92(e)

knowingly brings a

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:031(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 92(f)

he corpse

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:031(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 92(g)

was using the / grave for 50. yrs.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:031(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 92(h)

genial smile

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:031(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 92(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:031(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 92(j)

Poor old Celtic land

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:031(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 92(k)

sat I door

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:031(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 92(l)

on which he is / an authority

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:031(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 92(m)

Greek Hall Ealing

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:031(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 93(a)

attained his 15th / year

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:032(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 93(b)

ascertain fact / for se

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:032(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 93(c)

willing to do with / ½ enough to eat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:032(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 93(d)

not a raiding party

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:032(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 93(e)

the rabbit seer at / the feet of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:032(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 93(f)

actually shot

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:032(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 93(g)

left to right party / comprises

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:032(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 93(h)

M. Meenan

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:032(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 93(i)

N Day — Ceylon

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:032(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 93(k)

— gamekeeper

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:032(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 94(a)

on a chair placed / on kitchen table (flood) [arc]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:033(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 94(b)

returned to ark / and lighted a fire

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:033(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 94(c)

give me fair / play.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:033(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 94(d)

regretted death

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:033(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 94(e)

raspberry wine

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:033(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 94(f)

with whom he parted / at latter's house

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:033(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 94(g)

jumped out and bit / him on / the back / of the head

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:033(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 94(h)

talked about his / children but

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:033(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 95(a)

rather wd not take any / notice

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:034(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 95(b)

clenched his ear

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:034(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 95(c)

rolled into ditch / together

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:034(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 95(d)

went and saw Dr. / Thorpson

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:034(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 95(e)

No he beat me

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:034(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 95(f)

Didn't you do / anything to him / in the ditch? / No he had his teeth / in the back of my head.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:034(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 95(g)

Did you see any / stick / No, it was too dark

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:034(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 96(a)

Started throttling me

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:035(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 96(b)

after looking him in / the face, you told him / to go home

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:035(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 96(c)

Who hit the other first

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:035(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 96(d)

wd put a knife in / his heart

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:035(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 96(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:035(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 96(f)

why break an / empty bottle

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:035(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 96(g)

copper wom.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:035(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 96(h)

was in bed for the / past 6 months

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:035(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 96(i)

cd not stay in bed / for the want of sleep

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:035(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 97(a)

gone acting it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:036(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 97(b)

disc display

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:036(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 97(c)

leave her a corpse

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:036(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 97(d)

gallow by helldoor

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:036(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 97(e)

holiday trousers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:036(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 97(f)

had considerable way on

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:036(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 97(g)

with the odds / altogether — in / favour of his / tumbling into the sea

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:036(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 97(h)

for ladies, boys / and men

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:036(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 97(i)

Suitably / punished

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:036(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 98(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:037(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 98(b)

author's pains

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:037(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 98(c)

a great watch! / — black — / — last —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:037(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 98(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:037(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 98(e)

as might / have said

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:037(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 98(f)

black '47

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:037(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 98(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:037(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 98(h)

wailing for my / trousers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:037(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 98(i)

I'm sure I'am / suffering a / lot

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:037(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 98(j)

too fat for my sht

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:037(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(a)

how octogenarian

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(b)

dull pitchforks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(c)

Mrs Marie Burn

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(f)

droomily wd be }

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(g)

H lit clos.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(h)

I buys, sorry

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(i)

innocent adress.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(j)

came from gender

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(l)

on the air D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 99(n)

sit under / portrait like

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:038(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 100(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:039(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 100(b)

dry shabby crooked / vine

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:039(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 100(c)

2 fingered cross sign

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:039(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 100(d)

double alleluia

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:039(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 100(e)

page shinne

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:039(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 100(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:039(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 100(g)

A Knight's Life / in days of Chivalry / Meller (Laurie)

Note: A reference to Walter Clifford Meller, A Knight's Life in the Days of Chivalry (London: T. Werner Laurie, July 1924).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:039(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 100(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:039(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 100(i)

fencing (equ)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:039(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 100(j)

price of a tree

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:039(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 100(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:039(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 101(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:040(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 101(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:040(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 101(c)

Mr &hatch; Mar I— I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:040(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 101(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:040(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 101(e)

160 complex

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:040(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 101(f)

horn her

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:040(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 101(g)

artist Artist

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:040(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 101(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:040(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 101(i)

A looking for eggs / to hearten him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:040(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 101(j)


But, as the whole story of the Milesian invasion is wrapped in mystery and is quite possibly only a rationalized account of early Irish mythology euhemerized into men) no faith can be placed ia the alleged date or genuineness of Amergin's verses.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:040(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 101(k)

headfire = pensée Not cancelled

The following is noticeable for its curious pantheistic strain which reminds one strangely of the East:—
I am the wind which breathes upon the sea,
I am the wave of the ocean,
I am the murmur of the billows,
I am the ox of the seven combats,
I am the vulture upon the rock,
I am a beam of the sun,
I am the fairest of plants,
I am a wild boar in valour,
I am a salmon in the water,
I am a lake in the plain,
I am a word of vscience,
I am the point of the lance of battle,
I am the God who creates in the head [of man] the fire [the thought].

Note: In text merged with the notorious ‘Hellfire Club’ in the Dublin Mountains.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:040(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 101(l)

Finn mac Cool Not cancelled

What are we to say further to the poems ascribed to King Art the Solitary, Finn mac Cool, Ossian and Caoilte (Cweelt-ya) in the third century …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:040(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 101(m)

Clerical Cashel

As in the poem in the Book of Leinster ascribed to O'Lugair, circiter 430, printed by O'Curry, MS. Mat., p. 493, where the poet speaking of Enna Censelach's campaigns, says that they unyoked their steeds upon the rampart of “Casil Cliaraig,” Clerical Cashel.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:040(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 102(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:041(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 102(b)

post +ian

It is this easy analysis of our early literature into its ante-Christian and its post-Christian elements which makes it so valuable. For when all spurious accretions have been stripped off, we find in our most ancient tales a genuine picture of Pagan life in Europe, for which we look in vain elsewhere.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:041(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 102(c)

disease of lingua

The Oriental philologist of Oxford, Max Muller, in attempting to explain how myths arose (according to his theory) from a disease of language, thinks that during the transition period of which he speaks there would be many words “understood perhaps by the grandfather, familiar to the father, but strange to the son, and misunderstood by the grandson.” This is exactly what is taking place over half Ireland at this very moment, and it is what has always been at work amongst a people whose language and literature go back with certainty for nearly 1,500 years.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:041(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 102(d)


We must understand this inorder to do justice to our very early native literature, for if any one imagines that he will find there long-sustained epics or narrative poems after the manner of the Iliad or Odyssey, or even the Nibelungenleid, or the Song of Roland, he will be very much mistaken.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:041(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 102(e)


Of the many poems said to have been produced during the period we are here speaking of, none can be properly called epics or even epopees.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:041(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 102(f)


It is good for him [a prince] (to make) fertile land, to invite ships, to import jewels of price across sea, to purchase and bestow raiment, (to keep) vigorous swordsmen for protecting his territories, (to make) war outside his own territories, to attend the sick, to discipline his soldiers … let him enforce fear, let him perfect peace, (let him give) much of methaglin and wine …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:041(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 102(g)

Conn of 100 battles - Art the Lonely - Cormac mac Art - Cairbrie mac Cormac = Cairbrie* of the Liffey

One piece, however, is sufficiently interesting to make it worth while giving some account of it. This is the “Teagasg Flatha,” or “Instructions to a Prince,” alleged to have been written by Cormac mac Art for his son, Cairbre of the Liffey. Both Cormac and his son Cairbre are very great personages indeed in the romantic history of Ireland. Cormac was the son of Art the Lonely, and the grandson of Con of the Hundred Battles, and it was he who made still wider the breach with Finn mac Cool and the Fenians, which finally ended in a death struggle between them and the monarchy, in which Cairbre, &mash; for whose instruction this book was written — was slain, and the Fenians, on the other side, almost exterminated to a man.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:041(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 102(h)

Midhchuarta, house of circulation of mead

Midhchuarta, “house of the circulation of mead,” was the name of a magnificent central building at Tara.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:041(i), VI.C.05:041(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 102(i)

clap* hands

A prince, on Samhan's Day (Nov. i) should light his lamps and welcome his guests with clapping of hands, procure comfortable seats, the cup bearers should be respectable and active in the distribution of meat and drink.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:041(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 103(a)

given to swearing

At least to the question, “O grandson of Con, how shall I distinguish the characters of women?” the following bitter answer is given:— “I know them, but I cannot describe them. Their counsel is foolish, they are forgetful of love, most headstrong in their desires, fond of folly, prone to enter rashly into engagements, given to swearing, proud to be asked in marriage, tenacious of enmity, cheerless at the banquet, rejectors of reconciliation, prone to strife, of much garrulity — until evil be good, until hell be heaven, until the sun hide his light, until the stars of heaven fall, women will remain as we have stated.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:042(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 103(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:042(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 103(c)

H = Miline

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:042(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 103(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:042(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 103(e)

beds at dinner

“The dining hall” says the eleventh century text of this certainly pre-Christian story, “was built like that of the High King at Tara. From the hearth to the wall were nine beds, and each of the side walls was thirty-five feet high and covered with ornaments of gilt bronze.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:042(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 103(f)

Concobar = Conor / = Crookhoor

In the old texts this name is written Concobar, in the modem language Conchubhair, which is, strange to say, usually pronounced not “Cun-hoo-war” or “Cun-hoor” as spelt (whence the English form Conor), but Cruch-hoor (the ch is guttural) whence Banim's “Crohore of the Bill-hook.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:042(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 103(g)

Crohore = H

In the old texts this name is written Concobar, in the modem language Conchubhair, which is, strange to say, usually pronounced not “Cun-hoo-war” or “Cun-hoor” as spelt (whence the English form Conor), but Cruch-hoor (the ch is guttural) whence Banim's “Crohore of the Bill-hook.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:042(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 103(h)

their breasts shall crush one the other

If I succeed not in bringing you with me I shall provoke a quarrel between the two breasts of every woman; their breasts shall crush one the other. They shall rot; they shall die.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:042(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 103(i)

milkfed cow

After this he describes what his munificent curadhmir consisted of — a seven-year-old pig and a seven-year-old cow that had been fed on milk and corn and the finest food since their birth, a hundred cakes of corn cooked with honey, — and every four cakes took one sack of corn to make it, — and a vat of wine large enough to hold three of the warriors of the Ultonians

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:042(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 103(j)

Popa = master

In the romance of Bricriu's Feast it is the three charioteers of the three warriors who claim the hero's bit for their masters, since these are apparently ashamed to make the first move themselves. The charioteer was more than a mere servant. Cuchulain sometimes called his charioteer “friend” or “master” (popa), and, on the occasion of his fight with Ferdia, desires him, in case he (Cuchulain) should show signs of yielding, to “excite, reproach, and speak evil to me, so that the ire of my rage and anger shall grow the more on me; but if he give ground before me, thou shalt laud me and praise me and speak good words to me, that my courage may be the greater,” and this command his friend and charioteer punctually executed.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:042(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 103(k)

they curse him / when he falls / cheer when hits

The charioteer was more than a mere servant. Cuchulain sometimes called his charioteer “friend” or “master” (popa), and, on the occasion of his fight with Ferdia, desires him, in case he (Cuchulain) should show signs of yielding, to “excite, reproach, and speak evil to me, so that the ire of my rage and anger shall grow the more on me; but if he give ground before me, thou shalt laud me and praise me and speak good words to me, that my courage may be the greater,” and this command his friend and charioteer punctually executed.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:042(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 104(a)

Chariots thatch / face, weapons fall / Druids in fits / over wall

Not long were they there, the two watchers and the two druids, until a full fierce rush of the first band [of charioteers] broke hither past the glen. Such was the fury with which they advanced that there was not left a spear on a rack nor a shield on a spike nor a sword in an armoury in Tara-Luachra that did not fall down. From every house on which was thatch in Tara-Luachra it fell in immense flakes. One would think that it was the sea that had come over the walls and over the corners of the world upon them. The forms of countenances were changed, and there was chattering of teeth in Tara-Luachra within. The two druids fell in fits and in faintings and in paroxysms, one of them out over the wall, and the other over the wall inside.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:043(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 104(b)


The charioteer was more than a mere servant. Cuchulain sometimes called his charioteer “friend” or “master” (popa), and, on the occasion of his fight with Ferdia, desires him, in case he (Cuchulain) should show signs of yielding, to “excite, reproach, and speak evil to me, so that the ire of my rage and anger shall grow the more on me; but if he give ground before me, thou shalt laud me and praise me and speak good words to me, that my courage may be the greater,” and this command his friend and charioteer punctually executed.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:043(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 104(c)

Goll = Ajax

In this story Finn mac Cool at a great feast in his castle at Allen, asks Goll about some tribute which he claimed, and is dissatisfied at the answer of Goll, who may be called the Ajax of the Fenians.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:043(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 104(d)

1100 killed, 61 killed

When the palace was cleared it was found that 1,100 of Finn's people had been killed between men and women, and eleven men and fifty women of Goll's party.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:043(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 104(e)

druids separate / Greek alphabet

Caesar speaks of the numbers who frequented the schools of the Druids in Gaul. “It is said,” he adds, “that they learn there a great number of verses, and that is why some of these pupils spend twenty years in learning. It is not, according to the Druids, permissible to entrust verses to writing, although they use the Greek alphabet in all other affairs, public and private.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:043(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 104(f)

Brigit (Irish Goddess)

Much more could be advanced upon this point, as that the four Gallo-Roman inscriptions to Brigantia found in Great Britain, are really to Brigit, a goddess of the Irish

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:043(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 104(g)

Brian (Brennus)

Much more could be advanced upon this point, as that the four Gallo-Roman inscriptions to Brigantia found in Great Britain, are really to Brigit,a goddess of the Irish, that the Brennus who burned Rome, 390 years B.C., and the Brennus who stormed Delphi no years later, were only the god Brian, son of the goddess Brigit, under whose tutelage the Gaels marched …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:043(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 104(h)

novel born in N / saga

During the golden period of the Greek and Roman genius no one ever wrote a romance. Epics they left behind them, and history, but the romance, the Danish Saga, the Irish sgeul or lirsgeul was unknown.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:043(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 104(i)


During the golden period of the Greek and Roman genius no one ever wrote a romance. Epics they left behind them, and history, but the romance, the Danish Saga, the Irish sgeul or lirsgeul was unknown.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:043(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 104(j)

but others say

Of course in process of time divergences began to arise, and hence came different versions of the same story. That, at least, is how I account for such passages as “but others say that it was not there he was killed, but in,” etc.; “but some of the books say that it was not on that wise it happened but thus,” and so on.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:043(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 104(k)

porpoise H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:043(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(c)

wars H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(f)

2 Lo

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(g)

plied with drink

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(i)

a short length of.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(j)

Mr Eugene Kennedy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(k)

Mr Myron (Herrick)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(l)

milling (boxes)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(m)

on a point of order Not cancelled

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 105(n)

1050 Souls on board.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:044(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 106(a)

H's notes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:045(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 106(b)

Sovereign pawned

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:045(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 106(c)

base beyond sufferance

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:045(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 106(d)

description as / example

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:045(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 106(e)

Silver tokens

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:045(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 106(f)

Spanish $ restamped

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:045(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 106(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:045(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 106(h)

Capel St James II

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:045(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 106(i)

£100 E = £108-6-8 I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:045(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 106(j)

payable 1st Fri / of each month / at—

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:045(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 106(k)

my sire H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:045(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 106(l)

loomend sale

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:045(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 106(m)

jacking off

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:045(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 107(a)


Note: ? methalgin
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:046(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 107(b)

yeast, honey and water

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:046(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 107(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:046(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 107(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:046(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 107(e)

Shees — hills

The Irish sidhe equivalent to “Fairy”; these were generally believed to be the Tuatha de Dananns who disappeared from before the Milesians and lived inside the hills.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:046(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 107(f)


Here we seem for the first time to find ourselves upon historical ground Cuchulain, Conor mac Nessa, Fergus mac Roy, Naesi and Déirdre, Mève, and Conall Cearnach have about them all the circumstantiality which is wanting to the dim, mist-magnified, and distorted forms of the mysterious Dagda, Nuada, Bres, Balar, Dana, and their fellows.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:046(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 107(g)

circa X

The Tuatha de Danaan had, according to the Four Masters, conquered Ireland Anno Mundi circite/rV 3303

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:046(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 107(h)

Maeve promise I to every chief

She [Maeve] was accompanied by her husband and her daughter, who was the fairest among women. Her mother bad secretly promised her hand to every leader in her army, in order to nerve them to greater feats of arms.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:046(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 107(i)

in rage become an / avatar

“And it was then that Cuchulain's first distortion came on, and he was filled with swelling and great fulness, like breath in a bladder, until he became a terrible, fearful, many-coloured, wonderful Tuaig, and he became as big as a Fomor, or a man of the sea, the great and valiant champion, in perfect height over Ferdiad.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:046(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 107(j)

battle of Clontarf = pootsch = Dan

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:046(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 107(k)

folklore formula ter

Cf. the common Gaelic folk-lore formula, “they would make soft of the hard and hard of the soft, and bring cold springs or fresh water out of the hard rock with their wrestling.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:046(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 107(l)


The wars of Mève and Conor mac Nessa were household words in the hall of Muircheartach of the Leather Cloaks, and in the Palace at the Head of the Weir — Brian Boru's Kincora.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:046(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 108(a)

Rathcoole / Castleknock ~

At the battle of Cnucha, or Castleknock, near Cool's rath,—now Rathcoole, some ten miles from Dublin,—Cool was routed and slain by the celebrated Connacht champion, Aedh mac Morna, who lost an eye in the battle and was thenceforth called Goll (or the blind) mac Morna.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:047(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 108(b)

~ Cool slain by Goll

At the battle of Cnucha, or Castleknock, near Cool's rath,—now Rathcoole, some ten miles from Dublin,—Cool was routed and slain by the celebrated Connacht champion, Aedh mac Morna, who lost an eye in the battle and was thenceforth called Goll (or the blind) mac Morna.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:047(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 108(c)

Fionn Lochlann

Now the place where Cool chanced to be at that time was between the islands of Alba and the deserts of Fionn-Lochlan, for he was hunting and deer-stalking there.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:047(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 108(d)

junt houses

And there they quickly and expeditiously launched the towering wide-wombed broad-sailed bark, the freighted full-wide fair-broad firm-roped vessel, and they grasped their shapely well-formed broad-bladed well-prepared oars, and they made a powerful sea-great dashing dry-quick rowing over the broad hollow- deep full-foamed pools [of the sea], and over the rash-billowed vehement hollow-broken rollers, so that they shot their shapely ship under the junt house of each fair rock, in the shallows, nigh to the rough-bordered margin of the Eastern lands, over the smooth-less great-foaming lively-waved arms of the sea, so that each fierce, broad, constant foaming, bright-spotted, white-broken drop that the heroes left upon the sea-pool with that rapid rowing formed [themselves] like great torrents upon soft mountains.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:047(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 108(e)

voiceburst ~

And when the great foundation-blasts of the angry wind touched the even upright-standing, sword-straight masts, and when the huge-flying, loud-voiced, broad-bordered sails swallowed the wind attacking them suddenly with sharp voice, that stout, strong, active, powerful crew rose up promptly and quickly, and everyone went straight to his work with speed and promptitude, and they stretched forth their ready, courageous, white-coloured, brown-nailed hands most valiantly to the tackling, till they let the wind in loud sharp fast voice-bursts into the shrouds of the mast, so that the ship gave an eager, very quick, vigorous leap forward, right straight into the salt-ocean, till they arrived in the delightfully-clear, cold-pooled, plaintive-whistling, joyfully-calling reaches of the sea …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:047(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 108(f)

~ merriment of wind

… and the dark sea rose speedily around them in desperate, daring, floodful doisleana, in commingling ridges, and in rough-grey, proud-tongued, gloomy-grim, blue-capacious valleys, and in impetuous showers-topped wombs (of water); and the great merriment of the cold wind was answered by the chieftains, strong-workingly, stout-enduringly, truly-powerfully …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:047(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 108(g)

Sweetly sadly

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:047(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 108(h)

~ at this time called

... and they proceeded to manage and attend the high-ocean, until at last the strong and powerful sea overcame the intention of the high wind, and the murmur and giddy voice of the deep was humbled by that great rowing, till the sea became restful, smooth, and very calm behind them, until they took port and harbour at Inver-Cholpa, which is at this time called Drogheda.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:047(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 108(i)

art = N. S. E. or W.

“‘And there is another unlawful thing of which ye are guilty,’ said the Druids, ‘which shows that ye have broken the vow of allegiance and obedience to your king, in that ye have come in array and garb of battle to the door of his fortress without receiving his leave or advice, without giving him notice or warning. To what art [point of the compass] do ye travel, or on what have ye set your mind [that ye act not] as is the right and due of a prince's subjects, and as was always before this the habitude of the bands that came before ye, and as it shall be with honest people till the end of the world!’”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:047(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 108(j)

Book of Leinster

The two oldest miscellaneous Irish MSS. which we have are the Leabhar na h-Uidhre and the Book of Leinster.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:047(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 108(k)

1500 Drd.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:047(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 108(l)

Mongan - re-incarnation of Finn

We have also the story of Mongan, an Ulster King of the seventh century, according to the annalists, who declared that he was not what men took him to be, the son of the mortal Fiachna, but of the god, Manannan Mac Lir, and a re-incarnation of the great Finn, and calls back from the grave the famous Fenian Caoilte to prove it.

Note: Cf. FW 41.04
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:047(l), VI.C.05:047(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 108(m)

Finn's wife ~

Again in the “Glossary” ascribed, and probably truly, to Cormac, King-Bishop of Cashel, A.D. 837-903, there are two allusions to Finn, one of which refers to the unfaithfulness of his wife.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:047(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(a)

~ unfaithful

Again in the “Glossary” ascribed, and probably truly, to Cormac, King-Bishop of Cashel, A.D. 837-903, there are two allusions to Finn, one of which refers to the unfaithfulness of his wife.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(b)

m. Ailbhe / Cormac mac Art

But, there is yet another proof of the antiquity of the Finn stories which Mr. Nutt does not note, and in some respects it is the most important and conclusive of all. For if, as D'Arbois de Jubainville has I think proved, the list of one hundred and eighty-seven historic tales contained in the Book of Leinster, was really drawn up at the end of the seventh or beginning of the eighth century, we find that even then Finn or his contemporaries were the subjects of or figure in several of them, as in the story of the Courtship of Ailbhe, daughter of King Cormac mac Art, by Finn; the Battle of Moy Muchruime, where King Art, Cormac's father, was slain; the Cave of Bin Edair, where Diarmuid and Grdinne took shelter when pursued by Finn; the Adventures of Finn in Derc Fearna (the Cave of Dunmore) a lost tale; the Elopement of Grainne with Diarmuid, and perhaps one or two more.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(c)


Thus, Finn is sandwiched in as a real person along with his other contemporaries, not only in tenth and eleventh century annalists and poets, but is also made the hero of historic romances as early as the seventh or eighth century. Side by side in our seventh-eight century list with the battle of Moy Muchruime, we find the battle of Moy Rath. We have both stories at full length, still preserved to us; both are couched in the same sort of language and coloured with the same literary pigments.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(d)

Finn = Arthur

Finn has now become to all ears a pan-Gaelic champion just as Arthur became a Brythonic one.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(e)

2 examillionary

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(f)

he just Grunted

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(g)

took a violent fancy to

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(h)

gave £1 for (paid)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(i)

make example of

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(j)

another mad thing

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(k)

army lofts (pigeons)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(l)

last possible war

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(m)

M dressed W not

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 109(n)

back to door

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:048(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(a)

after the act

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(b)

age dime not in

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(c)

utility to buy / and sell

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(d)

they call him H—

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(e)

gave name of (rr)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(f)

characterize as

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(h)

to josh

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(j)

hunky day

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(k)

Stab (f— )

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(l)

Conaire the Great

The High King at this time was Conairé the “Great,” rightly so-called, if we may believe our Annals, for he had been a just, magnanimous, and, above all, fortunate ruler of all Ireland for fifty years.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(m)

Boyne casts nuts

“It was in the reign of Conaire,” the Four Masters add, “that the Boyne annually cast its produce ashore at Inver Colpa. Great abundance of nuts were annually found upon the Boyne and the Buais.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 110(n)

no thunder / keeping of cattle

“The cattle were without keeping in Ireland in his [Conaire's] reign, on account of the greatness of the peace and concord. His reign was not thunder-producing or stormy. It was little but the trees bent under the greatness of their fruit.” This notion of connecting good seasons with good rulers was very common in Ireland. We find traces pf it as late as the sixteenth century.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:049(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 111(a)

H asleep, head in 1 lap, feet in —

The noble warrior was asleep with his legs upon the lap of one of the men, and his head in the lap of the other.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:050(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 111(b)

druid juggler

[In this narration] We see the king and his sons, his nine pipers or wind-instrument players, his cup- bearers, his chief druid-juggler, his three principal charioteers, their nine apprentice charioteers, his hostages the Saxon princes, his equerries and outriders, his three judges, his nine harpers, his three ordinary jugglers, his three cooks, his three poets, his nine guardsmen, and his two private table attendants.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:050(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 111(c)

Bohernabreena / road of court

Pursuing this road, the King crossed the Liffey in safety, and made for the Bruighean (Bree-an), or Court of Da Derga, on the road close to the river Dothar or Dodder, called ever since, “Boher-na-breena,” the “road of the court,” close to Tailacht, not far from Dublin.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:050(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 111(d)

a hobble

Let a hundred and fifty unbroken horses be brought thee moreover, and let bags be fastened to their tails, for the purpose of stampeding the horse-herds of the King of Ireland, and let the bags be filled with pebbles.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:050(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 111(e)

Carbery Cathead

The following sagas and romances are amongst those which may be classed as miscellaneous : … The Slaughter of Cairbré Cat-head by the Free Clans of Erin …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:050(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 111(f)

Fergus Blacktooth

Mai, the successor of Tuathal, again levied this tribute, so did Felim the lawgiver. “Then,” says the history, “after many battles Félimm's son. Conn, lifted it. Conn's son-in-law Conairé took it, then Art [son of Conn] began to reign, and demanded the Boru tribute, but never secured it without a battle. Art's son, Cormac, lifted it, and so, one year, did Fergus Blacktooth.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:050(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 111(g)

Finn / S.P. and Ossian C an D

Side by side with the numerous prose stories which fall under the head of “Fenian,” exists an enormous mass of poems, chiefly narrative, of a minor epic type, intermingled with others whose basis is a semi-dramatic dialogue between St. Patrick and Ossian. This poet was fabled to have lived in Tir-na-n-Óg or the “land of the ever-young,” for three hundred years, thus surviving all the Fenians, and living to hold colloquy with St. Patrick.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:050(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 111(h)

ask God —

Patrick, enquire of God whether He recollects when he Fenians were alive, or hath He seen, east or west, men their equal in the time of fight?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:050(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 111(i)

where was yr G.—

O Patrick, where was thy God the day the two came across the sea, who carried off the Qaeen of the King of Lochlann in ships, by whom many fell here in conflict?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:050(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 111(j)

my son Oscar

Were my son Oscar and God hand to hand on Knock na-veen, if I saw my son down, it is then I would say that God was a strong man.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:050(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 111(k)

throw them

It is very strange and very unfortunate that, notwithstanding the literary activity of Gaelic Ireland before and during the Penal times, no Keating or Comyn or Curtin ever attempted to redact the Ossianic poems and throw them into that epic form which they would so easily and naturally have fitted.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:050(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 111(l)

I never heard he ~

Many a battle, victory, and contest were celebrated by the Fenians of Innisfail. I never heard that any feat was performed by the King of Saints, or that He reddened His hand.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:050(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 112(a)

~ reddened his hand ~

Many a battle, victory, and contest were celebrated by the Fenians of Innisfail. I never heard that any feat was performed by the King of Saints, or that He reddened His hand.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:051(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 112(b)

~ King of saints

Many a battle, victory, and contest were celebrated by the Fenians of Innisfail. I never heard that any feat was performed by the King of Saints, or that He reddened His hand.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:051(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 112(c)

if he were down and out / Finn wd / help bail him out

Great, then, would be the shame for God not to release Finn from the shackles of pain, for if God Himself were in bonds my chief would fight for him.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:051(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 112(d)


“Upon the whole province,” says the prose introduction, “distress of cold settled, and heavy snow came down, so that it reached men's shoulders and the axle-trees of chariots, and of the russet forest branches made a twisting-together, as it had been of withes, so that men might not progress there,” then Caoilte made this lay.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:051(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 112(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:051(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 112(f)

Commit side to / ground

The deer of Slievecarn of the gatherings commits not his side to the ground, no less than he, the stag of frigid Echtge's summit (who) catches the chorus of the wolves.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:051(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 112(g)

learn alphabet / on tombstone

[Ireland] where children were seen learning their letters with chalk on their fathers' tombstones, other means being denied them …

Note: FW 392.24 entered too early for this notebook.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:051(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 112(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:051(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 112(i)

earl of Oxford / and Sutton Coutney

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:051(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(a)

H died from life

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(c)

barbecue burg.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(d)

ukelele (umpire)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(e)

good fellow I flea

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(h)

had it in for him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(i)

bag of tow

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(j)

broad above as he is / below

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(k)

C denouncing

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(m)

unreal light

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 113(o)

1170 Norman invasion

It has been published, at least in part, three times — first, down to the year 1171, the year of the Norman Invasion, by the Rev. Charles O'Conor

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:052(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 114(a)

X wrote for classes / Keating for masses

Keating was Michael O'Clery's contemporary, but he wrote—and I consider him the first Irish historian and trained scholar who did so—for the masses not the classes, and he had his reward in the thousands of copies of his popular history made and read throughout all Ireland, while the copies made of the Annals were quite few in comparison and after the end of the 17th century little read.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:053(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 114(b)

[gilet] lined with / M S

He says in his preface that formerly many septs lived in Ireland whose profession it was to chronicle and keep in memory the state of the kingdom, but “now as they cannot enjoy that respect and gain by their profession as heretofore they and their ancestors received, they set nought by the said knowledge, neglect their books, and choose rather to put their children to learn English than their own native language, insomuch that some of them suffer tailors to cut the leaves of the said books (which their ancestors held in great account) and sew them in long pieces to make their measures of, [so] that the posterities are like to fall into more ignorance of any things which happened before their time.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:053(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 114(c)

[chin] Leary

The legend is that when the saint was first summoned to King Laoghaire's [Leary's] presence at Tara, after having insulted him by kindling the Paschal fire within sight of the palace, he was dismissed for that time with scant courtesy, but was afterwards sent for by the king to explain his “new way” to the nobles assembled at Tara

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:053(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 114(d)

Senchus Mor / Great tradition

The most remarkable piece of Irish literature with which the name of St. Patrick is connected is of course the redaction of that division of the Brehon Law called the Cain Phadraig, consisting of the Senchus Mór or Great Tradition. This was an attempt on Patrick's part to rewrite the body of Pagan Law, or rather to expunge from it what was ultra-Pagan and glaringly anti-Christian.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:053(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 114(e)

verse ‘rule’

Saint Brigid, the third patron saint of Ireland, is said to have also written verses, with a rule for her nuns, and some other things.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:053(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 114(f)

S. Brigid — lake of ale

I should like a great lake of ale
For the king of the kings,
I should like the family of heaven
To be drinking it through time eternal, etc.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:053(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 114(g)

Sat down / before / drinking unsteadily

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:053(g), VI.C.05:053(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 114(h)

Flann / d. Gormly m. Carroll + / m

It was in the year 908 that Gormly was married against her will to Cearbhall [Carroll], King of Leinster. Flann the High King, with Carroll King of Leinster, now his son-in-law, prepared to meet Munster and to assert by arms his right to the presentation of the ancient church of Monasterevan, but in reality it is likely that he bore the King-Archbishop a grudge for his treatment of his daughter Gormly.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:053(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 114(i)

Niall Black-knee

As her father the High King would do nothing for her, when she besought him to wipe out the insult and procure her separation from her husband, ner young kinsman, Niall Gliin-dubh or the Black-kneed, took up her cause, and obtained for her a divorce from her husband, and restoration of her dowry.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:053(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 115(a)

s. Murtagh of Leather Coats

Some other poets of great note flourished in Ireland in the tenth and eleventh centuries, such as Cormac “an Eigeas” who composed the celebrated poem to Muircheartach or Murtagh of the leather cloaks (son of the Niall so bitterly lamented by Gormly), on the occasion of his marching round Ireland, when setting out from his palace at ancient Oileach he returned to it again after levying tribute and receiving hostages from every king and sub-king in Ireland.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:054(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 115(b)

Co-arda - Irish rhyme

There must be co-arda or Irish rhyme between the last words of the first and second lines, and the third and fourth, but the third and fourth also require Irish-rhyme between two or more words in the middle of the line.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:054(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 115(c)

quick - public

I may now take farewell of my readers in a few verses which may serve as a specimen of one of the best-known metres, indeed the great official one, of the Irish bards, the celebrated Deibhidh [D'yevvee]. This metre, with all the other artificial measures of the schools, was lost in the seventeenth or eighteenth century, and these lines are the first composed in it, in either Irish or English, for over 150 years:—
Bound thee forth my Booklet quick
To greet the Polished Public.
Writ—I WEEN't was not my Wish—
In LEAN unLoyely English.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:054(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 115(d)

Isolde and Tristan

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:054(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 115(e)

Juliet and Romeo

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:054(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 115(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:054(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 115(g)

slip of tongue no / fault of / mind

Note: See also N13 (VI.D.3):116(g)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:054(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 115(h)

feel bulfrig I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:054(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 115(i)

with the utmost

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:054(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 115(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:054(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 115(k)

Tom tom D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:054(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 116(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:055(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 116(b)

Michael Wicklow

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:055(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 116(c)

impenetrable language

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:055(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 116(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:055(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 116(e)

H (Lugne Poe) reads / chapter of book

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:055(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 116(f)

Catkins of March [L]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:055(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 116(g)

Slip of tongue no / fault of mine

Note: See also N13 (VI.D.3):115(i)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:055(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 116(h)

rhog tides (mood)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:055(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 116(i)

C talks to himself

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:055(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 116(j)

(imitate [U] L)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:055(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 116(k)

I monitress

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:055(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 116(l)

C a ‘verbal’

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:055(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 117(a)

speeches to self

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:056(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 117(b)

rose whipping.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:056(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 117(c)

birds on birch fd

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:056(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 117(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:056(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 117(e)

cheeky (ise)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:056(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 117(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:056(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 117(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:056(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 117(h)

C hand metal from / fr—

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:056(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 117(i)

T loather and lover

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:056(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 117(j)

poor John

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:056(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 117(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:056(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 117(l)

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n / o p q r s t u v w x y z

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:056(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 117(m)

Jove laughs at / lovers' pictures

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:056(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(a)

Romy, me love, will / you marry me

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(b)

tassel faith

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(c)

A Sullivan nation

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(h)

a- cosheming

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(j)

ring mail

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(k)

tochar = raised causeway

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(m)

moict constitution

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(n)

under physic

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 118(o)

my shot (musketeer)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:057(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(a)

composites of Cornacht

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(b)

(sherifs ab )

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(c)

tael male

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(d)

deceptive weather

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(e)

WC (Woman catholic)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(g)

Matthew Parker / Canterbury 1559

Note: Matthew Parker (1504 #[E2]#[80]#[93] 1575) was the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Church of England from 1559 until his death in 1575. He was also an influential theologian and arguably the co-founder (with Thomas Cranmer and Richard Hooker) of a distinctive tradition of Anglican theological thought.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(h)

Apostolicae curae

Note: The government recruited four bishops who had been retired by Queen Mary or gone into exile. Two of the four, William Barlow and John Hodgkins had in Rome's view valid orders, since, having been made bishops in 1536 and 1537 with the Roman Pontifical in the Latin Rite, their consecrations met the criteria according to the definition stated in Apostolicae Curae.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(k)

thing must be stopped

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(l)

no popery / methody

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(m)

on outside of book

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 119(n)

hag. J.C other side God

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:058(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(a)

Hist. Suetonius (his)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(b)

Livy (speeches)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(c)

Caesar (military)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(d)

communisme report)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(e)

C adds to statistics

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(f)

I blush = 100 f

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(h)

H great spender

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(i)

hard boiled'

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(j)

date up

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(k)

I says T sold her

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(m)

Self-satisfied H

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 120(o)

Danish are sh[enn] is / spotless

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:059(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 121(a)

Danish spoken

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:060(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 121(b)

I war of severity —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:060(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 121(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:060(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 121(d)

fall on food cram

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:060(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 121(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:060(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 121(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:060(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 121(g)

dry up mark

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:060(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 121(h)

hunt pests

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:060(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 121(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:060(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 121(j)

I rang for H I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:060(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 121(k)

my wealth made / C possible

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:060(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 121(l)

T has no silver

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:060(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 121(m)

faminestricken race / adore fat Eve

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:060(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 122(a)

OW [Joyce] dear lady has / opinion of [al]

(What is your opinion of “Ulysses,” by James Joyce?)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:061(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 122(b)

voucher copy

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:061(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 122(c)

A tells smutty story

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:061(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 122(d)

H asks riddle —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:061(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 122(e)

on nuts

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:061(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 122(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:061(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 122(g)

don't be annoyed / with me I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:061(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 122(h)

and what did you do / to her I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:061(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 122(i)

H machinerisme

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:061(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 122(j)

H begins to crack

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:061(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 122(k)

H begs for family

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:061(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 122(l)

C not know a sheep

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:061(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 123(a)

Colum born too soon / or too late

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:062(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 123(b)

H tells funny story / to crier

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:062(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 123(c)

C not check so as / not to extract / answer which / other wd regret

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:062(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 123(d)

H and A

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:062(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 123(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:062(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 123(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:062(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 123(g)

have it both ways.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:062(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 123(h)

slip hand in back / pocket and talk murder

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:062(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 123(i)

press butter for £40,000

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:062(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 124(a)

of destruction / of great beauty

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:063(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 124(b)

a skilled linguist / started shouting

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:063(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 124(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:063(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 124(d)

I tells of funeral and / laughs

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:063(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 124(e)

Russian set fire / to se

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:063(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 124(f)

candlemas bells

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:063(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 124(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:063(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 124(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:063(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 124(i)

dead head (theat)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:063(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 124(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:063(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 124(k)

limb of a tree

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:063(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 124(l)

boyish bob

Note: See also N13 (VI.D.3):036(e)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:063(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 124(m)

rib A

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:063(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(a)

to utter mass

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(b)

Geo. Tyrrell

Note: George Tyrrell (1861-1909), born in Dublin, converted to Catholicism (1979) and became a Jesuit (1880). His writings led to his being expelled from the order and his “minor” excommunication.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(c)

Irish jesuit

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(d)

holy policeman

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(e)

Woman conscious

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(f)

its impersonal / pronoun

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(g)

blind chessplay

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(i)

alexhine H Roderick

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(j)

2 gr

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(k)

2 women

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(l)

God's roses (cheeks)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(m)

Strokes of birch

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(n)

haul ∽

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 125(o)

“the heavy death”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:064(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 126(a)

staggered road

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:065(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 126(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:065(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 126(c)

blackballed T

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:065(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 126(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:065(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 126(e)

2 gods pull up

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:065(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 126(f)

am I all you dreamed

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:065(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 126(g)

shadow show

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:065(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 126(h)

swallowtail / butterfly

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:065(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 126(i)

talk a blue / streak

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:065(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 126(j)

red drawers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:065(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 126(k)

dangling in / his ears

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:065(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 126(l)

take sigh out of / sciatica

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:065(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 127(a)

football knee

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:066(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 127(b)

a good many / years ago now

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:066(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 127(c)

Can nought Not cancelled

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:066(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 127(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:066(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 127(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:066(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 127(f)

Man mother

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:066(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 127(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:066(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 127(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:066(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 127(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:066(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 127(j)

own stone

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:066(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 127(k)

things fall we / leave house

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:066(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 127(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:066(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 127(m)

cardoon / fennel ⁄ white sauce / gratin / cold salad

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:066(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(b)

lamb's salad

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(c)

Waten 41. Bd des Capucines

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(e)

H inhabited I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(f)

Can't you see that?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(g)

naughtiness scandal

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(h)

H wears hat seated

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(i)

puts on point of order

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(j)

Stands and uncovers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(k)

another place / Lon

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(l)

bow to chair

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(m)

a tie

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 128(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:067(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(a)

angel noble (S. Michel)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(b)

= 10⁄8

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(c)

3⁄2 S. Blaize

Note: 3rd February: commemoration of St Blaise, B.M.
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(d)

wool throat

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(f)

infanta raises / infantry

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(g)

I her with drawers

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(h)

I dictionary

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(i)

looks for snout

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(j)

dutch bottoms

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(l)

I her shirt

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(m)

Kitcat portrait

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(n)

less than ½ length

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(o)

Ragnar Lodbrog.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 129(p)

I to cuck

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:068(p)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 130(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:069(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 130(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:069(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 130(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:069(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 130(d)

nether garments

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:069(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 130(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:069(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 130(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:069(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 130(g)

Big / Gillaroo red fellow / trout

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:069(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 130(h)

ghost | back / — | optical / —| word

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:069(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 130(i)

to truck

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:069(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 130(j)

I 1 syll / 2 syll / 3 syll

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:069(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 130(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:069(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 130(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:069(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 130(m)

He was going east

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:069(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(b)

To meet his father

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(c)

demobbed warwords / considered D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(e)

leather and prunella

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(f)

T (stuff)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(g)

pud (foot)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(h)

pug engine

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(i)

C 1132 X

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(l)

Hecla Not cancelled

  • FW 578.12
  • 2010
  • 1939
  • MS BL 47485-49
  • JJA 60:327 III.4§4.4'
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(m)

) D p 8

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 131(n)

H sweater

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:070(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 132(a)

Home, sweet, home there's / Noo-o place like Home

Note: See also N08 (VI.B.6):162(i)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:071(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 132(b)

H Mormon

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:071(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 132(c)

Skipper Lofts

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:071(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 132(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:071(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 132(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:071(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 132(f)

clever play in / mud

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:071(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 132(g)

5 X play cards

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:071(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 132(h)

1 star of 13)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:071(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 132(i)

Revolting — I don't / believe such people / exist

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:071(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 132(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:071(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 132(k)

C Var

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:071(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 132(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:071(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 132(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:071(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 133(a)

(l 871-935)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:072(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 133(b)

60 generation

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:072(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 133(c)

M O I = J. pse

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:072(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 133(d)

patriots insert

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:072(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 133(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:072(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 133(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:072(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 133(g)

Phend an

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:072(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 133(h)

off a nigh horse

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:072(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 133(i)

Very little / observance of / dnt command

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:072(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 133(j)

F. looka

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:072(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 133(k)

— anchor

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:072(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 133(l)

Tom — / Jack —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:072(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 133(m)

dead reckoning

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:072(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(a)

Swiss J the lead

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(b)

no war to go I

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(c)

to school

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(d)

Gilmon's garden

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(e)

Madison square

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(f)

world lay at my feet

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(g)

writing on the wall

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(i)

represented se. av

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(l)

— in Dutch eyes

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(m)

at any rate —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 134(n)

while bells were / ringing on Ascension / day

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:073(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 135(a)

Gone often beh

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:074(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 135(b)

looking over a heap / of cinders C

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:074(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 135(c)

titled lady's gowns

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:074(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 135(d)

paradies appfel / earth —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:074(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 135(e)

bumboat d.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:074(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 135(f)

soft tack. Can do.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:074(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 135(g)

hard —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:074(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 135(h)

Jamy Adam

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:074(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 135(i)

Walrus year

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:074(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 135(j)

Salt horse

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:074(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 135(k)

Athena A Polias

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:074(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 135(l)

breezed in

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:074(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 136(a)

Does that go?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:075(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 136(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:075(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 136(c)

pin head

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:075(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 136(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:075(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 136(e)

I'll say I have / hormones

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:075(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 136(f)

perfect weather / prevailed

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:075(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 136(g)

mapstamped D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:075(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 136(h)

wait end of world

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:075(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 136(i)

Sell goods

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:075(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 136(j)

adventists 7th day

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:075(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 136(k)

Septimus Severus

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:075(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 136(l)

(Leptis Magna

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:075(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 137(a)

black, bad Latin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:076(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 137(b)

and Scotland

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:076(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 137(c)

rotor grue-/lugger

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:076(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 137(d)

ern maundeur

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:076(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 137(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:076(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 137(f)

J. from E

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:076(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 137(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:076(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 137(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:076(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 137(i)

C must read across / man — down

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:076(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 137(j)

B E D / H E N / I N

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:076(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 137(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:076(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 137(l)

Scone'd / (imprisoned

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:076(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 138(a)

1st letter across / ∽ ∽ down

Note: See also N10 (VI.B.16):059(f)
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:077(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 138(b)

asp (ire) must be / — (ens) no!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:077(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 138(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:077(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 138(d)

Segas (canes)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:077(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 138(e)

e'en elk net

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:077(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 138(f)

nadur a place!

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:077(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 138(g)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:077(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 138(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:077(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 138(i)

D M sport word

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:077(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 138(j)

(und) ⁄or⁄ (ss)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:077(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 138(k)

synonym / homonyn

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:077(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 138(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:077(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 139(a)

Boo bit I changed / to C A R L

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:078(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 139(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:078(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 139(c)

unept rarity of Zed

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:078(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 139(d)

haze . shaze

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:078(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 139(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:078(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 139(f)

keeping out of crime

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:078(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 139(g)

awfully wild sin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:078(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 139(h)

holds a watching / brief

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:078(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 139(i)

a windy —

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:078(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 139(j)

Sir Robert Peel Hotch

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:078(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 139(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:078(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 139(l)

What if

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:078(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 140(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:079(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 140(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:079(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 140(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:079(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 140(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:079(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 140(e)

masterlen ass.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:079(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 140(f)

c'était pitié

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:079(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 140(g)

ice leaves

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:079(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 140(h)

T asked if loves henry

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:079(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 140(i)

away, implores

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:079(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 140(j)

S H E M / H E N / AN / M / R / O / C / K Not cancelled

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:079(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 141(a)

in the dark

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:080(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 141(b)

W gave me life / — — loved — — / made my / life warm for me

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:080(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 141(c)

wall of pain

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:080(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 141(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:080(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 141(e)

Catholic Bulletin

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:080(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 141(f)

Local home Wales

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:080(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 141(g)

Jom. W

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:080(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 141(h)

harmonium D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:080(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 141(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:080(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 141(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:080(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 141(k)

new (not news)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:080(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(b)

th' ominibus

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(c)

Felice Venus Z

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(d)

made Maid

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(e)

— laugh +

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(f)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(g)

I practising

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(h)

I under Wman

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(i)

lights up Dadds

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(j)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(k)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(m)

libel (15⁄1909)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 142(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:081(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(a)

Adam names

And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(b)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(c)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(d)


And Jared lived an hundred sixty and two years, and begat Enoch.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(e)


And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methusaleh.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(f)


And Methusaleh lived an hundred eighty and seven years, and begar Lamech.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(g)

Noah (Consoler)

And Lamech lived an hundred eighty and two years and begat a son: And he called his name Noah, saying, This same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the Lord hath cursed.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(h)

500 (S and H and J)

And Noah was five hundred years old: and Noah begat Shem, Ham and Japhet.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(i)

F and Z

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(j)


And Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of waters was upon the earth.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(k)

17 ⁄ 2 ⁄

In the six hundreth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeehth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(l)

150 days

And the waters prevailed upon the earth an hundred and fifty days.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 143(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:082(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(a)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(b)


And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(c)

17⁄7 / 1⁄10

And the waters decreased continually until the tenth month: in the tenth month, upon the first day of the month, were the tops of the mountains seen.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(e)


And it came to pass at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the window of the ark that he had made: And he sent forth a raven, which went forth to and fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(f)


Also he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters were abated from off the ground.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(g)

+7 and 7

And he stayed yet other seven days, and again he sent forth the dove out of the ark; And the dove came in to him on the evening; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf pluckt off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth. And he stayed yet other seven days; and sent forth the dove; which returned not again unto him any more.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(h)

601 / 1⁄1

And it came to pass in the six hundreth and first year, in the first month, the first day of the month, the waters were dried up from off the earth: and Noah removed the covering of the ark; and looked, and, behold, the face of the ground was dry.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(i)

27 ⁄ 2 day

14: And in the second month, on the seven and twentieth day of the month, was the earth dried.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(j)


And God spake unto Noah, saying, Go forth of the ark, thou, and thy wife, and thy sons, and thy sons' wives with thee. Bring forth with thee every liiving thing that is with thee, of all flesh, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth; that they may breed abundantly in tghe earth, and be frutiful, and multiply upon the earth.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(k)

habit im

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(l)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(m)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(m)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(n)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(n)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(o)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(o)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(p)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(p)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(q)

S. of Rosconnan

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(q)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(r)

1 language

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(r)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 144(s)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:083(s)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 145(a)

Berlitz Babel / dispersal

Note: ‘Berlitz’ repeated below at (g).
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:084(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 145(b)

C I lr. / antinomian

[title of second chapter] Ireland's Latest Literary Antinomian: James Joyce.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:084(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 145(c)

misquotes S.D.

[Collins misattributes the opinion that “The supreme question about a work of art is out of how deep a life does it spring” to Stephen Dedalus: it is spoken by Russell].

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:084(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 145(d)

illwishers ~

None but defamers and ill-wishers contend that [Ireland] will not bring her ship of state successfully to port ..

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:084(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 145(e)

~ rebellious sons

During her perilous voyage one of her rebellious sons has been violently rocking the boat of literature. [That is, Mr. Joyce.]

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:084(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 145(f)

mammoth ~

A few intuitive sensitive visionaries may understand and comprehend “Ulysses,” James Joyce's mammoth volume, without previous training or instruction,but the average intelligent reader will glean little or nothing from it, save bewilderment and disgust.

N13 (VI.D.3) page 145(g)

~ disgust

A few intuitive sensitive visionaries may understand and comprehend “Ulysses,” James Joyce's mammoth volume, without previous training or instruction,but the average intelligent reader will glean little or nothing from it, save bewilderment and disgust.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:084(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 145(h)

Berlitz books

[Ulysses] should be companioned with a key and a glossery like the Berlitz books.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:084(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 145(i)


Mr. Joyce's message … is to tell of the people whom he has encountered in his forty years of sentiency

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:084(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 145(j)

blasphemy / self exaltation

[Mr. Joyce] is determined that we shall know the effect the “world,” sordid, turbulent, disorderly, steeped in alcohol and saturated with jesuistry, had upon an emotional Celt, an egocentric genius whose chief diversion has been blasphemy and keenest pleasure self-exaltation.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:084(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 145(k)

sacred perversity

However, [Mr. Joyce] is determined to tell them [his experiences] in a new way … in parodies of classic prose and current slang, in perversions of sacred literature, in carefully metred prose with studied incoherence ..

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:084(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 145(l)

vocation ~

Eventually [Mr. Joyce] became convinced that medicine was not his vocation, even though funds were available to him to continue his studies, and he decided to take up singing as a profession, “having a phenomenonally beautiful tenor voice.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:084(l)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 146(a)

~ ‘tenor voice’

Eventually [Mr. Joyce] became convinced that medicine was not his vocation, even though funds were available to him to continue his studies, and he decided to take up singing as a profession, “having a phenomenonally beautiful tenor voice.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:085(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 146(b)

fire pure baptism

[Mr. Joyce] taught for a brief time in Dublin and wrote the stories that are in “Dubliners,” which his countrymen baptised with fire; and began the “Portrait.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:085(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 146(c)


… [abandoning Ireland, Mr. Joyce] betook himself to a country [Italy] in the last explosive crisis of paretic grandeur.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:085(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 146(d)


In Trieste [Mr. Joyce] gained his daily bread by teaching Austrians English and Italian, having a mastery of the latter language that would flatter a Padovian professor.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:085(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 146(e)

subterfuge / evade

[Mr. Joyce] approved his [Homer's Odysseus] subterfuge for evading military service; he envied him the companionship of Penelope; …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:085(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 146(f)

big with envy

The craftiness and resourcefulness of the final artificer of the siege of Troy made [Joyce] permanentrly big with envy and admiration.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:085(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 146(g)

D eat lotus plant!

But it was the ten years of his hero's life after he had eaten the lotus plant, that wholly seduced Mr. Joyce.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:085(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 146(h)


Like the original Dædalus [Stephen's] genius is great, his vanity is greater, and he can brook no rival.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:085(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 146(i)

of the events which can be mentioned ~

Dublin is the scene of action. The events—those that can be mentioned—and their sequence are [as follows].

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:085(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 146(j)

~ disorderly house

… the visit to a disorderly house [‘Circe’] …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:085(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 146(k)

drunk a sober / brothel dispute

Mr. Joyce is the alert, keen-witted, educated man who made it a life-long habit to jot down every thought that he has had, drunk or sober, depressed or exalted … in brothel or in sanctuary …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:085(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 147(a)

Mrs Grundy

[Mr. Joyce] holds with Freud that the unconscious mind represents the real man, the man of Nature, and the conscious mind the artificial man, the man of convention, of expediency, the slave of Mrs. Grundy, the sycophant of the Church, the plastic puppet of Society and State.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:086(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 147(b)

dreams & visions of a peasant heart

For [Mr. Joyce] the movements whoch work revolutions in the world are born out of the dreams and visions in a peasant's heart on the hillside.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:086(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 147(c)

pervert / apostate / invert / simulacrum / vile / disgusting product thrown in face

When a master technician of words and phrases set himself the task of revealing the product of the unconscious mind of a moral monster, a pervert and an invert, an apostate to his race and his religion, the simulacrum of a man who has neither cultural background nor personal self respect, who can neither be taught by experience nor lessoned by example, as Mr. Joyce did in drawing the picture of Leopold Bloom, he undoubtedly knew full well what he was undertaking, how unacceptable the vile contents of that unconscious mind would be to ninety-nine of a hundred readers and how incensed they would be at having the disgusting product thrown in their face.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:086(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 147(d)

(esteemed physician)

Buck Mulligan (now an esteemed physician) …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:086(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 147(e)


Persecutory ideas are dear to Stephen Dædalus.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:086(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 147(f)


This is the first specimen of the saltatory, flitting, fugitive, on-the-surface purposeless thought that Stephen produces as he walks Sandymount Strand.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:086(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 147(g)

contracting i it

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:086(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 148(a)

heteronomic / obnoxious wretch Ul

The next fifty pages are devoted to displaying the reel of Mr. Leopold Bloom's mind, the workings of his psycho-physical machinery, autonomic and heteronomic, the idle and purposeful thoughts of the most obnoxious wretch of all mankind, as Eolus called the real Ulysses.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:087(a), VI.C.05:087(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 148(b)

Shot in Beethoven's house

In the autumn of 1903 its author, Otto Weininger, then twenty-three years old, shot and killed himself in the house in Vienna in which Beethoven had died.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:087(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 148(c)

laughing ills / reading straight / street

The roads that Mr. D.H. Lawrence has been travelling for the past decade and more, and making the basis for descriptions of his trips, is well known to me. I have worked upon it, laughed upon it, cried upon it for more than a quarter of a century. My information of it is recent, for there, even now, I earn my daily bread. It is the road leading from Original Sin to the Street called Strait.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:087(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 148(d)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:087(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 148(e)

tons of donkey

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:087(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 148(f)

hit with stick — book

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:087(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 148(g)

ride v wall

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:087(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 148(h)

old man's face

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:087(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 148(i)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:087(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 148(j)


We are intropoduced to a choice lost of males in Florence

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:087(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 149(a)

male key Kay King

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:088(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 149(b)

D M and nightly/ female

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:088(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 149(c)

W confesses / H's sins

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:088(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 149(d)

T — / looks for / vemal (calf)

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:088(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 149(e)

H a disease

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:088(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 149(f)

D what about yr age / What about it?

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:088(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 149(g)

See to it E

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:088(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 149(h)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:088(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 150(a)

J.J. Smolley

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:089(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 150(b)

up to us

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:089(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 150(c)


There are persons in the world such as Mr. Lawrence describes. So are there lepers and lunatics.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:089(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 150(d)

Kill at 9.48 a.m.

There are so many “specimens” of writing in [Ulysses] that it is quoite impossible to give example of them. Frankness compells me to state that [Joyce] goes out of his way to scoff at God and to besmirch convention, but that's to show he is not afraid, like the man who defied God to kill him at 9.38 p.m.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:089(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 150(e)


Mr. Dædalus is a sweet-tempered, mealy-mouthed man given to strong drink and high-grade vagrancy who calls his daughters “an insolent pack of little bitches since your mother died.”

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:089(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 150(f)

Do up to tell a lie

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:089(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 150(g)

associated with movies

For a brief time Mr. Joyce was associated with the “movies,” and the form in which “Ulysses” was cast may have been suggested by experiences with the Volta Theatre, as his cinematograph enterprise was called.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:089(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 150(h)

buckets of wrath

Like the buckets on an endless chain of a dredger, the vials of [Mr. Joyce's] wrath are poured time after time upon England …

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:089(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 150(i)


[Mr. Joyce, in compiling ‘Oxen’] wrote thousands and thousands of words on small pieces of paper, then threw them into a basket, and shuffled them thoroughly. With a blank sheet before him and a dripping mucilage brush in one hand, he proceeded to paste then one after another on the sheet.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:089(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 150(j)

courage to return

In this chapter [‘Circe’] is compressed all of the author's experiences, all his determinations and unyieldingness, and most of the incidents that gave a persecurory twist to his mind, made him an exile from his native land, and deprived him of the courage to return.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:089(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 150(k)

Can't repent / paranoia

In fact, the capacity for repentence is left out of Mr. Joyce's makeup. It is as impossible to convince Mr. Joyce that he is wrong about anything on which he has made up his mind as it is to convince a paranoiac of the unreality of his false beliefs.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:089(k)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 151(a)

dressed up

It is interesting and important to have the revelations of such a personality [as Mr. Joyce], to have them first hand and not dressed up.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:090(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 151(b)

profound misfortune to lose faith

[Mr. Joyce] had the profound misfortunae to lose his faith

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:090(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 151(c)

as nuns do

The symbolism of his work is something that concerns only Mr. Joyce, as nuns do, and other animate and inanimate things of which he has fugitive thoughts and systematised beliefs.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:090(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 151(d)

nunsbelly Not cancelled

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:090(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 151(e)

Odo of Cluny

Odo of Cluny never said anything of a woman's body in life that is so repulsive as that which Mr. Joyce has said of Marion's mind: a cesspool of forty years' accumulation.

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:090(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 151(f)

A rugby ball / modelled on / her rump

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:090(f)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 151(g)

I shit

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:090(g)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 151(h)

[??] himself

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:090(h)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 151(i)

E subterrannean

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:090(i)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 151(j)

JJ. woman drunk / in V.P.H Stops him

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:090(j)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 152(a)

moostawshees / moostawshiss / moostawshers / moostarshes Not cancelled

Note: Paris, June 1925
Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:091(a)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 152(b)

D psychoanalytic / stories

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:091(b)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 152(c)

angel speaks

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:091(c)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 152(d)

then D

Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:091(d)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 152(e)


Raphael transcription: VI.C.05:091(e)
N13 (VI.D.3) page 152(j)