N07 (VI.X.2): Paris

Manuscript: Private, VI.B.49.e December 1923 Notebook details
N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(a)

T ... all that all ought [& him]

Note: This is the only page available from the main part of the notebook that was sold in Paris in 2004 to an unknown buyer.
N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(b)

did not spit in I's face

N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(c)

Kev idea of world convers appealed to / him wonderfully intelligent / little fellow — little comrades / bluecoats

N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(d)

white elephant Red

Note: Prototext only; omitted at draft 4.
N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(e)

Story does not figure in advts

N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(f)

her back life Red

Note: FW2 134.06
N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(g)

in the most evil way round here

N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(h)

she is no different with —

N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(i)

gave her a letter to open her eyes ( ?? ) Red

Note: FW2 330.28
N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(j)

see her wiped off face of the earth

N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(k)

As, you see, I know — Red

Note: FW2 330.15
N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(l)

To Mrs CC - or in other words the ~

N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(m)

~ biggest mischiefmaker in I ~ Red

Note: See also SA (VI.A):0801(be)
N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(n)

~ thanks to you. |a[cux]a|

N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(o)

you are 1) [new] rich 2) an |averya| old W trying / to be young 3) a bitch 4) a spiteful / old cat & you have yellow & / dyed hair

N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(p)

you poisonous adder,

N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(q)

I have written to [??] [??] [??] Red

  • FW unlocated
N07 (VI.X.2) page 1(r)

allwhite policeman Red

Note: FW2 147.30
N07 (VI.X.2) page 2(a)


N07 (VI.X.2) appendix page 1

This page is VI.B.49e-verso.

N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(a)

dogpond Phoenix Park Red

N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(b)

lifeterm cell

N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(c)

die of surprise Red

N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(d)


N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(e)

slapstick act Red

N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(f)

Pa[tk] farewell bo[w]

N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(g)

let's talk turkey Red

N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(h)


N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(i)

broken in his country's wars

N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(j)


N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(k)

it never sort of worried me, / said D (murder) with a / [??] or p[?]ing / conscience

N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(l)

attended by great numbers Red

Note: See also N06 (VI.B.11):028(g)
N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(m)

bad blood Red

N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(n)

25 M sat down [??]

N07 (VI.X.2) page a01(o)

redarsed barrels

N07 (VI.X.2) appendix page 2

This page is VI.B.49e-recto.

N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(a)

[ticket] pocket

N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(b)

soft [silvery] light Red

  • FW unlocated
N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(c)

tan, nut, cinnamon, turf

N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(d)

carrying a neat overp[?]

N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(e)

it is to be regretted Red

N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(f)

green & yellow effects Red

N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(g)

turn feminine world / upside down Red

N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(h)

freeswinging Red

N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(i)

[s]lashing spectacular / battle

N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(j)

HCE's portrait everywhere Red

N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(k)

alfresco display Green

  • FW unlocated
N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(l)

many broken heads / — hearts

N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(m)

accustomed to being clodded Red

Note: See also SA (VI.A):0151(t)
N07 (VI.X.2) page a02(n)